WordPress Errors: Common WordPress Errors And How to Fix Them in 2021

As per the popular saying “No one is perfect on its own”, everyone has some flaws, be it man, machine or anything that exists in this world. Today, We are going to learn about common WordPress errors and how to fix them easily.

In the run of these software applications, WordPress has acquired significant growth, in the field of Content Management System, because of it’s easy functionality and user-friendly attitude, this CMS gained huge popularity.

As stated earlier, “No one is perfect”, thus, despite being easy, simple and user-friendly WordPress too have errors that can be solved by easy steps.

Here we’ll be discussing 26 most common WordPress errors and their solutions.

For easy retrieval of your error and its solution, go through the table of content:-

Table Of Contents

Fixing “403 Forbidden Error” in WordPress.

If you have knowledge of how to build a website on WordPress, or you have chosen WordPress to brighten up your business, then you might meet with a dilemma named “403 Forbidden Error”.

This wordpress error occurs when the web server doesn’t permit the access to a specified page or the reason is poorly configured plug-ins.

The other message for this particular error could be just “ Access Denied” instead of “403 Forbidden Error”.


How to fix “403 Forbidden Error” in WordPress

To fix this type of WordPress error, ensure to completely backup your website. Create a backup of it manually or automatically. Without the backup of your website, you can get into trouble.

Fix 403 Forbidden error due to plug-ins

If the plug-ins activated on your website are the real culprits for your hurdle, then to resolve it, firstly, deactivate all the plug-ins that are currently activated. If the issue gets solved, then plugins are the reason for the error. Then, activate each plug-in one-by-one and now you would be able to detect which plugin was at fault.

Fix 403 Forbidden Error due to the unsuccessful grant of file permission.

Every file needs permission, selection of incorrect file can lead to error.

To fix this wordpress error, you can ask the hosting provider or can either do it by yourself by following these steps:-

Connect to your WordPress site using an FTP client. Navigate to the root folder containing all your WordPress files.
Folders should have permissions 744 or 755 and files should have permissions 644 or 640.
Now select “ recurs into subdirectories” and “ apply to files only”.

The error will be solved easily by following these simple steps.


Fixing error related to “ Missed Schedule Post”

If you are busy in your hectic work schedule, then with this feature of WordPress you don’t not get worried about the delay in the upload of your important post.

But this feature of WordPress gets unhealthy often, and might miss publishing your important post, or can even let any post never to get published. This can exaggerate you at a large extent.

How to fix “Missed Schedule Post” Error in WordPress

To get rid of this wordpress error from you need to install and activate a plug-in that looks after the scheduling of all your posts and publish them correctly at an assigned time.

The plug-in named WP Missed Schedule has to be installed for the proper scheduling of the posts.

Fixing Pluggable.php WordPress Errors

This error can come in between your way because of poorly coded themes, incorrect code-snippets or faulty plug-ins.
Many of us have the confusion that this error might occur because of the file itself, but it can also occur because of the code snippets added to that particular file.

How to fix “Missed Schedule Post”

To get rid of this wordpress error from you need to install and activate a plug-in that looks after the scheduling of all your posts and publish them correctly at an assigned time.

The plug-in named WP Missed Schedule has to be installed for the proper scheduling of the posts.

WP Missed Schedule

How to fix Pluggable.php Errors

This error can be corrected by either removing the code if the code-snippets has caused the problem or de-activating the plugin if it has caused the problem.

Fixing Image Upload Errors

Upload Errors

The other headache with WordPress is the problem with image upload, the error is caused due to incorrect or wrong file permissions. This occurs because of the Upload Directory doesn’t have correct file permissions and the WordPress isn’t able to store your files in it.

How to fix Image Upload Errors in WordPress

The FTP clients can here be considered useful for solving these errors. FTP Client like Filezilla will help you to set correct file permissions for your uploads directory. This will let you to correctly upload the image on your website.

Fixing “Call to undefined function is_network_admin() in WordPress”

function error

One more devastating trouble that brings an unease factor in our work is Call to undefined function is_network_admin() in WordPress. The error occurs when any WordPress update gets failed

How to fix “Call to undefined function is_network_admin() in WordPress”

In this error the FTP client, Filezilla works as the savior. Before doing anything, backup your website so that no data gets lost and this fix error.

