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Are you still thinking educations institutes don’t need marketing? Start using marketing for your educational organisation and see the difference. RankON offers best educational marketing services for colleges and institutes in India. Our team at RankON has been providing digital marketing services for national and international businesses for past 8 years with a great success rate. Contact us now for a FREE Consulting and hire us for best education marketing services in India Now!

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As an education marketing agency in India, we strive to create solutions that enhance the businesses of our clients’ operational in the educational sector. Our digital marketing strategy for educational institutions has helped many schools, colleges, coaching, and universities. Our experts understand the needs of the institutions and offer them with a goal-oriented customized solution.
Even after having all kinds of amenities in your educational Institute, if you aren’t able to attract talented students, then quickly approach Rankon Technologies. With a long-stretch experience in educational marketing, Rankon Technologies is a premier destination that can help you grow your business.

Best Marketing of In India

Before starting on with anything lets study the fact that approximately “67% of netizens use search engines as their first source of information for higher education institutions and 64.6% of netizens click on sponsored links when penetrating for higher education information.”

Thus as a higher education marketer, you need to signify your institution in the finest way possible to enhance its appeal to students and increase admission rates. For this, apart from using the right tools and channels, you need to use efficient and effective higher education marketing strategies.

By joining hands with Rankon Technologies, you will get smart digital marketing solutions that will be helpful in forming the reputation of your Institution as a noticeable and dependable name in the education sector. We can help you to get strong in every segment of digital marketing that includes SEO, SMM, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, PPC Marketing, Online Reputation Management.

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Our Approach To Target The Right Audience for

The consistent progress of Rankon Technologies dwells upon the right modus-operandi. Our first approach as an educational marketing agency in India is to effectively map out the pre-set goals and objectives of our clients’.

If you’re engaged in the education sector, then it’s highly probable that your target audience is students and parents. Our team perceives this ultimate fact and create customized techniques to attract the targeted students and parents of a particular zone. Look below to know how our team works!

Sets An Objective

Our team of highly skilled experienced professionals that initially researches the background of institutions; fetches past records related to their admission rates. On the basis of that records and pre-set goals of clients, we find out the region from where a number of students can be reached for admission.

Identify Trends

Rankon Technologies thrives to remain at the top of all trends and changes in the education industry. Here we believe that going with trends can only help your business become operational.

Appealing To Target Audience

In the education sector, there’s a pre-set bench of the audience that needs to be approached, and an excellent marketing drive can help you recognize and appeal to this audience.

Strategy Making

The combination of our strategic planning and meticulous efforts is the reason behind the progress of our clients in the education sector. Our keen marketing tactics pace the institutions in the right direction.

Evaluation of costs

Costs and spends are important to notice, in this, step, we identify whether or not your marketing campaigns are doing the best for your investment.

Our For Educational Services

Education SEO

The most prominent constituent of Digital Marketing is SEO and Rankon Technologies is a marketing company that provides guaranteed SEO services for all the domains. The foremost step that any student undertakes before taking admission in any education institute is surfing the Internet to search the reputed educational institutes. With our SEO services, we help education institutions help acquire higher SERPs.

Local Education SEO

Often, parents like their children to be admitted in a reputed educational institution in their own city. Beholding this nature of every parent, we help educational institutes to build a sound status in their own city. At Rankon Technologies, we are highly skilled and know the minutiae of building the brand status locally through Local SEO.        

Ppc Marketing For Educational Institutes

Unlike SEO, which takes a significant amount of time to acquire a good position in SERPs, PPC Marketing does things instantly. At the start of new education sessions, every institute craves for more number of students. In this peak time, if you want your institute to be in limelight among all the others, then choose to utilize our PPC Marketing Services.

Social Media Marketing For Educational Institutes

A large share of students’ population set their dream of entering a particular college by watching their ads on Social Media Platforms. Thus, it becomes very important for educational institutes to stay active on different social media platforms. By taking our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest marketing services you can attract the number of students towards your institution.

E-Mail Marketing Services For Educational Institutes

Discover the power of email marketing with an operative email marketing campaign. With appropriate and focussed email marketing the educational institutes can spot their existence in a more solid way. Since mailers are hard and revealing, they generate a progressive impression.

Educational Institutes Content Marketing

Another major ingredient of a marketing plan for an educational institute in India is content marketing. Appealing content can attract students towards that educational institute. Hire us for professional digital marketing service and the right content strategy and see tremendous growth in your business.

Video Marketing For Educational Sector

One of the most prominent marketing strategies that directly hits the mind of the targeted audience nowadays is video. We can help you in making and endorsing the quality and informative videos that would eventually improve your brand and online presence.

Educational Institute Online Reputation Management

Every educational institute can only attract students if its reputation is sound. In this world of competition, a single negative review can severely damage one’s reputation. Nowadays students and parents approach the educational community after researching its reviews online. As one of the best education marketing companies in India, we can help you to build a strong positive reputation through our ORM Services.

Why Choose Rankon Technologies as an Agency in India?

There are tons of reasons depicting Rankon Technologies as the most suited Education Marketing Agency in India:-

  1. We have an expertise of 8+years in the education marketing sector.

  2. We have numerous happy clients’ in the education sector.

  3. The result-oriented approach helps us to enjoy faster results.

  4. We have the skills to easily target the right audience.

  5. We pride in acquiring a team of highly skilled and expert professionals.

  6. We could support you with the latest education marketing trends.

If you own an educational institute and want best digital marketing packages in India to grow that community with an immense number of talented students then approach Rankon Technologies. Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation quote from one of our experienced digital marketing strategists including SEO services, social media marketing services, ORM services, and PPC marketing services. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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