35 Website Features A Quality Business Website Must Have in 2023

Characteristics Of A Good Website What Makes A Good Website

35 Website Features A Quality Business Website Must Have in 2023

Everyone knows that a website is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. And its features make a website good for long run. So, today we are going to know about the features of a good website in detail. We will discuss the 35 qualities of website that make a website great in 2023.

Investment in developing a great website never goes in vain. With time you can gain great benefits with your website.

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Why Should You Care for Website Qualities?

It is important for every website owner to be aware of the fact that he/she is not the single service provider of his domain. There are hundreds of business owners providing the same kind of service in a single city. Your single mistake, be it with your website, is sufficient to drive your potential customer in the hands of your competitor. 

Make Your First Impressions the Best With Feature Loaded Website

Your website is the online representation of your business. It is probably the first place where a visitor interacts with you and has a great chance to be changed into a possible customer. Thus, it is really very important to give your visitors a fabulous website experience.

This can result in tremendous growth in your business. But the question which arises here is:-

Features of a Good Website Explained 

For any type of website to be perfect from every possible edge, it should follow certain parameters. Here we’ll be discussing almost every feature that is required to convert any normal website, to “A Great Website”.

Let’s dive to know the features of a good website

Usability & Website Architecture

“Make Your Website Easy To Use”

It is the first yet most important feature of a good website. Suppose you are requesting any service from some website. For this sake, you visit that website. You find difficulty in understanding the content, with no contact information, with an ugly combination of colours and lots of other bewilderments. Now ask a question to yourself? Will you be still requesting that particular service from that website.

The answer is pretty clear… It’s definitely NO.

The same strategy works for your customers as well. It takes no time for a customer to switch from one site to another. Thus, website architecture is highly essential to give your website outstanding usability, so that visitors have ease in traversing your website with the commendable graphics experience. Even if you are demanded a somewhat costly package for the really operational website. Then don’t think twice and just go for it.

Below are the website features which have a huge share of the website’s usability. Let’s go through these usability enhancing features in brief:-

Domain Name

Domain name is necessary to help your customers find you, and for authority online.

Domain Name

It is required to be relatively simple and easy to remember. It is highly probable that customers might face trouble in remembering long domains. So, to be in their minds for a longer duration, try to keep it short and of a sole word. It is not much important for a domain to have an EMD (Exact Match Domain). Just make it small for better usability.



A Web Host provides the services and technologies needed for the website development to be viewed on the Internet. Websites are hosted on special computers called servers. To attain better usability and fast processing it is highly recommended to have the server in your own country. Know the website server charges



Secure Socket Layer: SSL is one of the most important features of a website these days. It is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between web servers and web browsers.

The websites with HTTPS are more trustworthy and can protect important information. This is one of the most important features a website must-have.

If your website is secure then, it will have HTTPS appear on its URL.

Example:- https://www.rankontechnologies.com/

Quick Load Time

GT-Metrix loading speed test

Loading time is the most important feature of a website that impacts the user experience directly. Time holds the utmost importance. As per GT Metrix, the average loading time of any website is 7.3 Seconds. If you are missing this website feature then you are killing your website productivity. On these busy days, nobody has the time to wait. Thus, it is really necessary for your website to have a load time of fewer than 5 seconds.

If this is something you are concerned about then hire a trusted website maintenance company to fix the website speed for you.

Otherwise, you will lose many potential customers because of your website’s slow loading. The is the most important feature of a website and a requirement too if you want to rank higher in search engines.

Mobile Friendly /Responsive Design

Mobile-Friendly Design

if you are building a website and its not responsive to the devices then you are missing one of the most important features of a website must have. Nowadays a huge share of the population use mobiles or other different gadgets for making the search. Your website must have this feature so people can enjoy your website on different devices. So mobile-friendliness is one the most important features of a good website these days.

For that reason, ensure that your website is adaptive to every screen size. This feature makes a website great for search engines and your users too. You should always check this while working with any web design company to design your website.

Easy Navigation

Website snap

Navigation is one of the most important qualities of a website that you must care for. If we are talking about features of a great website then website navigation is one of the most important features your website must have to do better when your visitor opens it.

Make sure that all the menus are aligned and customized appropriately. The sub-category of menus should be correctly positioned inside the main parent- category.

