Best Website Features A Good Quality Business Website Must Have in 2024

Characteristics Of A Good Website What Makes A Good Website

Best Website Features A Good Quality Business Website Must Have in 2024

Everyone knows that a website is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. And its features make a website good for long run. So, today we are going to know about the website features of a good quality website in detail. We will discuss the 50 qualities of website that make a website great in 2024.

Investment in developing a great website never goes in vain. With time you can gain great benefits with your website.

Whether you are running a local business or a big enterprise, you can’t deny the importance of having a smartly designed business website. Though not every website is meant to sell your products or services, it does a much bigger job by giving your business a solid digital presence. And, it is necessary to have a well-designed, fully-functional website that can put your business at par with other players and give your business an upper hand. No matter what type of business you have, a website can become a valuable element for it with changing consumer behavior.

Building a website involves a lot of efforts, time, and investment and this is why it should be prepared in such a way that it eventually enriches the experiences of your customers or clients. According to experts, it is always a good idea to hire a website designing company that can understand the dynamics of your business and associated industry and pick elements accordingly.

Why having the right website features is important?

Increasing online traffic and conversions from marketing websites requires optimising company websites with more or better services. When building a website, keep the following five factors in mind to make it as successful as possible:

  • Boost visibility: You may raise your online presence and search engine rankings with an optimised website.
  • Improve conversions: Well-designed websites with obvious calls to action and user-friendly navigation may convert site visitors into satisfied clients.
  • Enhance user experience: You may make your website’s overall user experience better by including helpful tools like chatbots or product videos.
  • Beat competition: Businesses that consistently strive to update and enhance their websites will outlast rivals that disregard this crucial component of digital marketing.
  • Boost engagement: Interactive quizzes and surveys are examples of engaging elements that may help visitors stay on your website longer.

Make Your First Impression the Best With Feature Loaded Website

Your website is the online representation of your business. It is probably the first place where a visitor interacts with you and has a great chance to be changed into a possible customer. Thus, it is really very important to give your visitors a fabulous website experience.

This can result in tremendous growth in your business. But the question which arises here is:-

Features of a Good Website Explained 

For any type of website to be perfect from every possible edge, it should follow certain parameters. Here we’ll be discussing almost every feature that is required to convert any normal website, to “A Great Website”.

Website Features That Must Be A Part of Your Business Website

Though having a properly designed website can do wonders to your business, a poorly or average designed business website can wreak havoc on your business. Being a business owner, you must need to know the basics of a business website and what should be included in a great website.

For your reference, we have highlighted some of the most critical elements that must be included in a great business website in 2024.

“Make Your Website Easy To Use”

It is the first yet most important feature of a good website. Suppose you are requesting any service from some website. For this sake, you visit that website. You find difficulty in understanding the content, with no contact information, with an ugly combination of colours and lots of other bewilderments. Now ask a question to yourself? Will you be still requesting that particular service from that website.

The answer is pretty clear… It’s definitely NO.

The same strategy works for your customers as well. It takes no time for a customer to switch from one site to another. Thus, website architecture is highly essential to give your website outstanding usability, so that visitors have ease in traversing your website with the commendable graphics experience. Even if you are demanded a somewhat costly package for the really operational website. Then don’t think twice and just go for it.

Below are the website features which have a huge share of the website’s usability. Let’s go through these usability enhancing features in brief:-

Most Important Website Features

1. Domain Name

Domain Name

The navigation bar is the place where the URL of your website appears. It is something that can help your visitors to know your business, and this is where a visitor lands on your website from the Google search page. Domain name in undoubtedly the most intrinsic element of a website and it is impossible to think of a website without a domain name.

Your domain name is one of the most sought-after ways to show search engines the emergence of your business. Having a carefully chosen domain name would help your website rank higher in search engine result pages.

2. Contact Number

Contact Number

Including a phone number on local company websites is crucial. To make your phone number stand out, place it in the upper right corner of your page. Your guests will find it easier to call in order to inquire about any further information. Additionally, we advise including a live chat feature. A consumer should have as many choices for communication as possible.

3. Easily Comprehensible Font

User friendliness is always a crucial part of any website and when it comes to giving it an edge, font is something that can’t be overlooked. According to experts, it is highly recommended to choose a font for your website that not just gives it a clean aesthetics but also easy readability. An abrupt font selection detracts from the overall design and usefulness. Make sure that the typefaces are always readable and clear on every page.

4. Images

To provide visitors a striking visual, your website should include a header picture or body image of some kind. These images might be advertisements for your brand-new spring collection or a graphic created just for your website. Since images are simpler to digest than a large quantity of text, they aid with attention retention. Any visual medium, including slideshows and videos, is preferable than a page of text.

