Money Earning Apps In India

Money Making Apps India: Real Money Earning Apps That Pay You Cash in 2022

The Covid 19 Outbreak has hit India’s economy harshly than ever. Thousands of businesses stopped, millions of people became jobless and inflation showed its fierce form. In such a disastrous financial dominion, money earning apps in India have given a sigh of relief to a big number of individuals. Want to know more about real money making apps? Let’s get started!

In such a huge population and amidst such a raging competitive realm, earning money has become a struggle. Today there are multiple folds of applications than the job openings making it extremely difficult to earn money.

Amidst this outspread unemployment and inflation setting, money earning apps have given the opportunity to individuals to grow their pockets. Today lacs of businesses, as well as individuals in India, thrive due to the opportunities engrossed from money earning apps.

Want to know everything about money making apps? Want to gain the perks of money making apps? If so, you’re at the right place!

What Is A Money Making App
What is a Money Making App?

What Is A Money Making App?

The simplest definition of money earning app ever is that it is an online platform that helps their users earns real money by different means. Depending on the idea and the foundation upon which the app is laid, individuals need to work and simply earn online.

Who Can Be Benefitted From Money Earning App
Who Can be Benefitted From Money Making App?

Who Can Be Benefitted From Money Earning App?

Money making apps are for all. They’re unbiased of age, sex, educational background, financial status, and more. No matter you’re an already working professional who wants to generate a side income, a house maker that has much free time to be utilized, or a college student who doesn’t want to remain dependent upon his/her parents for additional expenses, you can be benefitted from money earning app. You can utilize it for:

  • Full-Time Business Opportunities
  • Part-Time Business Opportunities
  • Leisure Time Earning
  • Emergency Earning
How To Earn Money From A Money-Making App
How to Earn Money from A Money Making App?

How To Earn Money From A Money-Making App?

Before you know how to earn money from a money-earning app, you need to select the app for earning money. You need to go through various options available and then pick the app that maps to your skills, interests, and availability of time.

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Once you will find the app that allows you to utilize your skills ad work according to your requirements, you can simply download that app from Play Store. Sign Up on it and get started.

The Best Money-Making Apps In India
The Best Money Making Apps in India

The Best Money-Making Apps In India

Money Earning Apps For Sports Enthusiasts
Money Earning Apps for Sports Person

Money Earning Apps For Sports Enthusiasts

Dream 11

> Dream 11

Dream 11 is an extremely popular fantasy sports manager money earning application in India that enables the users to make their cricket, football, basketball, or any other team and send them in the competition to fight with the teams of other creators. While everyone can not afford to buy real players like in IPL, Dream 11 lets intrigued individuals buy the team of their choice virtually and gain significant bucks. However, interested users must know that it is completely based on luck and also require some planning and execution to win the game. Go try your luck!

Money Earning Apps For College Students
Money Earning Apps for College Students And Education Field

Money Earning Apps For College Students, Tutors, Business Owners & Homemakers

Google Opinion Rewards

> Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a money-earning app developed by the Google surveys team that runs a reward-based program to optimize the products and services offered by Google. It helps the customers earn money by filling the surveys.


> MooCash

MooCash is another money-earning app that asks you to engage in some activities like watching videos, playing games, filling surveys, and more. The app also offers you to earn in Cryptocurrency.

Roz Dhan

> Roz Dhan

Among all other Indian money earning apps, Roz Dhan is highly popular. With more than 2.5 crore users, it has become the favourite app for Indians.  The app gives Rs 50 just for logging in for the first time. Thereafter, it offers Rs 30 for doing a few activities as a new user.
It lets the users earn money on daily basis by participating in various activities that include surveys, playing games, reading news, and more. The earned money gets credited to the user’s Paytm wallet from where it can be withdrawal easily.


> UserFeel

UI/UX has never been more significant than it is today. In order to put the real opinions of users to the table, the user feel app was formed. It tells about the website’s UI/ UX by taking into consideration the opinion of real users. For this, it asks users to carry out various tests to determine whether or not the website is actually good. To do this, users can earn up to $10 per site on their PayPal account.


> mCent

mCent is again one of the most popular money-earning apps in India that helps you to earn money for recharge purposes. All you need to do is signup for a new account, after which you will be asked to install some apps on your phone. It pays for watching the video ads and inviting friends to install and use the app.


