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Cleaning Company Marketing: Best Marketing Strategies For a Cleaning Company

Today we are going to discuss about the cleaning company marketing strategies you can follow to generate leads for your business. To commence a cleaning business or janitorial business, you need not have to spend bucks! The startup fees are generally low and you don’t have to rent an office space too. Apart from this, you don’t have to take any special training or license for cleaning.

In short, cleaning is a highly prolific and money-making business that can be instigated at really less investment. Moreover, concentration on just a few factors can escalate your cleaning business and make it reach heights. These factors are efficient cleaning skills and a powerful cleaning business marketing plan.

The quality of service which you provide to your customers lies solely in your hands, but for your cleaning company marketing, you can rely on a proficient marketing company too.
When it comes to cleaning business marketing, you should always follow strategies that a professional would follow. Here in this blog, we have shared some commercial cleaning marketing ideas which a professional cleaning marketing company uses to empower the cleaning business of its clients.

best marketing strategies for a cleaning company Marketing

SEO For Cleaning Company Marketing

SEO services

If you want potential customers to find your cleaning services, you have to reach them exactly at the point when they search for you— at that precise moment when they’re searching online for “house cleaning in (your city)” or “(your city) office cleaning.” And this is what an SEO company can do for you.
To make this happen, you need the best SEO services for your cleaning company!

Why SEO is Important for a Cleaning Company Marketing?

Researches indicate that most of the online searchers click one of the top three results. And that’s why it becomes essential to be at the top of the search engine result pages. This is the reason you should be using SEO services for your cleaning company website.

Why Hire a SEO Company for your Cleaning Business SEO?

Though it is possible to do SEO for a cleaning company on own, however, this can be very time consuming and hectic. By doing this, you will not be able to concentrate on your core business i.e. cleaning.
Thus, it is a way better idea to hire a professional SEO company for your cleaning business SEO needs.
A certified SEO company makes use of the best SEO strategy for a cleaning company and targeted marketing ideas for cleaning business and brings for you, higher SEO rankings in the least time.

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How a Professional SEO Company Helps Your Cleaning Business SEO Marketing?

Social Media Marketing For Cleaning Company

Social media marketing for cleaning company

The social media platform has tremendously changed the aura of the digital world. It takes no time for a person or a business to captivate people on social media platforms. However, the faster these platforms bring someone to peak, at the same pace they bring them back to the ground.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

To protect your business from a sudden rise and fall on social media platforms, you must have a strong social media strategy for your cleaning business marketing.

You should contact a proficient social media marketing company to enhance the exposure of your cleaning business across various social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

One of the benefits of using social media marketing for cleaning business is that you would be able to announce discounts, coupons, and giveaways in an easy way.

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Video Marketing For Janitorial Company Marketing

Video marketing for cleaning company

A video is a great way to allure customers. It can act as a medium to promote your cleaning business to potential clients, to introduce yourself and your employees to customers, and to explain why they need your service.

In today’s era, the power of Youtube is known to all. It is the second largest search engine used today. By uploading informational videos using the right Youtube video marketing strategy you will be able to improve your business’s exposure in your local area and attract more clients. Other than this you will get:

Google Adwords for Cleaning Company Marketing

Sign in to Google ads

Investing in a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign on Google while waiting for the outcomes of SEO can be a good cleaning marketing strategy to consider.

You can run Google ads as a part of your cleaning business marketing strategy when you already know the potential area or see an emerging demographic!

Google ads benefits

Google AdWords marketing can be costly, but its results are impressive. To run the Google ads for your cleaning company all you have to do is, weigh its pros and cons against your business goals and set a marketing budget. Know the area where you can find profitable customers, and then run the Google ads in those targeted areas and avail amazing outcomes!

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Email Marketing For A Janitorial Business

Email Marketing for cleaning business

Email campaigns can help hold present clients as well as get in new ones. Email allows you to build a more close relationship with current and potential clients by communicating with them directly. 

To help customers via mail you can include some cleaning tips or informational guides in each newsletter or on your blog. In this way, you will be able to promote your business and also provide helpful information to the clients.

Make Use Of Fliers Marketing for Janitorial Business

Flyer for cleaning business marketing

Though it is a traditional promotional activity, however, the impacts it produces are matchless from any other cleaning business marketing strategy. Flyers can help in conveying your business information to every single door in your preferred locality.

All you have to do is, be sure that your flier contains all the relevant information for your cleaning business, it’s appealing but brief, and it tells how you can solve a problem they currently have. After getting the fliers printed, place them up around your locality in places where potential clients meet.

Give Discounts To Referrals

Incentivizing referrals is a great marketing strategy for a cleaning business. It is one of the most expedient ways of extending the network. Always ensure that you don’t slip the chance to show your existing customers some extra appreciation and provide them with even more reason to commend you to others in their networks.

These are some of the marketing ideas for cleaning business that can tremendously help in the growth of your cleaning business.

If you’re a busy cleaner and aren’t handle able to handle your business’s marketing needs due to your busy schedule, then we can help!


RankON Technologies is a professional SEO Company in India that offers comprehensive marketing strategy for cleaning services that include Google Ads, SMO, SEO for your cleaning company to generate good quality leads to improve your business quickly. 


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