YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos Fast in 2024?

YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos Fast in 2024?

Started a Youtube channel and want to grow it Fast? Must check these YouTube SEO blogs to grow your channel fast in 2024.

YouTube is one of the most powerful search engines in this world. Because of its popularity, it is the second most used Search Engine. When it comes to the number of videos, channels, followers, audience, and subscribers then, no one can beat YouTube. Due to the influence of YouTube on the public, everyone wants to get popular by posting a video on YouTube. So, Today we are going to tell you some of the YouTube video ranking tips to rank your videos higher on YouTube in 2024.

Why Your YouTube Videos Are Not Ranking?

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Not every video is worth attaining millions of likes and shares. And, this YouTube also knows well. The clear cut and straightforward algorithm of YouTube simply put the worthy video at the top of search rankings.
The algorithm works on the basis of the most searched and viewed video. Making a high-quality and commendable video as per YouTube resembles to be an easy task, but in reality, there are many factors that have to be considered.

YouTube SEO: How Does YouTube Rank Videos in 2024?

If you think, that you will capture a video from your smartphone and in the next minute you post it on YouTube, and the next day you will have 15k-20k likes and shares.

Then please forget about it!!

Every day millions of people think of gaining popularity this way.
The world has become so advanced that even to make a worthy video requires professional assistance. Many SEO Companies and YouTube Marketing Companies are running to empower YouTube video marketing.

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These companies have skilled YouTube video SEO experts who know every tip and trick to rank a YouTube video. They know every factor to improve the search rankings of videos on YouTube.

Best YouTube SEO Tips to Rank Your Videos Fast in 2024

Here in this article, we will be discussing various factors/parameters considered by YouTube video SEO experts to improve the rankings of videos on YouTube.

Video Keyword Research for YouTube SEO

Keywords Research

As everyone knows keywords play a crucial role in normal SEO.  Similarly, in Video SEO, keywords are equally important.

The powerful automated keyword research tool like Google Ads Keyword Planner can be used for YouTube Video Keyword Research. To do this, choose your niche and gather all the keywords. From these keywords, choose the main keyword for your YouTube video.

Add these keywords and other LSI keywords at different places in your video. There are many YouTube Keyword Research Tools in the market that will help you to find the best keywords for your YouTube video marketing.

What Video Quality is Best for YouTube SEO?

drop 3698073 1920 1024x563 1 768x422 1

Posting a video on youtube starts with capturing it.

Video shot with a high-resolution, ultra-strong camera with outstanding audio clarity is regarded as quality video. Apart from this, the techniques for shooting the video should be highly professional. Correct lights, perfect angles, and limited white balance are the key elements for capturing a nice video.

The quality of the video can also be improved in the second step when the video is ready to be posted.

A high-quality format should be chosen which gives perfect audio clarity. HD format is regarded as the best format for video playback.

Resolution  Pixel Name
3840×2160     2160p
1920×1080  1080p
1280×720   720p
854×480 480p
640×360         360p
426×240 240p
YouTube Video SEO
Best Aspect Ratio

Before discussing anything else, Let’s know,

What is the Best YouTube Video Aspect Ratio for Better Video Rankings?

In simple words, the ratio of the width of a picture, to its height.

The SEO friendly Aspect Ratio is one that has 4 inches of width for 3 inches of height (fullscreen) or 16 inches of width to 9 inches of height (broad screen)

 Make Sure There is no Black Bar Around The Video.

Black bars appear on video when the aspect
ratio of the video and where it lives on the web don’t match up. This makes the
appearance quite bad.

Why does it appear?

In earlier times, videos followed a 4:3 aspect everywhere. But after the evolution of HD televisions, which comes in a 16:9 ratio. There was a mismatch between the
screen size and video size. Thus, as a result, the black bar appears.

To Get Rid Of This Problem:-

  • Take the help of a 16:9 calculator to give your video appropriate aspect ratio.·
  • Choose the aspect ratio up to the platform on which you have to post the video.

Video File Name Should Have a Targeted Keyword Before Uploading.

Video File

It is another plug that states the importance of keywords in the SEO field. The file should have keyword-rich filenames for video optimization which can better search rankings. This technique is important because Youtube not only crawls the title of your video, it also crawls the video file names.

