How to Make Money from Instagram in India | 2024 Guide!

How To Make Money From Instagram In India 2023 Guide!

How to Make Money from Instagram in India | 2024 Guide!

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How to make money from Instagram? It is a question that we get to hear from a big number of people daily. Today, we are going to learn the New Year Plan to Make Money from Instagram in India. 

While some want to know how to increase the Instagram followers count, some want to know about Instagram payments. Are you also having similar questions? If so you’re at the right place.

With 180 Million users, Instagram is the third-most used social media platform in India (you will be surprised to know that the number is greater than the sum of the population of the four US states).

With so many users on the platform, it is quite understandable that there will be a big number of creators as well.  We would like to inform you that the country is home to lacs of content creators. But what’s enticing these creators to post content on Instagram?

Is it fame, is it money, is it influence, or is it all of these? So, the answer to this is pretty obvious! Content Creators get a nice blend of popularity, power, and money from Instagram by posting their content in the form of Reels, Stories, IGTV, and more.

While power and popularity come up with the increasing number of followers, Instagram also gives monetary benefits to creators for creating content on its platform.

Very recently, Instagram announced that by the end of 2024, it is planning to invest $1 Billion to give creators a new way to earn money for the content they create for Facebook or Instagram.

Stunned after hearing this?

Well, everybody gets so! Want to know how to earn money from Instagram? Here’s everything you need to know!

Can We Earn Money from Instagram? If Yes, How Much!

Earn Money from Instagram

When it comes to how to earn money on Instagram, Instagram followers count matters the most!

The more the number of followers, the bigger amount Instagram pays for the Instagram post. If you are eager to know how much does Instagram pays, then here’s the detailed elaboration: 

Less than 10K followers on Instagram

People having Instagram followers count less than 10K, they may expect to make $88 per post. However, there are other ways like partnering with a brand, sponsored posts, IGTV ads, and more by which you may earn money.

Less than 100K followers on Instagram

When you’re in the game of earning from Instagram, you would love to know that when you are in the swing to achieve 100K followers, brands will start messaging you automatically.

Hence you may indirectly earn money from Instagram by connecting with these brands. Other than that, they get around $200 for each post on Instagram.

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Less than 1000K Followers on Instagram

While to have such a big Instagram follower count can be like a dream turn into reality. However, for this big follower count, the Instagram Blue Checkmark can be necessary. Instagrammers with such a big number of Instagram followers may expect to make $670 per post.

How to Earn Money from Instagram in India?

Girl making video

Posting content on Instagram can be immensely rewarding.

Want to know how?

On one hand, there is a direct way through which Instagram rewards creators for posting content on its platform, on the other hand, there are indirect ways that are used to earn from Instagram. Let’s learn  them in detail:

Ways to Make Money from Instagram in India

Partner with a Brand

As a content creator, you can partner with a brand to endorse its products and services.  You may make sponsored content to introduce the shoppers to the products and services they offer.

Having a big follower base, you can make huge money. However, there are certain restrictions for sponsored content that you will need to follow before posting it.

Another way how to earn money from Instagram is to promote affiliate links. You can promote other people’s products and services to earn a commission.

Every sale would work to help you make significant commissions like about 5-10%. There are thousands of content creators in India that are making Instagram money by affiliate marketing.

Selling Products

Over 300 million Instagram users visit an Instagram Business Page after seeing a post in their feed.

Now you can increase your sales and profits with an Instagram store and create new and engaging opportunities for your products through your digital footprint.

If you’re a manufacturer or a distributor of clothes, furniture, accessories, etc. you can make use of Instagram to sell products and gain money from your follower base.

However, for this, you will first have to set up the Instagram Business Account and create your Free Online Store. Once there will be your Instagram store product catalog, you can promote it by making your products shoppable.

Fan Membership & Exclusive Content

Various platforms let you earn money from the number of subscribers you have.

You can earn by giving the link of these platforms on your Instagram Bio, or in the videos you post.

Moreover, you can conduct a giveaway contest where you can set the eligibility criteria as a member of these platforms.

Consulting Services

Having a big number of followers automatically means you have become an influencer.

Now you can utilize your experience and stature to help other people increase their follower base, optimize profiles, or earn money from Instagram.

You can conduct one-on-one consultation sessions with the potential influencers and also earn money by determining a charge for consultation.


IGTV Ads have gained immense popularity in a really short time. They are short 15 seconds video ads that are shown to audiences by opening IGTV videos in their feed.

You can earn money from Instagram by producing the content you produce.  By monetizing the content, you can earn from brands by producing content for their products and services.

The amount you will earn will depend on the views your videos produce which is called Monetizable Plays.


Badges are the act or way of supporting content creators by the supporters. When you run an Instagram Live, your supporters will purchase a badge.

Once they purchase it, you will be notified with a popped heart. You can check out the total number of badges purchased and your revenue during or after the life.

Licensed Videos and Photographs

Once you become an influencer on Instagram, brands will approach you for videos and photos.  You can use your license to demand fees from the brands.

However, this idea is not much viable, the terms of Instagram clearly state that `they have non-exclusive, fully paid, royalty-free and transferable worldwide license to use user’s content.

A Few Influencers That Make Good Earnings From Instagram

A girl make reel

Instagram is home to lacs of content creators across the world.

While some become successful in the start itself, some get to receive Instagram payments after some time. However, there are some giants in the field that have broken all the records of making money from Instagram.

Not just do they get paid for Instagram posts but also for having a top Instagram followers count. A few big names that are thriving over Instagram include:

Top Influencers That Get Highest Paid for Instagram Posts In The World


The real test of your question that “Does Instagram Pay Money?” is here.

Here enclosed are a few names that are actually making a big money from Instagram. Other than this, if your question is, “Does Instagram pay for posts?”, then we have enclosed the money they receive from each Instagram post.

Christiano Ronaldo$619,497- $1M
Dwayne Johnson$504,790- $841,317
Kylie Jenner$491,789-$819,648
Ariana Grande$500,077 – $833,461
Selena Gomez$483,972- $806,620
Make money from Instagram

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Top Influencers That Get Highest Paid for Instagram Posts In India

Not just in other countries, there are so many personalities in India that are making big money on Instagram from their Instagram posts.

Some of the names of Indian Instagrammers making the biggest money and having a big number of followers include:

Priyanka Chopra$2,99,09,451
Virat Kohli$5,04,67,560
Shraddha Kapoor$1,18,91,493
Alia Bhatt$1,22,68,886
Deepika Padukone$1,24,47,675
Instagram Earning

Want to Know More About Making Money from Instagram? Get in Touch!

Make money on instagram

So, you see Instagram has grown bigger than a mere social media platform, it has become a major source to earn money. If you’re willing to earn money from Instagram, then get advice from experts at RankON Technologies.  

Other than this, you can get highly experienced and skilled Instagram marketing servicesFacebook Marketing Services, YouTube Marketing services, and more. For better information or to know more about our digital marketing services, visit our website today.

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