Link Building: What Are Backlinks & How To Create Backlinks for Your Website

Link Building

Link Building: What Are Backlinks & How To Create Backlinks for Your Website

SEO and link building have an unbreakable connection. A lot depends on organic link building when striving to attain top positions in the organic search results. Hence, it may not be wrong to say that the investment in the link building services is directly linked to the investment to augment your website’s performance in the search results.

For the businesses whose websites are not ranking well due to any or poor quality backlinks, then it’s time to opt for the best link building services from the most prominent link building agency.  Not sure about the role of link building in SEO?

You’re at the right place!

Here in this blog, you will get an overall gist of organic link building. So, are you ready for the jaunt? As an experienced link building agency, we have made thousands of business websites rank higher through our expert link building services.

So, get started today and get the bigger picture of link building from our experts.

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What is Link Building?

Link Building

Link building is the systematic approach to getting third-party websites’ links to your website. There is a host full of high-quality SEO link-building strategies that help to increase the website’s traffic, increase the website’s authority, and the performance of the website on Google search results. Want to know about them? Keep reading!

As a link building agency, we have helped a multitude of businesses gain an edge over their competitors. Being in this realm for over 10 years, we have got expertise in link building and have navigated all the ways to provide the highest quality and customized SEO link building strategy to our customers.

Although a full-fledged link building strategy can help you get out of the chaos, you need to know a few things prior before you start picking one of the link building packages. This includes:

3rd Most Important Factor to Gain Search Engine Rankings

The world’s SEO experts as well as the SEO experts at RankON Technologies believes link-building to be one of the significant factors that determine the growth of Search Engine rankings. Hence, opting for a link building campaign is always worth it!

41% of the world’s SEO experts say that link building is the most difficult part of SEO

A big number of SEO experts across the world suggest that link building is one of the most crucial as well as complex parts of SEO for which only an experienced and skilled link building agency must be hired.

It takes a few months to observe the link building results

Whether you opt for a paid or free link building services, it will take 3 to 4 months to perceive outcomes. Hence, starting with link building and immediately expecting the outcomes is not justifiable.


Backlinks are also known as inbound or incoming or one-way links. These are the links that point to your website from third-party websites. There are two types of backlinks that include Inbound Link and Outbound link.

  • DA (Domain Authority)

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

  • Spam Score

Spam score determines how reliable and spammy the website is. On one hand, where the spam score of 1%-30% is considered low, between 30% to 60% is considered medium and between 61%-100% is considered high. It is given by Moz.

  • Trust Flow

Trust flow is a metric determined and given one of the highly eminent tools to examine the credibility and trustworthiness of the website from the quality and value of backlinks.

  • Citation Flow

Citation flow is used altogether with trust flow and is given in 2012. With a score between 0 to 100, it helps in local link building, social link building and contextual link building.

importance of Backlinks 768x402 1

High-quality backlinks attained out of white hat link building strategies can do more than you can realize. Given below are some of the astonishing points that portray the significance of backlinks for your website and eventually for your business:

  • More Sales/Leads

As said before, a backlink is a crucial ranking factor in terms of SEO. When you have high-quality backlinks that link back to your website, your website will have higher Search Engine rankings, consequently, more traffic, and eventually more sales and leads.

  • Referral Traffic

When having backlinks from other external sources, your website will attain the perks of referral traffic. Moreover, when an authoritative website has a link pointing to your website then it means your website will get traffic from that source.

  • Higher DA

Domain Authority is the metric that tells how well the website ranks on the search engine. To have a better DA, you require a high-quality link profile which is eventually obtained by connecting to authoritative websites having higher DA.

  • Better Ranking

The race is all for better website rankings. When you attain high-quality backlinks attained through white-hat link-building strategies, your website gains a better ranking.

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Different Types of Backlinks

As per our expert of link building agency, there are various types of links which includes:

  • Inbound Link

A link that points your website from a third-party website is known as an inbound link.  This link encompasses two parts i.e  the URL of a page on your website and the highlighted anchor text that takes the visitors to your website once they click it.

Google and other prominent search engines believe take the inbound link as an indicator that your website has quality content.

  • Outbound Link

A link that points to a third-party website from your website is known as an outbound link. Needless to say, a link that’s inbound to you will be an outbound link for a third-party website and vice versa.

In general, outbound links are added in content to help the visitor get exhaustive and detailed information for the topic in hand from some other source.

