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Want to build a website for your School but not sure what type of website you should go for? Consult with RankON Technologies today to get best website development for Schools at affordable prices. 

We know what type of functions or features a website should have and we always provide honest advice to get the best and modern website design and development for educational institutions.


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Why Websites for School Are Important?

Schools a couple of decades ago never had the need of getting their own websites but now that it’s been a bigger world by connecting people through technology. School websites seem to be a need of the hour.

The government of India has taken visible and efficient initiatives to promote education across the country which has given a chance to many people open schools that has ultimately led to competition in the education sector.

This creates the need to display your best features and amenities and the educational facility you provide to your students. Displaying it through your website is the best way to keep up with the pace of the present competition around you.

Parents nowadays have busier lifestyles and they are more connected to everything through the internet. No wonder google has become one of the best search engines and is worth $1.85 trillion.

Creating an SEO-friendly website for your school and giving direct freedom to the audience(parents) to choose your school from the various available options by comparing the options at their own comfort is the best way to grow your service-oriented education business.

Benefits of Having Websites for Schools

There are numerous benefits of having a school website. Let’s see the following ones

  • More publicity among the current audiences.
  • Become accessible to audiences around the globe.
  • Give information about the school and its facilities to the audience thereby omitting the travel required by the outstation audiences.
  • Display school videos, visual tours and school staff qualifications, and the curriculum and extracurricular activities provided by the school on the website to give a deeper insight to the audience.
  • Display your star alumni and their testimony about the school and its atmosphere on your site to let the audience know about it.

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Types of Websites for Schools

There are various types of school websites based on the specific needs and goals of the educational institution. 

You can ask your developers to formulate the websites as per your needs. The site can be more dynamic and interactive or can be just informative. Choosing the color theme or the different design criteria can be a crucial part of the website. Know more about our website design services.

Learning Management System (LMS) Websites

Some schools use dedicated platforms or integrate learning management systems into their websites. LMS websites provide a central hub for students, parents, and teachers to access and manage academic resources, assignments, grades, online discussions, and other learning materials.

Online Learning Platforms

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of remote learning, many schools have developed comprehensive online learning platforms. These platforms serve as virtual classrooms, providing a range of resources, assignments, interactive activities, and assessments for students to engage in online learning.

Features of a School Website

A school website typically includes various features and sections to provide information and engage with students, parents, and the community. Here are some common features found on school websites


The homepage serves as the main entry point and should provide an overview of the school's mission, vision, and key highlights. It may include news updates, upcoming events, and important announcements.

About Us

This section provides detailed information about the school, including its history, staff, administration, facilities, and any unique programs or achievements.

Academic Programs

This section outlines the different academic programs and courses offered by the school. It may include details about curriculum, class schedules, grading systems, and resources for students and parents to track academic progress.


This section provides information for prospective students and parents, including admission requirements, application forms, enrollment procedures, and any specific guidelines or deadlines.

Resources and Documents

This section provides access to various resources and documents that students, parents, and teachers may need, such as handbooks, forms, policies, guidelines, study materials, and links to educational websites.

Student and Parent Portals

These secure login areas allow students and parents to access personalized information, such as student schedules, attendance records, grades, assignments, and communication with teachers. It may also include features like online fee payments and access to online learning platforms.

Contact Information

This page typically includes the school's contact details, such as address, phone numbers, email addresses, and a map with directions. It may also include a contact form for general inquiries or feedback.

Faculty and Staff Directory

A directory of faculty and staff members with their contact information, including email addresses and office hours, allows students and parents to easily get in touch with the school's personnel.

Calendar and Events

This feature displays a school calendar with important dates, such as holidays, exams, parent-teacher conferences, field trips, and extracurricular activities. It may also allow users to subscribe to event reminders or add events to their personal calendars.

News and Announcements

This section includes updates on school news, achievements, and upcoming events. It keeps the school community informed about recent developments, such as new initiatives, policy changes, or special programs.

Social Media Integration

Many school websites incorporate links to their official social media accounts, allowing visitors to connect and follow the school's updates and activities on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

Alumni Network

This feature provides a platform for former students to connect with each other and stay engaged with the school. It may include alumni directories, reunion information, success stories, and opportunities for alumni to contribute or support the school.

Multilingual Support

If the school serves a diverse community, offering multilingual support can enhance accessibility. This feature allows users to translate the website content into different languages to accommodate non-native English speakers.

Online Library/Resources

Many schools include an online library or resources section on their website. This feature provides access to digital books, research databases, educational videos, and other learning materials. It allows students and teachers to search for and access relevant resources remotely, promoting independent learning and research skills. The online library/resources section may also include links to external educational websites, citation guidelines, and other tools to support academic pursuits.

Technologies We Use to Build Websites for Schools

The software that is used by the website developers to create the user-friendly interface with the best user experience is as follows



WordPress website cost



ASP .Net

In conjunct with the above-mentioned main softwares, RankOn Technologies uses numerous other software to make your data look attractive and engaging and to maintain the best feedback and interactive chain with your audiences.

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How Much Should It Cost for Websites for Schools?

The school site is highly variable depending on the type of website you would want to create. The websites with the data collection options like forms and similar for teachers, students, and SIS and the results displaying may cost up to Rs 50000 with RankOn Technologies.

While on the other a simple website may fall under our basic packages that may cost up to Rs10000 to 20000 with RankOn Technologies.

Click on the links to know more about the website development cost and our website development packages we have.

How long does it take to build a website for a school in India?

The time taken to build a good quality website with a database will need around 1 month for building and the normal portfolio-based website will take 5-6 days for building with RankOn Technologies.

How much does school website maintenance cost yearly/monthly?

The annual/ monthly Website maintenance of the site is completely dynamic based on the updates you may opt for. The charge for the maintenance is Rs 500 per hour with RankOn Technologies.

Why RankON Technologies as your School Website Development company in India?

With RankOn Technologies you can find a team of SEO experts to optimize the content on your website and divert more traffic to your site which is the best way to grow your visibility online. We also offer best website development packages.

Expect the best amiable, highly qualified team with thorough knowledge of IT and software. The most trusted and copper-bottomed has no place for compromise the team believes in thriving each day to stay updated to serve the best to the clients and create the finest user experience by creating the best school websites.

Consisting of highly experienced team members right from the website developers, SEO specialists, Content writers, and social media marketing specialists we are a complete solution to all your web needs.

We are as methodical as any educational institute would expect a website developer to be. We work systematically and in a well-disciplined manner by giving the best-advanced maintenance services without making you wait over any site glitches.

We are firm believers of “Padhega India Tabhi Toh Badhega India” hence we feel honored to serve our country’s education system in every possible way with our complete website creation process and the marketing plethora.

Contact the most modest and price-effective website developers now and get the best website for your school!

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