5. Internal Links

Internal Links

A website serves more functions than merely drawing visitors to your homepage. Instead, utilise your homepage to entice them to explore other pages of your website. Promote appropriate springtime looks or offer links to recently published blog entries. Internal links encourage visitors to stay on your website longer, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

6. Description

Somewhere next to the firm name or logo should be a brief synopsis or tagline. This is particularly valid for smaller companies whose products are harder to understand. For first-time visitors, a succinct statement outlining your identity and area of expertise can instantly establish the scene.

7. Newsletter Subscription

Newsletter Subscription

While you may really find newsletter forms anywhere on your website, you should start with the homepage. Many organisations will choose to use a pop-up that offers a discount or other incentive to users who sign up for the email newsletter. Newsletters may be programmed to show up when a user hovers over the X button, encouraging them to take action before leaving the website.

8. Live Chat

Live Chat

Live chat software is being used by websites more and more as a way to communicate with visitors and offer excellent customer support. Make sure visitors are asked to start a conversation if you are utilising a live chat service, and only after they have been on the homepage or another internal link for a certain amount of time.

9. Testimonials


On your site, think about showcasing some of the amazing things that users and/or past clients have said about you. There are numerous reviews sites and platforms available that offer a plethora of information. If you don’t have enough information, ask consumers to provide customer evaluations and look for administrative permissions to your company profile. While you wait, think about contacting individuals directly and asking whether it’s okay to use any of their lovely remarks in your testimonial area.

10. CTAs

call action word with megaphone

A call to action, also referred to as CTA, might be anything from “book a session” to “register yourself” to “be a part of our mailing list.” It’s an effective way to persuade visitors to do something on your website that will lead to more communication, and it’s frequently combined with a reward.

11. Search Bar

Search Bar

Certain visitors are pretty much clear about what they want to get from your website; they simply need assistance finding that page. Having a search bar on your homepage and all other pages of your website gives users more flexibility over how they interact with it.

12. Mention Your Working Hours

This is especially important if your company offers hospitality services (fast food, restaurants, bars, etc.). Your hours of operation need to always be precise and simple to locate. One of the finest locations to include these data is usually a phone number and link in the header of your website.

13. Social Media Links

Social Media Channels

It’s likely that in recent years, your target market’s digital interactions with you have undergone significant changes. These days, a business’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just as crucial as its website. Make sure all of your website’s social media connections are easily visible so that leads and consumers can communicate with you more directly.

14. Professionally Drafted Content

Spelling and grammar issues are the worst things one may find on a webpage. It will drive away more visitors than the majority of other website problems since it appears cheap and amateurish. If copywriting isn’t your strongest suit, hire a qualified copywriter to collaborate with you on creating interesting, error-free material.

15. Carefully Chosen Key Phrases

If you anticipate that people who visit your website will look for your services, you should consider the terms that they could use and make sure that your material includes them. Make an effort to include mentions of your local towns and cities in your material if your firm is mostly local. Professional search engine optimisation businesses can assist you improve your search engine ranks if you’re having trouble.

16. Feature A Site Map


Although creating a sitemap—a page with links to every section of your website—can occasionally be time-consuming, there are several programmes available that can do it for you automatically. Yoast is a wonderful tool if you use WordPress.  Sitemaps are great for both users and search engines because they make sure that all of the material on your website can be found on a single, user-friendly page.

17. A Blog Page

Post Blogs

Blogs don’t have to be difficult to use.  You may consider yourself the proprietor of a corporate blog as long as you can easily add fresh content to a website on a regular basis. One of the most important components of a strong business website is unquestionably a blog, since it makes it easier for search engines to find your company.  Put your most recent news on this page of your small company website and discuss how to solve common issues that your clients come up with. It’s a great way to engage with your consumers and it helps you rank higher in search results. Know how to create a blog for free.

18. Search Functionality

It is crucial to include a text search feature on your website so that users can put in a term and get a list of results that match, especially on larger websites. There’s a good chance that the content management system you use, like WordPress, comes with an integrated search feature.

19. A Secure SSL Certificate


Your website is safe if it has an SSL certificate, which is required if you are selling goods online or collecting personal information from consumers.  This keeps thieves away from sensitive consumer information like addresses and credit card numbers.  Google now mandates that SSL be implemented on all websites.

20. A Cookie Policy

You need to obtain consent from your visitors before storing cookies if your company is located in Europe or if your website caters to European consumers. Cookies are little data files that are placed on users’ computers to help them remember certain details, such their login credentials or past purchases.