Good User Interface

Good User Interface

This is one of the most important website characteristics of a good website. It is necessary for every website to have eye-catching and spellbinding colours. This enhances their interest in traversing your website more and more.

Focus on Content Structure

For any website to be usable, it is important that its content structure has a well-defined hierarchy.

Content should be written in simple words, with no grammatical mistakes, and in proper order. The way of writing should be highly appealing and interactive. Hire a professional content writing agency always!

Social Profiles Linking

Social Media Channels

A website must have all the links to its social media profiles.

With this website feature, a visitor can easily know the praiseworthiness of your business by visiting your social media profiles. You can also make use of social media plugins to show your recent posts on the website for a better user experience. You must ask for your website development company to enable this feature in your website.

Click to Call Feature

Through this website feature, any visitor accessing your website via a mobile phone can immediately make a call to you. To make your website optimized for this feature, you can place links on your email, phone, skype, WhatsApp and other communication channels so your users can easily call or contact you.

Your website must have this feature for a better user experience.

Contact Form and Clear Contact Details

Contact Form

A good website contains a contact form on every webpage. If you can’t use the contact form on all the pages then try to make it easily searchable for users so they can contact you easily. This lets the visitor contact you, subscribe to you or get information from your side. 


Adding testimonials feature to your website builds trust for you in the minds of new customers. This makes them know about your efficient services from a third party. If you really want to convert the visitors into customers then essentially include testimonials of your past clients on your website.

Browsers Compatibility

You never know which browser your visitor is going to use. If he/she finds it difficult to load your website on his preferred browser, then it can result in a negative impact on your website.

A good website is one that runs on all browsers. You can check your website manually on different browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, IE etc to check its compatibility. Don’t ignore this website feature!

Custom 404 page

Suppose if a random visitor adds something incorrect after your websites’ URL. For this reason, your website gets redirected to a non-responsive 404 page. This will definitely lower down the visitor’s morale.

To avoid this problem, a custom 404 Page should be built which is responsive in nature, and from that page, a user can easily navigate to other pages of your website with the help of menus.


Captcha is also an important website quality you must ask for. Captcha is the most effective way of getting rid of spam mails. It is mainly used as a security check to ensure only humans can pass through. This technique is helpful because computers and bots are not capable of solving a captcha. Thus, they won’t be able to send junk mails.

Content: Make Your Website Easy To Understand

The content of your website represents your thoughts and business goals. For any random visitor, it is the website owner who is interacting with him/her through the content. Suppose a visitor visits your website to gain some information. But despite getting valuable information, he/she experiences disordered hierarchy, lots of grammatical errors and incorrect data.

All these flaws will definitely drive the visitor out of your website. Therefore, it is really essential to deliver high-quality, error-free and interactive content. For any type of website to be good, it is necessary to consider all these content-related factors below:-

Unique Content

Any visitor visits a new site to gather some new information. Therefore, your site should not contain copied or duplicate data. Your site should represent your unique thoughts.

website cost

Blog Section

It is necessary for a website to have a separate blog section. This section on your website should only have informative data rather than promotional ones. If any of your blogs attain higher Search Engine Rankings then this can even drive traffic to your website.

SEO Optimized Content

Besides being unique, your website’s content should also be SEO optimized. SEO Optimized Content can benefit your small business SEO in the long term. There are certain features like proximity, prominence, keyword density, etc. which make the website’s content good from an SEO point of view.

Focus on LSI words

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. These keywords or phrases with a high degree of correlation to your target topic. The LSI words help Google’s Algorithm to help determine the content quality Google’s algorithm uses it to help determine content quality. Thus, it is important to make it a part of your website.

CTA words

CTA stands for CALL TO ACTION. A good website consists of highly appealing words. These words make your visitor take instant actions and decisions. Examples of CTA words are “FREE SHIPPING”, “FREE QUOTE”, etc.

Post Blogs

Post Blogs

A blog is one of the most underestimated yet important elements of any website. To appear active in front of the search engine’s eye it is important to successfully post the blog.It is to be noted that the blog should be informative and must be related to your services.

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Build Authoritative Pages

A good website contains authoritative pages like FAQ, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Return, and Refund, etc. These pages impose a dominant impact in front of the visitor. If you are planning to get an e-commerce website developed, then you must surely have these pages on your website.

In case if these pages are available on the slightly costlier package of website development, then don’t lose the chance and get them developed.

