SEO Company In India: Better Ranking, Traffic, And Conversion in 2021

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SEO company in India- RankON Technologies Pvt Ltd is a team of SEO experts with more than 8 Years of experience in offering best SEO services for their clients at very affordable prices. If you are in search for a trusted search engine optimization company to increase your organic traffic and leads then you have come to the right place. 

Why Should You Hire An SEO Company in India?

Don’t let your website die slow among millions of websites. Invest in search engine optimization plans and secure the future of the website. It is the SEO that ensures more leads, organic traffic, and a better reputation. Don’t let your website fall for compromised black hat SEO techniques, better find the best SEO Company and give your website a secure future.

As more and more people are relying on search engines for finding the right information it becomes essential to focus your attention on SEO as it is the process of SEO that ensures that your website would get found by the right users. Rank higher for the significant keywords in popular search engines like Google and Bing to get more organic leads.

Why Should You Hire A Right SEO Company In India?

It is easy to have a website, but for converting it to your marketing and promotional tool you must invest in SEO Services; search engine optimization is the process in which a website is optimized for the search engine and the user. A well-optimized website would deliver the following:

More Leads:

when a website is optimized it generates more leads that mean more potential clients for your business. When a user visits the website they share some crucial information that can be used to reconnect with the user in the future. Hire Rankon Technologies and find out how with more leads you can secure your market for the future.

Brand Visibility:

Have you ever noticed the level of competition in the market? Don’t let your website suffer silently. When a website is well promoted on targeted platforms, it brings brand visibility as well. It enhances your reputation as well. When your brand is visible to the current and potential clients it has more chances of success. Work with a professional and leading SEO companyand improve brand value.

More Traffic:

A website is considered successful when it attracts more relevant traffic, though there are several ways to generate traffic it is the organic traffic that ensures better and long-lasting performance. With a well -designed and well-executed SEO plan, it becomes easier to get more traffic. Promote the website for high potential targeted keywords and get more traffic.

More Sale:

If you have a B2B or B2C website then your concern would be to get more sales. SEO has the power to convert a prospective buyer in a promising buyer. When a website is optimized for hot keywords it ultimately improves sales.

Better Conversion:

The success of any SEO plan is measured by the conversion rate. When a website promoted for the targeted audience, focusing on promising keywords, there are more chances to get a conversion.

What Does Our SEO Company in India Do To Increase Your Website’s Rankings & Traffic?


Technical SEO Analysis

Technical SEO offers a complete SEO audit of your website to find out the weak areas of your website to improvise SEO score to perform better in search engines.
Technical SEO analysis helps us to build the right SEO marketing strategy for you to provide a better long-term plan to do better in search engine results.
In this process, we consider website loading speed, URL structure, content relevancy, internal linking audit, and many other factors to increase the website’s user and search engine friendliness.

Search Engine optimization

On Page SEO

On-Page SEO includes the factors that we optimize to make the website more search engine friendly. In this process we take care of Keywords Research, URL mapping to find out the right page to target keyword, Heading Tags, Alt Text, Internal Linking between pages and posts, and many other factors to optimize a web page for better search engine rankings.
It’s the most important part of SEO and it can ruin your efforts if not done right so it should be done properly and you should hire SEO professionals to perform this.

Off Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is an important part of any SEO marketing strategy and it should be done by SEO professionals only.
In off-page SEO our SEO experts build high-quality natural backlinks to increase your organic rankings and link profiles as more high authority backlinks increase the chances of higher rankings. Our SEO experts only follow the White Hat SEO approach to building high-authority backlinks. We do link-building activities like Email outreach, high-quality content creation to attract natural links, broken backlink building, resource backlink building, local citations, and many other high-quality link-building activities to create quality backlinks.

Software companies

Tracking & Reporting

This is one of the important parts of any SEO company’s process. We track everything on our website to analyze the user behavior and how our pages and website are doing in search engines. We set up Google analytics, Google tag manager, and a search console to track the website traffic, leads, and errors. We also provide reports of work done and data we receive after monthly Google analytics traffic analysis to create next month SEO strategy planning.

Why Should You Hire Us As Your SEO Company in India?

Join hands with Rankon Technologies, the leading SEO agency, and learn how one can achieve long-lasting top ranking for competitive keywords. We have a team of experienced SEO Experts that ultimately makes us the best SEO agency in India. We provide complete SEO solutions including website audit, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and regular reports to measure the result.

Process Our SEO Company in India Follows


Initial Website SEO Audit

When you hire our SEO agency in India to perform SEO services, we start with an initial website SEO audit to find out the weak areas to start with. We check for UI/UX, Website Loading Speed, Mobile responsiveness, URL Structure, Sitemap and robots.txt, and other factors to increase the user experience and search engine friendliness of our client’s website.


Competitor Website Audit

When you hire our SEO agency to work on your website’s SEO, we find or also request you to share your competitor’s website URLs so we can check your competitors strength like website authority and backlink strategy so plan a better link building strategy so we can beat them in search engine results.


Keywords Research

Keyword research is the most important part of our SEO services and we do it very carefully to find out the most suitable keywords as per your product or services. Our SEO company in India has been helping businesses to get the first page SEO rankings for their keywords for the past few years and we know how to do keyword research properly. We use different keyword research tools to find out the right keywords for your website. We use Google ads keyword planner, Semrush, Ahrefs keyword research tool to provide you the right keywords to start with. Always trust an SEO company to find perfect keywords for you.