21. Feedback System

Feedback System

It’s simpler than ever to get consumer feedback, which is why it matters more than ever. When you install a product like Get An Insight, a little feedback tab will appear at the border of your page. Customers may quickly and simply email you their ideas and suggestions by clicking on it.

22. Fast Loading Speed

GT-Metrix loading speed test

Keep your website basic, reduce the file size of your photos, and select a web server that stores your assets close to where most of your visitors live if you want to speed up how quickly your website loads. For instance, utilising a web server that keeps your data in London rather than India would speed up the loading time of your website for the majority of your visitors if your target audience is Indian.

23. An Excellent Content Management System

A user-friendly content management system, like WordPress, will enable you to handle the majority of copy and picture modifications for your website, saving you the trouble of having to contact your website designer on a regular basis. However, proceed with caution. This might take a lot of time, so it could be more beneficial to just ask your website designer to complete it for you.

24. Insightful Website Analytics

Knowing how well your website is performing once it goes live is crucial. Request that Google Analytics be installed by your web designer. After that, they ought to be able to grant you access so you can check the statistics (i.e., the number of visitors to your website and their origins) or they ought to be able to send you a report every month detailing the effectiveness of your website.

25. Reliable Web Hosting


A strong web host is an essential partner for any successful organisation. Your web host should be the first to assist if your website isn’t loading or if your emails aren’t functioning. Make sure your web server offers phone support as well as round-the-clock assistance, and that they regularly backup your company’s website in case you ever need them. Know the different types of web hosting and how much does website hosting cost.

26. Responsive Design

Mobile-Friendly Design

It is now very important that your website functions flawlessly on all platforms, as over 60% of Internet users access the internet via mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. To incorporate this functionality into your new website design or make your current design mobile friendly, most competent website designers will be able to offer you with an estimate.

Being mobile friendly goes beyond just making your website viewable or accessible from a mobile device.  Whether the design was intended for usage and navigation on these mobile devices is the question at hand. 

27. Team Photos

Even if you may not enjoy having your picture taken, including a photo of you or your group on your website is a great approach to make it more unique and humanise the company. It increases confidence in your visitors to make purchases from you.

28. Available Offers

I mentioned previously that you should take your clients’ goals into consideration, but now we have to motivate them to reach that objective. Common tactics to encourage your call to action include offering a free whitepaper or checklist (like this one) upon subscribing to your email newsletter, or a discount on services if they make a purchase today.

29. About Us Section

Telling your narrative on your About Us page lets you tailor your content without having to worry about service descriptions or search engine optimisation. This page gives you the opportunity to establish a personal connection with your readers by presenting yourself as a reliable and approachable person.

On the other hand, a vague and generic About Us page makes you seem like just another company, which makes your brand and website easily forgotten and frequently overlooked.

30. Logo

rankon logo

Logos should always be prominently displayed on your business website. Logos can be defined as brief, memorable images that establish a mental connection between your business and that picture in the minds of potential customers. Even although consumers might not always recall your business name, they might be able to identify you by your logo. Check our logo design packages.

31. Employee Details

The variety of your organization’s members’ backgrounds, hobbies, and ways of thinking are displayed in their team bios. Each employee has the opportunity to leave a personal message for visitors to your website by including a brief profile.

32. Media

A majority of businesses may include a video section with genuine employee interviews to their team or careers website. This is excellent promotional material for times when your business is recruiting like crazy. Additionally, video elements raise SERP ranks.

33. Integrations

People are always inquiring as to whether a certain piece of software may be used with something they currently own. One option to answer these queries ahead of time is to include integrations on the features page. You can also drive more traffic to your website by including the names of well-liked applications there.

34. Case Studies

Your website visitors can examine case studies to see how your product or service has helped clients in the past. Case studies are objective and provide evidence to support their conclusions.

35. Blog Search

Blog Search

It has been already mentioned earlier that every page should include a search bar, but since matched keywords may direct readers to content, having one on your blog page is perhaps the most important.

36. Author Pages

Every now and again, readers express interest in learning more about the experts who write for blogs. To direct visitors to the employee’s bio, put a hyperlink to the blog byline. As a result, readers get to know some writers better, which can entice them to come back for their writing alone. These can also help writers with appropriate experience enhance their reputation.



Blogs are supposed to spark conversations, right? After blogs, include a comments area that invites visitors to join in a debate akin to a forum, demonstrating how interesting and engaging your material is.

38. FAQs


These pages assist users in locating previous queries and their solutions. This increases visitors’ sense of independence and lessens the need for your staff to continually react to the same queries.

