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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Businesses in 2021

So, we have faced a pandemic in 2020 and missed a lot of business opportunities that might have come to us. Today, we are going to learn some best social media marketing strategies for 2021 that businesses can use to build a better online reputation, revenue, and growth over social media channels.

Being in the social media industry, we as a social media marketing agency have many clients who use social media management as per their requirements. They put it on hold, and use it when they want like an ad hoc basis.

On the other hand, we create social media profiles for them and they hire any social media guy to manage social media profiles in-house. 

But sometimes it does not work how it is supposed to be. A perfect social media marketing strategy can build your business and on other hand, it can destroy your online reputation if it’s not done right. And, if you are not using social media the right way, then you are losing the business.

Table of Contents

social media marketing goals

Setting Up Social Media Marketing Goals

A social media marketing strategy is not worth it if you have missed setting-up the social media marketing goals. You should spend time setting the right social media marketing objective as per the business need. You know that you should use social media but not sure why then check the below-mentioned points to find the right social media marketing goal to build a brand-new new year social media promotion strategy.

Social Media Goals Your Business May Need

Social Media Audience Selection

The audience plays a very important role in any business social media marketing strategy. If you are unable to identify who is your right audience to target in your social media marketing plan then you may not get desired results from your social media marketing campaign.
Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge, most businesses think that they should target everyone who is actively using social media channels to be their potential follower.
But, the real follower is the audience who is going to like your shared content. Being a social media marketing company, sometimes our clients ask if they should buy social media followers from different SMM panels.
Honestly, if I am a client then I will also think but there is a factor that we should think about before buying followers.
It’s called “Quality”. You can buy millions of fake followers, but what if you don’t get a single like, comment, and share on your content? It’s worthless right?
You should target a relevant audience during your social media marketing campaign so they show interest in your content and be your real followers because they are going to perform the desired action on your posts and ads.
So, you should be very careful during your audience selection because it can waste your money, time and can cause a negative impact on your business’s social media marketing plan.
social network selection for promotion

Social Network Selection for Promotion

As we all know that there are multiple social media channels people use these days. And every social media channel has its type of audience and taste. So finding the right social media network is a very critical task in any social media marketing strategy.
You have to spend some time to find the right audience and social network your business need.

Create and Customize Your Content for Each Social Network


Facebook is a perfect social network to build a relationship with your potential buyers, followers and target the right people for your ads. You can find almost all types of audiences on Facebook. So, you can include Facebook marketing in your social media marketing plan.


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms nowadays and it is vastly used by young people. Like Pinterest, Instagram also works better for your visual content like images, videos, etc. Here you can find people with good intent in fashion, food, and health industry, etc. Instagram marketing should be a part of your social media marketing strategy for sure.


Twitter is a great social media platform to build a relationship with your customers and serve them better when they need your help or advice. You can make use of hashtags to know what is trending on Twitter and what your audience is currently looking for.


Pinterest uses pins to a virtual board. If you have graphics-related content like fashion, retail, food, recipes, DIY then Pinterest is a good option.


As we all know that Linkedin is a professional network and you can find professionals on Linkedin easily. If you are in the software, marketing, or any other digital realm you can include Linkedin marketing as a part of your social media marketing strategy.


YouTube is the second largest search engine these days and if you want to market your video then YouTube is the best option. You can find all type of audience on YouTube that is already watching your competitors’ videos and channels. You can easily target them in your YouTube marketing campaign.

Create and Customize Your Content for Each Social Network

social media competitor audit

Analyzing Competitor Social Media Marketing Strategy

Knowing your competitor’s social media marketing strategy is the best thing you can do in your social media promotion.
If you start using social networks blindly then it can be a time-waster and you will never be able to know what factors are paving growth to your competitors.
By checking competitors’ social media promotion strategies, you can easily identify where to invest your social media marketing budget effectively. Multiple social media marketing tools help in analyzing the competitors’ social media advertising strategies.
social media content planning

Content Planning for Social Media Promotion

The social media content plays a very important role in any social media marketing campaign and you should have perfect content planning in your social media advertising strategy.
You should have a mix of content to share on your social media profiles. Sharing promotion social media content every time may spread the wrong message to your audience.
Always check your social media insights to know what is being liked on your social media profiles. You should have a blend of entertainment, informative and promotional content to engage your audience.
Also, every social media platform wants you to perform some actions on other profiles and drive some value to their platform. So, always sharing your content but not showing interest in someone else’s content will not work for you.

