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Website Development Packages

Best Web Design Packages at Lowest Prices

Are you looking for affordable website development packages in India? RankON Technologies offers affordable website development packages for small businesses at very affordable prices.

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Website Development

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Save Big On Small Business Website Development Packages In India

Give your business a kick start with developing a website. RankON Technologies offers affordable website development packages for small businesses, and provide great features to make your website unique and attractive to your industry competitors.

We understand the benefits of a website for any business thus we offer affordable website development pricing packages to serve every single business no matter small, big or startup.

Website Development Services

Website Development Packages

Startup Website

10,000 INR/150 USD
Best for Small Business

Small Business

20,000 INR/ 250 USD
Best for Mid Size Business

Ecommerce Website

35,000 INR/ 420 USD
Best for eCommerce Business
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Why Should You Invest In Website Development Packages In India?

Website development packages are affordable and affordable for Indian web development companies. It’s always a good decision to outsource website development to India to reduce the cost of website development.

We at RankON Technologies understand the guidelines and features that make a website great so we don’t waste time on experiments and we always work to save the cost of website development for our clients so they don’t have to invest more in website development packages. We also offer affordable website maintenance packages to our clients so they can easily run their website with a small investment.

Why Our Website Development Packages In India Are Affordable?

As a leading website development company, we partner with many providers and take their services to nurture our client base. We use different hosting vendors to save the web hosting cost and host our clients where we think their website will work better as per their selected website development package.

At RankON Technologies, We have a team of expert website developers who listen to your every single need very carefully and execute the plan to save time. As time is one of the most important factors of any web development package so we work professionally to save it.

How much should a website cost?

The cost of a website can vary significantly based on various factors, including the complexity of the project, the size of the website, the features and functionalities required, the level of customization, the expertise of the web development team, and the geographical location of the service provider. Here are some general guidelines regarding website costs:

A simple, static website with a few pages and minimal features can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000, depending on the developer’s rates and your specific requirements.
A small business website with more pages, responsive design for mobile devices, a content management system (CMS) for easy updates, and basic features such as contact forms and image galleries can range from $2,000 to $10,000.
The cost of an e-commerce website can vary greatly depending on the number of products, the complexity of the online store, payment gateway integration, inventory management, and additional features. Generally, e-commerce websites can range from $5,000 to $30,000 or more.
A custom website with advanced features, complex functionalities, integration with third-party systems, custom design, and unique requirements can start from $10,000 and go well beyond $50,000, depending on the scope of the project.
It’s important to note that these are rough estimates, and the actual cost can vary based on your specific needs and the rates of the web development company or freelancer. It’s advisable to obtain detailed quotes from multiple service providers and have a clear understanding of the services included in the price. Additionally, it’s essential to consider ongoing costs such as domain registration, hosting, maintenance, and updates. These costs are separate from the initial website development and can vary depending on the service provider and the level of support required.

factors that affect the website development pricing

Several factors can influence the pricing of web development services. While the specific pricing structure may vary between different web development companies or freelancers, here are some common factors that can affect the cost of web development:

Project Complexity

The complexity of the project is a significant factor in determining the pricing. A simple website with a few pages and basic features will generally have a lower cost compared to a complex web application with advanced functionalities, integrations, databases, and custom requirements.

Content Creation And Migration

If you need assistance with content creation, such as copywriting, image/video editing, or content migration from an existing website, it may add to the overall cost. The volume and complexity of content can influence pricing as well.

Design And Customization

The level of design customization required can impact the pricing. A website that needs a unique, custom design tailored to specific branding guidelines will generally have a higher cost than one using pre-designed templates or themes. The number of design iterations and revisions can also influence the pricing.

Responsive Design And Mobile Optimization

Designing websites to be mobile-responsive and optimized for different screen sizes and devices involves additional effort. If you require a responsive design that provides an optimal user experience across various devices, it may impact the pricing.

Functionality And Features

The more functionalities and features you require for your website, the higher the cost. Complex features such as e-commerce functionality, user authentication systems, data encryption, third-party integrations, content management systems (CMS), and advanced search capabilities will typically increase the pricing.

Technical Expertise And Experience

The expertise and experience of the web development team can affect the pricing. Highly skilled professionals with extensive experience may charge higher rates due to their level of expertise and ability to handle complex projects.

