Shopify Pricing & Plans: Shopify Benefits & How Much Does Shopify Cost in 2021?

Planning to build a Shopify website but not aware of Shopify pricing? Dive in to know “How Much Does Shopify Cost in 2021?”

Whether it is to sell a single product or an extended variety of goods, Shopify promises unmatched selling expertise with an increased likelihood of getting increased ROI in the form of augmented sales. But, alike other business-related decisions, Website development cost is something that plays a pivotal role in making the eventual decision. This is where a question arises – How much does Shopify Cost?

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But, before we delve deep to find out something in regard to the cost of Shopify Plans, it is necessary to understand why Shopify is the most sought-after choice for the development of an eCommerce store.

Benefits of Shopify

There are many reasons that make Shopify an unmatched choice compared to other options. Some of them include:

Easy To Setup And Use

The first benefit of Shopify is that it is easy to setup & use. Shopify is considered a hassle-free eCommerce platform, which is amazingly easy to configure and deploy. It is even considered the most preferred alternative for individuals who want an all-inclusive solution, with no complex procedures linked with the development and hosting of an eCommerce store. The platform gives both the software as well as the hosting on its own that is integral to launching the website. Besides, the admin panel is very smart and user-friendly while the user-interface is effective too.


An Online Store Pleasing To Your Eyes

The second benefit of Shopify is that its online store has amazing user interface & pleasing to your eyes. The platform is known to have integrated a wide range of professional templates that are of immense use in regard to the creation of unparalleled and visually appealing online stores. Though it has a bare minimum theme, website design agency can choose to extend it further to create a store with superb UI and brilliant UX.

Online store

App Integrations

Another benefit of Shopify is that it can easily integrated with apps. Shopify is known to have great customization abilities as it can be easily integrated with apps. This means that the seller can easily add some additional features and operability to his store and improve its value manifold.

Security and Reliability

Another advantage of Shopify is the security and reliability it provides. As security is very much necessary for an online business, Shopify feasibly looks after the confidential personal and financial details of the customers. Likewise, it must always be available online. Both these features are taken care of with this presented solution that takes care of advancements and upkeep.


Superb Loading Speed

Another advantage of Shopify is its superb loading speed. Being a globally supported platform, Shopify is known to have reliable design along with the enhanced hardware & software. This provides a great loading speed to the eCommerce online store.


Potent Marketing Tools

Another benefit of Shopify is potent marketing tools. Being an all-inclusive platform, Shopify has some juice for marketers too. The base version offers SEO features along with enhanced e-commerce analytics. Besides, it offers more marketing tools such as custom gift cards, discount coupons, store statistics, targeted email marketing, and more.

Mobile Friendly

Another advantage of Shopify is its mobile friendliness. Mobile responsiveness is the need of an hour as there is an increased use of smartphones for online shopping. The Shopify themes are mobile-friendly, which means that it can be used to avail mobile-optimized stores. There are even free iPhone and Android apps that can be used to run the store feasibly.

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Reliable Customer Support

Another advantage of Shopify is its reliable customer support. By counting on this e-commerce platform, online sellers can choose to expect dependable, all-available customer support. Shopify experts are available 24/7 via email, live chat, or phone to solve any issues and keep the store operating perfectly at any given point of time.

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Customer support

Shopify Pricing 2021

Whenever it comes to discuss the features and functionality of a Shopify store, Shopify pricing is something that can’t be overlooked. Even, it forms a major factor in decision making. So, let’s find out more about Shopify features and pricing plans.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify Pricing Plans

How much does it cost to set up Shopify? Basically, there are Five Shopify Pricing Plans to choose from.

  • Basic Shopify Plan– Available at $29 a month.
  • Shopify – Available at $79 a month.
  • Advanced Shopify Plan – For $299 a month.
  • Shopify Lite Plan– Priced at only $9 a month. You might not notice it in their pricing chart as it remains hidden in a footnote of their pricing chart. This clearly means that they don’t want to promote merchants choosing the cheaper option:
  • Shopify Gold Plan – This is primarily for large businesses and comes with an option to communicate directly with Shopify. It is an entirely customized package and the range starts at $2,000 a month.

