Logo Design Packages

Logo Design Packages

Creative Logo Design Packages from Expert Logo Design Company in India

Logo Design Packages in India from RankON Technologies offer top quality branding for your company. At Rankon Technologies, we offer logo design packages in India to every sort of business whether its big, medium or small. We offer affordable and custom logo design packages that suit every requirement of our clients while being in their budget. Have a look at our logo design packages in India and choose the plan to give your business a unique identity.

If you are searching for low cost logo design plans then look no further than RankOn Technologies for top quality logo design services at very affordable prices. Contact our logo design company in India NOW!


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Best Logo Design Packages In India To Build Your Company's Identity

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem or symbol that helps businesses to attain exclusive brand identification. In India, there’s no maximum limit up to which you can spend on a logo design for your business. It solely depends on the person, company or organization to which you have hired for your logo designing job.

Logo Design Packages


2000 INR / 30 USD
Best for Startups


4000 INR / 60 USD
Best for Small Business


6000 INR / 90 USD
Best for Large Business

Affordable Logo Design Packages In India That Doesn’t Empty Your Wallet

At Rankon Technologies, we completely agree with the fact that no two businesses are alike. We understand that different businesses have different niches, different goals and yes, of course, different turnovers!

It is this reason because of which we have done the categorization of our logo design packages in India. We have three packages, namely, Basic, Professional and Ultimate. One of the three can be opted by you to commence the logo designing project at Rankon Technologies depending on your business requirements. Know how much does it cost to design a logo for your company from different providers.

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Logo Design Packages in India


Logo Design Package
2000 INR/30 USD
  • Logo Design Idea – 1
  • Logo Revisions – 1
  • Logo Design Duration – 1 Working Day
  • Logo Design Format – JPG/PNG
  • Logo Source File(AI)
  • Custom Graphic
  • Text Logo
  • Business Card
  • Tag Line
  • Payment Options – 100% Advance
  • Competitors Logo Analysis
  • Extra Design


Logo Design Package
4000 INR/60 USD
  • Logo Design Idea – 2
  • Logo Revisions – 2
  • Logo Design Duration – 2 – 4 Working Day
  • Logo Design Format – JPG/PNG
  • Logo Source File(AI)
  • Custom Graphic
  • Text Logo
  • Business Card
  • Tag Line
  • Payment Options – 50%- Advance & 50% After Completion
  • Competitors Logo Analysis
  • Extra Design
  • Responsive Facebook Cover & Profile Pic
  • Responsive YouTube Cover & Profile Pic
  • Instagram Profile Pic


Logo Design Package
6000 INR/90 USD
  • Logo Design Idea – 3
  • Logo Revisions – 3
  • Logo Design Duration – 2 – 6 Working Day
  • Logo Design Format – JPG/PNG
  • Logo Source File(AI)
  • Custom Graphic
  • Text Logo
  • Business Card
  • Tag Line
  • Payment Options – 50%- Advance & 50% After Completion
  • Competitors Logo Analysis
  • Extra Design
  • Responsive Facebook Cover & Profile Pic
  • Responsive YouTube Cover & Profile Pic,
  • Letterhead,
  • LinkedIn Cover & Profile Pic
  • Twitter Cover & Profile Cover
  • Instagram Profile Pic

This is a standard logo design pricing and as per client’s requirements, prices may go up. All payments will be 100% advanced and no refund will be applicable.

How Do We Build the Best Logo For Your Company

Understand your brand

Before we start designing a logo, it’s important to understand your brand and what it represents. It helps us to create a logo that accurately reflects your company’s values, mission, and personality.

Choose the right colors

The colors we choose for your logo can have a significant impact on how it’s perceived by your audience. We select colors that represent your brand and resonate with your target audience.

Select an appropriate font

The font we choose should be easy to read and reflect the personality of your brand. We avoid using too many fonts and stick to one or two that complement each other.

Keep it simple

A simple logo is often more effective than a complex one. Avoid using too many design elements or intricate graphics that may not translate well across different mediums.

Make it scalable

Your logo will be used across a variety of mediums, so it’s important to create a design that can be scaled up or down without losing its visual impact. We take care of it.

Clear Message

We understand your business vision and mission and make it clear in the logo for people so they can easily understand the business and objective.

