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Social Media Management Tools & Apps for Agencies in 2021

Social media management tools are so much important these days and help small to large size businesses to manage their social media profiles faster and effectively with less efforts. Today, we are going to learn some of the best social media management tools that work best for small to large scale businesses and offer great features.

What Is Social Media Management?

The use of social media and social networks to market a company’s products and services encompasses social media marketing. With the help of social media marketing, a company can get a way to interact with existing and new customers. The data analytics tools that social media marketing has, helps marketers in tracking and interpreting the success of their efforts. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are used for social media marketing.

How Social Media Management Works?

Social media has transformed the way one connects and the way we function as a society. As soon as the businesses noticed that these sites are doing wonders, they took Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to supplement their interests in social media marketing and management. These websites can modify consumer behavior through their strategies.

Social media platforms help marketers to use different social media marketing strategies and techniques to promote content and have a huge number of people’s engagement on it. Many social media networks let users put in geographical, demographic, and personal information that helps marketers to customize their messages to what is most likely to resonate with users.

Five pillars of social media marketing-


ORM strategy building

Plan focused goals, social media channels to be used, and also the kind of content to be shared.

Plan & Publish

Customized Plan & Service

Plans should be drafted by the businesses of what the content would look like and decide when it will be put live on the platform.

Listen & Engage

More Engagement

A social media engagement platform is needed for keeping a track of what users, clients, and others have to say about tweets, products, and other company properties.

Analytics & Reporting

Regular Reporting

Being a part of social media, it is important to know the reach of posts, reports of engagement and develop plans accordingly.



For boosting, promoting, and developing a brand, purchasing ads on social media is a great option.

The success of social media marketing also known as digital marketing or e-marketing lies in various metrics. These are-

  • Website reports like google analytics.
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Client response rates
  • Campaign’s reach

Social Media Management Tools for Agencies in 2021

The social media marketing tools are arranged properly and all the tools are great in a unique way.

List of Social Media Management Tools for Agencies

The social media management tools are arranged properly and all the tools are great in a unique way.

Social Media Management Tools
Buffer Social Media Management Tool


The platform for successful social media management

Buffer is an instinctive and effective social media management software that is trusted by brands, businesses, agencies to boost engagement and results of social media.

Features of Buffer-

They have a range of services that help in engagement, reporting, analytics, and collaboration of teams. We consider our products very effectively to help social media marketers operate more efficiently and effectively. 

Social analytics- It identifies the trends of the customers’ preference to serve them better according to their requirements.

Social sharing- It allows creation and  management of data to be shared across all of the social media.

Content calendar- It enables the users to schedule posts for social media in advance and visualise them for trends.

Shared box- It collects all customers’s messages and enquiries from multiple social channels and encompasses them to a centralised inbox.

Approval workflows- It ensures that content is redirected for approval by managers or clients before publishing.

Buffer Pricing
There is a three-tier
system of payments for Buffer-
Individual (Free)
The Awesome Plan ($10/month)
Buffer for business (Small- $50/month, medium- $100/month, large- $250/month)

Pros & Cons of Using Buffer for Your Social Media Management

Easy and simple method of content sharingIt does not let you integrate Instagram in it.
Buffer analytics is useful for analysing trends, engagement and boosts, etc.It does not provide any tool for searches, hashtags, etc.
Clean and simple structure.
A useful integration of content to postitalong the web.

Buffer Review- Our customers have reviewed us that our tools are clean and instinctive, customer support is timely and friendly, the content is informative.

Hootsuite Social Media Management Tool


Hoot Suite
Manage all our social media in one phase

Hoot suite is considered one of the biggest social media management tools. More than 15 million people and several companies are using the tool. 

It is an all-in-one platform that helps to measure social return on investment, helps to schedule content, runs social media ads, and much more.

HootSuite Features- 

Review scoring- It lets you know about the positive, negative, or neutral reviews from the feedback.

