How Much does website development costs

Website Creation Cost: How Much Does Website Development Cost in India?

So, you have decided to create a website for your company or shop. Great Decision! Now the second thing comes in mind is “who to offer for website development and how much does a website cost?” So keep reading to know actual cost to create a website in India.

 “How Much Does it Cost to Create a Small Business Website in India?” Here is the website development cost from Rankon Technologies.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Small Business Website in 2020

Website Creation CostWebsite Package DetailsGet Started Now
INR 5,000 Only3 Pages,1 Banner,Free Logo, Dynamic Website, Free Domain (.in Only), Hosting Free for 1st year, Contact Form-1 etc
Package Details
INR 10,000 Only5 Pages, Slider, Free Logo, Dynamic Website, Free Domain,Hosting Free for 1st year, Contact Form-1 etc
Package Details
INR 15,000 Only10 Pages, Slider, Free Logo, Dynamic Website, Free Domain, Hosting Free for 1st year, Contact Form-1 etc
Package Details
INR 25,000 OnlyE-Commerce Website Development Costs Up To 50 Products
Package Details

A website is no more an option, but it has become a necessity in today’s digital world. It does not matter how big or small the business or service is, having a fully functional and secure website makes your presence stronger in the market.

The concept of website development is vast. One can have static, dynamic, custom or e-commerce website. No matter which type of website you need for your business, it is important to learn the factors that determine the cost of website development in India.

how Much Does Website Creation Cost in India?

There are more than one factors that affect the website development charges and here we are going to discuss them and how much those resources should cost you to create a business website for you.

A website consists of many elements, each featuring a unique role and functionality. The cost of a website depends on the sum of the individual costs of all these features.

If you’re unsure about various constituents of websites and their costs, then look the image below to know about them.

Here’s the Small Business Website Creation Cost Breakdown.

Website Elements and Average cost

Disclaimer: Website Development Charges in India may change depending on service providers. Prices given here are only an average cost so check the price and costing before subscribing them.

1- Domain:

Domain for website development

How Much Does Domain Cost in India?

The first step towards the online journey is to book a domain. There are many domain selling agencies like GoDaddy, BlueHost, Google that could help you in searching and buying the domain name to represent your business online. You can search on internet to find domain prices from different domain name providers in India. This is the first factor that affects the website cost. A premium domain may cost you higher.

Godaddy Domain Pricing India
The domain can be registered every year or one can purchase it for two years. Many professional domain registration companies offer a user-friendly dashboard where they can manage DNS, hosting and database requirement of their website without trouble.

2- Hosting:

Hosting for website development
How Much Does Website Hosting Cost in India?

Once the domain is registered the next task is to host a website. So that your website can find its place in this huge virtual world. Most of the hosting service provider offers space on the server at an affordable cost.

You can book server on a monthly or yearly basis. The hosting charges in India depend on many factors. Some choose VPN hosting plans for more secured experience, some choose shared hosting plans and some are happy with dedicated hosting plans. There are many hosting companies offering different prices to host your website so search online to find the best hosting company with better hosting prices and plans.

The client can choose to host according to website’s requirement and budget. Most of the hosting service providers offer the customer support team, these executives can help the client in choosing the right hosting plan for their website. This factor also affects the website pricing and a better hosting service may cost you higher price. 

Hosting Charges in India

Since the web world is open for all, it is crucial to ensure that you provide a safe experience to your web user. Make your website secure with SSL certificate. While choosing a hosting plan opt for SSL certificate and make your website safe for your user.

3- WordPress theme & Plugins:

Template and plugins for website development

WordPress (In case you select this for your CMS) has emerged as an obvious choice for website development. Though, there are several other platforms as well. But, let’s take the popular platform to simplify the costing method.

WordPress offers free as well as paid themes. The paid themes are easier to customize and they can make richer with plugins. The client can choose the theme and plugins as per budget. Now, most of the website offers live chat support, WordPress makes it easier to install a chat plugin to make the website more user-friendly and interactive.

