Youtube Promotion: How to Promote Youtube Channel & Videos for Free in 2021

So, you are all set with high-quality videos and want to know how can you promote your YouTube channel for free. Well, that’s great news but, at the same time, you should know that the latter path requires you to dive into the guide stating how to promote YouTube videos for FREE? Though it isn’t kinda rocket science, however, the correct and strategic know-how regarding YouTube promotion would help you get the results at a faster pace. Before you jump straight into your free YouTube channel promotion tips, you should know what your YouTube channel can do for your business.

How YouTube Channel Promotion Can Help Businesses?

YouTube surpassed Facebook. With the cumulative vogue of videos among people and businesses, YouTube has arisen as the world’s second most visited site. It has exceeded Facebook; however, Google is maintaining its place on 1st position.

Because of its fame and features, YouTube has become a prolific asset for businesses. Businesses use YouTube to launch or promote products, observe feedback, provide customer service, and a lot more!

Due to the increasing competition among businesses, YouTube channel promotion has become unconditionally tough. Now, it has become essential for businesses to seek the assistance of a professional YouTube Marketing Agency to attain a drift in the popularity of their YouTube videos.

Why Should You Use YouTube Promotion?

YouTube promotion can help you to get more followers quickly and also help you to get more engagement on your videos in terms of views, comments, likes, and shares.

How Much Does YouTube Pay to YouTubers?

If you ask this question to thousands of YouTubers, maximum of them will say nothing or very less, but at the same time, there are many YouTubers who make sufficient amount of money with the help of their video channels. When it comes to earning it seems hard to earn in the beginning, more the subscribers more people will click on ads, this leads to make name for yourself and different brands offering sponsorship or deals related to the merchandise. 

On average, an advertiser pays approx. $0.18 per view, therefore YouTube channel gets around $18 per 1000 views which results in $3 to $5 per 1000 video views. But pay also depends on viewer’s country and niche/competition.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel?

Monetize Your YouTube Channel

YouTube has tightened the rules and raised the requirements that a channel or creator must fulfill to monetize videos, to apply for monetization, creators must tally 4000 hours of watch time on their channel in the last 12 months and have at least 1000 subscribers. High standards will also help in preventing inappropriate videos from getting monetized. Advertisers have complained about the unexpected appearance of inappropriate videos and the company has already implemented few standards for prevention and a rigorous monetization structure will have a cap on the issue mentioned above.

How To Promote YouTube Channels for Free?

If you want to see your YouTube channel standing somewhere in the race of other YouTube Channels then here’s the way you can promote YouTube Channel for free.

Many of you may be thinking it’s impossible, well it’s not impossible; however, it’s not that easy as well to promote YouTube channel videos for FREE.

For the people with these sorts of questions, we’ve here listed a step-by-step process. Whether you’re recently up with a new YouTube channel or want to see the numbers of subscribers ticking upwards, these YouTube Channel Promotion tips will help in making your game:

FREE YouTube Promotion Strategies for 2021

YouTube Promotion: How to Rank Videos on Youtube With Youtube SEO


If you want to know, how to get more views on YouTube video, then the foremost thing you should take into account is the Title of your YouTube Video.

With more engaging and catchy Title, you’re likely to get more clicks and consequently, more people would be interested in watching your video. Great titles will also help your YouTube Video to get better CTR.

If you’ve had a video that includes exercises to reduce back pain. Then, instead of giving the title Exercises to reduce back pain, you can name it as 1-Minute Exercises to Reduce Back Pain (Easy and Effective). This would make your audience eager to know those exercises.

YouTube Channel Video


The description section should give a brief note about your video. It should give a hint of everything of what your YouTube video encompasses.

You should write a keyword-rich description and you can insert the links of your previous videos in the same. You can write 300-400 words for video description and include keywords and Video Tags to help your video to get better rank on YouTube search to enjoy free views. You should also check Video tags of your competitor’s videos to help your videos to appear in video results for free.

YouTube Channel login


If you want to earn profits from your YouTube channel for the long period, then it’s a must for you to promote your YouTube channel by leveraging SEO tactics.

SEO provides long-term growth to any YouTube channel and increases the number of viewers and subscribers on that particular channel. YouTube SEO is the best way to promote your YouTube channel for free.

To promote your YouTube channel or video for free, you need to follow some of the best practices for YouTube SEO:

Make use of targeted keywords in your video titles and descriptions. You can use tools like Ahrefs and Google Keyword Explorer to research keywords.

Mention Keywords in Your YouTube Video

To be seen on top of YouTube results, mention keywords in your video title and description.

By categorizing your videos, you will be able to indicate the type of audience you want YouTube to show your video. Tags in your video would help YouTube to determine the context of your content. There’s no limit on adding tags.

YouTube Channel tag

Give Audience What They Expect from Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Marketing: Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos on Top

Posting videos that are no-way entertaining, educating, or engaging your audience will not bring any profits to your business YouTube channel.

If you really want to be worthwhile to them, then you should go with their mood and interest. There’s a short yet effective strategy, Respect the interest of the audience and reap great incomes.

To know your audience’s interest and to promote your YouTube channel, have a glance at your competitors or other video makers in your industry.

Another way you can grow your YouTube channel is by acknowledging the interest of your audience. You can research using powerful automated tools and get detailed information on audience demographics, location, engagement, and other helpful stats.


On YouTube, any sort of interaction or response from the viewers’ end is considered as a positive gesture. Due to this reason, the Likes and Comments on YouTube Channel play a vital role.