On Page SEO Fix

Our SEO company uses different SEO audit tools to find the on-page errors on the website so we can have the URLs with on-page errors and fix them. Our tools can easily fetch the on-page errors including meta description, meta titles, images missing alt text, pages missing heading tags, canonical issues, website speed optimization factors, URLs related issues, etc. Our SEO professionals have more than 8 years of experience and can fix them. easily to increase website SEO scores quickly.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most important factors of any SEO strategy and it can make or break your business if not done right.
Our SEO Company in India uses top-rated content development and marketing tools to create the perfect content marketing strategy for your website SEO.
We use Ahrefs to find out the top-ranking content in your niche and check their linking resources and we create better content than your competitors and do content syndication to make your content marketing stronger.


ORM Services

Online reputation management is one of the most important factors that should be taken care of during any SEO strategy planning. Our SEO firm has been helping many businesses to get a clean and healthy online reputation as this is what can hurt your business in the long run.
We use different ORM tools to monitor your Online reputation so your users can find your business trusted.
We always suggest clients take reviews from their clients on Google my business and other business directories like Yelp, Manta, and Merchant circle. We also monitor mentions and take the required action to make a healthy reputation.


Link Building Services

Link building services from our SEO agency in India help you to increase your domain authority and organic rankings. We always follow Google SEO guidelines to create good quality backlinks to make your website safe from any spam backlink penalty. 
We focus on high-quality content creation that attracts natural backlinks for your web pages.
We follow link-building techniques suggested by top-rated SEO experts in the world and never use any shortcuts to rank your website quickly. Link building services from cheap SEO companies can ruin your website reputation in search engines and you may face link building penalties in the future so always work with expert SEO companies in India.


Local/National SEO Setup

When you hire our SEO agency for your local or national SEO project, we set up Local SEO or national SEO targeting. 
If it’s a local business then we start with Local keyword research and optimize the complete website for better local SEO results like using location in URLs, headings, meta tags, content, and also using NAP on website pages with Google Map.
We build high-quality local SEO backlinks to increase the Google map rankings of your website in your area for local searches.
If it’s a national business then we follow national SEO guidelines to help your website rank better for national searches. We focus on backlinks from national websites to help your website rank better in your country where you want your website to rank.


Social Media Setup

You may be thinking why social media management services in SEO services? So here is the explanation.
We setup social media on website so users can share your contents easily on their social media profiles if they like and it will help your content to get viral on internet.
And more people will link to it if they like the content and want to mention it on their website to help their users to find the better information so this is why we setup social media on your website. You should ask your SEO services company to do it now if you are not using it.


Rank & Traffic Monitoring

If your SEO service provider is not tracking and monitoring the data then you may not have the desired SEO results you are looking for.
When you hire RankON Technologies as your SEO service provider from India, we setup tracking of goals, conversions, transactions and other website monitoring metrics to provide you better reports.
We also track rankings of the keywords we work to rank and provide regular updates to our clients. We compare the results to create better SEO strategy for the upcoming month.
Always measure the results and discuss the next month strategy with your SEO agency.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional SEO Company in India

if you are in search of right SEO services then its always better to find a professional SEO company to do the task. SEO is a time consuming process and you have to wait for a long time to get the result and put a lot of SEO marketing budget in it and it hurts your business and emotions if you dont get the desired results on time.
Here are the benefits of hiring a professional search engine optimization company for your SEO Services:


Experienced SEO Agency Helps You To Rank Website Better

If you hire an experienced search engine optimization company then you get the SEO services from experts and their team understand the SEO guidelines very well to provide you good results on time.

You Save Your SEO Marketing Budget With Right SEO Service Provider

When you hire a professional SEO marketing agency to do the SEO of your website then you get all the resources they have to offer.
As they have been doing it for past many years so they have collection of good resources like backlink websites, SEO tools, content writers and other required stuffs you need to rank your website better quickly.

You Can Focus on Your Business When You Hire The Expert SEO Company

You feel safe when you are in the right hands so you can focus on your business and let the SEO company do the required efforts to help you rank better. A professional SEO company take cares of everything you need to rank higher in search engines and they do it without your help so you can focus on you business by outsourcing the SEO to professionals.

SEO Agencies Have The Resources You Dont Know You May Need

SEO is not a one man task and you need more than one person to do it better. Like an SEO expert can be expert in SEO but he may not be expert in graphics, video, website maintenance and content writing so you need more than one people to perform the SEO for your website so its always better to hire an SEO company and you can save when you outsource your SEO to India.

Looking For The Best SEO Company In India? Trust Us & You Will Not Regret!

We have a team of excellent SEO professionals for managing big and small projects. Whether the website is suffering from Google penalty or you are taking your first step our SEO expert will start from scratch. Work with the top SEO Company in India and take your website to a new height.

If You Are Searching For The Right SEO Company In India Then Check Our Reviews And Contact Us Now.

Request an SEO Audit and find out well-executed SEO plan could help you. Discuss about the plan request a customised SEO Package and rest will be managed by our experts.

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