Hospital Mobile App Features & How Much Does Hospital App Cost?

Hospital Mobile App Features & How Much Does Hospital App Cost

Hospital Mobile App Features & How Much Does Hospital App Cost?

Do You Own Or Manage A Hospital? A Hospital App Could Be The Next Thing You Must Need To Have.

Managing a hospital is undoubtedly a daunting task. The bigger the hospital, the greater the number of patients you’re supposed to get. And, the more difficult it could be for you to manage things. But what if I tell you that having a hospital app can change the things for you like never before. Today we are going to learn “How much does hospital mobile app development cost in India.

You may get amazed at first, but this is very much true that in today’s dynamic healthcare scenario, a hospital app could help you in making life easy for both the doctors as well as the patients. Want to know how? It could help you reduce cumbersome waiting periods, receive the latest updates on health status, along with better management of ailments and patient records.

In the domain of mobile app development, hospital mobile apps are quite popular. According to research done by Goldman Sachs, the ongoing digital revolution could help healthcare service providers save up to $300 billion.

Below are some startling facts about hospital mobile apps that you can’t afford to miss.

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facts about hospital mobile apps
  1. There are over 97,000 health and fitness mobile apps available for download.
  2. 52% of smartphone users love to get health-related information on their devices.
  3. 15% of 18 to 29-year old have health apps already installed on their smartphones.
  4. 8% of smartphone users between the ages of 30 to 49 have medical app downloads.
  5. 40% of doctors believe that these mobile tools can reduce the number of on-site clinical visits.
  6. 93% of doctors totally agree that mobile apps have the potency to improve the quality of patient health.

Before you make up your mind for a hospital mobile app development, it is very much necessary for you to be aware of what actually works and what’s the latest thing happening in this domain. This is because this could help you determine what may influence the popularity of your mobile app in the long-term.

So, let’s take a look at the latest hospital mobile app trends, different types, major benefits and price to be incurred in the hospital app development domain.

1. Patient-Fed Health Data

Patient fed 768x644 1

A big portion of adults today make the use of a hospital mobile app regularly to gauge healthcare parameters. This is where this data becomes super important. Such mobile applications gather user data, including heart rate and other health-related information from mobile devices and wearable gadgets. This data might include:

  1. User’s biometric data
  2. Insightful information on habits, lifestyle, etc.
  3. Disease symptoms
  4. Given treatment

When this precise patient-centric data is made available to doctors, they find themselves in a better position to make informed decisions and consult with other specialists about the patient’s health.

2. Patient Support Chatbots

Patient Support Chatbots

The patients today no longer want to call their doctors to seek an appointment. Rather, they prefer to do the same via messages. And healthcare chatbots in hospital apps come out the best choice in this regard. The smart use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes this possible and can be used for a number of things including:

  1. Making modified real-time responses
  2. Fixing an appointment with a doctor
  3. Supporting patients with chronic ailments
  4. Providing patients with test result announcements
  5. Collecting patients’ feedback in regard to the support delivery

There are lots of benefits associated with the integration of a chatbot to a hospital mobile app development like:

  1. Chatbots add more value to regular conversations, such as lab result alerts and Q&A
  2. Natural Language Processing identifies the purpose and sentiment of the user’s requests
  3. This detail enables process automation, which expedites treatment delivery by up to 40%
  4. The implementation of the conversational interface chatbot reduces the operative costs up to 30%
1. Disease Prevention
Disease Prevention

In a majority of healthcare delivery cases, time is the key to success. In order to ensure better disease identification and prevention, doctors today count on new-age technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and neural networks that produce a more insightful analysis of the situation. The algorithms can scan large amounts of data much quicker and more precisely than their counterparts. Let’s know how it works:

  1. The network collects large chunks of data to make a precise recognition.
  2. This is followed by the classification of data and findings of anomalies with various filters.
  3. Eventually, the final outcome is verified by medical experts with ready-to-use databases, and then implements the data into the patient’s health data.

The application of the machine learning neural network into disease identification and prevention promotes a number of benefits:

  1. Rationalize diagnosis process, by making it quicker, more effectual, and cost-effective
  2. Reduce the reliance on medical professionals during the diagnosis
  3. Expedite the delivery time of clinical testing outcomes
  4. Augment the correctness of clinical testing results

This technology is of immense use in clinical scenarios where every single moment is crucial such as cancer, and heart failure. Since precise diagnosis asks for the scanning of large volumes of patient data and clinical results, this technology enables quicker analysis of such data along with precise disease mapping.

