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How Much Does WordPress Website Development Cost in 2021?

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If you’re planning to get a WordPress Website developed, then you must probably be wondering about WordPress website development cost in 2021.

Even though the average cost to build a WordPress website is 200 USD approx. i.e. INR15000, however, based on your needs, the cost to build a WordPress website can vary from $100 to $600 to $2500 to as much as $25,000 or more.

The WordPress website development cost depends on more than one factor. The type of website, the objective of the website, and the functionalities it includes are some of the many factors determining the WordPress Website Costs. Besides this, there are themes, plug-ins, templates, and more elements for which you may require to spend to get the desired WordPress Website.

We’ve here included some information that would give you a better understanding of the price which you need to spend to get a WordPress website developed:

Factors Determining WordPress Website Development Cost



To add certain features to your WordPress website, you will need to install plug-ins. Plugins are like apps or extensions for your WordPress site. There are more than 40,000 plug-ins, however, you need to install only the ones that are important for your website.

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If you’re making a basic version of the WordPress website from which you only want to showcase your products or services, then you can consider incorporating plug-ins that are for free.

However, if you have a comparatively bigger budget and need more functionalities then you can consider going with the premium versions of plug-ins. The more plug-ins you will add, the more will be the costs. Thus it will increase your WordPress development cost.

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Themes are an integral part of a WordPress website. If you have a fair knowledge of languages like HTML and CSS, then you can make your WordPress Theme on your own.  On the contrary end, you can consider selecting Free WordPress Themes or Paid WordPress Themes.

WordPress Themes for free consists of less functionality and are therefore faster to load. If you’re low on budget or are building a wordpress website just to gain an online presence then you can consider going with some of the best WordPress free themes like Astra, Knight, etc.

Contrarily, if you need more features and want to keep your website secure, then you can consider buying premium versions of free WordPress Themes. There’s a huge price range in the paid versions of WordPress Themes. You can find a theme ranging all the way from $10 to $200. Buying premium theme will increase the cost of WordPress website.

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Hosting is an essential factor for any WordPress Website. It will let other people access your website on the web. It is a space bought by you on the webserver to save your website files. There are various hosting providers available in the market, however, the three most popular hosting providers are:


If you’re low on budget then you can get a hosting plan no more than $8/month. On the off-chance, if you’re willing to spend more on your WordPress website and requiring more features in it, then you would need a hosting plan worth $15-20.


The domain name will provide identification to your website on the web. If your hosting provider offers you a free domain along with your hosting plan, you can choose it. On the contrary end, you can choose to get a paid domain. On average, it costs around $10-15 annually to buy and hold a domain name.

SSL Certificate


If you wan to add security to your wordpress website then you can buy https/SSL certificate for your website to increase its security. But adding premium SSL certificate will cost your some amount and it will increase the cost of WordPress website.


These are some of the factors responsible for the cost of a WordPress Website. As long as you don’t want to invest in themes and plug-ins, they will not cost you anything. However when you’ll yourself want to add certain features to your website or amplify its look, then you will have to pay for the premium WordPress Themes and Plugins. Since the costs spend on the themes and plug-ins aren’t mandatory, therefore it can be termed as optional-but-likely costs.

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And, since it’s impossible to run a website without domain and hosting, therefore the cost incurred upon them can be coined as essential costs.

If you’ve planned to get a WordPress website developed and are wondering which WordPress themes and plug-ins can help improve the website’s functionality and appearance, then you can contact us. We will provide you the best possible help!

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