Local Business Marketing Strategy: How to Promote Your Local Business in 2024?

Local Business Marketing Strategy

Local Business Marketing Strategy: How to Promote Your Local Business in 2024?

Local business marketing is essential for businesses to survive the competition these days. But before you start using local business marketing, make sure you have a full-proof marketing strategy for your local business. You might be earning with offline marketing efforts but to make your local business more profitable, you should add a local business marketing plan to your marketing strategy.

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What is Local Business Marketing?

Local business marketing is defined as a marketing strategy that is used to help any local business to get better exposure in any certain area or multiple areas where they have physical offices setup. Local marketing can include offline and digital marketing strategies.

Local Business

Local Business Marketing Benefits

  • Foot-Traffic Generation
  • Supersede Competitors
  • Increased ROI
  • Reputation Building and Enhancement
  • Greater Local Visibility

Local Business Digital Marketing Strategies in 2024

We live in a growing country and if you don’t update your local business marketing plan then you are losing the business over to your competitors.Today, we are going to learn the most used local business marketing strategies trusted and applied by us as being India’s leading local business marketing company.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses

Local Business SEO Strategy

Local SEO helps businesses to rank on Google map listings and if you have a business website then you can also use SEO services to help that rank on the first page of search engines. You must include Local SEO in your local business marketing plan. Please check our SEO packages now!

How To Do Local SEO?

If you are not aware of Local business SEO then here are a few quick steps you can follow to start doing SEO for your local business in 2024.

Local SEO

Setup A Free Google My Business Listing

To get most of the Local SEO benefits, you need a Google my business listing set up for your business. You have to follow all the required steps to make your listing searchable.

Business Listing

You have to mention business name, address, phone number, office inside and outside images, opening hours and more to make your listing optimized. After that you can ask your users to leave ratings and reviews to increase online reputation of your business. Learn more about Google my business listing here.

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Optimize Your Website for Local SEO Results

seo intigration 768x367 1

If you have a local business website and you want to rank that locally for your business keywords then you can start using SEO services (On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO ) to increase local rankings for your business website. Local SEO companies can help you to make your website better for local searches. They follow some local SEO guidelines listed below that you can check here:

  • Local SEO-friendly URLs
  • Local Business Schema etc
  • Local SEO-friendly content
  • Building local backlinks from authority websites
  • Google map embed on website
  • Build Local Citations

Local citations are helpful to rank your local business on Google Maps.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Local Business

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media management should be included in your local business marketing strategy as it helps you to engage and communicate with your buyers over all the social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, And YouTube etc.

Now, the question is how to do social media management for local business effectively?
Here are some social media management strategies that you can use to manage your local business social media profiles easily. If you are busy and can’t do social media management then you can hire a social media marketing company and check their social media marketing pricing plans to improve the social media presence of your business online. Social media marketing companies have access to multiple social media management tools that can help you grow quickly and build a better online reputation.

Build And Optimize Social Media Profiles

Social Media Profiles

This process is basically called social media optimization. In this process, you have to create your business profiles on preferred social media channels where you think your audience is active. Be careful when filling in all the required details in your social media profiles as users will see those details and that will make your profiles more accessible.

Run Paid Promotions on Social Media Platforms

Promotions on Social Media Platforms

if you are in need of quick exposure and sales then try paid marketing on social media profiles. There are many ways to complete your objective (leads, traffic, brand awareness, and App install etc.).

Post Regularly on Social Media

facebook page

If you are a local business and you have some decent followings on social media then you should be active on your social media profiles. Local buyers like to see your online reputation first, then they feel confident to buy from you. If you are active on social media then you can monitor your ratings and reviews, user comments and help your buyers to answer the questions they may have about your business.

Run Contests

Contests are the best way to encourage your users to take actions on your local business social profiles. You can run social media contests to aware local users about your business and offer them some free giveaways like asking them to share your posts and recommend your business to their friends to win something you are offering in your social media giveaway. Running contents can increase your local business following on your social media platforms quickly and you can build a better local community that would like to hear updates from your business in future on social media channels. Check some of the best Facebook post ideas now!

Create Local Social Media Groups

You can create groups related to your services and products and invite local users to join. By doing this you can build a better local community where you can run your promotions among your group members. It’s totally free yet effective. Or you can join some local groups and send join request and if your request is approved then you can post your business information in that group.

Partner With a Local Influencer

Local Influencer

To work your social media marketing strategy better, you can hire any social media influencer. Influencers are the people who have huge followers on their social media profiles. By hiring them, you can reach their followers easily by paying them a little commission or their fee.