2. Geolocation

Do you know more than 60% of patients used their smartphones for GPS navigation in the year 2018? The same location mapping is used in hospital app development which allows the doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies to find the location of the patients. Not only it helps in ensuring personalized information delivery but also in delivering steadfast support during an emergency.

Other areas where these features in a hospital app can help are:

  1. Exhibiting regional disease rates and information, maps and guidelines
  2. Enabling delivery of focused health education
  3. Getting updates on local health risks and hazards
  4. Finding nearby drugs/drug trade names and prices (in local currency)
  5. Getting medical news suitable for the app user location
  6. Procuring information on local accidents, natural disasters, and others.
3. Telemedicine
Telemedicine 768x512 1

Being one of the fastest-growing categories in the healthcare IT segment, it is expected to touch the figure of $114 billion by 2025. This technology allows hospitals to deliver medical support and consultation via video and chat while lessening waiting intervals.

Besides enabling long-distance contacts, telemedicine is quite useful for the following services:

  1. Care
  2. Advice
  3. Prompts
  4. Education
  5. Interference
  6. Nursing
  7. Remote admissions
4. Medical Alerts

According to research, it has been discovered that only half of the prescribed drugs are used by patients all across the world. This is where medical alerts can be quite helpful in notifying patients about drug prescriptions.

Whenever a drug is due for the patient, the hospital mobile app sends a reminder to the patient via push-notifications. This alert can also be tracked by the hospitals, doctors and medical professionals at any point in time.

What Are The Different Types Of Hospital Mobile App?

There are different types of hospital mobile apps that may be used to target different goals and target audiences. Choosing the right mobile app type can help you precisely focus on your goals both in short-term as well as long-term scenarios.

  1. Medical Reference & Database Hospital App – These apps are primarily used to store patient information, medical database, and treatment plans in one place.
  1. Doctors Networking App – These apps are quite worthy for doctors and medical professionals where they can connect with the community, share their experience and collaborate.
  1. Health Tracking App – Primarily targeted at end-users, these apps assist people in tracking health, diagnosing symptoms and access clinical results.
  1. Hospital Appointment App – The hospitals can choose to reduce their paperwork and book patient appointments in a much easier way.
  1. Doctor-on-Demand App– Patients can either schedule a live chat session with doctors and receive consultation over voice or video call.

What Are The Major Benefits Of A Hospital Mobile App?

Benefits 768x644 1

There are various benefits of having a hospital mobile app including:

  1. Help people find doctors, hospitals, clinical labs near to their location
  2. Connect with a large number of physicians right on their mobile
  3. Easily store and maintain their medical records
  4. Make bill payments
  5. Automate appointment scheduling
  6. Receive drug alerts
  7. Doctors can make informed decisions

How Should I Hire A Team For Hospital App Development?

Hospital App Development

There are mainly two types of requirements that need to be listed – Functional and Non-functional.

Functional requirements basically refer to the conduct of your mobile app and its operability. The examples are – to share uploaded files, such as X-rays and test results with the patient in a private chat.

Non-functional requirements refer to the information about the performance features of your app. For example, it may include uploading JPG, PDF, and doc. files up to 100 Mb.

The job of a hospital app development team is to transform these requirements into hospital app features and developing them accordingly.

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How Much Budget Should I Keep For Hospital App Development Cost?

Now, the most important part of this entire process is the cost. Frankly speaking, there is no universal formula to ascertain this. It entirely depends on a number of elements like:

  1. Number and type of features
  2. Number of platforms
  3. Number and type of app back-end integrations
  4. Size of the development team
  5. Hourly developer rate

In general, the cost of hospital app development starts from $ 4,000.

The Conclusion

Having a hospital mobile app is very beneficial for both hospitals as well as patients. From tracking a patient’s health program to diagnosing the underlying ailment, scheduling an appointment with the doctor, and receiving consultation over a video call, there are n number of benefits that make this technology the need of the hour.

Even, if you’re in no mood to spend a fortune, you can choose to get an app with basic features and add new elements over time.

Interested in mobile app development? Contact RankON Technologies today to get a hospital app developed for your healthcare organization. 

Want to know more about Hospital App Cost?

Interested in mobile app development? Contact RankON Technologies today to get a hospital app developed for your healthcare organization. 

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