Additional Services

Additional services beyond web development, such as search engine optimization (SEO), ongoing maintenance and support, content updates, hosting, or security services, may have separate costs and can contribute to the overall pricing.

Timeline And Urgency

Urgent or tight timelines can affect pricing. If you require the website to be developed within a short timeframe or need to expedite the development process, it may involve additional resources and effort, leading to higher costs.

Geographical Location

Web development prices can vary depending on the geographical location of the service provider. Developers based in regions with higher living costs and overhead expenses may charge higher rates compared to those in regions with lower costs.


RankON Technologies

Website Development

how to choose the best web development packages?

Choosing the best web development package for your needs requires careful consideration and evaluation of several factors. Here are some steps you can follow to choose the right web development package:

Define Your Goals And Requirements

Begin by clearly defining your goals and requirements for the website. Consider factors such as the purpose of the website, target audience, desired features and functionalities, scalability, budget, and timeline. Having a clear understanding of your objectives will help you communicate effectively with potential web development providers.

Research And Compare Service Providers

Research and identify several web development companies or freelancers that offer the services you require. Look for companies with a good reputation, experience, and a portfolio that aligns with your project goals. Read client testimonials, reviews, and case studies to gauge their expertise and quality of work.

Consider Support And Maintenance

In addition to the initial website development, consider ongoing support and maintenance. Ask about the availability of support, updates, bug fixes, and any associated costs. It’s important to ensure that the service provider offers reliable support to keep your website functioning smoothly.

Request Detailed Proposals

Reach out to the selected service providers and request detailed proposals based on your project requirements. The proposal should outline the services included, the timeline, the pricing structure, and any additional costs. It’s crucial to ensure that the proposed package aligns with your goals and offers the necessary features and support.

Compare Pricing And Value

Compare the pricing of different web development packages but remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice. Consider the value you will receive in terms of features, expertise, support, and overall quality. A higher upfront cost might be worth it if it leads to a more reliable and efficient website in the long run.

Evaluate Expertise And Experience

Assess the expertise and experience of the web development provider. Look for professionals who have a strong track record of delivering similar projects successfully. Review their portfolio to determine if they have experience in designing websites similar to what you have in mind.

Communication And Collaboration

Assess the communication and collaboration style of the web development provider. Effective and transparent communication is crucial for a successful project. Ensure that the service provider is responsive, understands your vision, and can provide regular updates and progress reports.

Client References

Ask for client references or check online reviews to gain insights into the experiences of past clients. Contact previous clients if possible to get their feedback on working with the service provider.

Website Development Packages in India


Website Development Package
₹10,000/150 USD
  • Upto 5 Pages
  • Logo
  • Slider
  • Dynamic Website
  • Domain-1st Year Free (.com or .in )
  • Hosting Free For 1st Year
  • 1 Email – 500 MB Quota
  • 1 Contact Form
  • Free SSL
  • Testimonials
  • Gallery Section
  • Chat Feature
  • Content - 1 Rs per word
  • Social Profile Link
  • Click to Call/Email
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Login Details Will Be Given
  • Delivery in 3 Days
  • Renewal – 2000 Rs + Domain Price Plus GST
  • Support – 500 Rs/Hr

Small Business

Website Development Package
₹20,000/250 USD
  • 10 Pages
  • Logo
  • Slider
  • Dynamic Website
  • Domain-1st Year Free (.com or .in )
  • Hosting Free For 1st Year
  • 2 Email – 500 MB Quota Each
  • 1 Contact Form
  • Free SSL
  • Testimonials
  • Gallery Section
  • Chat Feature
  • 300 Rs/Extra Page
  • Content - 1 Rs per word
  • Social Profile Link
  • Click to Call/Email
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Login Details Will Be Given
  • Delivery in 7 Days
  • Renewal – 3000 Rs + Domain Price Plus GST
  • Free 4 Hours Support
  • Support – 500 Rs/Hr


Website Development Package
₹35,000/420 USD
  • Up to 50 Products
  • Logo
  • Contact Form – 3
  • Content - 1 Rs per word
  • 300 Rs/Extra Page
  • WhatsApp Chat Integration
  • Social Media Profiles Integration
  • Social Profile Link
  • WordPress Login Details Will be Given
  • Payment Gateway
  • Extra Support – 500 Rs/Hour
  • Revisions – 2
  • Call/Email/Chat Support

Plus 18% GST

This is standard pricing and as per the client’s requirements, prices may go up.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Website Development Packages

Web designing is an act of crafting web pages and giving them an organized and hierarchical structure.