Majority of the website is based on a CMS platform. This content management system makes it easier to update or change the website content without a hassle. This is the reason the client’s now preferred CMS platforms like WordPress for website development.

4- Maintenance:

website Maintenance India
Website Maintenance Cost in India

Once the website is designed and launched the next crucial step is to ensure that the website is functioning properly. Most of the website development service provider offer yearly website maintenance service at a nominal amount. So you have to keep the small amount allocated for the maintenance of a website.

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5- Content writing:

Website Content Writing
How Much Does Website Content Writing Cost in India?

Once the website is ready the next concern is to turn it live and before that, you need content to represent your business or service to the online users. You need content for representing your business and service as well as for marketing and promotion of a website.

Choose a content partner wisely as it is going to impact your online presence in the long run. Your content partner will take care of content, pictures, documents, write-ups, videos and more. It is crucial to invest in quality content as its effects are multi-faceted, it influences your brand image as well.

Consider the cost of the content agency while calculating the website development cost & web design pricing.

6. Responsive Website Design:

Now 70% to 80% of people are using their smartphone and tablet to browse the website. You need a responsive website to connect with mobile users. A responsive website is a bit costly, but they are the need of the time. If you hire a professional to design your website then it may cost you a bit more depending on their website design cost and packages. Contact us for web design services in India.

7. Digital Marketing for Website:

Once the website is live, next step is to optimize it for the visitors. Many web development firm offers SEO services as well or you can hire an independent digital marketing agency for website promotion.

They offer various plans and services. It includes social media marketing, PPC Services, search engine marketing and more. Though SEO takes place in the second phase of web development but considering its cost in the initial phase will prepare you for the digital marketing plan.

Ecommerce Website Development Cost

If you’re planning to start an E-Commerce website and wondering how much would it cost for E-Commerce Website Development, then you must know that an E-Commerce website has fairly more features than a normal website. Thus, it is likely that you will have to bear a little more amount than what normal website costs.
While most of the factors that determine the website development cost are similar to a simple website, there are some like payment gateway, shipment tracking, OTP Verification, customer relationship management etc. that results in the increased cost of E-Commerce Website Development.

How To Choose A Website Development Company For Your Website Development Project?

Here we have thrown light on essential steps that need to be considered while assessing a website development packages. Since the web world has changed a lot in the last few decades a few more points need to include for a flawless, professional website.

1- Check past work:

Web Development Portfolio
While selecting the web development partner, consider their past work and experience. Ask them about their proficiency, what technology they use, what platform they suggest for the website development. Whether they have worked on similar niche or not. All these factors would help you in finding a professional and reliable web development partner.

2- Check Their Results

You just don’t need a website, but you need a website that has the potential to deliver results. While selecting a website development partner ask them whether they have a digital marketing team to offer digital marketing service. You can ask them to share previous SEO projects with the results so that you can learn about their efficiency.

3- Don’t go after lowest Website Design package:

Low Budget Website Development
While selecting the web development package never go for the lowest package as it might attract you initially but could cost you more in the long run. Check the services included in the package before finalizing it. Many web development packages include basic on-page SEO, off-page SEO, maintenance, audit report and more. Ask them whether they would assist in future for the changes and modifications.

Perks of Hiring a Complete Website Development & Digital Marketing Company!

If you hire a website design and digital marketing agency, you can get many things for free such as logo, domain, hosting, content, digital marketing according to packages, etc but if you hire any freelancer, they will not provide such things for free. They will separately charge for the domain, hosting, logo, banner &content, etc.

Digital Marketing Cost

how much does it cost to build a website for a small business With Us

Website Development Cost

A website can make or break your business. Your website is your online identity so make sure you have the best one to showcase to the virtual world. Rankon Technologies, the leading web development company offers budget-friendly yet high-quality web design & development service.

We have a team of efficient web developers in India who offer customized solutions to meet the changing scenario of the digital business world. The best advantage of working with such web development agencies is there you can avail complete web development solutions, including hosting, domain booking, web development, web design, and digital marketing services.

Contact RankOn Technologies today for pocket friendly website development services in India. Contact us now!

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