Hotstar Ads Guide: How To Advertise on Hotstar in India in 2024

Hotstar Ads Guide

Hotstar Ads Guide: How To Advertise on Hotstar in India in 2024

Want to run Hotstar ads for your business in 2024? Ever been stuck on an advertisement while watching your favourite serial, movie, or cricket match on HotStar? Didn’t you ever want to explore more about the product, brand, or service you discovered on Hotstar? If this has happened to you, then this might have happened with millions of others using Hotstar.  Well, that’s the power of Hotstar Advertising- To drive a more engaged audience to a business.

Before we start, just a simple question how many hours do you spend watching your favourite series, movie, tv serial, or a cricket match on online streaming platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, or Netflix?

According to Economic Times, Indian Smartphone users on average spend over 1.1 hours consuming entertainment content every day on platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and NetFlix.

While in western countries there’s raging popularity of Netflix and Amazon Prime, in India, Hotstar is undoubtedly an over-the-top streaming channel.

Now that you know the impact of Hotstar on people’s minds, let us understand what it takes to advertise on Hotstar.


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Advertise on Hotstar in India: Let’s Get Started!

Hotstar Ads

Are you searching for a better online platform to advertise or promote your products or services? Do you want to reach engaged users or do you want to gain more traffic by running ads?

 Try Hotstar and you will definitely get the results you’re seeking.

Besides this, it is pretty simple to advertise on Hotstar.

You can get started with your Hostar Ads in less than a few minutes you spend shopping for a gift for your girlfriend. Well, but to be so swift, you will need to have this Hotstar Advertising guide handy.

So, before you dive straight into our Hotstar Advertising guide and the costs to advertise on Hotstar, we would like to abreast you on some of the merits of advertising on Hotstar in India.

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Hotstar Advertisements in India are worth a shot! Let’s see how!

Hotstar Advertising
  •  Helps Reach an Engaged Audience

With Hotstar you get will get Viewability 95%, Brand Safety 100%, Completion Rate 90+%

  • Generate Brand Awareness
Hotstar Ads Campaign

With millions of audiences watching serials, cricket matches, etc. Hotstar is the best platform to generate Brand Awareness.

  • 30+ Shows with watch time greater than 30 minutes

Hotstar popularity is soaring at an exponential rate. There are 30+ shows on Hotstar with watch time greater than 30 minutes.

  • Target customers based on age, demographics, location, and interest

Hotstar lets you target an audience based on a range of factors like age, location, gender, etc.

  • Showcase your brand on popular TV shows, movies, live sports, and more

Not just serials, the audience prefers watching movies, live sports, etc. on Hotstar.

  • Choose from a wide range of ad formats

There is a range of advertising formats on Hotstar. Advertise the way you want!

  • Starting advertising costs on Hotstar is very low

If you think Hotstar is just for large-scale business owners, then you’re wrong! Starting advertising costs on Hotstar is very low and you can invest more in Hotstar advertising as you grow.

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How does it make sense to Advertise on Disney Hotstar? Hotstar Ads Targeting Options

Well, if you think you have other means to increase your customer base, then why should I invest in Hotstar advertisements, then the next few minutes will completely change your thoughts! Want to know how? Let’s get into it!

Get the audience you need for your business

  • Get Tailored Audience for your Business

If you already have a giant customer base, then you can retain those customers and drive sales for your business by advertising on Hotstar.

  • Get Dupes or Lookalike Audience For Your Business

Need more customers similar to your existing potential customers? Hotstar Ads are the way to knock similar audiences.

Get the audience of the desired demographic

  • Target customers based on location

Hotstar lets you run advertising campaigns in the desired city, state, or country.

  • Target customers based on age and gender

Hotstar lets you showcase your business advertisements to the people of desired age and gender.

  • Target customers based on Language

Through Hotstar advertisements, target the customers based on your language preferences.


Get the customers with the right interest

  • Invest in Interest-Based Targeting advertisements on Hotstar

People more into travel would never like clothing advertisements! Hotstar understands this well and lets you target customers based on their interests like food, travel, shopping, etc.