More About Shopify Pricing

Basic Shopify

This Shopify pricing plan is just one step above than Shopify Lite. Basically, it is meant for a bit more serious merchant.

The major features of this Shopify Pricing Package are:

  • A fully functional website and blog.
  • A discount code engine.
  • A fraud analysis tool.
  • An unlimited number of products that can be uploaded and included in your store.
  • A free SSL certificate.
  • Manual order creation.
  • File storage support (no limit).
  • 24/7 Customer support.


  • Option to print shipping labels for free
  • Shopify lets you get 64% rebate off shipping with Shopify partner companies like USPS, UPS, and DHL Express


The transaction fees of Shopify are:

  • 9% of the transaction + 30 Cents if the item is purchased online with a credit card
  • Straight 2.7% of the transaction if you have a physical store.
  • 2% of the transaction (along with the third-party transaction fee) if you use a different payment provider instead of ‘Shopify Payments’

Point Of Sale (POS)

It is basically a smartphone application that allows merchants to process orders and receive payments through their Android or iOS phones. The basic plan lets you:

  • Download and use the Shopify POS application.
  • Receive hardware support.
  • Use third-party POS applications.

Shopify Basic Pricing Plan is best meant for merchants who:

  • Don’t want to restrain themselves in regard to sales scope without overshooting the budget
  • Do not presently have a blog or retail site which they can combine with ‘Shopify Lite’
  • Small to medium-sized businesses who require a maximum of 2 staff accounts


This is undoubtedly the ‘best selling’ Shopify Plan. The reason is that it has all the important features and functions that are not available in ‘Lite’ and ‘Basic’ plans. It is priced midway between Lite and Advanced pricing plans.

Salient Features

  • Option to list an unlimited number of products
  • Option to use gift cards.
  • Stay more planned in your business with ‘professional reports’.
  • ‘Abandoned cart recovery’ to avoid losing out needlessly on potential business. This is the best-selling point for the ‘Shopify plan’ as this feature allows merchants to access important details of high intent customers.There remains an option for automated emails that are sent out at a programmed duration after abandonment which overcomes going after rejections separately and physically emailing those projections!


  • Option to print shipping labels for free
  • Shopify lets you get 72% rebate off shipping with Shopify partner companies like USPS, UPS, and DHL Express


The transaction fees of Shopify are:

  • 6% of the transaction + 30 Cents if the item is purchased online with a credit card
  • Straight 2.5% of the transaction if you have a physical store.
  • 1% of the transaction if you use a different payment provider instead of ‘Shopify Payments’

Point of Sale (POS)

The plan allows you to:

  • Download and use the Shopify POS application
  • Receive hardware support
  • Use third-party POS applications
  • Get unlimited Shopify POS staff PINs

Shopify Plan is best matched for merchants who:

  • Run small to medium-sized businesses and want to take their endeavor further by exploring unlimited products and storage
  • Who have enough sourced to pay $79 a month and have a sufficiently large customer base using payment providers other than ‘Shopify Payments’
  • Who want to optimize profits and don’t want to lose potential sales

Advanced Shopify Pricing Plan

This is absolutely the best who wants to take their eCommerce endeavor to the next level. This plan has all the features of ‘Basic’ and ‘Shopify’ plans. Its main features include:

  • Details business reporting for business who want nothing but precise reports on sales
  • Showcase your products in your own way with unlimited number of products and storage
  • Dashboard availability for up to 5 people means easy assignment of tasks to your staff


  • Option to print shipping labels for free
  • Shopify lets you get 74% rebate off shipping with Shopify partner companies like USPS, UPS, and DHL Express


  • 4% of the transaction + 30 Cents if the item is purchased online with a credit card
  • Straight 2.4% of the transaction if you have a physical store.

