Instagram Promotion: How To Get More Followers on Instagram in 2021

Instagram today is known for increasing brand exposure, generating new leads and driving growth in sales. The main purpose of making Instagram was to share images and videos. But with time, it emerged as the world’s one of the most significant platforms for social media marketing. So today we are going to tell you how to get more followers on Instagram with Instagram Promotion. For you as a business owner, you might always possess a heartfelt desire to increase the number of Instagram followers. But might not know the way of doing so. Now you must definitely be wondering about, “How to get more followers on Instagram in 2020”. Given below are the different ways that can drive more followers on your Instagram this New Year.

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What are Instagram Promotions?

Instagram promotion is a process to increase your Instagram followers. Instagram promotion includes non-advertising regular postings that a user wants to convert in to sponsored post for more reach.

Instagram Promotion Vs Instagram Advertising

Both are the ways to increase engagement but there are some differences that we should know before we move forward to learn the ways to increase Instagram followers.

Instagram Promotion

In Instagram promotion, we promote our popular posts to make the reach the heights in terms of likes, comments and share.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising offers better targeting than promotion in terms of leads and conversions.

How Does Instagram Promotion Work?

Instagram promotion can be done through the Instagram mobile app and it’s very easy for people to promote their Instagram posts from mobiles. In other case, Instagram ads need to be done from Facebook ads manager.

Why Should You Use Instagram Promotion in 2021?

Instagram promotion can increase the engagement on your Instagram page. You can expect more followers, engagement, likes, comments and shares if you are using the Instagram promotion right way. The more followers and engagement on your Instagram profile can give you more leads and brand visibility.

Instagram Promotion Strategies to Increase Followers

Given below are the different ways that can increase more followers on your Instagram. Let’s check these ways out!!!
Points In Brief:-
Given below is the summary of the ways to increase Instagram followers for free without using any kind of bad strategies:-

Use Instagram Story Templates To Get More Followers on Instagram


The usage of Instagram story templates helps to make your stories even and complementary to your feed posts. You can choose a unified format and a design style that accolades your brand visual. With these pre-made layouts with graphics, text, or animations you can adorn your every story in a unique style. This strategy helps in getting more followers on your Instagram profile.

Make Use of Hashtags and Location Tags in Your Instagram Stories


Brands nowadays are solely dedicated to making creative, imaginative and eye-catching stories to promote themselves and boost their followers. The use of a geo tag in your Instagram story can let people who search for something related to your niche and reside or work near your office or home can get in touch with you.
If you are really in need of Instagram followers and want to know “ How to increase Instagram followers”, then this is one of the most productive ways to get more followers on Instagram. This is because the stories on Instagram appear on the explore page which not only lets the followers watch your stories but also other people who are near to you to watch your stories.

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Share Selfies To Get More Instagram Followers


People want to get personal whome they follow no matter either it’s a brand, business or product. Therefore, it is important to make your Instagram account as personable and relatable as possible. This would help you to get more followers on Instagram. For this, you can ask your employees to post their selfies, groupfies on your business profile. Along with this, posting a video can be the best way to get better business exposure and grow the number of Instagram Followers. Also, you can make use of a “share to win” strategy, for this, you can commence a selfie contest on Instagram for connecting the audience to your profile.

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Use Instagram Ads to Promote Your Posts To Get More Followers


Instagram is a great marketplace and there’s great competition among brands on this giant platform, with so many brands in front of users, they often get puzzled due to which they aren’t able to choose the brand which they should follow. Therefore, running your own Instagram ad campaign would be helpful for targeting the audience on Instagram and converting your followers into customers. 

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How to Promote Your Posts on Instagram?

Instagram promotion uses some algorithms to determine the audience that is most likely to click on your ads based on campaign motivation.

Instagram Motivation Types

Profile Visits
Website Traffic
Promotion Views

Audience Targeting for Instagram Promotion

Due to Instagram’s popularity, Billions of people use Instagram nowadays. If you are going to use Instagram Promotion then you should target the right audience for your campaign.

Automatic Audience
Local Audience
Manual Audience

Price And Time Scheduling

After when you have decided the right audience for your Instagram promotion. Now, you need to decide the budget and time you want to use Instagram promotion for.

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Promote Your Instagram Content On Other Platforms

Its absolutely the best solution for your question about Instagram Promotion and how to increase more followers. Undoubtedly, Instagram is a prime place to promote your products, connect with your customers, and reach new people within your market. Besides this, promoting your Instagram content on other marketing platforms would be similar to the cherry on a cake. Cross-promoting your Instagram content on other channels is the best way to reach new audiences on different platforms.

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Collaborate With Other Brands


Team up with like-minded and complimentary businesses or brands that can present your profile to a new and engaged audience you might have never reached before. There are many other advantages of collaborating with other brands, some of them are:-

  1. Businesses start approaching you.
  2. Your posts are getting recognized.
  3. You come to “Top Posts”.

But when you are choosing this solution as the answer to your question “How To Get More Instagram Followers”, you must consider some points:-

  1. Understand all requirements before approving
  2. Get everything in writing to avoid any misunderstanding
  3. Always be Professional
  4. Always respond with calmness and politeness.

Cross Promote Your Dedicated HashTag

Promote your chief hashtag to different different platforms. Make sure that this tactic works best offline, therefore you should print this hashtag on banners, pamphlets, receipts, on your signage in your store, etc. With this, you will be able to get recognized with the use of hashtags on their post when applicable. This will drive followers from their page back to your business’ profile.

Remove Unwanted Tagged Photos Of You From Your Profile

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If you only want to feature the best user-generated content about you or your brand on your Instagram profile, you should remove unwanted tagged photos. The major reason behind the presence of unwanted tagged photos is that Instagram doesn’t delete previous comments, tapping on them will take the blocked person to your profile. They will be able to see your profile picture, bio, count of photos, and follower/following count. This strategy will surely help you in getting more followers on Instagram.

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Have Your Unique Instagramming Style To Grow Your Followers


To stand out from the crowd you have to build your unique style. Your instagram style can come either from your unique content, unique stories, and unique picture. Apart from this, there are many other features with which you can get unique Instagramming style:-

  1. Pick A Grid Layout.
  2. Select A Theme.
  3. Pick One Filter and Stick To It.
  4. Look For Color Co-ordination
  5. Always Check the Background of Your Photos.
  6. Make Use of Natural Light
  7. Always Use a Single Border
  8. High- Quality Photos Win

Above given are the different ways through which you can increase your Instagram Followers and make your business reach heights.
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