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WordPress CDN: Best CDN Providers for WordPress in 2021

Looking for WordPress CDNs in 2022? Before knowing about the best CDN for WordPress, you need to know first what a CDN or content delivery network is and how it is related to WordPress.

What is a CDN Service?

What is a CDN

A CDN or content delivery network is considered an important part of any website or application. Do you have any idea how the content you see on your mobile phones on any app gets delivered?

The answer to this is simple. The content that is viewed on mobile phones, on any website or app, videos or images, or any other kind of content gets delivered with a content delivery network.

The main goal of a CDN is to upgrade web performance by reducing the time needed to send content and rich media to users. The architecture of the content delivery network is designed in such a way to reduce network latency that is caused by hauling traffic over distances particularly long and also across several networks.

CDN helps you in quick transferring of assets that are needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos.

Why do WordPress Websites need CDN?

WordPress Websites need CDN

It is already mentioned that the most common use of CDN is to improve load time by delivering the content through a content delivery network. Most of the websites that use CDN to deliver their content also have several benefits.

Increased Site Speed for WordPress

Increased Site Speed for WordPress

We all know that WordPress websites are very slow, and thus, there arises the need to improve their performance. Increased performance of the site is one of the main reasons why CDN is essential.

You must also be aware of the fact that almost all the CDNs use compression technologies to speed up the process.

Increasing Availability

When we talk about sharing the content from your servers, it makes you add more servers as the traffic gradually goes up, and this could put pressure on the servers thereby putting your application down.

But, when the websites use CDN, a lot of traffic does not reach your servers as a lot of content is served from the edge server of the CDN from its cache. Thus, it would require a lesser number of servers.

Another benefit that CDN gives the websites is that even if the actual servers are not working, CDN tends to deliver the content as much as it can with the help of its cache.

Website Security

Larger companies tend to use this feature of website security that is availed through CDN.

As you know that the edge server of the CDN is the first point of contact for the incoming traffic, similarly it is the first line of defence against attacks on the website. In this way, the servers will only respond to the good requests coming from the actual users.

Some of the CDNs also provide additional features such as Bot Protection, Web Application Firewall, DDoS Protection, etc.

How Does The CDN Speed Up WordPress Websites?

CDN speed up WordPress copy

Usually, what happens is that the website is served from a single location by a WordPress hosting company. Even the visitors of the website access the same server.

Now, you know that the traffic will increase which, in turn, will slow down the user requests on your website. In fact, during peak hours, the server could even crash. This will make your website temporarily unavailable.

This is the main reason why CDN came up to speed up WordPress. When any user requests on the website, CDN servers will serve all the static resources.

This is advised because it will increase the hosting server by making it efficient by reducing the load on it.

Depending upon the geographical location, every user request will be handled by a different server that would be closest to the location.

This will help in reducing the loading speed of the page and the website will eventually become faster than others.

What Should You Look for in a WordPress CDN?

WordPress CDN

Here are some of the important features that you should look for in a WordPress CDN-

Check the Integrations With the Current Host

Since many WordPress hosts offer an in-built CDN with several partners, it is advised to check with your current WordPress host, before you look for a CDN.

Once you find out what is being used, you can compare the features and capabilities. You need to ensure that other than edge caching, you have other important security features as well.

Check for Pre-set WordPress Settings

You must have been aware of the fact that WordPress is considered one of the most used Content Management Systems all over the world.

This is the reason why most of the networks for content delivery have in-built pre-set configurations for WordPress. All that you need to do is compare them with the other CDNs.

Check for the Number of Edge Servers They Have

Here, what you need to do is check thoroughly the analytics of your website and know in detail where most of the traffic is coming from to your website.

Now, you are expected to compare those locations with the locations of the CDNs edge server and check whether they are close enough.

Check If There Are Any Past Vulnerabilities

It is very simple. No one among us would buy even a car without researching its past histories.

Similarly, you should research the CDN of your choice to make sure that there are no histories of any past vulnerabilities.

What Are Some of the Best CDN Providers for WordPress?

Best CDN providers for WordPress

No matter if you have a website for a simple blog or a website to manage a big business, you should look for the best services for your content delivery. Here are some of the best CDN providers-

Cloudflare CDN

This is an American content delivery service whose setup is simple to use which needs no editing to its code. All you need to do is to update your DNS nameservers that will be needed to use Cloudflare.

You should also keep in mind that there is limited DDoS protection in their free plan and also does not have all the features in their paid plans.

Cloudflare has a security feature that shows users a security page for some seconds while it analyses the traffic and then it sends them all to your website.

How Much Does CloudFlare CDN Cost?

Cloudflare CDN offers multiple pricing plans for its users. You can check the complete pricing of Cloudflare CDN here.

Bunny.net CDN

When we talk about the best WordPress CDN in the market, we talk about Bunny.net. They are considered very affordable concerning their data centres available across the world due to their pricing structure for small businesses and developers.

The setup of this CDN provider is easy to install in WordPress. Not only do they have their WordPress plugin, but also you can use it with other WordPress caching plugins, namely, WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache. SSL certificates can also be added with the help of CDN providers.

How Much Does Bunny.net CDN Cost?

Bunny.net also offers different types of pricing depending on its usage. For a more detailed cost overview please click here.

Sucuri CDN

Sucuri is another popular website security company. A powerful WordPress firewall and a CDN is offered, protecting them from DDoS attacks, malware and other security threats.

The anycast network of the Sucuri CDN providers is spread all across the globe. This is because they are never far from the fastest servers.

How Much Does Sucuri CDN Cost?

Sucuri offers multiple plans for CDN services and you can find the CDN pricing here.


Another good service option for CDN is KeyCDN. Just as other CDN providers, KeyCDN’s network is also spread across several parts of the world. Another benefit is that it is easy to set up on various platforms including WordPress.

How Much Does KeyCDN Cost?

KeyCDN offers 4 types of CDN pricing that you check here.


When we talk about cloud computing, hosting, and enterprise-level cloud solutions, Rackspace is a well-known name. A CDN solution is offered by this option. As compared to the setup of several other CDN services, it is a bit more complicated.

It has a major benefit that Rackspace works well with WordPress and is used easily with WordPress plugins. One of the flaws with this CDN service is that it does not offer DDoS mitigation at all, therefore, for this one should opt for either Sucuri or Cloudflare.

How Much Does Rackspace CDN Services Cost?

To know more about their WordPress CDN pricing plans, please check their website.


Another popular WordPress CDN solution is Incapsula, wherein the setup is easy to install and also works well with WordPress cache and plugins.

Some of the services that Incapsula offers are website application firewall, SSL, 24/7 support, and DDoS mitigation. Apart from these, a free CDN plan is also offered wherein these features are not available.

How Much Does Incapsula CDN Cost?

To know more about their WordPress CDN pricing plans, please check their website.

Want to SpeedUp Your WordPress Website? Get in Touch!

Above mentioned are some of the CDN service providers and we can see from them that the best was Bunny.net. It provides many comprehensive sets of features, at affordable pricing, and also a user-friendly setup.

Not only this, Sucuri is no less. It has different advantages. It lets you have access to their website firewall and cloud proxy. Also, Sucuri can be used to boost the performance of the website.

Now, if you are tight on your budget, then Cloudflare will do the best for you, as it has a free CDN plan.

For more information regarding CDN service providers for WordPress, you can either visit our website or get in touch with experts at Rankon Technologies Private Limited.

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