Types of Websites: What Are The Different Types of Websites in 2023?

Types Of Websites

Types of Websites: What Are The Different Types of Websites in 2023?

Do you want to build a website but not sure what type of website do you actually want and what are the different types of websites you can opt for as per your business need? Don’t worry, read this post and you will be educated enough to select the right type of website for your business.

Looking to Build a Website?

Not Sure What Type Of Website Is Suitable for Your Business?

Before you plan to build a website for your business, decide on what type of website design will work to suit your needs.

For this, you need to be thoughtful about your business purposes, objectives, nature, and of course requirements.

The selection of an appropriate website design would help in appropriately conveying the message you want to get delivered from your website and it will also control the website development cost. Hence, the right website design is the key to gain outcomes from your business website.

As a website development company, we have created so many different types of websites with different design layouts and features that make a great website. Most of our website development clients with appropriate website layouts have experienced tremendous outcomes. If you also want a perfect website that can help to fulfill your needs, then this blog is for you!

Understanding The Types of Websites

Website Interface

If choosing the right website design seems an uphill task for you, then no need to take the stress! We’ve here put-together different types of websites varying in layout and design. Dive in the points below to know about them in detail!

Different Types of Websites

Magazine Websites

Magazine website 768x367 1

Image Source: https://www.magzter.com/

Magazine websites are just the digital form of conventionally used magazines. It incorporates informational videos, articles, and photos.

Once you plan to create a magazine site, make sure you have an idea of its outline. Also, ensure the design should always remain intact, no matter what day the user visits the website.

E-Commerce Websites

E Commerce Websites

Image Source: pashmin.in

An E-commerce website serves as a platform for buying and selling products digitally. There are various features on the e-commerce website like payment gateway, add to cart option, etc.

Some of the most popular e-commerce websites include Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, etc.  There are various content management softwares like Shopify, WordPress, SquareSpace to create well-crafted e-commerce websites.

As a website development company, we have developed some of highly dynamic and innovative e-commerce websites.

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Blog Websites

Blog Websites

Image Source: https://www.colormecourtney.com/

A blog is one of the types of website that incorporates informational content like articles and blogs. If you like to curate quality content that can some or the other way help the reader, then you should get a blog website designed.

It is a dynamic form of a website that shows the content in the reverse chronological order where newer content and appears on the top and the older content gets down. As a website development company, we have helped many bloggers to showcase their writings to the world through a stunning blogging website.

Home Pages

Easy Navigation Website Features 1 768x314 1

Home Page is the central page of any website. It constitutes links to all other pages of the website. It forms the identity of your business in the digital world.

Although the homepage can be designed in a variety of styles using a range of layouts, it should work to propagate the Unique Selling Proposition of your business creatively.

As a website design company, we have developed many websites with spectacular homepages. We pay careful consideration of the minutiae of the homepage design that includes clearly visible links to relevant webpages, suitable graphics, proper structure, call-to-action, and a lot of things more!

Portfolio Websites

Portfolio Websites

Image Source: https://www.adrienloret.fr/

Best for artists! Such types of websites can help you to showcase your best work to the entire world. No matter you’re a painter, photographer, wedding planner, or interior designer, you can put your best foot forward through a portfolio website.

Artists always search for a platform to bring forth their talent in the audiences’ eye. If you’re one such artist, you can get a portfolio website developed to showcase your artwork.

Social Media Websites

Social Media Websites

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/rankontech/

Another type of website is a Social Media Website. It is a social platform where people virtually meet one another. Some of the social media websites include Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

If you’re willing to get a social media website created for your business, then make sure it has an easy to traverse and easily understandable layout.

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Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Image Source: https://www.shopify.in/free-trial

Landing Page is a standalone web page that is specifically created to support an advertising or marketing campaign. The purpose of a landing page is to impel a visitor to take some action by clicking on a CTA button. It consists of a limited amount of content written strategically to convert a visitor to a potential customer. If you’re running any marketing campaign, then straightway contact Rankon Technologies to get a business website developed.

Directory And Contact Pages

justdial 768x364 1

Image Source: https://www.justdial.com/

A directory is a type of website that consists of information of a single section of the community. For Example: The information and specialization of all the Dentists, Doctors, Building Contractors in the City, etc.


So, these were the different types of websites that are created commonly. If you think any of the following websites can work to fulfill your business purposes, then contact Rankon Technologies.

RankON Technologies is a leading website development company in India. Visit our website development packages for more details.

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