Competitor’s Video Analysis

Competitor Video Analysis

For a business purpose, it is always necessary to keep an –eye on the deeds of your competitor. Every day millions of startups enter Youtube to enrol their businesses. With the increasing number of online businesses, competition is also becoming intense. Thus, to be in this race, regular evaluation of your business with your competitor’s is really paramount. How to do this? This could be done with the help of various automated tools like:-

  • MWP Video Marketing Comparison Tool
  • Rivalfox
  • Unruly

Use Targeted Keyword in the Video Title

Targeted keywords are used by potential customers to initiate the search process. YouTube search rankings are more and more dependent on targeted keywords.
The use of long-tailed targeted keywords in the title improves the rankings to a larger extent.

The Video Title Should Be Under 70 Characters.

The length of the youtube video title holds utmost importance when we talk about Y YouTube SEO. The maximum length of the video title should be 70 characters and it should essentially include the targeted keyword.

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Use Clickbait Phrases to Get More Views

Clickbait phrases are used to grasp the viewer’s attention. These phrases allure the viewer to play the video. Any text which causes exclamation, anxiety, worry or happiness can be included. For Example:-

  • You’ll be shocked by this video!!
  • Watch this video to know the awesome facts!!

How to Write YouTube Video Description for Better Rankings

YouTube Video Description

When it comes to bringing rankings, most of the things are just about keywords. For a video to give a better response, it is necessary that its description must contain the targeted keyword in the first 100 characters.
Apart from this, the LSI words must be used in between the description at appropriate places.

Write The Description of Maximum 1000 Characters.

Most people think that the bigger the description, the more views they will get. But on Youtube, this strategy doesn’t work well. The description should be 1000 characters maximum and it should contain exact information about the video. The use of keywords in the description is also very useful.

Including an external link in the video description, can degrade the rankings to too much extent.
In case, it is very important to include an exterior link in the video description. Then, this can be compensated by including 3 interior links in the description.

Select The Specific Category For Your Video.

Choose the category which appropriately resembles the nature and behaviour of your video. This should be done very carefully with complete focus.

YouTube allows you to use as many tags as you would like as long as the total character limit across all tags is less than 350-400 characters. Generally, most videos should have 5-8 tags. Relevant tags increase the search rankings.

Suppose you have a youtube channel with highly informative videos related to one niche but all your videos are scattered and do not acquire good rankings.
This problem occurs due to the lack of a playlist. In case, a viewer visits one of your videos, with the help of the playlist he is able to watch the next consecutive videos. The act of making a playlist can tremendously bring traffic to all your videos and this would improve the search rankings.

Upload A Custom Thumbnail To The Video

Upload A Custom Thumbnail

Thumbnails could be highly beneficial to improve the search rankings. YouTube provides the facility of adding a customized thumbnail to your video. You can add a thumbnail relevant to the video.

Put A Logo In The Thumbnail For Brand Awareness

In case you run an online business, then it is highly likely that you have a logo for your business. To promote your brand or business, you can add a logo in the thumbnail of your video.

Place Cards Wherever Necessary

Cards can be placed to improve user experience. It is used as a barrier against any external agent. But it should be used only 2-3 times.

Use Closed Captions For The Video

Even after doing all possible optimizations, if your rankings still fall short, then the reason behind this is the lack of subtitles. As everyone can’t hear the audio or do not know to switch the audio on. Then subtitles can be of great use.
It improves comprehension and SEO.

Use Annotations

The annotation tool lets you easily layer text, links, and spotlights to your videos.
It can be done by:-

  • Visit your youtube channel and click on the Video Manager.
  • Find the video from the search bar and choose Edit.
  • Then choose Annotations from the drop-down menu.
  • Click add Annotations like speech, bubble, etc.
  • Use the mouse to drag the annotation.
  • Use the timeline to move your annotation to a specific time in your video.
  • Click on Publish.

Create A Discussion In The Comment Section.

A comment section can be pretty useful for improving search rankings. A video with a large number of comments is more likely to come under Youtube search rankings.

Choose The High-Time To Post The Video

Researches indicate that some days of the week acquire more traffic on YouTube than other days. Fridays, Saturdays, and Wednesdays show the highest level of engagement for YouTube videos. So posting a video on these days between 5 PM to 9 PM will make sure that your video is likely to get early views. Also posting the video on Sundays in the morning (between 8 -11 am) or in the evening (after 5 pm) is the best time.

Backlinks are a crucial element of the SEO industry. Undoubtedly, they can increase the search rankings to a higher extent. One must create backlinks of their videos to get better exposure.

Linking videos to blogs is a win-win relationship for both. With this method, the quality of the blog would be increased also the video would get more traffic.

Share The Video On Social Media.

Social media is the most powerful platform in today’s era. It is the best place that can bring traffic to your video. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the most renowned platforms that can give the best results.

Thus, these were some of the tips and tricks to improve the search rankings of your YouTube video.

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