Wix SEO: Wix SEO Tips & Myths Related to Wix Platform


Wix SEO: Wix SEO Tips & Myths Related to Wix Platform

All set to launch your website, but wondering how to get one. With website builder platforms like Wix, it has now become easier to get an interactive and user-friendly website. Today, we are going to review Wix SEO and Should You Choose Wix Website in 2021 or not? We will also learn some Wix SEO Tips and Myths related to the Wix platform.

There was a time when Wix was not so popular due to its bad SEO-friendly traits. But as competition has increased in the market and other free website builder platforms have emerged in the market, Wix has improved the SEO aspect of its website and now it has become one of the most user-friendly and promising platforms.

Why WIX SEO Was Considered Bad in Past?

Gone are the days when Wix was considered bad for SEO due to the terrible URL structure, missing Alt attribute, inability to promote title tag. Earlier it was based on a flash platform that was a disaster for SEO. But all these limitations have been fixed back in 2016 and now we have a powerful and SEO-friendly platform for creating a website that could make your online presence more result-oriented. To improve the Wix for beginners now they have added SEO options like canonical URL.

Here we are sharing some of the Wix SEO tips that could help you in making the most from the Wix platform. Here we are sharing how to do SEO for the Wix website without burning holes in your pocket.

A few highlights about Wix are really impressive let’s know those here,

Excellent And Wide Variety Of Wix Templates

We all know that the key competitor of Wix is Squarespace and it has 700 more templates when compared to Squarespace. Wix offers 850 templates that are free of cost to the users. Other competitors have lesser numbers and are mostly paid for further access.

If you choose to learn and place these templates with care, you can surely make your site the most beautiful and get high SEO simultaneously.

When the right amount of photographs with high-quality resolution is put into these templates it will result in a wonderful impact on the readers.

These templates are equipped with good spacing and typefaces. Wondering where to get those high-quality photographs we have been mentioning in the former part? Well, Wix has a widespread library that has the picture collection professionally shot and these can be used for free you have the free access. If you want something

ing from other sites like Shutterstock or videos from other sites Wix provides you with added discounts s a perk and saves you a lot of money three as an added advantage of using the Wix and Wix templates.

These templates are very specific and can cater to the needs of almost all businesses. It is very easy to find the best-suited template for your business. With Wix, you can experience a whole new journey of imagination and beauty that is available for you so easily and handy free of cost.


Wix has Artificial Design Intelligence so it makes it easier for the user to implement and use to build the website you want to create. It helps you put that extra information on your site which it collects through artificial intelligence. All you need is to answer the basic questions about your business. Use these amazing features and experience the whole new comfort that Wix is aimed at creating for its users.

Crawling And Indexing

Wix SEO has a section that helps you to connect with the google search console a free tool that allows you to regularly monitor and troubleshoot the problems encountered due to poor SEO presence on your website. Improvise the site’s presence by filling in the basic details like the title tag on the homepage, etc.

Wix has a formal partnership with google for the google search console hence Wix SEO offers instant visibility of all the home pages of your website that have the homepage pieces of information filled.

The sites that are formed over Wix SEO are guaranteed search engine friendly and will surely be crawled and indexed by the search engines.

Verification Of Your Site

Wix SEO is not confined to Google only and if you wish to use the SEO services completely to boost the site SEO you should make a verification process must while using Wix SEO. Go to the dashboard section on Wix SEO and click on the tools, there exists the verification center you need to simply add up the verification tags that will be used for the wide variety of search engines.

With an instantly prompt platform like Wix SEO, you can expect the error that exists in the verification tag. Hence it is a highly recommendable website creator and visibility provider SEO.

Collaborate with Rankon Technologies and get all this work done at its best by the best experienced SEO team.

12 Certain Tips To Boost Your Wix Website SEO

  1. Try Wix SEO Set-Up Checklist
  2. Use Longtail Keywords
  3. Choose The Right Domain
  4. Write Unique Titles And Descriptions
  5. Make It Mobile Friendly
  6. Submit A Sitemap
  7. Go Local SEO
  8. Structure Your Site
  9. Describe Your Images
  10. Write Valuable Content
  11. Get More Backlinks
  12. Keep It Up

Understanding all these tips in depth is what we will do now further in this read and you would know why SEO is important for a Wix Website.

Wix SEO Review 2023

Here Are Some Quick Wix SEO Tips You Should Know In 2023

Try Wix SEO Wizard

Wix SEO Wizard

The best part about Wix is you don’t have to worry about its optimization and promotion. As the platform offer Wix SEO Wiz, this tool will help you in planning an SEO promotion plan for your website. This works more like a personal assistant, you have to answer a few basic questions and this software will suggest the best SEO plan for the website. Follow the plan and soon your website will be listed on major search engines like Google, and Bing. You don’t have to wait for months to get your website page get indexed and featured on the SERP. Explore the features of SEO Wiz and sharpen your Wix SEO skills.

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Use Long-Tail Keywords for Your Wix Website SEO


The magic of the long-tail keywords works for the Wix platform as well. While framing a long tail keyword, first focus on the keyword that you wish to rank on top. For example, if you want to rank well for the keyword like a veg sandwich, then promoting the phrase veg sandwich might not bring fast results, but if you make it long-tailed with a relevant phrase then things might turn easier for you. Add location names or highlight features such as gluten-free, diet-friendly such keywords are not just easier to promote and rank, but they have more potential to attract visitors to the website.

