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How To Create a Blog for Free And Make Money Online in 2020

How to Create a Blog

How To Create a Blog for Free And Make Money Online in 2020

Hello Readers! Hope you guys are safe and healthy during this pandemic. Today we are going to learn how to create a blog for free and make money in 2020. Your mind is home to plenty of ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Some people have amazing viewpoints. But, unfortunately, they don’t have the means to convey their views to the world.

This blog is entirely dedicated and carved for those people that require a platform to present their exemplary knowledge on their favorite niche.

You might have heard about “BLOGS”, you might have seen others writing and earning from“BLOGS”, you might have read others’“BLOGS” or you might have written one of yours.

CERTAINLY, it is a BLOG that can give a productive and progressive direction to the ocean of thoughts residing in your mind.

Here we’ve tried to give you a clear idea about blogging and earning money from your blogs.

How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money in 2020:

Nothing is more soothing in this world than earning money from your passion.

Here are a few golden words by a great philosopher,

Do a work that you love, and you’ll not have to work for a single day for the rest of your life.

How to create a blog

If you want to create a blog that earns millions of visitors every year but has tons of questions in mind like “how to create a blog for free in 2020?”, “What is the best way to create a blog that earns money?”, “Where to create a blog?”, or more, then here’s the step-by-step guide that will give answers to all your queries.

1. Choosing a Blogging Category to Create a Blog

Something about Which You Would Love To Learn and Write About

Some people have interests in doing or learning some particular work, whereas some don’t know which topic to pick.

However, a blogging topic should be the one you don’t get bored off. You don’t have to have a thorough knowledge of the topic, but opt something that you won’t get bored learning about. Some of the niches upon which people write blogs

Categories to start blogging

2. Choose a Domain Name to Create a Blog

“Choose a perfect domain name To give a unique Identification To Your Blog on the Internet

Buying a domain name for the blog is the next step when you go all-out to create a blog.

The domain name would be the identification of your blogs on the Internet. It would be the address from which the readers would get access to your blogs.

Another factor associated with the domain of your blog is the domain extension. It is the last part of the domain name which specifies an Internet category or country code. For Example: .com, .in, .co.uk, etc.

Godaddy domain name search

While it can be tough to get the competitive domain names with .com extension, but you need not lose hope.

As there are more than 486 different domain extensions to choose from and you can choose one that is the perfect match to your blog very easily.

To make the best outputs and earn money from your blog, you should follow the tips given below while selecting a domain name to setup your blog:-


To create a blog with unique identification you will have to pay domain costs approximately $10 per year.

3. Choose a Hosting Company to Create A Blog

To be accessed through the Internet

Website hosting providers provide services and technologies that are needed for the website to be viewed on the Internet.


Once the hosting company hosts your website, readers can access it by typing in your web address (domain name) in their browser. When they do this, their computer joins to the server your website is hosted on.


To create a blog website/site you will have to pay approximately $10 per month for Hosting.


4. Choose Blogging Platforms to Create a Blog

To create a blog website you need blogging software.

A blog platform is a specific form of a content management system. The web address of the blog will end up being long and hard to remember. They won’t allow you to place ads on your blog. This makes it much harder to make money from blogging.

What Are Some Popular Blogging Platforms To Create a Blog For Free?


There are two versions of WordPress. The first is WordPress.com and the other one is WordPress.org. Go through the section below to know the difference between them:-

How to Create a Blog on WordPress in 2020?

WordPress.com is a platform that gives you the ability to create a blog for free at zero investment, you don’t even have to buy a domain to have your blog hosted, instead it gives you a sub-domain like myblog.wordpress.com.

Wordpress to create a blog

Now here a question arises, “ how to create a blog on WordPress” or “how to create a blog page in WordPress”.

To create a blog website on WordPress, all you need to do is download and install the latest version of WordPress and get started with it!

It is one of the most adopted platforms by most of the bloggers due to it’s easy to use the feature. It is well suited for the following types of bloggers:

The most attractive feature of WordPress.com that attracts most of the bloggers is Zero Investment. WordPress offers you many themes that are predesigned and also offers Premium plans which give you the ability to have a custom design of your choice, all these features make WordPress websites best websites to create a blog.

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Some people want to have a self-hosted version to get several customizable themes and to advertiseme and market the products and services of their business.Such people can choose to go with  WordPress.org version.