> GooglePay

Besides simplifying the payment transfer, Google Pay has emerged as a noticeable money-earning platform. There are plethora of benefits of using Google Pay. On transferring an amount via Google Pay, customers may expect to get rewards, cashback, and other offers.


> Meesho

Meesho is an online reselling platform that puts entrepreneurial opportunities for interested individuals. Depending on their preferences, Meesho makes products from different categories accessible to customers at wholesale prices. The next step after gaining access to products, users need to share them across their network via social media platforms, and email, various messaging platforms, and more and then, they may opt to sell them keeping marginal profits.

U Speak We Pay

> U Speak We Pay

This is again one of the most popular apps to earn money online. All does the user needs to do to earn money through this app is to select the preferred language, read aloud the text displayed on the screen, and that’s it. In this way, they can earn a significant amount of money using the U Speak We Pay app.


> Cointiply

With the raging popularity of cryptocurrency, Cointiply has emerged as the platform to earn bitcoins. All do the user needs to do is play games, watch videos, complete tasks, complete offers, share your opinions, and earn coins.

App Trailer

> App Trailer

With over 1 Million Downloads on PlayStore, App Trailers has become one of the most viable platforms for earning money online. In this app, you can earn points by watching some videos. The points attained can then be converted into PayPal and Gifts Cards.

> OnMyWay

Say no to texting and yes to money. OnMyWay is the only online earning platform that lets you earn gift cards, cash cards, travel, raffles, and more just by not using the mobile phone while driving. It gives an opportunity to earn upto $.05 for every mile you drive and not text.


If you see there is a potential in cryptocurrency, funds, and stocks and would like to invest in them, can be an option for you. It is an online platform that lets you earn dimes and leverage the perks of this booming market.


> Fundrise

Get returns from real estate market using the highly powerful and proven app, Fundrise. The app is meticulously curated taking into concern the potential of the real estate market and blending it with smart technology. Using the Fundrise app, you can create your account, choose your portfolio strategy and see your investment funds booming through your selected strategy.


> Airbnb

Founded on August 1st, 2008, Airbnb is an online marketplace connecting travelers with the local host. The platform enables people to list their available spaces and earn extra income. Airbnb offers free listings to own property owners and lets travelers browse the listed spaces and select the one which best suits their needs.


> Shopkick

Get reward points for everything you purchase! Shopkick is one of the most popular money earning apps that lets you buy earn gift cards at home, in-store and on the go. In a very short span, Shopkick has attained enormous popularity. Today, millions of people used Shopkick every day to explore new products, plan shopping trips and earn rewards while shopping in-store or online.


> Rakuten

Rakuten helps you get cash back and rewards points by shopping from your favorite store. It is so easy to get started with Rakuten. All you need to do is, Sign Up for a free account in less than 30 seconds, start shopping on Rakuten and see your Cash Back balance grow, and then get paid via cheque or PayPal.


> Dosh

Dosh is online money earning app that gets you automatic cash back when shopping, dining or booking hotels. All you need to do is simply download the app and pay through your desired means that including Venmo or Jelli. The store encompasses 10,000 places where the user may opt for cashback. The Dosh is immensely safe for all users. It is committed to consumer privacy, doesn’t store any credit or banking information, and uses bank-level security to ensure your data remains safe.

Fetch Rewards

> Fetch Rewards

Redeem special offers by buying popular brands, referring friends, and submitting e-receipts. The Fetch Rewards money earning app lets you earn points digitally on any receipt on any store or restaurant, enjoy extra points, and grab special offers.

Urban Sitter

> Urban Sitter

Urban Sitter is a trusted money earning app that lets you earn money by working as a full-time, part-time, or occasional caregiver. Other than this, it opens various opportunities to earn money by becoming a tutor, virtual babysitter, pet care, senior care, and more. All you need to get started with Urban Sitter is to Create a Profile, Apply and accept jobs, Get Paid & keep 100%.


> Rover

For those who love pets, Rovers can be an app for you! Now you can indulge in a job where you can earn money while being surrounded by adorable pets. Rover engages you in a variety of works that includes Boarding, House Sitting, Drop-In Visits, Doggy Day Care, and Dog Walking. All you need to do is create your profile, accept requests and get paid.


