ORM Tools: List of ORM Tools To Increase Your Reputation Online in 2024

ORM Tools

ORM Tools: List of ORM Tools To Increase Your Reputation Online in 2024

ORM without tools is not possible so, today we are going to learn about some ORM tools to manage and protect your brand online reputation in 2024.

But this doesn’t mean that there is no way out or it is impossible to deal with these negative reviews. There is a dedicated concept on this which is known as Online Reputation Management (ORM).

The system deals with each and every element that affects your company’s brand on the web. The elements that come under the purview of ORM are blogs, search engines, websites, social media, forums and others.

Irrespective of the size and type of your business, Online Reputation Management has become an integral part of a startup marketing strategy. In fact, big companies allot a specific budget and team to deal with negative advertising about the brand on the web.

The foremost objective of Online Reputation Management (ORM) is to instil a balance, counter deceptive trends, and allow brands to make a sustainable way forward.


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This is one of the best ORM tools you should use to manage your Online Reputation. It is actually a social listening tool that adds a lot of ease to online reputation management. The platform will check for your brand’s mentions across the leading social networks and the web in real-time and allow you to react right from the app.

To help you determine mentions where immediate action is required, there is a feature called Sentiment Analysis. Under this, the dashboard presents you the portion of positive and negative mentions of your business, letting you find out points you need to address.

Furthermore, this ORM tool also helps you check for any copyright infringements and stop content theft.

On the analysis front, this too has no match. For example, you can define alerts for your competition and find out whether their customers are satisfied or not. You can listen to their weak links and position your brand right there.



If you are concerned about your online reputation then you should start using this online reputation management tool. The primary job of this ORM tool is to let businesses track online reviews. Besides featuring the common review platforms such as Google and Facebook Reviews, Reputology also examines industry-specific review sites, including real estate, hospitality, or healthcare.

It is one of the best ORM tools for businesses that are at multiple locations and want to stay updated with each of their locations under one roof.

As it is integrated with Hootsuite, the tool lets you monitor and manage your reviews in the same dashboard where you maintain your social media accounts – super easy if SMM and review management are both performed by the same team in your firm.


GoFish Digital’s Google-powered complaint search is a trusted ORM tool and it’s very easy when it comes to monitoring your brand’s well-being. It lets you carry out searches on more than 40 websites to check if anyone’s filed a complaint against your business.

Other things you can do here check the most popular reviews, see your brand’s ratings, react to complaints and delete illogical reviews. Check out this ORM today!

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass

This is one of the best ORM tools these days. SEO SpyGlass works differently than what options are mentioned here. Though it’s not exactly designed to track a brand’s overall reputation, it helps you monitor and manage the topmost factor of your reputation in regard to SEO: The Backlinks Checker Tool. With a redesigned backlink index, recently released in beta, this ORM tool is supposed to have the freshest link index in the industry.



Grade.us is an online reputation management tool that lets you get more positive reviews from satisfied customers by automating multi-channel review acquisition campaigns through email or text messages. The tool also checks for new reviews about your brand and allows you to respond to them instantly.



It is well established social listening and analytics tool. With great features like image recognition, trending topics and API access, it is also an expensive ORM tool.

The tool provides a demographic study of the individuals who’re talking about your brand, including gender, interests, occupation, and location. The tool covers social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and local social media sites such as Sina Weibo, VK, and QQ.

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How You Can Tackle Negative Advertising About Your Brand?

After you realize that your brand has suffered damage, it’s necessary to respond in a smarter way to reduce its impact. Below are few steps you can take for the same.

  • Consult a reputed ORM Company
  • Discuss with the owner of the bad reputation website and ask he/she to take it down
  • If you’re abided by the law, consult any concerned government body and ask them to manage it
  • Ask Google to de-index it if you find that it breaks Google’s guidelines

Hope you enjoyed this list of ORM tools and I am sure it is going to defend your online reputation effectively if you use these tools properly. Contact RankON Technologies to get trusted ORM services in India. Check our ORM packages now!

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