  • Dofollow Link

Do follow is the default condition of a link. It serves as an indication to the web crawlers to follow the link. They pass on link juice or link equity and put a positive impact on search engine rankings.

  • Nofollow Link

When the do-follow links constitute an attribute called “no follow” in their codes, they’re said to be no-follow. With the use of this attribute, the search engines are instructed to pay no attention to these links. Neither do they pass on link juice, nor do they impact the search rankings.

Building Strategies

Before you get started with local link building or global link building strategy in SEO, you will need to be abreast of several SEO terminologies that include:

What is Anchor Text?

An anchor text is clickable text that directs a visitor to a different URL. The blue and underlined texture of the anchor text makes it different from the rest of the content. However, this indication can be altered using a different HTML code. In terms of SEO, the text or keywords used in the anchor text give web crawlers an idea about the page’s topic.

Link Equity is popularly known as Link Juice and it states the value or equity transferred from one site to another. The following set of factors determines whether or not the link will pass equity:

  • Link Relevancy
  • Authority of Linking Site
  • State of Link (Do-follow or No-follow)
  • Link’s Crawl-ability
  • Location of a link on the page
  • Number of links located on the page
  • HTTP status of the link

What are Referring Domains?

Websites that direct visitors to your website are known as Referring Domains. These websites encompass backlinks through which the target webpage or website attain visitors.

What is Domain Authority?

Given by Moz, Domain Authority is a parameter that determines a website’s rank on search engines. In other words, it is a ranking metric that ranges from 1 to 100. The higher the DA, the more is the site’s authority. Currently, Facebook and Twitter hold the title of being the most authoritative with DA 100.

What is Page Authority?

Given by Moz, Page Authority is the parameter that determines a webpage’s rank on the search engine. Like DA, Page Authority also ranges from 1 to 100. The higher the PA, the more likely it is for a web page to get a high rank.

What is PBN?

PBN is a short form used for Private Blog Networks. It is simply a network of websites that works to increase the authority of one another or a single central website.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank is one of the most crucial aspects when you aspire to high-quality incoming links for your website. Always ensure the website you’re picking up to develop a link of your website has a decent Alexa Rank. There is a free traffic tool that can help you to determine the Alexa Rank.

  • One-Way Link Building

One-way link building approach helps to develop a link of your website on some other website without requiring you to provide a backlink to that website.

  • Two-Way or Reciprocal Link Building

Two –Way link building or link exchanging approach or reciprocal organic link building strategy is when you give a link to a website at the condition the other website gives a link to your website. This approach is frowned upon by Google as it was deemed just to improve the credit on link juice and increase the website’s traffic.

  • Three-Way Link Building

When there’s an inbound link from a website X to a website Y, and an inbound link from a website Y to a website Z and again there’s an inbound link from a website Z to website X, this approach is said to be a three-way link building approach.

  • Contextual Link Building

Contextual backlinks are formed within the roots of the contents and contribute majorly to link juice than any other type of link. When a highly authoritative website links backs to your website through a contextual backlink building strategy, it increases the authoritativeness and trustworthiness of your website.

Quality Of Backlink
  • Relevancy

Relevancy is one of the crucial factors determining the quality of backlinks. If you have incoming links from websites based on a niche similar to yours, it can work immensely well to improve your website’s rankings.

  • Authority of website and page

When searching a website to develop a link to your website, ensure that it has a good Domain Authority (Good Page Authority in the case of Web Page). A website with DA>25 is considered good for creating a backlink.

  • Ranking of the site

The rank of a website on a search engine where you want to develop a link of your website plays a vital role. The sites that rank higher on SERP can give you quality backlinks than ones that don’t.

  • Make sure there are No Bad Neighbors

When searching a website to develop a link to your website, make sure it doesn’t have a huge number of outbound links or links to improper places. It is similar to real life, where you ensure that the person is accompanied by the right people before being friends.

  • Keep an Eye On Social Profiles

When seeking quality backlinks, don’t forget to navigate through the social profiles of the website where you want to develop a link to your website. This will give you a better idea of the business.

  • Prefer Quality of Backlinks Over the Quantity of Backlinks

Our SEO experts of link building agency, have a crystal clear take over the type of backlinks to be chosen. They say that the quality of the backlinks must be preferred over the number of backlinks.

A quality backlink is a link that develops from an authoritative site that is trusted by both search engines and visitors. Its value will be more and just one quality backlink will bring value equal to the value of 100 low-quality backlinks. So, no matter you opt for paid link building or free link building make sure you get quality backlinks.