Identifies Influencer- It lets you know and identify who is promoting your product on their social platforms and what ways they are using it.

Follower Analysis- It lets you know about the trend of followers by demographics, purchase graphs, location, and much more.

Globalisation- It lets marketers use a global platform and promote in different languages being used across the world.

HootSuite Pricing Plans

Professional$49/month for individuals.
Team$129/month for small marketing teams willing to collaborate with social media.
Business$599/month for businesses.
EnterpriseIt varies with different enterprises.

HootSuite Pros & Cons

Pros- Cons-
It is inexpensive and affordable.Video is not allowed to be posted on GMB listings.
It is simple and easy to use.Some of the metrics are not provided by Hootsuite, like FB response time.
A catalogue is provided to use it for creating a social media dashboard.
It allows the user to manage GMB settings and post on many listings at once.

Special value- Though it is a comprehensive platform, Hootsuite is liked by people for several reasons. This tool can regulate multiple accounts and networks and also schedule social media posts in bulk.

Social Media Management Tools
Sproutsocial Social Media Management Tool

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Real People-Real Brands-Real Connection

Sprout social incorporates a various number of social media platforms into a single site starting from social media scheduling software to monitoring and reporting one.

This tool provides customer relationship management features. Since it has a complete profile and details of your customers, the tool helps to serve them better and develop stronger relationships.

Sprout Social Features-

Unified inbox- Incorporates all the messages from facebook, twitter, instagram, all at one place and be an unified message box.

Real time detection- It has real time indicators as to when a team member is viewing a message or responding to the same.

Post Scheduler- It lets the users schedule their post to be published on various networks in advance and also creates drafts for it.

Cross network report- It shows all the growth in profile across all the networks irrespective of their type.

Sprout Social Pricing Plans

It has a three-tier system-

Sprout Social Pros & Cons

It has a well organised dashboard with a proper layout that helps you to get redirected to correct location and get what is needed exactly.It has  a limited number of social networks linkages.
It lets you access messages easily due to the unified message box.It is not viewed as a good investment due to highly increasing competitors in the market.
It becomes easy to schedule for publishing posts.

Special value-  The reports of sprout social are considered to be verified and amazing. The reports are considered to be so beautiful and amazing that social media managers would download and send them to managers and clients even without getting them edited.

Social Media Management Tools
Agorapulse Social Media Management Tool

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse

Social Media Management Simplified

Agora Pulse is an all-in-one platform with scheduling, reporting, and responding features.

Agorapulse Features-

Inbox zero communication- There’s no more scrolling up and down and side-to-side in streams of Inbox Zero on the Agorapulse dashboard. There’s no need to filter through several inboxes for all of your social media accounts.

Auto repeat on best tweets- Constant promotion is needed and a must, therefore the best tweets are repeated on twitter without having a schedule.

No spam on social media- Agorapulse assistant lets you customise keywords across your social media so that you can get rid of spam in your social media.

Ad management- It lets you manage ads and comments on Facebook and Instagram.

Agorapulse Pricing Plans

Freefor individuals.
Pro$79/month for small social media management teams.
Premium$149/month for powerful agencies.
Enterprisecustom for enterprises.

Pros & Cons of Agorapulse

Easy to use system.Can have better integration with instagram.
Centralised monitoring and messaging.Reminder for expiring ticket.
Quick in duplicating and editing reports.
Customisable full reporting.

Special value-  Agora pulse has many unique features. It enhances competitor analysis and provides Facebook contest apps at a very reasonable cost.

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Sendible Social Media Management Tool



Social Media Management Tool for Agencies

For agencies having several clients, Sendible is a social management tool built particularly for it.

This tool helps to personalize your dashboard according to your branding to attract clients.

It has several features that help to save time for repetitive tasks.

Some integrations like canvas graphics editor, royalty-free image search, YouTube search among many are impressive.

