Facebook Page Promotion: How To Promote A Facebook Business Page?

Facebook Page Promotion

Facebook Page Promotion: How To Promote A Facebook Business Page?

Need Facebook Page Promotion to increase followers and engagement of your Facebook Business Page in 2024? You have come to the right place. Let’s dive right into some of the best Facebook Page Promotion Ideas.

With more than 60 Million businesses prospering with a Facebook business page, you can’t neglect what potential it can create for your business.

If you have not yet created a Facebook Business Page or haven’t thought of promoting it or have tried promoting but gained mediocre results, then you’re at the right place.

Here you will get answers to each of your queries! Be it “why should you promote a Facebook page”, “how to boost Facebook post”, or “how to promote your business on Facebook”, or “how to boost a post on Facebook personal account”, all your questions will be answered!

With the surge in popularity of various social media platforms among businesses, Facebook has gone beyond the mere notion of a meeting destination for friends.

Particularly for businesses, it has emerged as the platform that helps them stay in touch with their existing customers and connect to prospective customers.

So, we see Facebook is undeniably the most accepted marketing tool for businesses that bridges the gap between businesses and customers. Moreover, a Facebook Business Page can be determined as the backbone for a successful Facebook Marketing or Advertising Campaign.

Not only would it work to propagate your business idea to a bigger set of audience, but would also work to build a solid and professional Facebook presence.

As a Facebook Marketing Agency in India, we have helped thousands of small, medium, and big-sized businesses thrive and maintain a stature with a Facebook Business Page.

If you’re interested to find out the ways that can help your Facebook Business Page soar higher, then dive in now to know the questions to each of your questions.  

Why Should You Promote a Facebook Business Page?

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If you’re looking for the reasons why you should promote a Facebook business page, then here is the comprehensive set of reasons for the same:

With more than 2.4 billion people using Facebook, a Facebook Business Page may help you to expand your reach and gain better business exposure.
Creating a Facebook business page is similar to making a community of people interested in a business niche.
Boosting a Facebook Business Post from your page may help you optimize your page for engagement and eventually give more likes, comments, and shares.
Depending on your budget and needs, you can opt for both paid ways to promote a Facebook business page as well as organic ways to promote a Facebook business page.

Different Ways To Promote Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page allows businesses to maximize their business potential.  There are two ways to promote Facebook Business Page. These are:

Organic Ways To Promote Facebook Business Page.
Paid Ways To Promote Facebook Business Page.

How to boost the performance of the Facebook Business Page Organically?

Never underestimate the results of boosting Facebook Page organically. Just because you are doing it for FREE or without adding any extra costs, doesn’t make it less worthy.

 If you have powerful content, an inspiring idea, and a few tips from Facebook marketing experts, nothing can stop followers from falling on your Facebook Business Page.  Although it may take time, the results may amaze you!

As a Facebook Marketing Agency, we have managed hundreds of organic Facebook campaigns for our clients, so we have firsthand experience of the engagement that businesses may leverage by promoting their Facebook page organically.

Tips to promote Facebook Business Page Organically

As Facebook Marketing Experts, we have here compiled some viable tips that we have managed to attain through our past work and experience. These tips include:

High-Quality Images and Videos should be Used-

Visuals create a long-lasting impact in the minds of people. You should upload high-quality images and for this, you need to crop the images before uploading as Facebook has the feature of compressing while cropping.

This option gives you the answer as to how to boost a post on Facebook’s personal accounts. The file type of the image to be uploaded should JPEG file.

The profile is enhanced by the profile picture and cover image that has to be uploaded. It is advised that you should opt for professional and clear photos that relate and promote your brand.

As far as Facebook cover is concerned, the size should be set to 852 pixels by 315 pixels. The size of the profile photo must be set to 170 pixels by 170 pixels. Also, ensure that the photos must be less than 100 kilobytes.

Apart from profile pictures and covers, the other posts should also be such that they should be of scenic beauty with exciting and eye-pleasing infographics. You are likely to get more followers when you use high-quality visuals on your Facebook Page.