> Wonk

Wonk is India’s first tutor discovery & booking app. The app works to bridge the gap between millions of students/parents and tutors. It is the best money-earning app for college students who want to become self-dependent and meet their additional expenses without being a burden on their parents. Interested candidates can receive online bookings for personal tuition, group tuitions and mock tests.

Money Earning Apps For Gamers & Gaming Enthusiasts
Money Earning Apps for Gamers

Money Earning Apps For Gamers & Gaming Enthusiasts


> Loco

For those who are infatuated with gaming, Loco is the platform for you. The app aims to build the future of Indian Gaming Entertainment. It is the platform where you can work upon your gaming passion by gaining significant bucks. Live streaming of games is the revenue source for this app.


> Mobile Premier League

MPL is India’s biggest gaming arena that allows users to withdraw their wins with UPI,   Amazon Pay, and Bank Transfer. It lets gamers play, win and unlock amazing rewards and Cash. Other than this, users may earn money by referring the app to their friends and family and earn cash every time they join the app.


> Mistplay

Earn while playing games. Launched in the year 2016, since then the app has been downloaded over 10 Million times and has spent over 9Million USD in rewards. The philosophy of Mistplay is quite straightforward. All you need to do is earn more points, redeem points for awesome rewards, chat and meet new ones, introduce your friends to Mistplay and earn more.


> Bananatic

Again an online earning mobile app for gamers-it allows you to play & test games, collect bananas and receive rewards. Other than this, it allows you to exchange the collected bananas for real prizes, games and prepaid, CSGO skins, steam wallets, Paysafecard, and more.


> Gamehag

The money-earning policy of this mobile app is pretty simple. All do the customer needs to do is collect soul gems and exchange them for rewards. Start collecting your Soul Gems now!

Playtest Cloud

> Playtest Cloud

Playtest mobile games and earn money! Playtest Cloud is a mobile earning app that helps you earn money by testing games at different phases that includes prototyping, development, soft launch, and after release. Earning with Playtest Cloud starts almost immediately. All you need to do is, sign up, pass the qualification test, retake the qualification (if failed), and simply earn money.

Money Making Apps That Offer Jobs Based On Skills
Money Making Apps That Offer Jobs

Money Making Apps That Offer Jobs Based On Skills


> Fiverr

Fiver is again one of the most popular money earning apps for businesses. It allows the customer to earn money by grabbing the free-lancing gigs by providing various services that include Logo Designing, Website Development, Voice Over, Video Explainer, SEO, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, and much more.


> TaskRabbit

Now earn money by fulfilling the packing and moving needs of individuals. From assembling a desk, mounting a TV or mirror, moving boxes via trucks, cleaning bathroom & kitchen, fixing a running toilet, office/home delivery, lifting furniture upstairs, and planting flowers, you can gain money through any of these means using the TaskRabbit.


> Upwork

It is Freelancers’ one-stop success destination. It helps the users meet a talented fleet of professionals and get things done. A few reasons why businesses turn to Upwork include proof of quality, no upfront costs, safety and security. Besides, it is a great platform for individuals searching for jobs. On Upwork, individuals get full freedom to meet the clients they’re excited about and help their business to reach new heights.

Do Money-Making Apps Really Work
Does Money Making Apps Really Work?

Do Money-Making Apps Really Work?

Yes, a money-making app not only works but works immensely well. There are lacs of businesses and millions of individuals utilizing the perks of mobile earning apps. They are a good medium of cash inflows and also provide part-time as well as full-time employment.

How To Find A Money-Making App Legit
How to Find A Money Making App?

How To Find A Money-Making App Legit?

Before you turn to an online money earning app to earn money,  you need to stay cautious of its legitimacy. You can do this by:

  • Looking for legitimate reviews
  • Watch the Download Count
  • Look for App Publish, Update Date and Submissions
  • Observe Screenshot and Reviews
  • Check the Permissions
  • Download the app directly from the website
  • Check for app and developer name

Want to know more about money making apps in India? Talk to us!

So, these were some of the popular money earning apps in India that can help you gain plenty of bucks. If you have any questions, or queries about how to earn money from these apps, then without making any delays, consult the experts at Rankon Technologies. Other than this, if you need any sort of mobile app development or website development services, then consider connecting with our experts today.

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