WordPress.org offers thousands of free themes and a lot more which are to be adopted by a payment basis, to make look and feel more attractive this version provides additional functionality that includes plugins and extensions which makes the blog more dynamic and responsive.

Bloggers for whom this is well suited are:

Note: If you are not much concerned about advertisement and monetary benefits you can go for WordPress.com which will be more cost-effective in that case.


Blogger is owned by Google. It is quite similar to the WordPress platform as it also offers a Zero Investment blogging website with a sub-domain like myblog.blogspot.com.

Publish Your Passions

How to Create a Blog on Blogger for Free?

Now here the question arises, “how to create a blog on Blogger” since Blogger is owned by Google, therefore the question can also be in the form “how to create a blog for free on Google”.

To create a blog website for free on Blogger, you just need to sign in with your Google account and give a few minutes for the setup to complete and you are all set to have your blog go live!

It also offers a premium plan for which you have to pay to enable access to the customized design of your own.

It is suitable for bloggers who blog for fun in their free time and for the ones who love to share their personal experiences.


Tumblr is a well-known blogging platform that is specially designed for bloggers who want to post short content which is referred to as microblogging.

Tumblr for blogging

How to Create a Blog on Tumblr for Free?

If you are a beginner and want to try your skills as a blogger it might become your choice but it limits the length of the content.

It is used in the following field:

Just like WordPress and Blogger, Tumblr also offers a free blogging environment and provides a sub-domain like myblog.tumblr.com, which you can modify but hold on there is a difference most of the customization in designs need to be purchased.


Medium has become one of the most adaptable blogging platforms for bloggers who want their opinion to be recognized and seen by the world concerning certain topics of their choice.

MEDIUM for blogging

How to Create a Free Blog on Medium.com?

If anyone wants to publish a blog on medium, he/she has to create a profile that resembles medium.com/@myname.

This profile name can be used by him/her for posting various content. Medium also gives the ability to hit like and recommend it to their known people which can viral the content within a short period.

The design of the Medium environment for blogs is immutable and even if you want to have a profile to be linked with your content you need to buy this feature.

It can be the first choice for bloggers like:


Drupal is a Content Management Solution just like WordPress. All you need to use Drupal is just need to download and install it from the web.


How to Create a Blog on Drupal for Free?

However, there are a few key differences between WordPress and Drupal which includes the following points:

It is highly recommended for the Bloggers who are highly skilled in Web Development and are well aware of the platform and knows exactly what needs to be done.


Joomla is a relatively powerful and advanced Content Management System from other blogging platforms. It can be a primary choice for bloggers who want to have a flexible environment to express their views.

How to Create a Blog on Joomla for Free?


But with flexible and powerful nature it comes hand to hand with complexity, it requires experience to have smooth handling.

Limited support drove platform and highly expensive, it provides certain free solutions just for a month and after that, you are bound to have paid service to continue the functionality. You even need to purchase the domain name and hosting to make it go live.

It can be opted by the bloggers who are well skilled in Web Development and who have a well-established business who wants to create a brand name of their company.


Weebly is considered as a full-fledged platform for blogging purposes and also to create a fully functional website for a business. It is very handy i.e. ease of use is a well-known feature of this platform.

WEEBLY for blogging

How to Create a Blog on Weebly for Free?

It contains a package of tools that can be dragged and dropped to a specified location on the given web page.

It has several themes thatcan be customized as per the needs of the blogger. It offers a free blogging solution for a certain period and needs to be purchased after that to continue with your blogging passion.

It is well suited for bloggers who find love in sharing their experiences in free time, like hobby bloggers.


Magento is a well-known platform widely used for running an eCommerce website andgiving an environment to create a blog.

MAGENTO for blogging

How to Create a Blog on Magento for Free?

To have Magento opted for blogging purposes you require technical skills like programming capabilities and you should take a good amount of time to learn before starting, it is not that hard to learn. It is wee suited for visionaries who have a goal for the coming years.

It is recommended for:

These were some of the blogging platforms of which you can make use to create your blog. This step-by-step approach is the easiest and best way to create a blog and can help you make money from your blog.

If you have any queries or face any trouble when you start to create your blog, then unhesitatingly contact a premier digital marketing company Rankon Technologies to get the answer to all your queries. We are a leading website development company in India offering best quality website designing services for business at very low prices.

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