39. Blogs internal linking

If a visitor finds your blog interesting, there’s a chance they could find another site with comparable gadgets interesting as well. Use this chance to add a navigation bar or list of suggested readings that can entice visitors to stay on your website longer.

40. Documents

Every business has established policies and procedures, and clients gain from this paperwork as well. Think about creating documentation that is intended for customers and putting it in your knowledge base.

41. Infographics

Infographics condense a complex idea into a little image. Provide infographics through the knowledge base explaining procedures or data if your organisation has any.

42. Site Analytics

Google Analytics

You may learn more about who visits your website and how long they stay there by using analytics solutions. This type of information is very helpful in evaluating the performance of certain pages or content in order to adjust ineffective tactics.

43. SEO Tool


With the use of SEO software tools, you may build content to draw in as many people as possible. By using the terms that other people are searching for, you may guide them to your website with the use of keyword optimization.

44. Page Descriptions

Your website should provide you the ability to change the title of the content and add meta descriptions on the back end. By using certain phrases in the meta description, you may improve search engine optimisation (SEO) by increasing the visibility of your website.

45. CMS Tool

Content Management Systems (CMS)

All the stiff on your website is kept organised and accessible with the use of a content management system (CMS). You can save a post in the CMS in case you need it again in the future, even if you remove it following the associated event or holiday.

For any use scenario, hundreds of configurable add-ons are available for several CMS platforms. For e-commerce sites, there are several well-liked WordPress plugins available.

46. Contact Form

Contact Form

Another method of making your business accessible to users is through a contact form. In addition to collecting personal data, contact forms provide users with a message box where they may express any issues.

47. History

A brief biography of your company and its founders gives potential customers a better understanding of who they are dealing with. Individuals enjoy consistency and having confidence in the places they spend their time and money. A company bio may add some narrative and personal experiences to your about page.

48. Careers

A careers website serves as a marketing tool, showcasing your company’s employees, their interests, and potential coworkers in the event that you decide to apply yourself.

49. Footers

Unlike many other navigational elements, headers and footers may accomplish tasks. Consisting of constant headers and footers across a website guarantees consistency and gives consumers a means to navigate to the desired page from any location on the website.

50. Latest News

Having a section dedicated to the most recent news or updates demonstrates your company’s activity and informs visitors of any updates.

Website Features That Must be Avoided

It’s crucial to take into account any aspects that can have a detrimental effect on user experience while developing a corporate website. You may make sure that users have a smooth and pleasurable experience on your website by avoiding these elements. Here are a few things to stay away from:

  • Auto-play Videos: Users may find automatically playing video material to be bothersome and disturbing.
  • Excessive no. of Pop-ups: Pop-ups are fantastic when used appropriately, but too many of them can irritate and frustrate consumers.
  • Complex navigation: Users should be able to easily locate what they’re seeking for with simple, intuitive navigation.
  • Slow load times: A bad user experience and high bounce rates might result from slow load times.
  • Background music: You should refrain from playing background music as it would simply irritate guests.
  • Small fonts: Users may find it difficult to read material on a website with small fonts, which may cause them to abandon it.
  • Broken links: Broken links can damage your site’s credibility and frustrate users who are trying to access information.
website cost

Website Features Make a Website Good

When looking at how to build up a business website, take into account desirable elements like easy-to-use navigation, quick loading speeds, responsiveness for mobile and tablet devices, and pertinent content to improve user experience. Users that have a good experience are more likely to remain and engage with the material more. The website’s value and search engine rankings increase as a result.

Want to know more Website Features? 

This feature tells search engines about your page content which in turn can affect your search engine rankings. In other words, it indirectly influences your page’s visibility in SERPs. Apart from this, it can also improve the domain authority of your website.

Thus, these were the features that a good website must-have. All this can give you an SEO optimized website with a better user experience, and high-quality content.

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FAQs about Features of a website

A website should have a clear and easy-to-use navigation menu, responsive design, contact forms, and basic security features like SSL certificates.

Social media integration and sharing buttons allow users to easily share website content on their social media platforms, which can increase website traffic and engagement.

A responsive design ensures that a website looks and functions well on different devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This provides a seamless user experience, regardless of the device being used.

A blog allows website owners to share news, updates, and other content with users. It can also help drive traffic to a website and improve search engine rankings.

A website should have an SSL certificate to encrypt user data and protect against cyberattacks. Two-factor authentication can also provide an extra layer of security.

User accounts allow users to save their preferences, track their activity on the website, and access exclusive content or features. This can improve user engagement and retention.

E-commerce functionality allows businesses to sell products or services directly from their website, providing an additional revenue stream and making it easier for users to purchase products or services.

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