Fixing “White Screen of Death” Error in WordPress

This wordpress error name is given after the white clueless screen. The whole screen becomes blank with no error dialogue boxes. This deadly activity fastens anybody’s heartbeats. The error is occurred due to numerous issues, the issue can be because of mal-functioned plug-ins, poorly coded theme or the exhaustion of PHP memory limit.

How to fix “White Screen of Death”?

Because this error is occurred by numerous problems, so there is numerous solution for this particular error. The error can be solved by:-

Increasing the memory usage
Choosing a compatible theme.
Appropriate selection of plug-ins.

Fixing “Error Establishing a database connection” in WordPress

DB Connection

This error occurs due to unsuccessful database connection establishment. It appears with a scary white screen comprising of an error message “Error establishing the database connection”.

How to fix “Error Establishing a database connection” in WordPress

This error can be occurred due to the following reasons:-

Incorrect login credentials, corrupted word press file, a corrupted database or too much traffic.

To solve the database error in word press we have the following ways:-

1.) Contact your Web Host Provider

If you are frequently facing trouble with your website, then it is highly probable that your web host is at fault.
Nowadays, web host providers respond to their clients via live chat.

Start by communicating them on live chat. If you are experiencing a database error, ask them the following questions:-

Does the database server has some problems, and
Is there any disbelieving activity going on the server.

2.)Ensure your plug-ins and themes are not corrupted

Plugins and themes might get corrupted after updating, adding external services or due to faulty written codes.

To get out of this problem, you have these solutions:-

Connect to your host via FTP with the tool Filezilla.To get connected insert your login credentials i.e. user name and password, if you don’t remember these credentials then get them through the early e-mails you got from your host. The other way is, get the credentials from the live chat with the host providers.After getting the credentials, connect to the server and navigate to the WordPress root folder which could be named either “www” or “public_html”. Ensure that you are in the WordPress root folder if it contains subfolders named “wp-content”, “wp-includes” or “wp-admin”.
Get into the “wp-content” folder and change the name of the “plug-ins” folder to some other name of your choice.
Visit your site again and check if the error still persists.
After renaming, if the error continues then convert the folder name back to plug-ins.
Still, if the error occurs, open up the plug-in folder and individually alter the name of each and every plug-in. The best way to do this is by adding an underscore after the name of the plug-in.
Again, if the error keeps on triggering then perform the same procedure with the theme folder.

This will eventually lead to fix the problem with the corrupted plug-in or theme. It is one of the best ways to solve the WordPress database error.

3.) Ensure your database is not corrupted

The WordPress database error can also occur when the database gets corrupted.

First, check the WordPress dashboard SiteName.com/wp-admin if there occurs “error establishing a database connection”, then your database is not at fault
Apart from this, if it shows some other error message, like “can’t select database”, or “one or more database table are available” then give a deep think on this error message.
After receiving such kind of error messages, it actually means that your database needs to be repaired.
To do this, get connected to your site via Filezilla. Go to the WordPress root and download the file “wp-config.php” on your desktop.
Now add a line at the end of the file. [su_note note_color=”#e6e6dd” text_color=”#e90909″]define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true);[/su_note]
Now upload the newer version of the file to your site(via FTP).
Visit site sitename.com/wp-admin/maint/repair.php.
WordPress will open up a new window with two buttons i.e. Repair Database and Repair and Optimize database.
Click on any button, once the repairing process finishes, go back to your site if the error persists.
If the error still persists, then upload the file by removing the new line you appended in the file and check your site for error.
This would eventually lead in solving the database error, If the error still occurs then go for the next solution.

4.) Check the surety of database connection credentials.

WordPress access credentials like user name and password are fixed and generally do not change their own. If the user forgets this, then one must get them by contacting the hosting provider via Filezilla.

But it is observed many- a- times that making changes to the files of the site, or the hosting environment can result in the change of access credentials. The user keeps on trying with the older credentials he has, and in turn, he receives a database error message.

The error can be fixed by taking the four lines from the wp-config file and sending these lines to your host via live chat. The hosting provider representative will check if these lines are correct or not.

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘user_db’);

define(‘DB_USER’, ‘user_username’);

define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘user_pass’);

define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

If these credentials, would be found wrong, then the representative will give you correct details which you can use in your “wp-config.php” file.

After, this uploads the new file via FTP. This will remove the WordPress database error.

5.) Get the default WordPress files back

Files may get corrupted by consistent hacking attempts, corrupted themes or plug-ins, etc. The only solution to solve this issue is by downloading the pure version of WordPress.