  • Take into account the terms launched in Google Penguin Algo Update

Google rolled out a new Penguin update in the year 2012 to end the game of false or black-hat SEO practices like keyword stuffing, over-optimization of links, and unnatural links. It is now one of the major components of Google’s core algorithm.

White Hat SEO

When you perform link building or chose any SEO Packages, you need to know what is included in your link building campaign. Here are some of the general and popularly used link building strategies that must be part of the link building campaign:

  • Link Intersection

Link Intersection is an ingenious way by which you get to know your competitor’s backlink profile. It is a method to explore different sites from where you can get incoming links to your website.

  • Targeting Individual Competitor’s Backlink Sources

Using this method, you can spy out the backlink sources of your competitor and then outrank them. To use this method of creating backlinks, you’ll first need to set your competitors’ sites as a model and then combat them in the SERP.

  • Guest Blogs

As the name suggests, guest blogging is done when you publish your content as a guest on a third-party website to endorse your products and services and insert a link in it that points out your website.

  • Broken Backlink Building

It is a strategy of creating backlinks wherein you write the content on a topic similar to that no longer exists, and then request the domains linked to that broken link to give you an incoming link.

  • Skyscraper Technique

Commenced by Brian Dien, it is a strategy where you enlist the popular trends and topics across your niche and then write high-quality content over it. This strategy aims to recreate the existing content and take a backlink.

  • Moving Man Method

Again given by Brian Dien, this strategy of creating backlinks focuses on attaining backlinks from the website that has a niche similar to yours.

  • Content Repurposing

It is a backlink building strategy where you transform a single piece of content into many forms like blogs, articles, videos, webinars, etc. to increase the number of backlinks and market your brand on various platforms.

  • Local Citations

Local Citation is the way of building backlinks by mentioning your business name, number, address, and website URL on local directories or local websites. It’s basically used in Local Business SEO. Learn more about Local SEO Tips.

  • Profile Building

One of the simplest ways of creating backlinks is to create profiles on highly authoritative profile creation sites. You can list your business on this website and get a backlink.

  • Infographic Creation

By creating and publishing a highly informative infographic related to a topic or trend of your business on numerous high-quality websites, you can get quality backlinks from informative sources.

  • Resource Link Building

It is the strategy of getting an incoming link from a webpage that has a complete list of links related to a single topic.

  • Question & Answers

In order to increase the number of backlinks, you can post answers to the question related to your niche on Question and Answer websites like Quora. It is also a quick way to increase the Alexa Rankings.

  • Forum Submission

Forum submission is one of the archaic ways of creating backlinks. It helps in gaining backlinks by sharing useful and quality information on online discussions and debates.

  • Article Submission

Article submission is an off-page SEO practice done to create backlinks. It brings traffic to your website by posting articles related to your business topics and trends on various article submission websites.

  • Link Outreach

Outreach is a method of link building using E-Mails, PR, Guest Posts, and Influencer Outreach. These methods ask the site owners to link to your site, or

  • Social Sharing & Social Bookmarking

Sharing content and getting backlinks from various bookmarking sites like Pinterest, Digg, Reddit, and Twitter can help increase your website’s traffic and consequently help it come to the first page of search results.

  • Writing Testimonials

Leaving testimonials to the website of tools that you use daily to fulfil your work needs is also a link building strategy.  First of all, list all the tools upon which you work and then find out if there is an opportunity for submitting reviews. If yes, then write a unique review that has good chances to be accepted.

White Hat SEO
  • Broken Link Building Techniques Using

This strategy works on the mistakes committed by your competitors. Under this, the broken or 404 links of the competitors are targeted.

  • Scholarship Link Building

It is a good strategy for obtaining .edu backlinks. Apart from this, it gives many benefits like user-generated content, efficient template outreach, brand goodwill, etc.

  • Ask for an interview

To attain high-quality backlinks, gaining social exposure is highly essential. Giving interviews with relevant websites can tremendously increase the number of backlinks on your website.

  • Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is the most prominent sourcing service in the English-speaking world. Connecting journalists and bloggers with relevant expert sources to meet journalists’ demanding deadlines and enable brands to tell their stories is the main aim of HARO.

Backlinko says HARO is an effective strategy to gain a backlink from authoritative sites.

