Search engine optimization is the process that helps in increasing website traffic by improving the quality, design, and content of your website using on-page and off-page techniques. It helps in increasing websites visibility through organic search engine results.
In today’s era everyone is dependent on search engines. Whether you are searching for best online shopping site or a nearby restaurant, you get everything on search engines. Search engines helps website to drive customer traffic by increasing its visibility and searchability.
Authority links are links that have put up considerable trust and authority with search engines because of their age, size, popularity and quality. There are three levels of authority in SEO: Domain authority, Page authority and Link authority
Technical SEO refers to the SEO that is different from content. Its main aim is to focus on the search engine requirement and improve the ranking of the page. It also focuses on how well and fast search engine bots crawl and index your web page.

Technical SEO is categorized into following terms which help search engine understand your site better and even results in better ranking of your website:

  • Schema
  • Website speed
  • Crawl rate
  • Featured snippets
  • CSS
  • Java script
  • Right keywords plays the most important role in SEO. While choosing keyword you need to keep following points in mind-
  • Search for your target customers
  • Identify with what your customers are searching for
  • Also, understand your competitors
  • Make use of keyword research tools

Target long tail keywords

You can choose the right keywords with the help of many tools like-

  • Google Keyword Planner
  •  SEMrush
  •  Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  •  Google Search Console
  • Ubersuggest

It is usually a long term process, but with good on page and off page SEO performance, it might take 3 months to 6 months and in some cases 12 months

Inbound Links are backlinks that originate from an external website to yours while Outbound Links are external links that  originate  from your site and refers to an external website.

Broken link or dead link are those links that are no longer in use. They are referred to as 404 error and it usually arises when: the user enters the wrong URL or a particular linked page  is removed  

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