Domain Selection for Wix SEO

Choosing and investing in the right domain can make your website optimization easier. While selecting the domain name make sure it regularly represents your business. Adding business expertise or location in the domain name can make it more user-friendly and search engine friendly.


Write Unique and SEO Friendly Titles & Descriptions to Improve SEO for Wix Websites

The role and relevance of title and description in SEO is well known and Wix SEO is not an exception. Invest time in creating unique and targeted titles and descriptions for all the web pages. The title and meta descriptions have to be rich in keywords this will help in getting a better rank for the targeted keywords in a small period. Learn what type of meta tags are more promising and how to create a meta title that could support your SEO in the long run and perform well. You just don’t need keyword-friendly titles and descriptions, but it should be catchy and relevant as well and for that, you can hire writers for creating useful titles and descriptions for the web pages.

Make Your Wix Website Mobile-Friendly

Wix Website Mobile-Friendly

One of the best things about the Wix platform is you don’t have to worry about the mobile users as the platform already support a mobile-friendly version of a website. Having a mobile-friendly website is no more an added feature, but it has become a necessity as most online users are now relying on smartphones and tablets for accessing the website. Wix website takes a shorter time to load, as a result, online viewers can access the website easily and quickly. Wix would help you in Designing a Mobile-Friendly Website.

Submit a Sitemap

Sitemap has always been an integral part of SEO and it plays a relevant role in Wix SEO as well. If you have been wondering how to submit the sitemap to Google console, then worry not as Wix SEO Wiz makes it easier to submit the sitemap in just a few clicks. The sitemap helps in understanding how the website pages are connected. It makes website crawling and indexing easier and faster that ultimately improves the SEO of a website.

Go Local SEO

Local SEO Services

If your business or service involves a local market, then focusing on local SEO will help your business is growing. List your business on Google map and local listing websites and connect with the local market. The Wix offers a site booster app that reminds the website owner where to sign up and get more hold over the local market while targeting the global market never underestimate the power of the global market for your business. Focus on the local market through local SEO and target a bigger market.

Wix Website Structure as Per SEO

A well-structured website makes it easier for the search engine to crawl and index the website and at the same time, it is good for users as well. It helps in identifying the pages that are more relevant and pages that need to be revamped to get more visits. A well-structured website has more chance to rank well in comparison to a website that does not pay attention to its page structuring while working On Wix you don’t have to worry about the page structure as Wix website templates are already designed to offer the optimal structure for the website. The template comes up with an intuitive and simple menu that makes navigation easier for the users. The menu is easy to customize. The structuring ensures that users could easily reach the page they want to browse without being puzzled or mislead.

Alt Text to Enhance Wix SEO

A website without images is dull and less interactive. Though visitors find images attractive and informative, yet search engines cannot read or crawl the images and for that, it becomes essential to add text to the image so that search engines could read it. A well-optimized image means more visits. Add descriptive text with targeted keywords to define the image and experience the change that it can bring to your website. Wix made it easier to add alt text to the image with its Alt text pro.

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Content Writing Tips to Improve Wix SEO

Content has always been a major game-changer for the website’s SEO. It is crucial to update the website with relevant and unique content from time to time, it does not just make the website relevant for the users but helps in the website’s optimization as well. Update a blog regularly and add fresh content to the website. Wix blog makes it easier to start a blog, pick the right topic and start sharing fresh and relevant content.

Backlink Building to Improve SEO Rankings for Wix Websites

SEO needs the support of the backlinks. Creating backlinks from a thematic website will improve the website’s ranking. Getting backlinks from authentic websites and improving the ranking, and promoting the website on social media platforms are also helpful. The social media platform makes it easier to share the website and links. Hire an SEO company to do this for you.

Keep It Up

SEO is a never-ending process. So don’t stop after achieving the result but keep updating your SEO plans from time to time, update your website’s design, content and features and stay active in the race. if you are facing any issue then a web design company can help you with website development.

Some Common Questions about Wix Website SEO

Is Wix Good for SEO?

Like all other website builders, Wix also understands how crucial SEO is for the marketing and promotion of the website. Earlier, Wix platform was not SEO friendly and there were many limitations, but the latest version of Wix comes with Wix SEO Wiz that makes SEO of a Wix website easier.

Is WIX SEO Costly?

The reason more and more entrepreneurs are opting for the Wix platform is it has become easy to optimized. With little knowledge of SEO, one can easily manage the SEO of a website or they can hire a professional team for website SEO optimization. There are service providers like Rankon Technologies that excel in Wix SEO and they could manage Wix SEO like a pro and that too at a very affordable price. Visit our SEO Packages now!

Wix Or WordPress Which One Should I Choose?

Wix Or WordPress

The popularity of WordPress is at its peak and other online website builders are putting extra effort to remain in the market. But is also true that the platforms like Wix are gaining popularity among the masses due to their rich features and SEO friendly approach. All in all, Wix can prove beneficial platforms for building SEO friendly, user-friendly and feature-rich websites at an affordable price.

If you have been searching for a Wix website SEO Company to design and promote an SEO plan for your website then Rankon Technologies can be the right partner for you. Request a quote and find out how with professional assistance you can make the most of the Wix platform. Explore Wix SEO review online and learn how opting for the Wix website could make things easier for you.

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Want to Learn About Our SEO Services?

If you are facing some issues with your website like low SEO score, Low SEO Rankings then feel free to contact RankON Technologies to get your Wix website audit now. We also offer Wix website development services for small businesses. Visit our website development packages now!

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