PPC vs SEO: Know What to Choose And When?

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Before we delve deeper into the subject PPC Vs SEO, carving out the difference these two is paramount.

What is The Difference Between PPC and SEO?

Since the very beginning, there has been a debate on which is most effective among these two. The general perception is that it depends on the given business scenario. The selection of one of them primarily relies on the overall condition of your business and existing efforts towards digital marketing.

What is Pay Per Click?
PPC Marketing

It is pretty much simple. It is basically an advertising system that allows advertisers to run ads on search engines like Google, websites and social media channels and Facebook. It is a paid advertising scheme. Google Ads is a tool that is used to prepare and run these ads on the basis of the cost being charged for a specific keyword.

In recent times, social media has emerged out a powerful way to target customers on the web. The best part of this medium is that you can filter down your ads basis the people’s interest, demographics and location.

Google AdWords can also be used to place ads on websites through a well-accepted method known as retargeting.

What is SEO?

What is SEO Results?

First of all, it is not paid advertising. In the simplest way, it helps in driving targeted website traffic to your website through search engines. This includes creation and dissipation of relevant content to generate interest among target customers.

The content should be worthy enough in the eyes of search engines so that they find it feasible to direct people to your website for relevant keyword search.

Now let’s understand the benefits and challenges of both the approaches.


Long-Term Business Promotion

There is no doubt that organic traffic is key to sustainability, but it asks for the investment and time and efforts. Marketers need to be patient with SEO as it takes time to show results.


Being a long-term promotional approach, it doesn’t cost too much. One just needs to be well versed with SEO techniques to make it run effectively.


When you choose to work over it for longer periods of time, it tends to produce sustainable results without asking for instant money chunks.


If you manage to spare time and efforts for your SEO campaign, you can stay confident of getting results without the involvement of an external SEO firm.


Algorithm Updates

As Google keeps updating its search algorithms, one needs to keep abreast of the same.

Lack of Time

It is to keep in mind that not every business comes into the purview of SEO which asks for huge amounts of time.

No Promises

The results out of SEO relies mainly on search agencies. There is no assurance on success though the majority of businesses succeed when remaining consistent.

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If you have money and you want quicker results, PPC is the way to go. Once you start putting money in a campaign, you can soon notice results. This is really great for businesses that need to upsurge the traffic in lesser amount of time possible.

Precise Targeting

The best part of PPC is that you can target your campaign to very specific customer groups. The advanced tools help you determine buyers with high potential and target only those.

Increased Conversion Probability

Various studies indicate that paid traffic has an increased capacity to convert than organic traffic.If the deadline is near, PPC can help you win over time.

Effective in Low Budget

PPC is great when you wish to make the most out of your available budget and uncertainty looms over the future

Best During “Google Sandbox” Phase

As Google puts fresh website domains in sandbox for nearly 3-6 months before indexing, gaining momentum for your website with PPC in preliminary stage is found to be really effective.


Creating Compelling Ads

Creating ads that inspire is an art and people spend their entire lifetime just to master this art.

Short-Lived Results

You can expect to get results until the time your campaign is running. If you wish to continue, keep pumping in the money.

Asks for Supervision

It is necessary for you to monitor and adjust your campaign elements to ensure lasting results.

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The Total Count

For smaller budgets, SEO is a feasible option as it is long-term and cost-effective. However, it a campaign meant to be effective for shorter periods of time, going for PPC is definitely a great choice.

The best approach to make an intuitive application of both methods. Contact RankOn Technologies for best PPC Marketing Services in India. Check our PPC Packages Now!

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