  • Go For Dead Backlinks on Wikipedia

Directly search for them under Wikipedia’s article that lists dead external links. From there, visit a relevant page from the results of these search engines and scroll down to the link references section at the end. Use Ctrl + F to search for the label ‘dead link’ and spot the broken external links.

  • Get Mentioned By Hosting an Event

Events are the foremost place to build a strong online presence. With the help of Event hosting and sponsoring one can achieve high-quality backlinks.

  • Become a Co-Author

If you know a high- quality lengthy content with high domain authority, a huge number of backlinks,  strong headlines, and huge user engagement. Then, suggest to its author some more meaningful points to include in the content. If the author accepts your suggestion and edits his content, then you will become a co-author. Apart from this, a quality backlink can be attained by this technique.

  • Contact the Social Influencers

It is said that if you can’t yourself become an influencer, then at least be in touch with the influencers. Being in the right company, with the right people is essential. Social influencers can pave your way in the right direction. Apart from this, if they get impressed by your content they can even give you a backlink.

  • Perform Internal Link Building

Internal Link Building is equally important to External Link Building. If you have a website whose pages forms a well-curated and meticulously designed network, chances are you will have better search engine rankings.

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performing White Hat SEO Link Building
  • Anchor-To-Text Optimization

Sometimes to get the most out of every link, we over-optimize them. This brings out certain negative outcomes to your websites like lost ranks and penalization.

  • Backlink Purchase

Backlink purchase is a Black Hat SEO technique. Only the backlinks that are earned rather than purchased can work best for your website’s rankings. However, if you go with the option of buying backlinks, it would be of inferior quality and wouldn’t help with your website’s SEO.

  • Duplicate Content

Websites that either share or consist of duplicate content is demoted by search engines. So, if you want your backlinks to add value to your website’s rank always prepare informative and high-quality unique content.

  • Low-Quality Websites

Relying on low-quality websites to get backlinks would add no value to your website’s SEO. Although you may observe the rise in the number of backlinks, those links wouldn’t add credits to the link juice.

  • No PBNs

PBN is a short form used for Private Blog Networks. It is simply a network of websites that works to increase the authority of one another or a single central website. However, this strategy shouldn’t be used for creating backlinks as the links generated by this method is unnatural and you may be penalized for creating such links.

  • Spammy Websites

Websites that aren’t indexed on the search engine, aren’t relevant, or have just been set up for linking are known as spammy websites. The selection of spammy websites for creating backlinks can demote your website’s rankings on search engines.

Outdated Link Building

Like every SEO strategy needs an update, many backlink-building strategies have grown older with time.  These strategies do not create value anymore and using them is merely a waste of money, time, and effort.

  • Directory Submissions

Directory submission is an off-page link building strategy in SEO. It involves submission of your site to a specific category of a web directory, e.g. if you have a real estate website then you are supposed to submit your site in the web directory of the real estate realm.

  • Forum Submission

It is a pretty easy yet effective method for increasing the authority and credibility of your website if done right. There are online discussion sites, and forum posting is a part of Off-page SEO. With the help of this platform, you can ask a question and get answers from experts instantly. Although, it may be valuable from an informational perspective, but not valuable from an SEO perspective.

  • Blog Comment

Blog commenting is defined as a relationship between blogs, bloggers, and blog readers. It is a great way to exchange ideas, thoughts, or opinions about what people feel about a particular topic or a blog post. Although it streamlines the connections between the blogger and reader, it is not an oh-so-preferred link building approach in SEO now.

Taking Backlink Building

A lot of things need to be taken into care when opting for a link building agency for backlink building services that include:

  • The backlink building agency must not follow Black Hat SEO strategies and only follow White Hat SEO strategies.
  • It should not use link building strategies that are not useful anymore.
  • It should focus on gathering do-follow links over no-follow links.
  • The backlink building agency must have experienced and skilled link building experts and SEO experts.
  • It must have a great track record.
  • It must have all the innovative technologies and have access to powerful automated tools to perform competently.
  • It must provide comprehensive website optimization, SEO services, Website development services, and more.

After the quality of content and UI and UX of the website, link building is the most significant factor that determines the quality of the website.

If you are looking for the most experienced and prominent SEO Company in India that can fulfil your entire website’s link building needs then look no further than Rankon Technologies.

We have a skilled team encompassing highly proficient experts for link building. Moreover, we adopt newfangled technologies and remain updated on the changing algorithms of Google on link building.

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