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Dental Clinic Website Development

Why Should You Invest in Dental Clinic Website?

If you are a dentist and you have not created any website for your dental practice then you are not using the technology your competitor may be using to capture the online leads. Patients search for dentists online nowadays and visit the information provided on internet to find the best rated dentists in their area. If you don’t have any dentist websites developed for your dental clinic then you are missing the exposure you deserve.

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Benefits of Having a Dental Clinic Website:

A dental clinic website can be a game changing factor for your dental business. Here are the benefits of having a website for dental clinic in 2020:

How Much Does a Dental Clinic Website Cost?

dental clinic website

Dental website cost depends on the features you need on your dental website. Here we are mentioning the dental website requirements you may need to build a dental website for your dental clinic.

Dental Clinic Website Development Essentials, and Cost:

Note: If you want any premium templates then it may cost you extra.

How Do We Help You To Build a Dental Clinic Website in India?

RankON Technologies Pvt Ltd is a well known dental clinic website design and development company in India helping small business owners to get attractive websites at low prices. We have built many dental websites for our clients and we have a proven track record of helping dental businesses get better online visibility.

We have experienced web developers who have worked on many dental websites to improve their design and user experience. We have hands on experience in building dental websites.

Features We Offer in Dental Clinic Websites:




Web Content

UI and UX

Graphics (Logo and Images)


Testimonials Embedding

Ratings & Reviews

Social Media Profiles

Attractive Contact Forms

Better Loading Speed


Online Appointment

Quick Support

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Clinic Website Development

It depends on website functions but if you want a basic information website then it may take 3 to 5 days to build a fully functional website depending on terms and conditions.

If you decide to hire us then you have to pay 50% advance to get the project started.

When you hire us to build website for your dental clinic then we create website on our local server and provide you a link where you can check the progress.

We create SEO friendly websites but getting ranking is totally different. If you want to rank your website on first page in search engines then you have to invest in monthly SEO services and that is not included in website development project.

If you have paid us the 50% required amount to get started and our team has started the work then we can deduct the work done amount from the amount you paid and refund the remaining amount in 1 week.

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