Sendible Features-

Plan & schedule the content- It has powerful publishing features, hence lessens the time for posting. It also helps in scheduling the posts.

Post preview- It lets you have preview of your posts before publishing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, so that you can make the required changes with respect to sizes, hashtags, etc.

Meaningful reports- It helps you view all the insights as to how social media is paying off.

Sendible Pricing

Creatorfor $29/month for starting.
Tractionfor $89/month for small agencies.
Scalefor $129/month for growing agencies.
Expansion$399/month for large teams.

Pros & Cons of Sendible

It has quick posting features.It is slow to load.
It is easy and simple to use.Reporting is not quite as robust.
It has multiple user access.
It has quick posting features.
eClincher Social Media Management Tool



Best in The Class Social Media Management Tool

eClincher, like other social media management tools, lets you schedule and publish posts, respond to social messages and boost interaction, and also analyze your performance on social media.

eClincher Features- 

  • It adds value and features so that you can better execute your strategy and plans.
  • Extensively supportive team available 24*7
  • It guarantees boost your social media and promotes the reach.

eClincher Pricing Plans

It has a three tier pricing system-

Pros & Cons of eClincher

The unified inbox has made responding faster and made socially active.There are separate queues for every single platform.
It has one of the best tool for managing multiple accounts.Sometimes, auto posting is challenging.
It has a great way of scheduling and recycling existing content.

Special value- The ability to auto-post with smart queues acts as a media library for your photos and the ability to scan for social media influencers makes eClincher distinguished from others.

SocialPilot Social Media Management Tool



Simple & Cost Effective Tool for Teams and Agencies

The social pilot has been doing great with agencies that work with many clients due to its client management feature. 

SocialPilot Features-

  • It saves time by scheduling your posts on 9 social media platforms.
  • It lets you create a effective team and maintain a workflow.
  • It lets you share content from your site automatically.
  • It lets you expand your post reach and add leads.

SocialPilot Pricing Plans

Small team$42.5/month

Pros & Cons of SocialPilot

It is inexpensive and affordable.There is absence of a complete free plan.
It supports most of the social media platforms.Instagram analytics could not be obtained.
It offers almost all the social media management functions.
It also has reseller options.
Bulk scheduling can be done including images with content.

Special value- The white-label reports are helpful which are handy for agencies. It also suggests content from different industries which is important if you want to find relevant content easily.

CoSchedule Social Media Scheduling Software



#1 Marketing Calendar

Apart from being a great social media management tool, it is a perfect calendar for managing several aspects of marketing. The team members can be collaborated and managed to create social media posts, events, tasks, and contents.

CoSchedule Features-

  • It connects all the social media accounts effectively.
  • It lets you personalise schedule for posts.
  • It is synced with WordPress and google calendar.
  • It promotes the past best posts to boost reach.
  • It gives a preview of social media messages before sending.

CoSchedule Pricing Plans

It has a two tier pricing system-
Marketing calendar$29/month
Marketing suitecustom

Pros & Cons of CoSchedule

It has a very easy and simple interface.Expensive
De promotion of past popular content.Social media analytics are not included.

Special value- Marketers who want to organize and systematize all their projects in one place find CoSchedule as an important tool.  Their ReQueue feature helps you find optimal posting times and fill in gaps in your social media schedule with your best posts automatically.

MavSocial Social Media Software
MavSocial Social Media Software



Streamlined Social Media Management

This tool focuses on visual content. The Facebook ads that are higher price can also be managed by MavSocial.

Special value- Apart from the other features, it has a digital library that lets you manage, edit, and use your multimedia for your social media posts and also a search engine that helps to browse a stock of photos.

Friends+Me Social Media Posting Tool


Friends Me

Share to Anywhere

The Friends+Me tool helps to post your content on other social media platforms and also strongly focuses on Google+.

Special value- Friends+Me arranges for Google+ profiles, communities, pages, Gsuite Google+. It also helps in reposting Google+ posts on other social media accounts automatically.