SEO: To Make Your Website Be Found Easily.

When you plan to get a website for your business and expect a stream of new customers with the help of it.

For this reason, you get your website developed at a low cost. Now you are waiting for new customers, still waiting, waiting and more waiting….!

Is this going to work?

NO….Not at all. Merely getting a website developed and expecting a range of new customers isn’t sufficient. Every day millions of new websites get developed and do not acquire any traffic. These websites are simply useless and reside somewhere in the corner of the search engine’s database. Now you must be wondering,

Then, What does actually help?

The SHORT and SIMPLE answer to this is,

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, in short SEO. This is the only way to make your website be found easily on search engine’s rankings. Now you must be thinking that to bring new visitors to your website you just have to take SEO Packages along with a website development package.

With this, you will get a website along with the visitors. But … It is important for you to know that SEO is a long-term process and it doesn’t give instant results. Thus, you have to be very patient and consider SEO services a long-term investment. You might have heard this phrase,


The same is with SEO, if you are sowing the seed today, then you will be able to read it after some time. You have to be calm and wait until your spent time gives you money. For any website to be good, it is essential to follow some SEO factors. These are:-

Short and SEO Friendly URLs

It is really important from an SEO point of view to have short and SEO friendly URL’s. If your website has a short URL, then it is easy to remember by the visitors.

Short URLs play a vital role as per the search engine’s algorithms.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

For you to have a look at your website’s performance on search engines, it is essential to get it attached to Google Analytics.

This feature lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your video and social networking sites.

Google Search Console Setup

Google Search Console

Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site’s traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site gleam in Search results. It is also one of the vital factors of SEO.

Fix Important Onpage Errors

For your website to give a better user – experience, it must not have any onsite issues like broken links, 404 pages, etc.These errors severely degrade the website’s SEO rankings.

Image Optimization

Images are one of the most important factors of any website. All the images on your website should be of high quality. As the search engine can’t read the text in the image, therefore every image should consist of alt-text to increase the search engine’s understandability. If the images are of big size then compress them to have quicker load times.

Use Proper H1, H2, Meta Tags

Ensure that your website should contain H1, H2 and Meta tags. These tags hold the utmost importance as per SEO. The correct usage of these tags improves the website’s rankings to much extent.



A sitemap enables the search engine to get all your pages together. An XML Sitemap helps the search engine to crawl your website easily.

Internal linking

Internal linking is one of the strengths of a website. It is an important aspect of a website as per SEO. With the help of internal linking, the visitor is able to traverse and navigate to different pages of your website.

Robots File

With the help of the robots.txt file, you can block pages that are confidential, underdeveloped or not important. This technique, won’t let these pages be indexed in search engines.

No Deep Linking

Important Pages should be easily accessible and should not be more than 3 clicks away. You can also place the most important pages in the header or footer menu.

Use Schema Markups

Schema Markups

Want to know more Website Features? 

This feature tells search engines about your page content which in turn can affect your search engine rankings. In other words, it indirectly influences your page’s visibility in SERPs. Apart from this, it can also improve the domain authority of your website.

Thus, these were the features that a good website must-have. All this can give you an SEO optimized website with a better user experience, and high-quality content.

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FAQs about Features of a website

What are the essential features that every website should have?

A website should have a clear and easy-to-use navigation menu, responsive design, contact forms, and basic security features like SSL certificates.

How do social media integration and sharing buttons benefit a website?

Social media integration and sharing buttons allow users to easily share website content on their social media platforms, which can increase website traffic and engagement.

Why is a responsive design important for a website?

A responsive design ensures that a website looks and functions well on different devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This provides a seamless user experience, regardless of the device being used.

What is the benefit of having a blog on a website?

A blog allows website owners to share news, updates, and other content with users. It can also help drive traffic to a website and improve search engine rankings.

What are some security features that a website should have?

A website should have an SSL certificate to encrypt user data and protect against cyberattacks. Two-factor authentication can also provide an extra layer of security.

How can user accounts benefit a website?

User accounts allow users to save their preferences, track their activity on the website, and access exclusive content or features. This can improve user engagement and retention.

How does e-commerce functionality benefit a website?

E-commerce functionality allows businesses to sell products or services directly from their website, providing an additional revenue stream and making it easier for users to purchase products or services.
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