Context-Based Targeting With Hotstar Ads

  • Target Customers Based on Content

Suppose you’re a seller of sports equipment, then Hotstar lets you target customers interested in watching matches.

Content target
  • Target Customers Based on Specific Device, Model, or Network

An android mobile phone user would never show interest in Apple accessories. Hotstar helps you show your ads to people with a specific device, model, or network.

Hotstar Device Selection

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Disney Hotstar provides a range of ad formats to help the business owner select from. These ad formats are categorized into two parts. These are:

  1. Display Ads

 These ads are static banners that are positioned below the home page. There is more than one display ad available at a time. When you set up a display ad, it is shown on the full-screen display for 10 seconds with background music.

Types Of Display Ads in Hotstar


When you want your brand to achieve vigorous exposure and faster reach, Billboards ads can work. It can also help to gain more views and traffic to your website or app. These ads can be shown on iOS, Android, and Windows and are available in 2 variations i.e. static and video.

Hotstar Advertising Campaign


Suppose you are up with a launch of an app and you require more and more people to install it, then native ads can work to fill the purpose. This will take the user straight to your website. These ads are supportable by users of iOS, Windows, and Android and are available in 3 variations i.e Static, Carousel, and Instream Display.

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  • Video Ads:

Video ads are the second main category of ad formats to choose from. These ads can be 6 to 60 seconds long and can arise anywhere when the user is streaming something. These are further classified into two types.  They are:

  • Pre-Roll Ads

It is generally placed at the beginning of a video that is being streamed. Time Duration 6 to 60 seconds -best for teasers showcasing offers, the launch of new products, and other related information which needs to be shown to customers. It is supportable by iOS, Android, or Windows users.

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  • Mid-Roll Ads

 These sorts of ads can be 10-60 seconds long and are placed anywhere in the show without the option to skip. They are best for story-telling and attracting customers. These are also supportive to iOS, Windows, and Android users and are available in 4 variations, namely, Long Form Ads, Carousel Ads, Lead Gen Ads, and Webview.

Mid Roll Ads

Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads can be used to increase your brand awareness. When you want to deliver a short message that needs to be immediately responded to.

Bumper Ads


It is used to display midroll ads on Hotstar in an interactive way. Also, it can be used to show multiple details related to a particular product or service.


Here’s the step-by-step guide to start advertising on Hotstar. Follow the steps below to get started with your first Disney Hotstar Advertising Campaign.

  • The foremost step to begin advertising on HotStar is to visit Hotstar Ad serve. As you will enter the homepage of the website, you will see a button with “Advertise on Hotstar” written on it. Click on the button to get started with your first Hotstar Ad Campaign.
Hotstar Advertising Campaign
  • When you will click on “Advertise on Hotstar”, you will be redirected to a page with the Sign-Up option. Sign-up if you are not having a Hotstar account, otherwise log in with your credentials.
login page
  • Once you will create your new account or log in with existing credentials, you’ll get to see various steps involved in advertising on Hotstar.
login page
  • In the first step, you will get to enter your “Campaign Details” wherein you will have to choose the category for your ad like travel, food, entertainment, food, etc.

Secondly, you will have to choose the objective for your ad. Brand Awareness, Traffic, and Impact are the three objectives you can choose from.


Choose Brand Awareness if you’re launching a new product or service.

Choose Traffic if you want a great number of visitors on your website.

Choose Impact if you want greater exposure in a short time.

Also, fill in the details like the name of your campaign, brand name, etc.

  • In the second step, choose from the various sorts of Ad formats as mentioned above. For your convenience, here repeating the different types of Ad Formats to advertise on Hotstar. This includes:

Pre Roll

Mid Roll

In-Stream Display

Native Frames Ad

Spotlight Stubs Ad

  • In the next step, determine the ad set for your Hotstar ad Campaign.  This Includes:

Display Ads:

  • Billboard
  • Native Image

Video Ads:

  • Bumper
  • Mid Rolls
  • Carousel
  • Lead Gen
  • Now that you have selected the Ad format and ad placement,  select the demographics and your geographic location. After this, select the device price range and the mobile carrier. 
  • In the last step, state the dates when you want your Hotstar campaign to be live and the frequency which means, how many times your Hotstar Ad will be shown. Also, in this step, you will have to determine the desired pricing model for your Hotstar campaign.
  • Hotstar Advertising Costs: For both video and display ads there are separate pricing models.