Crowdfire Social Media Management Software



Simplified Social Media Management

Apart from sharing content, Crowdfire lets you manage and use your Twitter account and also it suggests articles that can be shared.

Content calendar- It helps to schedule social media posts and previewing all the content in a calendar.

Social engagement-  It lets you manage all the social media marketing efforts across all the platforms in a centralised manner.

Unified inbox- It collects all the messages from various social media platforms and delivers them to a centralised inbox.

Crowdfire Pricing Plans

Freefor beginners
Plus$7.48/month for small businesses.
Premium$37.48/month for medium businesses.
VIP$74.98/month for agencies and large businesses.

Pros & Cons of Crowdfire

It offers free plan for upto two accounts of the same network.It does not let you promote your business if it is of self hosted variety.
It guarantees gain of followers.It typically follows the follow for follow rule.
It prevents you from forgetting about posts and publishing them bt giving constant reminders.

Special Value- Since Crowdfire lets you connect with blogs, YouTube channels, and also some online shops, thereby standing out from other social media management tools. There are different updates on a site. This tool creates social media updates for every update on the site.

SocialBee Social Media Posting Tool
SocialBee Social Media Posting Tool



Social Media Posting For All Your Profiles

Many leads can be gained with little effort through SocialBee. The main function of this tool is to add, organize and share content across other social channels from one platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and also Google My Business.

Special Value- The type of service provided by SocialBee serves as an important factor. It allows you to post regularly with a proper mix blend of content.

Post Planner Social Media Planning Tool
Post Planner Social Media Planning Tool

Post Planner

Post Planner

Smarter Social Media Management

Social media marketers have three main jobs-

  • High-quality content
  • Plan the perfect publishing calendar for posts
  • Consistent and regular posts

The PostPllanner helps social marketers in the above-mentioned tasks. It provides content suggestions and helps to create a schedule for posting based on the content type.

Post Planner Pricing Plans


Pros & Cons of Post Planner

They have a great search tool to find relevant content and helps to import blog directly from the site.Pricing plans should be reconsidered.
Independent scheduling of posts can be done.
It shows the top performing posts, statuses, etc on social media sites.

Special Value- Since it is all about planned posts, it becomes easier to find out what content has been found good with engaging people.  It does not mean just picking up your time slots, but also selecting the content type for each time slot, and then the post planner will fill accordingly.

Some Other Social Media Management Tools

Tailwind Social Media Scheduler Tool



Smarter Visual Marketing

When content is considered for Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind is a great option. It provides recommendations for improving your Pinterest and Instagram performance and helps to schedule posts and measure the engagement of posts.


The wise schedule makes sure that your pins go out at optimal times-  This feature chooses specific times throughout the day when you want the pins to go out, and recurring occurs every week. When this feature is selected, bright times are being suggested so that it may be opted for. 

Tailwind Create makes pins faster for your content- Pins are created directly. Brand preferences for color, adding logo, and selection of pin templates are made. With this, scheduling pins has become easy, but they can easily be created directly from their platform.

Tailwind’s Board insight helps to know that to schedule- The board insights feature about the analytics as to when was the last time the board was pinned to, how much audience was engaged, and similar points.

Free Forever-$0/month

Pros & Cons

It helps to schedule pins on more than one platform across a time frame.Tailwind creation is fun but hard to use for people.
It schedules Instagram posts multiple times to grown reach.After adding a link to a post and then adding the caption, it does not get where the cursor was placed but on the first line.

Special Value- Since Pinterest and Instagram are visual content platforms, and Tailwind helps in content promotion for these sites.

Later Instagram Marketing Platform
Later Instagram Marketing Platform


social media management tools

#1 Marketing Platform for Instagram

Later is a top-rated marketing tool that focuses entirely on Instagram ( though other Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter can be connected).

