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Ecommerce SEO: How To Do Ecommerce Website SEO?

If you want to learn how to do SEO for an eCommerce website then these eCommerce SEO tips will help you to get the best outcomes in the form of increased traffic ultimately lead to a considerable increase in customers.

Today in this New Year Ecommerce SEO Guide, we are going to learn some eCommerce SEO tips to follow in 2021 to rank your eCommerce websites. Whether you are a growth manager, small business owner or SEO manager, the guide is going to serve its best for you. Many of our readers might be wondering…..

Ecommerce SEO
Ecommerce SEO

The phrase above explains it all !!!!

Still, have any doubts regarding the importance of eCommerce SEO Services?
For this, let’s find out.

Differentiating by highlighting the benefits of eCommerce SEO.

  • SEO Drives High Quality Traffic To Your Website
  • SEO Gives Long Term Growth To Your Ecommerce Business
  • SEO Will Reduce Paid Marketing Expenses
  • SEO Also Increases Reputation of Your Business

This eCommerce SEO guide will help you to learn about eCommerce SEO. So let’s go and dive right in to learn how to do SEO for an eCommerce store website and get better website SEO rankings.

Lest Start The Ecommerce SEO Guide Now!

How to Do SEO for Ecommerce Websites in 2021
  1. Keyword Research for eCommerce SEO
  2. How Keywords Are Important in Ecommerce SEO?
  3. How To Find Keywords For ECommerce Product And Category Pages
  4. List of Keyword Research Tools
  5. Google Ads Keyword Planner
  6. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
  7. SEMScoop Keyword Research Tool
  8. Amazon Suggest
  9. Wikipedia
  10. Step 2 : How to Choose Keywords for eCommerce Products and Category Pages
  11. How To Choose The Most Appropriate Keywords for eCommerce websites?
  12. Factors To Consider When Selecting Keywords For Your eCommerce Website SEO
  13. 1. Search Volume
  14. Commercial Intent Keywords
  15. Keyword Product Fit
  16. Step 3 : Arrange Your Pages According To Their Priority
  17. Step 4 : URL Mapping for Keywords
  18. eCommerce Website Structure as per SEO Architecture
  19. OnPage SEO For Ecommerce Websites
  20. Keyword Optimization
  21. URLs of Your Ecommerce Websites
  22. Headers
  23. Sub- Headers
  24. Body
  25. Less On Sales ???????
  26. How To Write Contents For Your Ecommerce Website For Better SEO Results
  27. Write The Body/ Content Of More And More Words.
  28. Include Keywords Into Your Content.
  29. Include LSI Keywords Into Your Content
  30. In-Image Alt Text
  31. Metadata
  32. Internal Linking
  33. SEO Optimization Techniques For Ecommerce Websites
  34. Technical SEO Hereby Provides A Way To Get Out Of It.
  35. Content Replication
  36. Unrecognized Pages
  37. No SSL
  38. Link Building Tips for Ecommerce Websites
  39. Find And Delete Old And Rustic Pages From Your Website
  40. Link Building Techniques to Rank Your Ecommerce Website
  41. Interact with Bloggers and Influencers
  42. Send E-Mails to Let Them Know About Your Content or Offers

Keyword Research for eCommerce SEO

It’s the first yet most important part of the SEO campaign.

How Keywords Are Important in Ecommerce SEO?

Because they tend to give the background to all the tasks you are performing under SEO. Always hire an expert SEO company to help your SEO campaign.

If You Choose Wrong Keywords:-

  • Your SEO marketing plan will fail
  • Your keywords will not rank
  • Quality of traffic and user experience of visitors won’t be good
  • You will miss the potential growth you expected to achieve

eCommerce websites, in general, are product-oriented. And customers primarily search the website by its product. So, using product-based keywords would result in the best outcomes.

For the proper retrieval of accurate keywords, one needs to follow these steps:-

How To Find Keywords For ECommerce Product And Category Pages

As mentioned earlier, the importance of product based keyword is well understood.

We have various options and keyword research tools to get the valuable keyword. 

List of Keyword Research Tools

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Keyword research
Google Ads Keyword Planner

This keyword research tool will give you hundreds of relevant and variations of your searched term. You just need to enter any rough keyword ideas of your choice and Keyword Planner will show you hundreds of good keyword ideas. You can select keywords that have good commerce intent.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs Keyword Planner

Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools currently. You can log in to Ahrefs and go to the keyword explorer tab and check keywords of your choice.

Ahrefs will also show you several other combinations of keywords like in Phrase match, newly discovered (such keywords may have less competition and these may be in trend).