Base Audience of Friends and Family should be built-

The question arises as to how to promote your business on Facebook. The answer is simple. The next step which you need to do after creating a Facebook Page is to build an audience by inviting friends and family to like the business page.

When you invite friends and family to like your Facebook page, it enables you to create a digital footprint on the Facebook page.

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The initial Facebook audience helps you to see what posts attract the most engagement, word-of-mouth marketing should be generated through your networks, and gain ideas for further promotional ideas and suggestions.

Hosting Contests and Promotions-

As it is known that consumers run after any offers that lure them or benefit them. Another form in which you can promote your Facebook page is by creating and hosting contests, giveaways, and promotions on Facebook.

The deal should be interesting. Now, the question arises as to what kind of contests and promotions should be done? The answer to this question is given below-

Discounts shall be offered for the number of “shares” and “likes”.
Name drawing for customers should be held.

When it is asked, how to promote a Facebook page for free? The answer is simple as you can host contests and promotional events on Facebook to boost a post.

Share helpful content-

Helpful content on the page, if shared, gives an essential reason to people to like the page. When essential information is shared and the page pops many times and people get hands-on important facts.

Since Facebook is a visual content page and thus, images and videos should be used in the concerned sense.

Add a follow-up button-

If your website gets a follow button on your website or blog page, it becomes quite easy for the audience and visitors of the website to follow your page directly. The follow button is a widget that links people to your Facebook page from your website.

You need to keep in mind that a follow button should be put on the website page so that direct followers can be increased on the Facebook pages and can be promoted eventually.

Use Facebook Stories and Facebook Live-

To get the day-in-the-life updates, you can use Facebook stories as an option for quick promotions. Apart from stories, Facebook Live is an option to get a more personal touch. You can stream live about some interesting and helpful updates, or even post some important life updates.

Share Customer Feedback-

The thoughts and reviews of customers are important as they are an important building block for the business. If you want to engage other customers, you can use the feedback of the customers to post on your Facebook page.

Also, you can increase the visibility of the post by tagging the customers in the posts. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, customer feedback serves as an important base for promoting a Facebook page.

When customers review, you need to ensure that they tag the location of the business so that it reaches a circle of people.

Interact with Influencers and Businesses-

Extension of the network is also considered an important option to promote your Facebook page. You can extend your network by liking and following those Facebook pages that are related to your niche or industry which broadens the reach.

You may also link other businesses or influencers to your posts if you want to opt for cross-promotional marketing.

Apart from the above-mentioned ways to promote and boost post your Facebook page, there are various other ways to do the same.

For more information regarding Facebook page promotion and other social media-related promotions, get in touch with social media experts at Rankon Technologies Private Limited.

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How to Boost A Facebook Page With Paid Facebook Advertising?

Another way to boost a Facebook Business Page is through Paid promotion. Not only it gives you instant results but also provides you with a bigger and better exposure to your targeted audience. Want to know how? Here’s how you can do it!

On your Facebook Business Page, select Promote.
Facebook Advertising
  • Choose a Goal to get more visitors.
Choose a Goal
  • Choose your Ad Creative
Ad Creative
  • Create your audience by setting a radius around your location and on the basis of your gender, age, and interests.
Create your audience
  • Set your Budget
Set your Budget
  • Determine the duration
Determine the duration
  • Select your preferred payment method
payment method
  • Submit your ad.

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Final Words

Facebook Business Page is a great place where businesses and customers may interact with one and another. Now that you already know Facebook can be a great platform for businesses, it even empowers the customers to make a well-informed decision on the selection of the right business.

If you still have any problem regarding the Facebook Business Page Promotion, or how to increases followers by promoting the Facebook page, then you need not worry.

You can directly connect to the Facebook Marketing Experts at Rankon Technologies. Also, if you have any queries regarding Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing, or YouTube Marketing, consider consulting with our experts today.

RankON Technologies is a leading digital marketing company in India offering top-rated social media marketing services to small business owners at very low prices. Visit our social media marketing packages now!

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