Special Value- It has a tool that can be used on the Instagram profile link to a shoppable Instagram feed.


Marketing tool kit for Instagram

This social media marketing tool is mainly focused on Instagram promotion. It is a multi-purpose toolkit for influencers, bloggers, brands, and others.


  • This tool helps one to grow followers, choose content and also analyze competitors.
  • Instagram Direct Module feature lets you set auto-replies and manage bulk messaging. 
  • Ingram’s scheduling module feature lets you schedule feed posts and stories.
  • Ingram has an AI-optimized search function.
  • It has a single dashboard for ten accounts.
$37/account for2 weeks
$57/account for1 month
$144/account for3 months

Pros & Cons

It does not require downloading.It will let your account get blocked at a certain point in time.
It is a secure website.It has a very unusual unresponsive customer support.
They favor mixed quality automation.
Content Cal- Social Media Publishing Tool
Content Cal- Social Media Publishing Tool

Content Cal

social media management tools

A social media management tool that helps in excellent team collaboration helps the team create content and publish it. It helps to create a content calendar. It has an integration of more than 2000 apps. This tool offers dedicated customer support and is excellent for small and large teams. It is a cost-effective tool for content creation. It doesn’t support publishing on YoutTube.


Scheduling- Content can be auto-published to several platforms at a specified date and time.

Option to pause content- There is a possibility that you may plan to change your content at the last time. All the content that is set to publishing can be paused at once.

Commenting lets you comment on individual posts and increases user interaction by giving constructive feedback.Notes- This feature lets you add notes which remind you of future dates and events related to posts.

Premium custom-Custom
Enterprise custom-Custom

Pros & Cons

User-friendly tool.It duplicates posts multiple times, and even sometimes, posts disappear.
A supportive customer support
Napolean Cat Social Media Management Tool
Napolean Cat Social Media Management Tool

Napolean Cat

social media management tools

It is a social media tool to manage all aspects of social media marketing from publishing content to its metrics. IT allows increasing efficiency and cost savings by up to 70%. It has active customer service through chat, email, and phone. It only asks you to pay for the social profiles that are put to use.

Social Media Marketing Tools
Khoros Social Media Marketing Software


social media management tools

Khoros is a social media marketing software that lets businesses connect and interact with their customers in an effective manner. 

It helps in automating content publishing all over the other social media platforms and checking for conversations about the brand. It helps in boosting engagement and interaction with customers. It lets you manage all the content and campaigns from a single place.

Social Media Marketing Tools
Socialbakers Social Media Management Tool

Social Bakers

Social Bakers

It is very essential to understand the audience’s behavior. It enables businesses to work on social media through artificial intelligence. It lets you grow and develop your customer base by customizing your content.

Importance of Social Media Management

Social media is becoming very important and in trend these days as far as digital marketing is concerned. This helps to maximize the reach of millions of people online and develop and grow the business eventually.

Improved Brand awareness

Through social media marketing, the business can be made more visible, and people can be made aware of it. Social media profiles need to be created, and hence, networking can be done with other profiles. A social media page for a brand helps boost a business and get a massive audience through artificial intelligence in no time.


As far as an advertising method is concerned, social media marketing is a cost-effective method of promoting a business. Usually, creating and signing up an account is free for almost all of the sites. But when one decides to use paid methods for advertising, one should go for small packages in the first go to check for the output. Investing a little would help more in getting returns and increasing it higher later.

Engage With Your Customers

Social media is an excellent way of engaging and interacting with your customers. The business is promoted reasonably when you interact, communicate with your customers daily, get to know about their needs and preferences, and choose to convert plans for promotion. Communication and engagement are excellent for getting customers’ attention.


Social media marketing is beneficial for startups and well-built brands. Right, and regular posting about the brand as part of social media marketing strategy will help increase people’s traffic, better SEO, healthier customer satisfaction, and much more. Seeing the competitors, you will be able to post and schedule content accordingly.

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