Restaurant Marketing: Social Media Marketing for Restaurants in 2021

New Year Guide To Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

From Facebook reviews to foodie pictures on Instagram, customers are gradually making dining-related choices grounded on what they see online. Whereas the platforms like Twitter are helping them to search the restaurant of their choice. Today, we will learn how to do social media marketing for restaurants and why its important to use restaurant social media marketing.

Again, if there’s a bit vague in your mind in regards to the role of social media platforms for restaurants, look down the numbers!

  • Approx. 93% of consumers declare that online reviews influence their decisions.
  • Approx. 84% of consumers rely on online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Approx. 68% of consumers are willing to pay up to 15% more for the same if they are assured they will have a better experience.
  • 75% of people procured a product because they saw it on social media.
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Are You Using Social Media Marketing For Your Restaurant?

Using Social Media Marketing

Do you earn sufficient outcomes out of your restaurant business? Have you ever carried-out a sound social media marketing for your restaurant?

If not, you should promptly and earnestly make social media marketing a part of your restaurant’s advertising curriculum.

As a restaurant owner, you should understand that your potential customers are spending the majority of their time on social media. Therefore, you need to be available somewhere in the news feed of their social media profiles to drive them to your restaurant.

How To Use Social Media Marketing For Restaurants?


If you want to know everything to implement social media marketing for the restaurant business, then you’ve landed in the right place. Here we’ll be telling you everything you need to focus to build a strong social media presence for your presence.

So let’s get started!

Why Restaurants Need Social Media Marketing?


Before diving straight into the implementation part, you should know why restaurants need social media marketing:

Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Are you not sure about using social media marketing services for your restaurant? Here are the benefits of promoting your restaurant on social media.

  • Improves Trust and Loyalty

Promoting a restaurant on social media helps improves its credibility and loyalty among old and new customers.

  • Brand Advocacy

Social media restaurant marketing is mean to build brand advocacy. It is implemented when a customer elevates your brand through the mouth of the word or leaves positive reviews.

  • Means To Get New Customers

Social Media Marketing for restaurants helps drive new customers. It helps gain brand recognition by engaging with a broad audience of consumers.

  • Providing Guests With Restaurant Updates

Using social media for marketing, restaurants have the ease to convey the news about the launch of new products and other openings.

  • Distinguishes Restaurant From Their Competitors

Restaurants that leverage Social Media Marketing strategy can easily be distinguished from their competitors. It is the ideal way to portray the uniqueness.

Facebook Marketing For Restaurant:


Why Should You Use Facebook Marketing For Your Restaurant?

  • Facebook covers a population of 2.7 billion. A perfect place where a majority of your customers are engaged.
  • Approx. 88% of people trust what they see on Facebook.
  • Approx. 23 million people share pictures of their outdoor dining on Facebook.

What Are The Best Ways To Promote Your Restaurant On Facebook?

Undoubtedly, the Facebook marketing of your restaurant business can be the key to your restaurant’s success. Here are a few ways you can make this possible:

  • Pay Attention to Your Business Profile

To get the most out of Facebook marketing for restaurants always start here. Your business profile is your home base on Facebook. The more engagement you have the more people visit your profile as well as your physical location.

  • Get Orders Directly With The Help Of Menu Tab Plugin

Utilize the menu tab plugin for Facebook to easily take orders online. Let people see your menu and order straight from Facebook. But make sure you have the in-house infrastructure to cope with the online orders.

  • Spread Positivity About Your Restaurant

Reviews play a vital role in buying decisions. Reviews on your business profile provide social proof where everyone can see how much others like your food and service. This star rating will also appear in the search results in Google, making it one of the first things people see when they look you up specifically or search a category.

  • Run Page Like Ads On Facebook

The easiest, cheapest and most effective ads for getting more people to your restaurant Facebook page is to run page like ads.  It is done encouraging people to come on your page just because their friend liked it and so on…

All you have to get this ad running is simply choose the option “Get More Likes”,  and then set a daily ad budget.

  • Run Regular Facebook Ads

Facebook provides opportunities to run various sorts of ads to businesses. Whether you may want to get traffic to your beautiful restaurant website or you want to encourage people to order their dinner through Facebook now. There’s an ad for all your goals.

All you have to do is …set up your budget, pick the right ad option, and get outcomes.

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Tips To Consider When Using Facebook Marketing For Restaurants

1. Post at the right time.

If youdeal mostly with the normal dinner crowd, post at 1-4PM. If you’re a coffee shop, posting before the shop opens will get the morning crowd in.

2. Share some simple recipes

Don’t worry!They won’t be able to match your skills. Not only will this attract people who want to know what’s in their food. It allows you to portray the care you take to offer astounding food.

3. Share great reviews

If you get a great review, share it. This not only shows you in the best track. It gives recognition to the reviewer.

4. Capture some behind-the-scenes videos.

Show your customers what goes on in the kitchen. Not only will people like the video but will also develop a kind of faith in you.

5. Showcase your employee of the month

Create a little bio about your employee with a photograph and job description.

6. Share customer-generated content

Trail your mentions. If someone shares a great photo of lunch, share it on your page. It not only makes that customer feel good but also encourages more people to do so.

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Instagram Marketing For Restaurants

Instagram Marketing For Restaurants

Why Should You Use Instagram Marketing For Restaurants?

  • Instagram has approximately 84 times higher engagement rates than twitter.
  • More than 85% of Top Brands have Instagram Accounts
  • 80% of Instagram Users Follow a Business and look towards it while making a purchase
  • Instagram has worked extremely well for fast-food restaurants in recent years.

What Are The Best Ways To Promote Your Restaurant On Instagram?