Hotstar Advertising Costs- Cost to Run Video Ads:  

The cost to run Hotstar Ads can be given is dependent on two pricing metrics i.e. Cost Per Impressions (CPM) or Cost Per Completed Views (CPCV). The price is defined for the ad of 10 seconds and could raise according to the length of the video.

CPM- Cost Per 1000 Impressions is a metric that states that the impression will be counted when the ad starts playing on the browser or app.

CPCV-Cost Per Completed View is a metric that states that regardless of the length of the ad, the ad view will be counted on the completion of the ad.

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Hotstar Advertising Cost- Cost to Run Display Ads:

CPM – Cost Per Impressions is a metric that states that the impression will be counted when the ad starts playing on the browser or app.

CPC – Cost Per Click is the pricing metric to run display ads when the visitor reaches the landing page with just a single click.

  • Once you select the budget and timeframe for your ad, you will finally have to upload your ad after adding up some more details. Like:

Call-To-Action Button
Headline For the Campaign
Upload your Ad Image
Add a landing page URL
Add a tracker to track the impressions and clicks on your campaigns.

  • With these steps, you will successfully be able to market or advertise your business on Disney Hotstar.

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Hotstar Advertising Rates In India

In case you are a busy business owner and you don’t have time to create, manage and track your Hotstar ad campaigns, then you can take help from a third-party Hotstar advertising service provider. However, you will need to pay some amount as the management cost of the third party other than the advertising costs.

In the market, you can find three types of service providers that provide Hotstar advertising services. You may find certain differences in their Hotstar advertising pricing models. Let’s see why their Hotstar advertising rates differ:

  • Freelancer

Experience:  0-2 Years

Expertise: Low

Hotstar Advertising Costs: 2K-5K INR

Results: Lackluster

  • Low-Level Branding Agency

Experience: 2-5 Years

Expertise: Low to Medium

Hotstar Advertising Costs: 5K- 10K INR

Results: Less Satisfactory

  • Reputed Global Branding Agency

Experience: 5-10 Years Experience in Advertising Industry with 500+ Clients

Expertise: Medium To High

Hotstar Advertising Costs: 20K -25K INR

Results: Great Value of Money

So, you see by hiring a reputed global branding agency, although you will have to spend a little more, the results will give you satisfaction. While on the contrary end, hiring freelancers or companies that are not so reputed, will only waste your money. Thus, you must only hire a Hotstar Advertising Agency like RankON Technologies to get the full value of your money.

When is the right time to advertise on Hotstar?

Video Streaming on Hotstar breaks the record at the time of IPL and other important sports tournaments. When people love to enjoy every second of nail-biting IPL matches on their smartphone screens,  the businesses that want to reach a broader audience embark on Hotstar Advertising.

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The correct blend of Hotstar’s advertising strategy and the selection of the apt format get advertisers the great value of their money. This time in IPL, Hotstar has come up with novel social engagement-led solutions like Video Duets and Hotshots, Watch Parties, Native Presence, and more!

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FAQ’S On Hotstar Advertising

It takes about 48 hours for your Hotstar advertising campaign to get live.

Yes, you can target the audience based on gender, age, location, etc.

CPM stands for Costs Per Mille or Cost Per 1000 Impressions, whereas, CPC stands for Cost Per Click.

It is completely up to you. But as a business owner, you probably be having other to-dos due to which you will not be able to focus on your Hotstar ad campaign. But when you will hire a Hotstar Advertising Agency, your campaign will be managed well by the professionals, plus, you will get added expertise and hence more results.

You should seek no further than Rankon Technologies to manage your Hotstar Advertising Campaign in India. We are a premier Hotstar Advertising Agency and can help you get great value for your money.

So, this was everything you need to know to get started with advertising on Hotstar. If you have any questions then directly contact the Hotstar Advertising experts at RankON Technologies.

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