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Dental Clinic Website Development in India

Are you a dentist and looking for dental clinic website development company in India? RankON Technologies offers best quality website development services for dentists in India at very low prices. Visit our website development packages now and hire us to create a creative website for your dental practice now!

Why Should You Invest in Dental Clinic Website?

If you are a dentist and you have not created any website for your dental practice then you are not using the technology your competitor may be using to capture the online leads. Patients search for dentists online nowadays and visit the information provided on the internet to find the best-rated dentists in their area. If you don’t have any dentist websites developed for your dental clinic then you are missing the exposure you deserve.

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Benefits of Having a Dental Clinic Website in India:

A dental clinic website can be a game-changing factor for your dental business. Here are the benefits of having a website for a dental clinic in 2021:

Online Visibility: When you create a website for your dental clinic, you can make use of digital marketing services to increase the visibility of your dental business online and get more dental clients.
Better Information Exchange: As we all know, people are searching for information related to any business online these days. With a dental website, you can provide the required information with your patients on your dental website and help them to find the answers to the questions they may have related to your dental clinic and services.
Credibility: A dental website can help you to increase the credibility of your dental clinic by providing the helpful resources like news, blogs, testimonials, phone number and address on your dentist website.
Cost-Effective: With a dentist website, you can save your costs you spend on monthly advertising materials like Brochure, and banners etc. You can provide all the required details and information on your website and update when needed.
Market Expansions: If you are a dental clinic owner then you are most likely to get local patients who are searching for dentist in their local area. But, when you create dentist website, you get online exposure from online world where patients are searching for online treatments.
Advertising: By creating a website for a dental clinic, you can make use of digital marketing services to advertise your business online. Most of the marketing platforms require a website for better advertising practices so creating a website for the dental clinic will open your ways to online advertising.
Better Customer Management: You can help your customers to contact you from your dentist website when they need or have any questions. You can also serve your customers in a better way by creating a website for a dental clinic. You can make use of CRM to manage your clients.
Audience Insights: There are many SEO tools that you can use to analyze the audience. You can later use that audience to effectively market your dental services.
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How Much Does a Dental Clinic Website Cost?

Dental website Development cost depends on the website features you need on your dental website. Here we are mentioning the dental website requirements you may need to build a dental website for your dental clinic.

dental clinic website

Dental Clinic Website Development Essentials, and Cost:

Hosting: Hosting is also known as the server where all the website files will be saved. There are many hosting companies offering low to high hosting plans that you can select as per your website development company suggestions. Hosting depends on the quality and functions of your website need and it may cost you from 2K INR to 10K INR.
Domain: Domain is the online address visitors can type to open your website. For Example: If you want to find RankON Technologies website then our domain name is There are many other extensions like .in,, .org etc. There is not any fixed cost for the domain as it depends on the quality and availability of a domain.
HTTPS or SSL Certificate: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) offers security to your website. It’s a good feature to make your website more secure than insecure sites. It can cost you extra and increase the cost of building a website for a dentist. There are many free SSL certificate providers but if you want a premium SSL certificate installed on your dental website then it may cost you 2K or 4K or more.
Templates/CMS (Content Management System): There are some languages being used to build websites. We call them CMS and here are a few popular CMS you can use to build a dentist website in 2020.

WordPress, HTML, PHP, Weebly, Wix

Note: If you want any premium templates then it may cost you extra.
Web Content & Graphics: If you are building a website for dental clinic then content is one of the most important factor you should focus. It’s a healthcare related business so you need help of professional content writing agency to write high quality and informative contents for your dental website to help users fine the perfect information they need. Web Content
Professional Web Developer: Building a website is easy these days but when you need a top-quality website for your dental business, then you need the help of a professional web development company to help you build a dental website as per the industry standards. Every web development agency has its own website pricing.

How Do We Help You To Build a Dental Clinic Website in India?

RankON Technologies Pvt Ltd is a well known dental clinic website design and web development company in India helping small business owners to get attractive websites at low prices. We have built many dental websites for our clients and we have a proven track record of helping dental businesses get better online visibility.

We have experienced web developers who have worked on many types of websites to improve their design and user experience. We have hands on experience in building dental websites.

Features We Offer in Dental Clinic Website Development Services:

Web ContentUI and UXGraphics (Logo and Images)
GalleryTestimonials EmbeddingRatings & Reviews
Social Media ProfilesAttractive Contact FormsBetter Loading Speed
BlogOnline AppointmentQuick Support

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