What Should You Think While Creating Social Media Content for Your Audience?

You should care for the quality of your content because if everyone will share the same content then where is uniqueness? So, if you don’t have the proper tools, people, setup, and time to produce high-quality content then there is no way to get success.
social media profiles optimization

Social Media Profiles Optimization

No one likes to show engagement in an incomplete social profile. So try to optimize your social media profiles and fill in all the required fields to make them complete.
A complete social media profile clearly shows the type and information your potential buyers want to see.
To make your social channels more recognizable, you must use the same social media pictures, cover photos, colors, logos, and graphics.
content calendar

Social Media Content Calendar And Planning

Every social media platform uses its algorithm to show the right content to its users at the right time. So, when you start using any social media promotion strategy, always be careful about the posting schedule.
If you create social media postings and publish when your audience and followers are not online is worthless. It’s always better to use a social media content calendar to manage your social media profiles.

Best Time to Post on Social Media

When to post on social media

Social Network Appropriate Content Creation

There are certain rules and limits every social media user has to follow and it can be different for every social media platform. So be careful when you create content for your audience.

What Should You Consider While Creating Content for Your Social Media Profiles?

You should be careful when creating any type of content on your social media profiles. Images and graphics work better and have higher chances to be shared.
Being a social media marketing company, we have noticed video contents get a better response than any text or images based ads. So video marketing should be included in your social media marketing strategy.
cross promote social profiles

Cross-Promote Your Social Channels on All Mediums

You can mention your username and links everywhere possible like website, print media, brochure, visiting cards, blog, emails, and other social media profiles so people can easily find your different social media profiles.

You can make use of social media optimization services to cross-promote your social media channels effectively. Check our SMO packages for more details.

social media paid promotion

Consider Paid Promotion to Boost Your Audiences

Paid promotion on social media can be included in your social media advertising plan to gain quick exposure and benefits.

Most of the social media platforms offer paid promotions and you can hire any social media marketing company to manage your ads. You can run ads to get leads, followers, traffic, and views and to complete other social media marketing objectives.

Influencer Marketing to Reach More Audience

Influencers help you to quickly spread your content with their users by sharing your brand name among their followers. You should include Influencer marketing in your social media advertising strategy in 2021.
For example, if you have a protein brand and looking to market it on Instagram or YouTube then you can find some fitness freaks profiles to get engaged in influencer marketing.
If you select the right influencer with good engagement then you can expect good revenue from your social media advertising campaign.
chat bots on social media

Start Using Chatbots

We all are human and we can’t be everywhere at the same time when anyone is asking for help.

It is always a good strategy to use chatbots on your social media profiles to provide quick support when your buyers need it.
Chatbots are a great way to increase engagement on your social platforms. Know the chatbot benefits now!

social media budget

Creating The Social Media Budget

Social media platforms are one of the most important ways to market your product and services. And allocating the social media budget is a crucial and important part of any social media marketing plan.
We have to plan the budget and invest where better ROI can be attained. Not only this, using that budget with the right social media advertising strategy will be the most cost-effective way for you to reach your chosen target audience.
social media insights

Monitor And Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Like any other marketing campaign, you have to monitor and optimize your social media campaigns. Most of the social media platforms offer insights to know the audience’s behavior on your social channel.
If you work without checking and monitoring the outcomes then it’s not going to work in a long-term social media marketing plan.

Final Words

In this fast-paced digital realm, Social Media Platforms have emerged as a destination where business can meet their target audience and scale-up their business heights.
In such a competitive scenario, if your business is not doing well on social media platforms, you might be losing hordes of customers. If you don’t want to lose your potential customers, you will need to understand that social media marketing is the need of the hour, and without leveraging social media strategy your business is likely to fail.

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