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RankOn Technology is an eminent digital marketing company in India which offers a solid website audit to its customers.

Our SEO audit services in India helps to identify any potential issues on your website.

The main objective of Rankon Technology is to build a solid framework that improves your natural search rankings.

With our keen strategies, we are able to provide a detailed audit report. Apart from this, we suggest you the solutions for your website problems.

     Our Expertise in SEO Audit Services Help You To:-

     *Check SEO errors on your website

·        *Get an idea about the current status of your website.

·        *Fix errors will increase the SEO score of your website

*Rank better  with increased user experience

Besides the manual website audit, we take the help of some powerful automated SEO audit tools. Like:-

·        Ahrefs

·        Agency Analytics

·        Search Console

·        Google Analytics

·        Screaming Frog


During an SEO website audit, we take a broad look at your website.  Here are the critical components that we evaluate in an SEO audit.:-

·        *Analyze all pages to fix SEO issues.                                                                  *Check Loading Speed and Mobile responsiveness

·        *Analyze Quality of Meta Tags                                                                            *Images (Compressed & Alt)

·        *Content (Density, Diversity, proximity, prominence & LSI)                              *Heading Tags

·        *Sitemap                                                                                                               *Robots.txt file

·        * Meta robots                                                                                                        *Long/short/missing Meta tags

·        *Indexed pages                                                                                                     *Alexa Rank

·        *Domain Authority                                                                                              *Backlinks

·        *Check Analytics Tag                                                                                          *Search Console Tag

·        *Contact form                                                                                                       *Scrolling

·        *Color and structure                                                                                             *Deep Linking structure.

·        *Focus on Mobile                                                                                                 *URL optimization

·        *Header Footer                                                                                                     *Contact Details

·        *Blogs Setup                                                                                                        *Social Media Profiles

     * Internal Linking                                                                                                *Broken Links


Few Advanced Tips for SEO audit

Holding a prestigious position in the digital industry of India from about 7 long years is really a tough task. The reason behind the all-around success in the field of Video Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Content writing, Content Audit, and SEO is our hardwork and diligence.

Due to our continuous learning and sincere efforts, we are able to perform every task intelligently. Our main objective is to satisfy our customers in the easiest possible way.

For our Website Audit service, we have some advanced tips and tricks. This includes:-

·        *Allintitle & SEM Scoop should be used for Keyword Competition Check.

·        *To write meta tags you should include LSI words, and avoid keyword cannibalization.

·        *Update old resources and focus on pillar pages.

·        *In new websites, focus on Competitor Links, Influencer Marketing and Content Marketing.


Why Choose Us?

·        *Along with SEO Audit Services, we can offer you the best YouTube Marketing Services, Content Writing Services, Content Marketing Services and SEO Services in India.

·        *500+ national and international who gained benefit from our SEO Audit Services.

·       * Experience of more than 7 years in the SEO Audit field.

·        *We offer a wide range of SEO audit services which includes Local SEO audit, Technical SEO audit, SEO links audit, Competitive Audit, and Structured Data Audit.



If you are an owner of an online website, but not getting desired traffic and leads. Then,  contact Rankon Technologies for auditing your website and getting a professional SEO company work for you.

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