  • Give Your Restaurant aHashtag

 By giving your restaurant a hashtag, not only you will be able to tell your customers what to tag when they post photos on Instagram but will also help you track the user-generated content.

  • It improves the authority of your restaurant and makes it a place worth experiencing.
  • It helps in growing the community.
  • It helps in increasing the customers’ engagement.
  • Create Story Highlights

Another thing to focus while doing Instagram Marketing Restaurant is Story highlights! Story highlights act as a menu on your Instagram profile, that users can pilot much like a website.

So,  think earnestly about what you want to portray about your restaurant at the top of your profile to make visitors follow you. It can either be a section of your menu list, weekly brunch, today’s offer, etc.

  • Create an Instragammable Brand Symbol

Instagram is all about creativity and virality. The more you will get creative the more chances of you getting viral. If you have something concomitant with your restaurant that’s extremely picturesque and unique, it has the potential to become an Instagram fad.

  • Connect With Food Bloggers and Influencers

You can team up with bloggers influencers depending on your budget and objective. Many food bloggers with a large following will charge per post or Story, whereas some micro-influencers may spread a word for your restaurant in return for their meal.

  • Run Competitions and Giveaways

Another way for the promotion of restaurants on Instagram is by running competitions and giveaways for your audience. Besides increasing engagement, it enhances your reach and increases brand awareness.

Tips On Promoting Your Restaurant On Instagram

  • Post Pictures or Stories At The Right Time

The time for a restaurant to post on Instagram is when people are eating and using their phone: 9 AM, 1 PM, and 8 PM.

  • Cover Your Restaurant From Every Edge

Don’t just post photos a similar kind of photos. Let your audience know that your restaurant not just offers good food, but also offers impeccable ambiance. Remember to post pictures of your staff members serving food to customers and, having fun together.

  • Be sure about lighting while capturing pictures

Lighting is a major element that defines the engagement of customers on your Instagram profile. While capturing photos of food to post on Instagram, take the photos on a table with the best lighting, or even outside. Dodge photographing food under direct sunlight as it can overexpose the shot.

  • Optimize Photo Quality

To get optimized and good quality photos, use your phone’s regular camera to take photos instead of the Instagram app camera. This will help your use features like optical zoom. After taking the photos, use the Instagram app to access the file and extemporize it using its versatile photo-editing tools.

  • Share Photos with Other Sites

To increase the reach of your restaurant to a greater number of people, share its photos on other social media platforms. Instagram gives restaurants and customers many options for sharing on Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare, Twitter, and emails.

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Twitter Marketing For Restaurants


Why Should You Use Twitter Marketing For Your Restaurant?

  • Twitter users have maximum engagement with restaurants equaled to all other industries.
  • It’s easy to get your restaurant in front of new customers on Twitter as 79% of Twitter users to commend brands they follow.
  • Twitter users clicking on links make up 92% of all user interaction.

Best Ways To Promote Your Restaurant Business On Twitter?

  • Ensure That You Follow All The Twitter Basics

To start promoting your Restaurant on Twitter, create a Twitter handle. Go with a unique username that signifies your restaurant’s name and then, be consistent and relevant in your Tweeting activities.

  • Engage and Respond

When a patron posts a tweet about the dining experience at your restaurant, follow the Twitter protocol, and always recognize it. Don’t ignore negative comments. A regret message complemented by a gift card or special coupon may lure the annoyed customer to give your restaurant another opportunity.

  • Dive Into Conversations

Twitter authorizes its users to read other people’s tweets and jump into relevant conversations. You can jump into the conversation with the help of various kinds of  Twitter conversation tracking tools.

  • Be A Part Of Your Community

Doing identical promotions everyday is likely to bore your followers. To cheer them up, you can tweet about other restaurants or chefs by posting admiring tweets on their accomplishments or by humblyretweeting their pictures. It endorses goodwill in the industry and encourages other restaurants to do the same for your restaurant.

  • Reward Loyalty

Once you have managed to form a big fan base, leverage their network to create a buzz. Encourage more tweeting by handing out exclusive prizes to Twitter followers for their loyalty.

Tips To Follow While Promoting Your Restaurant On Twitter

  • Number Of Tweets You In A Day

Due to different time zones, people are always not active on social media. Tweet about twice or thrice in a day about what’s goingon in your restaurants, special offers, tonight’s special, happy hours, and new items that you appended to your menu.

  • Don’t Use More than 2 Hashtags At One Time

Create your unique hashtags to grasp the attention. As per the researches,  1 or 2 hashtags have 21% higher engagement than 3 or more. So, don’t use too many hashtags in your post.

  • Fill Your Tweets With Encouragement

Create appealingtweets-It will help your restaurant business on Twitter to engage more audience!

  • Use Great Headlines

A tweet with the most convincing headlines gets a click. So, always choose impressive and meaningful headlines for your tweets and blog posts.

  • Use Your Pinned Tweet

You can use the same pin on the top of your timeline. This is the first thing that will appear on your profile. This will help you showcase the best tweet first to the audience.


  • Engagement

Create a community of potential customers

  • Recognition

Grow brand awareness throughout the community

  • Leadership

Set-Up your restaurant as a community leader

  • Reputation

Help to protect your status

Restaurants earnestly require the best social media marketing agency to thrive in a competitive local marketplace. The social media marketing agency for restaurants should use various digital marketing channels through which restaurants can attract new customers, engage with existing customers, and drive repeat visits and guest loyalty.

Rankon Technologies is an experienced full-service restaurant social media marketing agency that has competent social media marketing packages and strategies for restaurants of all types. We develop a custom social media marketing plan for restaurants that best aligns with business goals, and then, executes, and optimizes the plan to realise the intended marketing outcomes. We help restaurants get the following by our social media marketing services:

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