  1. Responsive To All Devices
  2. Performance and Speed
  3. Reliable
  4. Valid Mark Up and Clean Code

You will be given the URL of the site so that you can check the progress of your website anytime and anywhere.

Website Design Packages should be chosen as per the layout and graphics you want on your website.

Our web designing services costs in India solely depends on the type of website you want to get designed from us. You may find our costs cheaper for a relatively easy dynamic website with that to e-commerce and complex website. Know

Yes, we do that!! If your website has certain factors that degrade it’s performance and gives a bad user appearance. We’ll definitely help to redesign it!!!

Yes, we create responsive website designs that can adapt to every screen size.

We appreciate the clients that want us to show their websites in the development phase. We will share our demo link while it is in the development phase.

Once you have confirmed the general layout of the agreed design we start the development of the website. If in case you change your mind concerning the design or any other major change, then we will complete up to 2 revisions free of cost. But more than that will be chargeable. However, all small revisions will be free of cost during the development phase. But if you change your mind after the website gets live then it will be treated as a new project and you will be billed as per standard hourly rates.

A good website design is sufficient to engage the audience, drive traffic, and increase conversions.

  1. Years Of Experience
  2. Well-skilled Designers
  3. Hundreds of websites built so far.
  4. Demonstration of live websites.

When you contract with us for your website designing needs, then you have to give the following details to us

The answer to this question really depends on your needs and what you hope to accomplish with a website. If you are a business owner, it is important to create a website as soon as possible in order to reach new customers and grow your brand. A website can also be a great way to share information about your products or services with potential and current customers. If you are an individual, a website can be a fun way to showcase your interests or talents to the world. It can also be a great way to connect with friends and family online. Ultimately, the decision of when to create a website is up to you, but there are many benefits to having one regardless of your reasons for creating it.

There are many types of websites to choose from when creating your own. Your choice will depend on what you want your website to do.

One type of website is a blog. Blogs are good for sharing your thoughts with the world and for building an audience around your ideas. If you want to share your personal life with friends and family, or if you want to start a business, a blog is a good option.

Another type of website is a portfolio site. Portfolio sites are used by artists, designers, and other professionals to showcase their work. If you want to share your creative work with the world, a portfolio site is a good option.

The third type of website is a store. Store websites allow you to sell products or services online. If you want to start an online business, a store website is a great option.

  1. When creating a website, the first step is to come up with a concept or idea for the website. This can be done by brainstorming and making a list of what you want the website to include.
  2. Once you have an idea, the next step is to figure out who your target audience is and what type of website you want to create.
  3. After that, you need to come up with a domain name and design for your site. Be sure to keep your target audience in mind when choosing a domain name and designing your site.
  4.  The next step is to set up your hosting and create your website’s content. This can be done by writing articles, creating pages, and adding images and videos.

Yes, you do need website maintenance. It’s not optional. Just like you have to mow your lawn and trim your hedges, you have to maintain your website or it will go downhill fast.

Think about it: a website is a reflection of your business. It’s the first impression people have of you, and if it’s not updated regularly, or if it’s full of errors, then potential customers will think you don’t care about your business. They’ll think you don’t care about them either.

That’s why website maintenance is so important. It keeps your website looking good and functioning properly. It makes sure that potential customers see the best possible version of your business. And it shows that you care about your customers and your business.

The cost to host a website can vary depending on the size and complexity of the site. Typically, basic hosting costs between $5 and $10 per month. However, more robust and customized hosting can cost significantly more. For example, a WordPress site hosted on a private server can cost around $200 per month.

There is no definitive answer to this question as it can vary depending on the size and complexity of the website. However, on average, it can take anywhere from 2-6 months for a website to be built from scratch. This timeframe usually includes the time needed for designing the site, coding the pages, and testing it all to make sure it’s working properly. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, so it’s always best to consult with a web developer to get an accurate estimate.

When it comes to website charges, how much a company should charge is relative to the project at hand. Typically, there are four main website development cost factors: design, functionality, content and hosting.