There is one more category of keywords that shows keywords related to any question and by targeting such keywords you can easily answer questions your audience may have on your page.

SEMScoop Keyword Research Tool

SEM Scoop Keyword Research tool

This tool is simply amazing. You can check keywords of your choice and similar keywords. The best part of this tools is-It will show you competition on keywords and which pages are ranking for that keyword in SERP and their metrics like – DA, Backlinks, Word count, Domain age and page age.

Amazon Suggest

Despite being a competitor, Amazon can be useful enough for retrieving product based keywords for your ecommerce website.

Consisting of a wide range of keywords, it can make us find the appropriate keyword.

Easy management of this tool, helps to find appropriate keywords for your eCommerce store website.

amazon suggest for ecommercr keywords research
Amazon Suggest


It can be considered the best means to research the keywords.

wikipedia for keyword research

The picture illustrates how one can search for keywords by using this free encyclopedia. Table of Contents of Wikipedia can also be of utmost importance in giving hints of targeted keywords.


Step 2 : How to Choose Keywords for eCommerce Products and Category Pages

After digging various keyword research tools, we are available with the most appropriate keywords.

Not, each keyword is worth including. We must include only those keywords which have higher buyer intent and can give the good results (Sales).

How To Choose The Most Appropriate Keywords for eCommerce websites?

To choose the keyword, we have a set of parameters, that tell the efficiency of the keywords.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Keywords For Your eCommerce Website SEO

1. Search Volume

It depicts a number of people searching the content with that particular keyword. Which keyword is said to be favorable??

The keyword is favourable when the search volume is high and buyer intent is clear.

The picture below explains the search volume using the Keyword Planner Tool.

keyword research for ecommerce

Commercial Intent Keywords

Keywords with higher Commercial intent convert better. Commercial Intent is a parameter that focuses on……
“Transform the visitor into customers”. The keyword is said to be having great commercial intent when,

  • It has high competition as per Keyword Planner
  • Favorable “Top of Page Bid”.

The picture below shows the commercial intent:-

keyword research for ecommerce

Keyword Product Fit

According to various researches, The user searches the keyword using Product-related keywords.
Looking through the perspective of the common man’s searching tactics, We get to know that, keywords should be more related to the product. The keyword which is more vulnerable to the user has more product fit.

keyword research for ecommerce


keyword research for ecommerce

Both the pictures tell about the user’s approach to keyword search. The keyword which is more vulnerable to the user has more product fit.

The parameter also depicts by what name the product is more famous among the public.

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Step 3 : Arrange Your Pages According To Their Priority

eCommerce SEO works well when you know which page of your website has a greater impact. The efficiency of the webpage is important to make your keyword rank higher. How could this be done??

Most Important pages have to be optimized first

This could be done by working on every section of your page.

Write SEO Friendly Short URLs.

Try to write short URLs and include your product name in the URL because it may help you to get better CTR.

Domain -> Category -> Sub- Category ->Product-Pages

Step 4 : URL Mapping for Keywords

It’s a process to find the most relevant page to target keywords. When the pages are arranged according to their priorities. Now, it’s the high time you assign the keyword to every page of the website.

As we already know, the keyword is not limited to one word, it could be a small phrase or a collection of two-three words. These are called short and long-tailed keywords. It’s the people’s way of finding their desired results. Moz, researched and concluded that common people generally use “Long-tailed keywords” for their search. It comprises a huge share of searching strategies.

How to map pages with a keyword???? The key tip is…Prepare a “Keyword Mapping Document”.

What is it??

Spreadsheet, where each page is a specific row of the website and every column, is an element for On-Page SEO Optimization”. The keyword assigning is the process of only assigning the keywords to the keywords mapped column in the Keyword Mapping Document.

keyword mapping for ecommerce

The picture above shows the mapping of Page ID with Mapped Keywords.

eCommerce Website Structure as per SEO Architecture

Websites structure is the unacknowledged hero of the whole website. This is why you should always hire an expert website development company to create your website. There are many types of websites and you should opt for the suitable website as per your requirement to save your website development cost.

Two Fundamental Requirements for the architecture of SEO’s Site are:-

  • No page on the website should be more than two or three clicks away.
  • The user could be able to simply and easily get the stuff they desired.
ecommerce website seo

The picture above depicts the system architecture of any website.

What if the user visits your website and gets confused about where to find the desired stuff?

It would be embarrassing. isn’t it?

So don’t make your website a place similar to a labyrinth.

