Terms & Conditions

We have a certain set of terms and conditions that helps maintain transparency and the belief of our clients on us. While we provide our services we ensure that both of us, remain in the boundaries of these terms and conditions and our clients don’t ask our favor for anything illegitimate and beyond our pre-defined protocols.

We have the full right to change these terms and conditions anytime without providing any prior notice. By browsing through our website or by leveraging our services, we believe it is your consent to these terms and conditions.


By using any third-party content, you may leave this website and be moved to an external website. If you decide to visit, you do so at your own risk and Rankon Technologies will not be responsible for any safety attack malware issues, etc.


All logos, brands, headings, tags, appearing in this site, are things either owned or used under license, by Rankon Technologies.

You may not change the content of this Website or openly execute, allocate, or otherwise use them in any way for any business purpose without our organization’s written permission.


Rankon Technologies allow you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, right to access, use, and spectacle this site and materials thereon.


  • The client should take no employee of ours under his direct engagement without our written agreement.
  • If you cancel the contract on the same day then money will be refunded (if our employees haven’t started the job yet). The money will be refunded to you after 30 days. Refund policy is only applicable for Indian clients.
  • No payments will be refunded after 1 calendar day. If you hired us for any small job that can be done in a few minutes/hours then refund will not be possible for that type of project.
  • Any legal issues will be covered in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) jurisdiction only.


  • The SEO service is neither quick nor guaranteed but will be performed to the best of Rankon Technologies experience and skills.
  • No assurances will be given as to your website’s ranking as the search engines alter their ranking algorithms consistently.
  • No services shall be provided in the client found guilty of spam activity that’s against SEO guidelines in the past. Client needs to tell us if his/her business was involved in spam activities.
  • Your website’s rankings can go down, if this occurs, Rankon Technologies will not be responsible and no refunds or discounts will be given.
  • SEO process grosses at least 2-3 months to show some noteworthy effect. Through this part ofthe time, the client site is examined and optimizedAttaining stable high rankings can take up to 6-12 months.
  • Rankon Technologies sends monthly SEO reports to its clients.
  • For SEO services Rankon Technologies encourage clients to give a proper deadline that can help create an action plan to achieve the best possible results.
  • Any SEO work that Rankon Technologies sustains may be radically affected if You have:
    • Hired the services of another SEO Company at the same time you’ve hired us.
    • Have created any identical sites, identical content or pages, redirects or doorway pages.
    • Tried to use any other techniques, whether permitted by Google or not, to effort to increase the SEO ranking of the site.


  • Rankon Technologies shall offer Client a management service of Google Ads account as per the terms.
  • Rankon technologies will generate a Google Ads account on their clientsbehalf. Client admits that Google Ads are issue to Google’s Terms and Conditions. Client’s account will be deemed active once Google approves it for online advertising. Rankon Technologies is not liable if Client’s account is rejected.
  • Rankon Technologies acknowledge that Client owns the Google AdWords. Account developed by Rankon Technologies. Upon end of the term of this contract Client may recollect the account and all its configuration.
  • Rankon Technologies is not accountable for errors once the ads are deployed.
  • Results are not guaranteed and Rankon Technologies is not responsible for ads performance.


  • Rankon Technologies agrees to promote clients company/business on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, YouTube Pinterest and LinkedInthrough targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Client approves that any images to be used in advertisements will be delivered to Rankon Technologies. Client admits that if images are not provided, added design fees may be billed. Rankon Technologies will include these extra charges in the invoice.
  • If the advertisement is forbidden due to content, Rankon Technologies shall require Client to hoard new copy acceptable to platform. Rankon Technologies cannot be held accountable for refusal of ads by third party websites.


  • Rankon Technologies agrees to create written material for insertion on Client’s website upon the appeal of the Client and per the approved terms.
  • Rankon Technologies agrees to use rational care to ensure that all facts and statements in the work are correct and that the work does not trespass upon any copyright, or any other right of a third party.
  • Rankon Technologies admits that Client has the right to edit the work in a time frame agreed and that Rankon Technologies will collaborate with Client in editing and rereading the work erstwhile to publication.
  • Client agrees that they are accountable for studying the final draft for correctness to include spelling and grammatical errors, statements and assertions. Rankon Technologies is not liable for errors discovered after the website gets live.


  • Rankon Technologies approves design and develop a website at Client’s request and will deliver the job by to the settled conditions.
  • Client is solely responsible for describing the detailed structure, number of pages required, and other relevant terms and conditions.
  • Client agrees to supply the Rankon Technologies with satisfactory photography or imagery to use in the design.
  • Client is responsible for obtaining and buying a domain name. Rankon Technologies may at its discretion instruct Client on suitable names.
  • Client hereby admits that Rankon Technologies is not accountable for any errors, grammatical or otherwise found in the material provided by client.
  • Rankon Technologies agrees to resolve any errors or implement revisions requested by Client. Client agrees that a maximum of three revisions are available(depending on package). Major changes in design won’t be done in revisions.
  • Client acknowledges that any change requests after final approval has been given to Rankon Technologies or after website is live will be charged. Rankon Technologies will not begin work on following change requests until full payment has been received.
  • Client admits that Rankon Technologies will add a “Web Design” by “Rankon Technologies” link to the footnote section of each website they work on. This is branding of Rankon Technologies and to eliminate it will charge.
  • Due to business nature, Rankon Technologies will not be liable if your website got hacked, lost rankings or errors etc.
  • Clients can cancel website development or digital marketing project if the team of Rankon Technologies has not started work and won’t accept any cancellation after 1 calendar day.
  • Once the website is live then paid support will be provided at the rate of 500 Rs+18% GST.

Logo And Graphic Design

  • We try to create unique logos and provide our recommendations. Our logo designs are built based on research & concept building & we assure you of an alternate logo design if a Trade Mark on the logo is rejected due to any reason.
  • If you face any problem during trademark registration then you are free to contact us and we will offer you some other variations that you can chose. However, we do not have access to all the existing logos like the trademark registry has and it is nearly impossible to be 100% certain that the chosen design is in no way a loose match of an existing design. 

Note – Any terms agreed in final proposal/email will also be considered along with terms mentioned in this term page.

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