The most important aspect of website design is making sure that it looks good and reflects the company’s branding. Good web design will help to engage users and convert them into customers. Functionality is also important as it determines how well the website can meet the needs of its users. Important features include search capabilities, shopping carts and user registration modules. Content is what attracts users to websites in the first place and must be well-written and keyword-rich. Hosting is the service that makes a company’s website visible on the internet. It is important to find a reputable hosting provider that can offer fast loading times, good uptime and customer support.

When it comes to website development, there are many different factors to consider. One of the most important decisions is who to hire for the project. There are a few key things to look for when making this decision.

First, it is important to find someone who has experience in website development. They should know how to design and build a website that meets your needs and looks great. They should also be familiar with the latest trends and technologies so they can create a website that is up-to-date.

Second, it is important to find someone you can trust. You will be working with this person closely on your website, so you need to feel confident that they will do a good job and meet your expectations. Ask for references from past clients and check out their portfolios to get a better idea of their work.

Choosing the right CMS for website development is essential to ensure that the website functions properly and meets the needs of the business. There are a number of different CMS options available, so it is important to research which one is best for the project. Some factors to consider include the amount of control needed over the website content, the level of customization required, and how much support is needed from the CMS provider.

Once the decision has been made to use a CMS for website development, there are a number of choices available. WordPress is one of the most popular options and is known for its ease of use and wide range of plugins and themes that can be used to customize the site. Joomla is another popular choice with a large user base and extensive library of extensions. Magento is a more robust option that can be used for larger eCommerce websites.

When your business is ready to renew its website, the first question you have to ask is how much this renewal will cost. The price of a website renewal varies depending on the size and type of site, the features and add-ons you choose, and whether you need new design elements or functionality. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for a website renewal.

There are several factors that will affect the price of your website renewal. The first is the type of site you have. A custom website will cost more to renew than a template-based site because it will require more time and effort on the part of the designer or developer. The number of pages and features on your site will also affect the price; adding new pages or features can add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to the cost of the renewal.

When it comes to web pages, how many is enough? This is a question that many people ask and the answer can depend on a variety of factors. Generally, the more pages your website has, the better it will be for your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking. This is because Google and other search engines like websites that are comprehensive and offer lots of relevant information. However, you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with too many pages, especially if your website is still in its early stages. You can always add more pages as your website grows.

Another thing to consider when deciding how many pages to include on your website is the type of business you have. If you’re running a brick-and-mortar store, you may not need as many pages as an online-only business.

There are many ways to make a website free. One way is to use a website builder like Wix, which offers a free plan with limited features, or Weebly, which offers a free plan with ads. Another way to make a website for free is to use a content management system (CMS) like, which is free and open source. With, you need to install the software on your own web server or use a web hosting service that offers WordPress hosting.

There is no definitive answer to this question as the cost of a website can vary greatly depending on the features and functionality you require, as well as the size and complexity of the project. However, a ballpark estimate for a small business website would be around $1,000 – $2,000 per year. This includes domain name registration and hosting, as well as design and development costs. The cost will also depend on whether you choose to DIY or hire a professional web developer. If you decide to DIY, there are many online resources available that can help you get started. But remember, creating a website that looks good and performs well takes time and effort, so be prepared to invest some elbow grease!

When it comes to how much designers charge for a website, there is no standard rate. Some designers may charge by the hour, while others may charge a flat fee for the entire project. Generally, the more complex and custom the website design is, the higher the cost will be.

Another factor that can affect pricing is how involved the designer will be in the project. If you need someone to just create a basic layout for you, the cost will be lower than if you need someone to help with coding, SEO optimization, and more.

So what should you expect to pay for a website? On average, most people spend between $1,000 and $10,000 on a custom website design. However, this price range can vary greatly depending on your needs and budget.

There is no definitive answer to how much a one-page website will cost. It depends on the complexity of the design and the features you want to be included. You could spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the size and scope of the project.

One thing to keep in mind is that most one-page websites are static, which means they don’t include features like a blog or e-commerce capabilities. If you need those features, your costs will be higher. Also, if you need help creating or designing your website, that will add to the cost as well.

It’s a question that many people have – how much time does it take to build a website? The answer, of course, depends on the complexity and size of the website. However, according to estimates from various sources, most people can expect to spend anywhere from 20-40 hours building a website.