Process Our Logo Design Company Follows

RankON Technologies- Best logo design company that specializes in creating custom logos for businesses and organizations. We work with clients to understand their brand identity, target audience, and overall business goals in order to create a logo that accurately represents their brand and appeals to their audience.


Our logo design company will start by getting to know the client’s business, including their brand values, target audience, and competitors. We may also ask for input on design preferences or existing visual assets that should be incorporated into the logo.


Our logo design company will conduct research on the industry and competition to understand the visual language and trends in the market. This helps us to create a logo that stands out and resonates with the target audience.


Based on the information gathered in the discovery and research stages, our logo design company will create several logo design concepts for the client to review. These designs may include different color schemes, fonts, and graphic elements.


The client will review the design concepts and provide feedback on what they like and dislike. Our logo design company will revise the designs based on this feedback and present new concepts if necessary.


Once the client is satisfied with the design, the logo design company will finalize the logo and provide the client with all the necessary files and formats for use across different mediums.


After getting the final approval on the logo design, Our logo design company will deliver all the files and logo formats to clients.

Logo Design Pricing Factors

Want to know the Logo design cost and what factors affect the cost to design a logo? At Rankon Technologies, we have a simple yet competent logo design process to bring your vision to life. We strive to deliver effective logos while keeping our customers informed and updated about every part of it, from the start until they receive the product.

In sue to be transparent and to avoid any future misunderstanding, we have cleared all the essentials of the entire logo design process in our logo design packages. Some of the essential factors of our logo design packages in India are:-

Custom Graphic

To make the logos more striking and appealing we incorporate custom graphics into it that includes illustrators, icons, etc.

Logo Revisions

After the completion of the job, Rankon Technologies will send the final logo for approval. Based on the chosen logo design package, you can tell us the amendments you want to be done in that logo.

Tag Line

The logo with a tagline is more appealing and stimulating. At Rankon Technologies, we also create logos with an interesting tagline that suit our clients’ business goals.

Competitor Logo Analysis

At Rankon Technologies, we do proper research and analysis before commencing a logo design job. Based on our client’s chosen logo design plan, we first take a look at its competitor’s logos and then create something that’s best in his/her industry.

Logo Design Format

At Rankon Technologies, we deliver end logos in the standard JPG/PNG format so that our client does not find any difficulty in using it wherever he/she wants for the business purpose.

Logo Ideas

Based on the chosen logo design package, you will be given a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 logo ideas from which you have to choose the one/two that suits best with your business. In case, you have your own idea, you’re free to share it with us. It will be highly appreciated.


How to Hire the Best Logo Design Company in India?

Hiring the best logo design company involves a bit of research and due diligence on your part. Here are some steps you can take to find the right logo design company for your needs:

Define your needs

Before you start looking for a logo design company, it’s important to define your needs and what you’re looking for in a logo. This includes factors such as your budget, timeline, design preferences, and target audience.

Look at portfolios

Check out the portfolios of different logo design companies to get an idea of their style and the quality of their work. Look for a company that has experience designing logos for businesses similar to yours.

Check references

Reach out to past clients of the logo design companies you’re considering and ask about their experience working with the company. Were they happy with the final product? Did the company meet their deadlines and budget?

Evaluate communication

A good logo design company should be easy to communicate with and be responsive to your needs. Look for a company that is willing to listen to your input and feedback.

Consider pricing

Logo design pricing can vary widely, so make sure you understand the pricing structure of each company you’re considering. Make sure to ask about any hidden costs or fees that may be added on later.

Read reviews

Look for reviews and feedback from other clients of the logo design company. This can give you a sense of their reputation and whether they are a good fit for your needs.

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Why Choose Rankon Technologies For Logo Design Packages In India?

  • We offer a high-quality logo at affordable and affordable logo design packages.
  • We offer a custom logo package to fulfill every unique needs of a business.
  • We have fresh ideas, thoughtful design and deliver unmatched results.
  • We never compromise with ordinary logo designs and strive to deliver the best of all time.
  • Our logo designers know how to bring out the best with a perfect combination of style, font, color, style and other elements that imparts your business philosophy and goals.
  • We have professional logo artists who are experts at logo designing.

If you are interested in Logo Designing Services for your company then trust RankOn- A leading graphic design company in India  for top quality logo design services at low prices. Check our logo design pricing and contact us today to know more about our logo design packages in India NOW!

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