Make it simple and scalable as much as you can.

OnPage SEO For Ecommerce Websites

Keyword Optimization

Here comes, the big one !!!!!!!!!!

ecommerce website seo
Ecommerce Onpage SEO

On-page Optimization plays a crucial role in the successful build of any website.  If it’s an eCommerce website then the product and category pages of any eCommerce website can only perform well if they are SEO optimized. The title of the page should be eye-catching and must consist of appropriate keywords. As mentioned earlier,

Product-based keywords are of great significance than any other keyword. The customer only goes for something which adjusts his criteria.

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So include keywords, that are familiar to the customer’s speech of tongue.

  • Cheap
  • Free Shipping
  • Best Deal
  • Review
  • Best Price
  • Online sale

Example:- “Best Phones under 15,000”

URLs of Your Ecommerce Websites

URL of the page matters a lot. Using a short, keyword-rich URL is of great use. What if you get the URL that is long with numbers of folders then sub-folders ??This would decrease the value of the page linked to that URL. The URL of the site should be in a proper format.

Domain -> Category > Sub- Category -> Sub Category -> Pages


What if you get some boring header on some webpage???? Undoubtedly You will skip out from that page and this will tremendously increase its bounce rate. This can terribly harm your webpage’s content and decrease its CTR as well. For a perfect header. You must:-

  • Consist of H1 and H2 tags in your title
  • Keep long-tail keywords in your header
  • Optimize your content by the appropriate selection of header that describes the whole page content in brief.

Sub- Headers

This also owns great importance in optimizing the website
The Sub-headers should be placed in H2 tags
There could be more than one sub-headers in the content


Less On Sales ???????

Probably the content/body of the page is the reason.
The body of the Product and Category Pages holds great importance. They tell the user about the thing in which they are going to invest. What will happen if you are going to buy a pair of shoes, and your shopkeeper is unable to satisfy you or doesn’t tell you accurately about its benefits???

Your action would definitely be, to skip that shop and get into another. The same thing is with the body of the product and category pages of the website.

How To Write Contents For Your Ecommerce Website For Better SEO Results

Here are some content writing guidelines for eCommerce websites that will help writing the body of product and category pages of the website:-

Write The Body/ Content Of More And More Words.

The content should explain every aspect of your web page to your buyer. He should contain no doubts about the detail of the products. The objective of the body/content should be, to satisfy the customers

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Nearly 2000-3000 words in the content would be satisfactory enough.

Include Keywords Into Your Content.

The content is only effective when it includes targeted keywords. Google ranks the web content based on the number of keywords it has.

Nearly 2-5x part of keywords in the content gives the best outcomes

Include LSI Keywords Into Your Content

Apart from keywords, LSI keywords also play a significant role in the body of the page. LSI keywords and normal keywords are close to each other and possess the same meaning.

For example:
If your keyword is “Web Design”, then its LSI keyword will be “Website Design”.

The image below depicts the optimized structure of any product-based website.

ecommerce website seo

In-Image Alt Text

As we know, Google is not able to read images. Alt-text is a description of an image given inside tag
Syntax:- Useful Tip: Don’t fill the alt tag with useless words or irrelevant keywords to rank high on Google. This is not what alt tags are made for and this may also trouble your visitors.


It tells the user about the data. Metadata helps the Search Engine to recognize the content of the web page.

Types Of Metadata:

  • Descriptive Metadata
  • Structural Metadata
  • Administrative Metadata
  • Reference Metadata
  • Statistical Metadata

The search engine uses the following meta-data:-

1. Description:-This metadata describes the content of the whole web page.

2. Title:-This metadata tells about the topic the webpage is all about.

3. Keywords:This metadata is a matter of thought to most of the search engines, whether they include it or not.

Internal Linking

The links that connect with other pages of the same website are called internal links. These links are generally used to make the user navigate the entire website.

The internal linking lets you:-

  • Increase the value of your website
  • Increases the session time
  • Decreases the bounce time
  • Increase the ranking potential of every page of your site

Useful: Don’t add a huge number of internal links to your page, this will let Google algorithms decrease your position. Maximum 250 pages should be added to any page. The structure of internal linking is like the picture below:-


The anchor tag is best suitable to develop a hierarchy between the web pages.
Use the tool Link Explorer to get the exact link structure of your website. Containing 1000’s links on the webpage may hinder your site’s performance as per Google’s algorithms.

Linking should be done in such a way that, if Google’s spider navigates one of the pages on your website, then it should able to reach every page of your website.

