Terms & Conditions

RankOn Technologies is referred to as “We” on this page. We always do our best to help our clients and always use our skills to help their business grow but because of business nature we can’t offer any guarantee. Please check the terms & Conditions mentioned below-

  1. If you want to hire us for SEO then your website shouldn’t be involved in any spam activity that’s against SEO guidelines in past.
  2. If you hire us for website development and stopped responding for next 1 week, we will stop work on your website. If we hear back from you after 1 week then decision of our management team will be final.
  3. Due to business nature, we will not be liable if your website got hacked, lost rankings or got any search engine penalty.
  4. We send monthly SEO reports to our clients. So if you are ready to start next month’s work then it will be considered that you are fully satisfied till that date.
  5. For SEO services we encourage our clients to give us proper deadline so we can create an action plan to achieve best possible results but if you don’t want to commit for a long term duration then month to month SEO services can be used.
  6. Packages written on our website are final but you can talk to our team to know about our latest SEO offers/discounts.
  7. If you are using our website development services and your website is hosted on our server then talk to our team to know about AMC packages so you can focus on your business and we take care of technical issues of your website. We will remove your website from our server if you are involved in any unethical activity or doing spamming. Also discuss annual fee that you need to pay us for domain renewal and hosting. We will not share hosting details because many other websites of our clients will be hosted on same server. If you need separate hosting please talk to our team and they will suggest you better plans/options.
  8. You can cancel website development or digital marketing project if our team has not started work and we won’t accept any cancellation after 1 calendar day.
  9. If you cancel contract on same day then your money will be refunded (if our team has not started work yet). Money will be refunded to you after 30 days. Refund policy is only applicable for Indian clients.
  10. No payments will be refunded after 1 calendar day. If you hired us for any small job that can be done in few minutes/hours then refund will not be possible for that type of project.
  11. Any legal issues will be covered in Lucknow jurisdiction only.
  12. Website Development clients who are not using our AMC packages need to pay our hourly rate if they want to make any changes on their website. Minimum billing amount will be 1 hour.
  13. Due to business nature Rankon Technologies does not offer any guarantee on the basis of traffic/rankings/Penalty etc. so we will not be responsible for any refund claims thereof.