0.5% of the transaction value if you use a different payment provider instead of ‘Shopify Payments’

Point of Sale (POS)

The advance plan enables you to:

  • Download and use the Shopify POS application
  • Register shifts
  • Receive hardware support
  • Use third-party POS applications
  • Get unlimited Shopify POS staff PINs

Advanced Plan is best matched for merchants who:

  • Have big size businesses with significant revenue sources and want to increase their profit margins by paying lesser transaction charges
  • Who are large inventory based firms with an aggressive, content-heavy marketing and branding roadmap
  • Who want detailed reporting so that they can carve out new business strategies to tap more market potential and beat out competition

Shopify Lite

Frankly speaking, this is good for those who already have a working website or blog site and they just want to sell products through the same. The most surprising thing about Shopify Lite is that it even works for those who don’t have even a website. This is because it lets you set up an entire business via Facebook and a ‘Messenger’ integration to run all related services. The main features of Shopify Lite are:

Facebook Sales

Take your products for sale right on your Facebook page. Potential buyers can buy them right away from your Facebook page using a new, always visible Shop section.

Planning to build a Shopify Ecommerce website? Dive in to know “How Much Does A Shopify eCommerce Website Cost In 2021?”

Do you know that in 2019, China topped the eCommerce market by achieving the sales figure of $1.935 trillion? The more shocking things were that this figure was 3 times greater than that of the United States which recorded the sales of $586.92 billion. Overall, it has been observed that China attributes nearly 55% of the global eCommerce market which is more the share of the following five countries altogether.

Messenger Customer Support

From selling your products to solving your customer’s queries, Shopify lets you do all the tasks through Messenger chat. Even, customers can track their orders in real-time via Messenger.

Buy Buttons

Make any website a full-fledged online store by integrating Buy buttons. Be it is a website on WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace, or anywhere else, Shopify lets you turn any website into an online store.

Receive payments with POS app

No matter where you choose to sell your products, be it fairs, roads, or events, get the payments easily via Shopify’s Point of Sale app. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Prepare & Send Invoices

Creating and sending invoices was never so easy. With the Shopify Lite pricing plan, it is just a matter of a few minutes to prepare and send the invoice right away. Proper invoicing procedures mean faster payment clearances against the sale done.

Shopify Lite is best for those merchants who:

  • Startups and low on budget
  • Want a reliable POS to receive physical payments at trade fairs, shops or events
  • Small businesses who already possess a website or blog and want low-cost sales integration
  • Small businesses who want to set up an eCommerce store at low cost on social media

Shopify Gold

For regular merchants, both small size and large size, this is the plan that they would never likely to take on. Being true, this plan is meant for large companies who want customized support in regard to product sales, website management and customer care.

This plan has:

  • 200 TB of storage space.
  • A fully functional website and blog site
  • Nil transaction fees.
  • Product order and management automation.

Plus Plan is best matched for merchants who:

  • Big companies like ‘eBay’ that has a large number of employees
  • Have an enormous budget for marketing and web store expansion
  • Want to ensure a smoother and positive customer experience
  • Want to expand their product offerings to a large scale

Common FAQs About Shopify Pricing

Now some commonly asked questions that would give you more clarity about Shopify pricing.

Do I need to pay anything extra on Shopify?

If you take a detailed look, you’ll come to know that Shopify’s credit card rates are actually lower than payment processors like PayPal. Apart from transaction fees, you’re not supposed to pay anything extra.

Is Shopify cheaper than its counterparts?

Yes, absolutely. For example, if you prefer BigCommerce, you can easily understand how they force you to upgrade your plan when you achieve more sales. This is not the case with Shopify as it never asks you to upgrade your plan. So, logically, with Shopify, you can choose to sell $1 million worth of products at just $29 per month.

Do Shopify users prefer Shopify Payments?

As per Shopify, nearly 85% of its uses are using Shopify Payments. The reason is quite understandable – lower transaction fees, lesser credit card processing fees and faster payment processing (2 days).

Does Shopify provide email hosting?

No. But when you have a Shopify domain, you can choose to set up free and unlimited email forwarding to the domain from another email hosting service. So, you need to pay extra for that third-party email hosting service.

Should I obtain a commercial license for a Shopify business?

Basically, it depends on your local business law and legal policies. So, do a thorough consultation with a commercial taxation expert before moving further so as to avoid any hassle in the future.

Do I need to pay extra for Shopify refunds?

No. Shopify doesn’t charge any fee for a refund transaction. If it charged by mistake, you will get a credit on your next invoice.

How much does Shopify charge per transaction?

There Are Two Charges: On your turnover (ranging from 0.5% to 2%) And Payment Gateway Charges.

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