Download the latest package of WordPress from here.
Unpack, and browse the unpacked archive.
Delete the “wp-content” folder.
Get connected to your website through FTP.
Go to the WordPress root.
Upload the newly downloaded files.
Get back and see if the error still exists.

Above is the eventual solution for the WordPress database errors. After trying all these solutions, if the error still persists then go to your web host support service provider and ask them to solve the issue.

Fixing Parse Errors; “Syntax Error” in WordPress

In the programming world, the fundamental thing to learn is the syntax of any language. Syntax plays a crucial role in the execution of any code. The wrong syntax of any code can lead to the breakdown of a complete website.

How to Fix Parse Errors; “Syntax Error”

To rectify this error one should be cool minded and has to study the whole code with complete devotion. If this doesn’t works then take the help of debugging tools.

Fixing “WordPress PHP memory limit error”


As we are aware of the fact that WordPress is written in PHP since every hosting server needs memory to run properly. Thus, PHP possesses a memory allocated by the server admins. When this memory gets used up, then there occur errors resembling the scarcity of the memory.

How to fix “WordPress PHP memory limit error”

To increase the memory, one needs to edit the wp-config.php file and paste the code “define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ );”. Thus in this way the memory size can be exceeded.

Fix White Text and Missing Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor

As we keep on doing a lot of work on WordPress, we might encounter some errors related to missing buttons or white text on the visual editor. This is a very general issue that can occur with anyone due to lack of concentration and focus.

How to Fix White Text and Missing Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor

To get rid of this insane mistake of yourself one needs to opt these ways:-

  • Fix the problem by wp-config.php by adding the code “define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false);”
  • Browser’s cache should be cleaned.
  • Replace tiny-MCE scripts and add, remove and arrange buttons in the visual editor.

Fixing the “Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress

Placing the sidebars at the correct position is quite a tough task for a naïve and inexperienced person. The error is occurred due to incorrect use of float property in CSS, or the wrong implementation of and tags in HTML, or the unmatched theme can create problems.


How to fix the “Sidebar Below Content Error in WordPress”

  • Go through the HTML and CSS of your content page thoroughly.
  • Choose the appropriate theme that matches with your previous theme.
  • php need to be checked.

Fixing point 404 Error in WordPress

The error occurs when some blog post is inaccessible and you are unable to get the desired post. The admin area and other blogs can be seen and only a single blog is inaccessible. But one need not has to worry about it because sometimes the . htaccess file gets deleted and this causes the issue to occur.

How to fix 404 error in WordPress

To fix this error, one needs to update the . htaccess file manually. Read More

Fixing Internal Server Error in WordPress


As the name suggests, the internal error occurs when the services or sites in the same server conflicts with each other. This error can occur due to the improper functioning of the theme, improper functioning of the plug-ins, corrupted. htaccess file or PHP memory limit reached

How to fix Internal Server Error in WordPress

This trouble can be sorted out in these ways:-

  • Ensure proper functioning of the . htaccess file.
  • Increase the PHP memory limit.
  • Plug-ins should be in good condition.

By these ways, the error can be sorted easily.

Fixing RSS Feed WordPress Errors

These are the errors caused mainly due to poor formatting. RSS feeds uses XML as there markup language. These errors are caused due to changes made in plug-ins.


How to fix RSS feed errors

The RSS errors can be corrected by:-

  • Manually fixing RSS feed errors.
  • Using plug-ins to fix RSS feed Errors.

This error can be fixed by the above two ways. Read more about these two ways.

Fixing Upload: failed to write file to disk error in WordPress

upload error

This stress in WordPress occurs due to incorrect folder permissions. Each file and folder possesses a set of permissions and guidelines. Incorrect permissions to a folder can lead a server to cannot create or add files to that folder.

How to fix “Upload: failed to write file to disk error in WordPress”

Filezilla, the FTP client can work best for the solution to this problem. Read More.

Fixing Fatal Error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded in WordPress

This mortal activity occurs due because of PHP sets the limited time to its scripts to run. When the PHP script runs and reaches the corner to its end , this error is generated. The time limit changes from different – different hosting providers. You should also invest in a good web hosting provider as it will improve your website.

How to fix Fatal error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded.

The error can be resolved in two ways:-

  • By manually editing the . htaccess file by adding “php_value max_execution_time 300”..
  • By installing and activating “ WP Maximum Execution Time Exceeded” Plugin.

By the above two ways, one can easily get into flow in their work.

Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress

Facebook showing the wrong thumbnail for some post is the major concern of this error. Facebook uses Open Graphs (og) tags. Plugins like SEO Yoast automatically adds og tags to place the correct thumbnail on the right post.

How to Fix Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in WordPress

The issue can be corrected by:-

  • Telling the Facebook about which image has to be uploaded with complete precision.
  • Manually uploading a thumbnail image.

Read More to fill this error in more detail.

Fix WordPress keeps logging out problem


This harassing issue with WordPress generally occurs, which leads to logging out WP many- a – times. This insane activity makes anyone completely frustrated.

How to Fix WordPress keeps logging out problem

This problem can be sorted in simple ways:-

  • Deactivating plugins.
  • Clear cache and browser activities.
  • Try restoring websites from previous backups.

These are the ways in which the issue can be sorted out.

Fixing “Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error” in WordPress

This error leads your website inaccessible. Sometimes the web server’s slow response or low memory limit issue lets the WP makes your website inaccessible.

How to fix “Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error” in WordPress

To solve this issue delete. maintenance file from your site’s root folder using FTP. Read More

Fixing WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

This issue is different from other issues; this refreshing and redirecting issue can get your work to halt.

How to Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting Issue

The issue can be resolved by:-

  • Deactivating all the plugins.
  • Revert to the default theme.
  • Delete the . htaccess file.
  • Updating the site’s URL.

Thus, these ways can lead you to error-free WordPress.

Fixing “Too many redirects in WordPress”

The error occurs when there are so many redirects on the website. The misconfiguration of the site’s URL and WP URL is the most common issue in this error.

How to fix Too many redirects in WordPress

Many no. of plug ins can cause this problem …so lessen the number of plugins in your website and Read More.

Fixing failure of WordPress Auto Update

Nowadays auto-update feature is beloved of every individual. The update comes with many more functionalities, but sometimes auto-update feature doesn’t work properly.

How to fix the failure of WordPress Auto Update

To fix this issue check all the file permissions, and try to turn off the safe mode.

WordPress dashboard locked out


Its quite irritating when you are yourself locked out of your WP, and you are not able to enter into your admin area. This error comprises of many other issues, like white screen of death, plug-in problems, PHP errors, etc.

How to fix WordPress dashboard locked out error

By correcting problems of your plugins and resoling PHP errors, one can get rid of this error.

“This site ahead contains harmful programs” error in WordPress

This error occurs because the particular site doesn’t stand on the mark on Google’s security criteria. The site may contain malware or malicious codes.

How to fix “This site ahead contains harmful programs” error in WordPress”

To fix this error remove the malicious codes and use WordPress security plug-ins.

Deactivate WordPress plugins without accessing WP-Admin

deactive plugins

This issue generally occurs when we have to deactivate plugins without entering admin are.

How to deactivate WordPress plugins without accessing WP-Admin

The plugins can be deactivated by using an FTP client or also by using the database.

How to fix “missing a temporary folder error”.

missing error

The error occurs when the folder made by PHP to store temporary files is inaccessible to WordPress.

How to fix “missing a temporary folder error”

This error is generated due to incorrect PHP settings. This error can be sorted by correcting the PHP settings. To do this wp-config.php must be edited. Read More.

Fixing “WordPress could not save password reset key”

The error occurs when the login page keeps on refreshing. This error message is that WordPress is not able to write anything new to the database

How to fix” WordPress could not save password reset key”

To fix this headache, connect your website with an FTP client or File Manager and solve the error.

  • Deactivating all the plugins.
  • Revert to the default theme.
  • Delete the . htaccess file.
  • Updating the site’s URL.

Thus, these ways can lead you to error-free WordPress.

Fixing other common errors “Troubleshooting”

Every human being has a primary tendency of solving his error by himself. So while working on WordPress he/she encounters some error, then to get rid of that particular one should try these solutions.


How to troubleshoot common problems in WordPress.

The hit and trial strategy can sometimes be of great help. There are certain common solutions for some common WordPress problems. These are:-

  • Backup your WordPress Site.
  • De-activate all plug-ins installed.
  • Switch to a default theme.
  • Back-up and delete . htaccess file.
  • Fix WordPress Site URL.
  • Scanning for malware. Read More

Thus, these were 28 common problems of WordPress that generally occurs, and can confront any frequent user of WordPress. The solutions are fairly easy and can lessen stress in – a – minute.

Hope this will be of great help while working on WordPress. Thank you for reading!!!

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