Blue Tick on Instagram: How To Get Instagram Verified Symbol in 2023?

Blue Tick On Instagram

Blue Tick on Instagram: How To Get Instagram Verified Symbol in 2023?

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Instagram Blue Checkmark: What Does it Mean & How to Get Blue Tick on Your Instagram Profile?

In this world full of impersonators, it is important to determine who is genuine and who is fake. Today, we will learn how to get a blue tick on instagram or a blue checkmark on your Instagram profile. There are only a few steps to get your Instagram Verified.

A few decades ago, sharing a simple message seemed to be an uphill task, but the social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have made things exceptionally easy. 

With so many technological advancements, these platforms have become a lot more than the means for sharing photos. Now they are the viable means to generate brand awareness and increase the customer base.

In context to Instagram, we already know that it is a social media platform for growing one’s business and has over 1 Billion active users across the world. But do you know?

With such a great number of users, there increases the risk of impersonation!

You might know or not but a series of trick events were encountered by tricksters to gain popularity on Instagram. Moreover, a huge number of people have even tried to gain revenues by impersonating the accounts of influencers, celebrities, politicians, and other popular faces.

With such a big number of active accounts, it wasn’t possible for Instagram to find out which of these were genuine and fake. Hence, it came up with a Blue Checkmark Strategy to help Instagram users connect to verified, genuine people or businesses and avoid fakes.

Why It Is Important To Have Instagram Blue Tick on Instagram?

Instagram Profile

Let’s start with an example: We all have heard about John Cena, an American Professional Wrestler, Rapper, Actor, and Entertainer. Now John Cena is a single individual, but there are 20’s of Instagram accounts in his name like John Cena Official, John.Cenna, John.cena.fc, etc.

Now, when anyone searches for the real John Cena, he/she might get so many results all portraying themselves as real John Cena. What can help?

Instagram Bluetick beside the Instagram name of John Cena helps determine what his actual account is. From this small blue tick, the true fan of John Cena can identify which account to follow and which one to ignore.

Instagram Verified Badge: The Distinguisher Between Real And Unreal

Indeed, Instagram’s bluetick can be of great importance for the popularity as well as the progress of any business or individual, but unfortunately, it has not received people’s recognition.

As an Instagram Marketing company, we have acknowledged it as our responsibility to spread the word about Instagram Blue Badge. We are contributing hard to make Instagram a safe and secure platform by facilitating users to distinguish between legit and fakes.

Instagram Blue Tick: How Does Instagram Verified Badge Appear?

Instagram Blue Checkmark- Small By Appearance, Big By Significance

Yes, Instagram’s Blue checkmark is a small white-coloured tick having a blue-coloured background. It can be seen just beside the Instagram Name of a business or individual.

Instagram Blue Checkmark- What Are The Advantages of Instagram Verified Badge?

Instagram’s Blue Checkmark is the most effective way to save the account from being impersonated.  It indicates that the identity of the individual or the business is verified and no games or gimmicks are being played at the backend.

Here we have compiled the comprehensive benefits of Instagram Blue Sticker. Let’s have a glance at them:

Proves That You Are Real

As said above, Instagram blue sticker validates the legitimacy of a brand or an individual. It proves that you are real, ending up the game of fakes.

John Cena
An Effective Way to Adding On Your Followers

Seeing your account verified, more and more followers will be catching you up. On one hand, where it will be an opportunity for them to connect to a real person, on the other hand, it will be a chance for you to increase the follower count.

Protect Your Brand from Impersonators

Rather than finding a unique edge in themselves, the world wants to become like one how is successful. Taking inspiration and imitating someone are two completely different things. The Instagram Blue verified logo helps you get an edge over your impersonators by showing your legitimacy to the world.

Strengthens the Trust Factor

It is said that the first impression is the last impression. By having a blue verified logo beside your name on Instagram, you will be gaining your followers’ trust in the first place.

Greater Approach

 Seeing a business to be genuine, more and more businesses will want to collaborate with you and get connected to your network.

Instagram Blue Tick: What Are the Requirements to Get Instagram Verified Symbol?

The best aspect of the Instagram blue verified symbol is that not anyone can opt for it!

It has some limitations and certain eligibility criteria which an individual or business has to qualify to be entitled to the badge.

The Account Must Be Real and Authentic

The blue checkmark on Instagram is only given to a real individual or business. The business should be up and running whereas the individual should be in existence.

The Account Must Be Unique

The account that can be given a blue tick mark on Instagram should be unique, which eventually means it should be handled by a particular single person or business.

The Account Must Be Unrestricted

The Instagram account must be open to all and can’t be private to get verified.

The Account Must Be Complete

The Instagram account should be complete means; it should have a profile photo, bio, and at least one post in the feed to get your Instagram verified quickly.

The Account Must Be Prominent

Not any random person is entitled to an Instagram Bluetick. To get a verified Instagram profile, your Instagram account should have greater search rates.

Instagram Blue Tick: How to Get My Profile Verified on Instagram?

The process to get a blue tick on Instagram is simple and clear. All you have to do is, follow these steps and you will see the next blue verified logo next to your Instagram name:

To Your Account

The first step in the process to attain Instagram Blue Tick Verified Badge is that you have to log in to your Instagram account.