That time can be spread out over a few weeks or months, depending on how much time you have available. Of course, if you’re not doing the work yourself, you’ll need to factor in the cost of hiring a web developer. But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can definitely build your own website.

Building a website is hard. It’s not something that you can just do in your spare time. You need to have an understanding of coding, design, and marketing in order to create a website that is effective and looks great. Even if you know how to code and design, you still need to know how to market your website in order to make sure that people will see it. Creating a website is a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding if you’re able to make it successful.

There are a few things you need to figure out before you start building your website. First, what is the purpose of your website? Do you want to create a personal website to share your thoughts and ideas with others, or do you want to create a website for your business? Once you know the purpose of your website, you can start thinking about the design and content.

Creating a website can be a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking to build a successful online presence. You’ll need to choose a web hosting provider and domain name, and then design and build your website. You’ll also need to create content and market your website in order to attract visitors.

If you’re not sure where to start, there are plenty of resources available online that can help you get started.

In this day and age, it’s essential for small businesses to have a website. Not only does it give your business an online presence, but it also allows customers to easily find information about your company and contact you. Building a website can seem daunting, but there are plenty of resources available to help you get started.

One of the biggest benefits of having a website is that it gives your business an online presence. In other words, potential customers can find your website and learn more about what you do and what services you offer. A website also allows customers to contact you directly, which can result in more sales opportunities.

Another important benefit of having a website is that it helps customers find information about your company quickly and easily. This is especially important if they’re considering doing business with you.

Websites are an essential part of any business or organization, large or small. They provide a variety of benefits that can help you reach your objectives. However, there are also some drawbacks to using websites.

The advantages of websites include:

  • They can be easily updated with new information.
  • They can be used to provide information about your products or services.
  • They can be used to provide customer support.
  • They can be used to sell products or services online.
  • They can be used to collect data from customers.
  • They are easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • The disadvantages of websites include:

They can be expensive to create and maintain.

  • They require a certain level of technical expertise to set up and use correctly.
  • They can be vulnerable to attacks by hackers.

There are a lot of website builders on the market today. And for good reason! They’re affordable, easy to use, and can help you create a website in minutes. But there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t use a website builder.

First, most website builders are very limited in terms of design and functionality. You can usually only choose from a few templates, and you won’t be able to add any custom code or features.

Second, website builders often don’t work well with other tools and platforms. If you want to use a third-party plugin or extension, or if you want to host your website on your own server, you may run into compatibility issues.

Third, most website builders are not very SEO-friendly. They don’t include many optimization settings or features, and they may not follow best practices for web design.

There are many reasons why websites are better than apps. First and foremost, websites are cheaper to make. A website costs a fraction of what it costs to make an app, which is why there are so many more of them. Additionally, websites work on any device with a web browser, while apps are limited to devices that have been specifically designed to run them. Websites also tend to be more up-to-date, as they can be updated at any time without having to go through an approval process like with apps. Finally, websites are more accessible because they don’t require users to download and install anything.

When it comes to developing a website or an app, there is no easy answer as to whether it is cheaper to make one or the other. It really depends on the complexity of the project and the specific needs of the client. However, there are some general things to keep in mind when making this decision.

For starters, websites are generally less expensive to create than apps. This is because websites do not require the same level of functionality and complexity as apps do. In most cases, a website can be created using a simple content management system (CMS), while apps usually require custom coding.

Another factor that affects cost is the platform. Apps need to be designed and coded for specific platforms (such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.), while websites can be viewed on any device with a web browser.

There are a few different ways to start a website for cheap. One way is to use a website builder like Wix or Squarespace. These services allow you to create a website for free, but there are some limitations. You can also buy a domain name and hosting for around $10 per year. This is the cheapest way to have your own website, and you can use any software you want. Finally, you can use free services like Blogger or, but your website will have ads and you will not own the domain name.

There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re starting your own website. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is whether or not to pay a monthly fee for a website builder platform or go with a free option.

There are pros and cons to both choices. With a monthly fee, you typically get more features and support, but it can be expensive if your site doesn’t take off. Free platforms are great for budget-minded entrepreneurs, but they often have fewer features and limited support.

So what’s the best option for you? It depends on your needs and budget. If you need a lot of features and support, then paying for a monthly website builder platform is the way to go. But if you’re on a tight budget, then using a free platform may be more appropriate for your needs.

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