The picture below shows the optimized way of internal linking in the website. The above type of linking is favourable to the user as well as to Google. Thus, we can come to the conclusion that Internal Linking has a huge impact on making SEO–Friendly websites.

SEO Optimization Techniques For Ecommerce Websites

Effective Crawling and Indexing are the major concerns of Technical SEO.

Confused Between Google’s Crawling and Indexing of webpages???? If yes, here’s the answer, Crawling means analyzing the content of the web page by GoogleBot.

Indexing means downloading data from web-page to the database by the search engines so that they can show that data in their search results. Any site’s performance is more and more based upon its crawling and indexing.

But there are some faults that a user makes, as a result, It hinders in the crawling and indexing part of the website.
The picture below shows the graph of the website’s technical SEO.

Technical SEO Hereby Provides A Way To Get Out Of It.

The issues that confront Technical SEO are:-

Content Replication

A major issue resulting in an increased bounce rate. The user gets confused with the content and unable to find the worthy part of the content. Use the canonical link element to find where the main section of content resides.

Unrecognized Pages

The pages which are far away from the user’s or Google’s spider’s sight are good for nothing. These pages will never revert, whatever you have invested in them. This degrades the site’s SEO and results in decreased performance.
Either delete these orphaned pages or bring them into the user’s vision.


Encryption of a link between a web browser and the webserver is made using SSL technology. The site with SSL uses an extra “s” in HTTP in the site’s URL. Your action would definitely be, to skip that shop and get into another.

This will turn into “HTTPs” rather than “HTTP”. Fact: In 2004, Google announced that sites with HTTPS URLs will be given more priority than others. The site’s URL can be made HTTPS by installing an SSL certificate on your website.

Link Building Tips for Ecommerce Websites

Are you happy with your circle???? Link Building Leads to Marketing

The more you will promote the eCommerce website, the more links you will make and more the links, and the more the market value you will get.

Find And Delete Old And Rustic Pages From Your Website

The proverb “Old Is Gold” doesn’t work here.

In the field of Digital Marketing, outdated content is of no value.

So, remove the pages from your website, which are too old. This content is going to degrade your website rather than upgrade.

Link Building Techniques to Rank Your Ecommerce Website

Interact with Bloggers and Influencers

To spread your fragrance in the industry, it is a must to stay in touch with eminent bloggers. Write on the popular blogging website and share your website’s link on that page.

This would probably increase the traffic of your website.

Send E-Mails to Let Them Know About Your Content or Offers

Personal attachment is necessary for the growth of a number of clients.

So, to build strong relations with clients, make regular interaction via – email.

Always stay in touch with your clients, by notifying them about your product launch or sharing with him your success. It’s always worth maintaining connections with your clients in more than one form.

In The World Of Competition, Don’t Let Your Clients Forget You At Any Cost!!


Before moving ahead, it’s always a must to retrace your path…..Test your site’s SEO on the basis of these factors:-

  • Meta –titles and meta – descriptions should be tested for better CTR.
  • Conversion of web- traffic can be tested by A/B strategy.
  • Use SEO tools to test which keywords are ranking to the highest.
  • Check the internal linking between the site’s web pages.
  • High converting keywords can be appended by using PPC Campaigns.
  • Check your site’s traffic by tools like ahrefs, etc.


Blogs add colour to your website. It adds flavour to your site and makes your website even more interesting. Know how to create a blog.

While writing a blog, one must ensure to add appropriate keywords to the content. If you don’t do so, the site’s quality would degrade drastically. The writer should link his content with a highly reputable and eminent website.

Apart from writing content that is suitable for only one’s website, the writer can also dwell on some other topics. Suppose if you have a commercial website that sells shoes and you write about what type of shoes or sandals are of high quality?

Apart from these topics, the writer can also write “Ways to heal from high heels injuries” or “Which type of footwear should be worn-out for different occasions”. You can also consolidate all your blogs on an e-guide. And get the best results for your website.


To rise in the world of digital marketing and to promote sites using eCommerce SEO, it is a must for an individual to carry all the useful SEO Tools in his bag.

Without these SEO tools, life is difficult in this competitive market. E-Commerce Is A War Between Two Product Based Websites And SEO Tools Are The Weapons.

There are numerous SEO tools that will help you to optimize your eCommerce website for better SEO results. Here They Are:


These eCommerce SEO tips are made to help you grow your eCommerce website SEO. Follow the E-Commerce website technical SEO Checklist to get good results in the form of increased traffic and ultimately lead to an increase in the number of customers.

Hope this eCommerce SEO guide will help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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