You can apply for the Instagram Blue-Tick verification Symbol by tapping on the menu button located in the top right corner for Settings. Here are the steps to apply for a blue tick on Instagram.

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How To Apply For a Blue Tick on Instagram ?

You can apply for the Instagram Blue-Tick verification Symbol by tapping in the menu button located in the top right corner for Settings. Here are the steps to apply for Instagram Bluetick Badge.

Go to Setting to Apply for Instagram Bluetick Badge

Tap the Account

Account in Setting Dashboard

Tap Request Verification

Instagram Account View

Now in the Account Section, tap on Request Verification to apply for Instagram Blue Tick Badge.

Fill the Details
Instagram verification Process

Once you will click on the Request Verification, you will have to give some information that includes:

Full Name: Enter your full name as mentioned in your Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, or any other identity proof approved by the Government of your country.

Known As: In this section, you have to enter your popularly used name-it can be anything your nickname, your last name, or anything else!

Category: Depending on the genre of your Instagram account or based on the content you post on your Instagram, select the category. You can choose from any of the categories that include news, media, fashion, food, etc.

Upload The Documents: The next step in the process is to upload the government-issued documents. It can be anything from your Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, or any other document.

Press the Send Button

Once you’re done with all the formalities, tap on the send button. After a period of few days, you will be informed whether or not your Instagram Verification request has been approved.

What Happens When Your Instagram Bluetick Application Gets Disapproved?

Like any other application, your Instagram Blue Badge verification application can either pass or fail. If passed, then CONGRATULATIONS!!

But unfortunately, if it gets failed then what you should do?

First of all, you must not get disheartened, if your Instagram Bluetick application gets disapproved. Secondly, you have to follow these do’s and don’ts to be verified for Instagram Bluetick.

Do’s And Don’ts To Follow For Instagram Verified Symbol

Things To Do When Applying For Instagram Bluetick Verification

Fill the Bio

Many times Instagram users leave the place for Bio blank. This shouldn’t be done! When applying for Instagram Bluetick, you need to make sure you have Instagram Bio filled.

Be On Press

Instagram Bluetick verification works well for agencies or individuals that are on the news bulletin. It readily recognizes the popular and newsworthy people or businesses and turns them Instagram bluetick approved.

Grow Your Following on Instagram

Increasing the number of followers is an optimal way to increase your success probability in the verification for the Instagram  Bluetick process.

Post-Unique and Striking Content

Posting videos and photos by taking ideas from others or copying others’ content will not make your game. To be notable, you require a unique idea that catches the interest of others.

Optimize Your Presence

An optimized presence means you remain visible to others when they are online. To do this, you will need to initiate the grooming process of your Instagram account. You can do this by increasing your website’s visibility on the Internet and by optimizing your account on other social media platforms.

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Things To Not Do When Applying For Instagram Bluetick Verification Badge

Instagram Bluetick Verification Badge

Don’t Take Shortcuts

There is no shortcut to getting Instagram Blue Badge. If you think you will spend few bucks to buy followers and then get verified for the bluetick then forget it! The IG team will never accept your application.

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Don’t Promote Other Platforms on Bio

The Instagram bio is meant to give your introduction or your business’ introduction and not to promote other social media channels. With links to other social media platforms on the Instagram Bio, your application is likely to get rejected. So don’t make this mistake!

Adhere To Instagram Rules

Instagram have some rules related to the user’s account. Adhering to these rules and community guidelines will increase the success of your Instagram Bluebadge application.

What To Do To Save My Followers Until My Instagram Account Doesn’t Get Verified?

Many-a-times it is seen that users apply for Instagram Bluetick but their request constantly gets rejected. During this duration, impersonators continue to steal their followers by portraying themselves like them.

By the time, you don’t receive your Instagram Blue Badge, and you see someone imitating you then you can Report the IG team about this fake account.  You can fill the form that reports for the impersonated accounts. In response to this report, the IG team takes stringent actions against the impersonators.

In this entire process, your identity will be kept concealed until and unless it is a matter related to Intellectual Property. Hence, you can rest assured of your security when reporting against impersonators.

Does Facebook Also Have A Verification Badge Like Instagram Bluetick?

Being the world’s biggest social media platform, Facebook also has Bluetick Verification Badge. There are certain eligibility criteria that a user needs to pass to get the Facebook Blue Verified Badge. The account also needs to be authentic, complete, notable, and unique.

To apply for a Blue Verified badge on Facebook one needs to fill a “Request a Blue Verification Badge” form. After filling in the details, the user will need to submit the government-authorized photo identification document which can be a passport, license, etc. In case it is a business, the phone or utility bill will be submitted.

Final Words

In this era of social media, it has become immensely easy to gain popularity. While it is true that social media helps build a positive image, it is also true that it can degrade anyone’s image in no time. In this world of competition when everyone is striving to stay ahead of the competitors, many people and businesses are more into searching for shortcuts than building their ways.

You need to be immensely cautious of such people and businesses that are striving to make profits off your umbrella of popularity. As an Instagram Marketing Agency, we highly recommend you to apply for Instagram Bluetick and Facebook Instagram to keep your account safe and secure.

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