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Online reputation management services help any business to increase its online reputation to win people’s trust who are searching for their brand or service online. RankON Technologies is a premier ORM Company in India that has immense expertise in managing digital reputation for a person, a brand, a product, an industry, or even an organization. Check our ORM Services in India below!

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Online Reputation Management Services : Defend, Build And Grow Your Online Reputation

These days people search online to find any product or service and customers evaluate ratings and reviews before they make any decision and this is where online reputation management services help you to make your brand or corporate reputation more clear and positive to your audience so they can easily hire you after checking your online reviews and ratings from different websites.

There are many platforms where they can find your ratings and reviews to know more about what your customers say about your products or services like Google my business listing, review websites and local directories and they can easily find your ratings and reviews by visiting those websites.

Our ORM Packages


12,000 INR / 165 USD Monthly
Best for Startups


24,000 INR/ 330 USD Monthly
Best for Small Business


35,000 INR/ 480 USD Monthly
Best for Large Business
T&C Apply

Importance of Online Reputation Management Services

You face many ups and downs when you do business and sometimes people don’t like your product and services and they provide their ratings for your product or service to let other users know their experience with your services. Online reputation management services help your brand to get more positive reviews by encouraging your clients to provide positive feedback for your business.

Sometimes you see negative or harmful results when you search for your business online and such negative results can hurt your business very much as they can raise a concern about your product and quality of services in your buyer’s mind. Online reputation management services help you to increase your brand value online and push down the negative results in Google so your potential buyers don’t see those harmful results when they are looking for your services online.

There are many online reputation management techniques and strategies that can help you to push down those negative results by ranking your own positive content on Google first page as we all know that most people only visit first page results to find more information about your business so first page results should be more positive and this is what a healthy corporate online reputation management company does for your brand.

What Healthy ORM Services Company in India Can Do For You?

As an ORM Company, We offer the best ORM services for our clients and create a strong ORM strategy before starting the project. ORM is one of the most effective ways to get immense online popularity and serves a multitude of your needs including the following:

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How Our Online Reputation Management Company in India Helps Your Business?

We create a perfect online reputation management plan when you hire RankON Technologies as your online reputation management company to protect your corporate reputation online. We use different online reputation management tools to defend and increase your brand and corporate reputation online. We have experienced online reputation management professionals who have years of experience in building corporate reputation and pushing down the negative results in search engines.

Online Reputation Management Services in India Are Essential for Following Industries

Online reputation management services are important for all types of business but here we are mentioning some of the businesses that need online reputation management more importantly.

Health Care

Health Care





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Software Companies

Software Companies

Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry

Our Online Reputation Management Services in India Include

Our team at RankON Technologies has been helping businesses seeking a better online reputation for the past 8 years and this is what you should look for when you plan to hire any corporate reputation management company for your ORM project.

If you hire any low experienced ORM service provider for your business then they may spend a lot of time in research to find the ways to protect your brand reputation but an experienced online reputation management company has everything inhouse including ORM tools, resources, and a team of ORM professionals to take care of your corporate reputation.

What Our Clients Say About Our Services?

Protect your Online Reputation With The Leading Online Reputation Management Company in India

“We Manage Your Online, Digital Presence To Help You Seek A Better Audience”

‘Reputation Does Not Get Built In A Day’– You know this well enough, and you ought to know that just a single defaming online post could go viral in the wink of an eye to hurt your reputation much. However, now you can get high-quality online reputation management services in India to avoid any such issues without any effort.

ORM services help to build a positive connection between buyer and seller and if you have any negative reviews or want to increase your online trust then you can use ORM services to defend and increase your online reputation from being hurt.

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Why Our Online Reputation Management Services in India Are Special?

  • More than 8 Years of Experience in providing ORM Services
  • Exact knowledge of how, when, & where to start or stop
  • Dedicated and experienced ORM experts
  • Customized ORM plans & affordable ORM Costs
  • Expert knowledge about the ORM tools
  • Very transparent policy; nothing hidden from you

Do you have negative comments and don’t want to show them when your customers/visitors are searching for your brand? That’s what we have done for many businesses to save their online reputation and increased their brand trust. Contact RankON Technologies- An ORM Company in India to discuss your online reputation management strategy to get a better online reputation. Call us to know more about our ORM Services in India or visit our ORM packages now!

Why Trust Us As Your ORM Company in India?

As aforementioned, it takes years of meticulous toil to build your online reputation and just a few seconds to get it spoilt. This is why online reputation management is not a child’s play and certainly not a cakewalk.

However, at ‘RankON Technologies’ we have already planned, executed, controlled, and managed the online reputation of a multitude of celebrated people, brands, organisations, & industries etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About ORM Services in India

Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice to drive public opinion about a business and its products and services.

  1. Defend Brand Defamation
  2. Promote Positive Info
  3. Control Criticism
  4. Diminish Negative Reviews

Reporting by Rankon Technologies solely depends on the chosen ORM package. You can probably count on it happening every month or every week.

ORM Package should be chosen as per your business goals and objectives. We have categorized our ORM packages in such a way that it benefits all types of businesses be it small, medium or large—scale.

Yes, ORM is worth it, but like every solution to a problem, it’s not a magic potion. But if you avail this from the very initial stage then your brand’s reputation is less likely to degrade.

  1. 7+ years of digital experience
  2. Exact knowledge of how, when, & where to start or stop
  3. Dedicated and experienced ORM professionals
  4. Customized plans and affordable packages for distinct needs
  5. Expert knowledge about the ORM tools
  6. Very transparent policy; nothing hidden from you.

When you contract with us for your ORM needs, then you have to give the following details to us:

  1. Website Login Details
  2. Google Analytics Access
  3. Platform Name Where Negative Reviews (Such as google, facebook, justdial, youtube etc.)
  4. Keyword list which are triggering your negative reviews on google search result page, youtube search result page etc.

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