You can create a YouTube community by responding to comments and engaging with your followers. Similar to any other social network.


By default, YouTube takes a screenshot anywhere from the video and uses it as a thumbnail. However, being a random shot this sometimes gets blurry and makes the video less appealing.

Custom Thumbnails can help a lot in promoting your YouTube Videos. It plays a vital role in telling the context of the video. Thus, you shouldn’t miss this aspect while doing YouTube promotion. Great thumbnails will help your YouTube video to get better click through rate. You can make an attractive thumbnail for your YouTube video with the help of powerful automated image creation tools like Canva, PhotoShop, etc.



The biggest mistake which the video makers commit while promoting YouTube videos is that they don’t make use of their already posted videos.

If you’ve earlier posted videos which have the context similar to your current video, then unhesitatingly give their links on the video descriptions.

This would act as a resource for your audience to watch each of your videos without trying their hands anywhere else.


YouTube Promotion Tips: How to Know When Your YouTube Channel Subscribers Are Online

If you want to know how to advertise your YouTube Channel on Google or how to rank your video better on search engine result pages, then here’s how you can.

To promote your video across various Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you should:

Search Video keyword first (Search term that shows videos in Google Search Engine Results Page)Search Video keyword first (Search term that shows videos in Google Search Engine Results Page)

Include video keywords into its title and description.

Optimize the tags.Encourage people to subscribe and comment.

Add a keyword to the name of your video file.

Start a Contest or Giveaway for YouTube Channel Promotion

Giveaway attracts viewers than anything else. Thus, it can be a captivating approach to grow and engage your subscribers by hosting a YouTube contest or giveaway. You should find target keyword and search video tags and use those tags in related video to dominate video results as this will be the most important part of video optimization.

However, before leveraging this method of YouTube video promotion, you must know the best practices.

Always follow YouTube’s policies.

Give away a gift that’s related to your brand.

Get creative by incorporating user-generated content.

Don’t run contents restlessly one after the other. After running one contest, take a halt and observe the bounce rates and engagement. If you aren’t bringing in engaged subscribers, you could just be attracting people who merely seek for prizes. All these YouTube promotion tips will help your video to get better spot on search results. Keep improving your video content so your videos stand out and your viewers don’t wait to see more videos from your channel.


If you’re making videos on a recurring theme or topic then rather than keeping them distributed, get them unified.

This would prevent your audience from searching related stuff on various YouTube channels.

You can insert the links of subsequent and former videos in the description section.

Another best aspect of making a series is that you will not have to rack your brain for ideas.


Now if you want to know what all the places are, where you can promote your YouTube Videos, then the perfect place from where you can start promoting is your website.

Not only would it be a prolific choice for your YouTube video promotion, but it will also improve the bounce rate of your website.

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Another important aspect that can help in your YouTube channel promotion is your playlist. Keep your existing video in YouTube playlist and keep relevant videos in that playlist. Post videos in each playlist on regular interval so when potential customer or viewers check that playlist they should find great video content.

Playlist in your YouTube channel would help keep the videos organized and your audience will also not face difficulties visiting one video to another.


If you’re giving something in the form of entertainment or education to your audience then there’s nothing wrong in expecting likes, comments, or subscription, after all, you’re investing lot your money, time, and resources. Show subscriber button on all videos. That will be clickable and people can easily subscribe your YouTube channel.


You should unhesitatingly call for their support in the form of likes, comments, and subscriptions.

Use YouTube Live feature


Live tutorialsQ&A sessions

Product demonstrations

Utilize YouTube communityThe simple, crude, and organic nature of the live video is exactly what makes it captivating to the audience.


Collaborating with other video creators or influencer gives you exposure to a newer audience. Viewers that find you through the collaborative links are likely to believe you because of your links with the brands they already know and trust. Influencer can help your Youtube Channel to get quick followers. Reach out to influencer and see the power of influencer marketing. However, you should make sure that you make connections with brands that belong to your niche and sells products/services similar to yours.


Your social media profile on various other platforms can do a lot for your YouTube channel. It’s highly likely for your followers on other social media platforms, to get converted into your YouTube subscribers.

As soon as you upload a video on YouTube, always let your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn aware of it. You should also post your popular videos or existing videos on your social profiles after few weeks. Don’t ignore power of social media and also embed your videos on blog or websites.

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These were some of the tips and tricks that can help you promote your YouTube Channel.

Free YouTube Channel Promotion Sites

If you are searching for Free websites to promote your YouTube channel videos then you can use following websites –

1: Facebook Pages/Groups.

2: Reddit if you feel that your video can answer the question asked.

3: Free article websites.

4: Quora if your video content is helpful.

5: Personal blog or website – You can embed your YouTube video on your blog or website.

6: Other relevant social platform can be used with proper call to action.

7: Reach out to influencer and check the options you have with influencer.

You can search many other free websites to promote YouTube videos for free on Google and check their functionalities and promote your videos if your video content is helpful for that website. You can also use other platforms like Instagram or other video submission websites but don’t do any spamming. Only share your video in Instagram or on any social media or question answer website when you feel that your video will help the people. You can find influencers and can do guest posting request to get more embed of your channel video. Your video content should be engaging and informative. You can use your popular YouTube videos for better results.

If you want to take professional approach to optimize your channel or videos then you can also contact Rankon Technologies- A top rated social media marketing agency in India, and we would be happy to help you to grow your channel. You can choose any plan

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