PPC Marketing Strategy for Local Business Promotion

If your local business is looking for quick leads then PPC services should be included in the local business marketing plan. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Pay per click services help local businesses to get quick traffic and leads from Google, Bing and other search engines very quickly.

When To Use PPC Marketing for Your Business?

PPC Services
  • New- Product Launch
  • E-Commerce Website Inaugural
  • Service Update

You can advertise on Google. And it will increase your local business revenue quickly if done right. Read the benefits of Google ads and buy or PPC packages to manage your PPC campaigns effectively.

What Do PPC Companies do for Your Local Business PPC Marketing?

PPC companies create Google ads account and setup your ads and target local audience so your business ads only be visible locally in your service areas.

How Do Google Ads Look A Like for Any Local Business?

Google Ads

Your local business Google ads will only appear when any user will search about your product or services related keywords. And, you will only be charged when that user will click on your ad. Being a leading PPC company, we offer Local PPC marketing strategy to our clients.

How to Do PPC for Local Business?

If you are new to Google ads then please check our recent blog on How to advertise on Google. We have written a complete guide from setup to running ads on Google. Below are some tactics that you can use to better market your local business in Google. Let’s dive into know the PPC strategy for Local Business.

PPC Strategies for Local Campaigns

Ad Groups

In Google ads, we create multiple ad groups and we prefer SKAGs (Single Keyword Ad Groups) for Local PPC Campaigns as it has multiple benefits for Local Business marketing.

  1. SKAGs allow you to target audiences for small areas.
  2. SKAGs improve the relevancy of your ads
  3. SKAGs improve the quality score and CTR of your ads because they look more local-friendly.

Ads Extensions

If you are looking to boost engagement on your local PPC campaigns then ads extensions are must have for you.

Types of Ads Extensions in Google Ads

  •  Location Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Review Extensions
  • Dynamic Sitelinks Extensions Know more about Google Ads Extensions here.

Website Speed and Mobile Responsiveness

Website Loading Time 768x272 1

Local PPC campaigns will not perform better if your website loading time is slow. You Must Have a fast loading website to provide the information quickly to your users. You should follow all the required guidelines when building a website. You must know the features of a good website and how much should a website cost.

Run Ads On Competitor Brand Keywords

If you have a limited budget and cant show ads on high CPC keywords then try to target keywords related to big brands name so when people are searching for them, your ads appear. It might not work as expected but these campaigns will work better when you have low prices than your competitors.

Local Remarketing Campaigns

You should remarket those users who have visited your website recently so always track every single visit your get on your website and add them to your remarketing list. Remarketing campaigns for local business do not cost high and you can spend less but chase those users on different websites if you have any offer for them.

Local Business Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing strategy is one of the most important parts of any local business marketing plan. It is the best way to inform your subscribers about your new promotions your local business is offering.You should have a list of your subscribers and if you don’t have any then you can run local campaigns to collect the local email database.

Email Marketing

Online Reputation Management Strategy for Local Business

Online reputation management is a must-have strategy for your local business marketing plan.

Why ORM for Local Business?

It takes a lot of time to build a business and if you are not monitoring your reputation on the internet then it will hurt you in long run.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management For Your Business

  • Builds Credibility and Image
  • Boost Sales and Builds Trust
  • Improves Traffic

You can’t make every client happy and sometimes those unhappy clients share their feedback on online platforms. It’s normal as if they are not happy with your services then they have full authority to share their feedback with others. But, if you don’t monitor what your customers are saying about your local business then it’s one of the biggest mistakes you have been doing.

What can you do to monitor and build better Online Reputation?

Set Google Alerts to get notifications when your local business name is mentioned anywhere on the internet. By doing this, you can check the customer feedback and reply to their ratings and reviews to defend your online reputation. Now, how to build a better online reputation? Yes, you can ask your clients to share their experience with your services on some review collecting websites like Yelp, Google my business and other local directories.

Some Other Local Business Marketing Strategies

Implement a customer loyalty program

You should have a customer loyalty program in your local business marketing strategy. This is the best digital marketing strategy your business can use to earn more money without running after new customers.

How Does The Customer Loyalty program Work?

Customer Loyalty 1024x618 1

In this program you can ask clients to buy more frequently from your local store to earn some rewards that will save their money.

What Should Be The Objective of Customer Loyalty Program?

  • More Frequent Shopping
  • Increasing Average Purchase Amount

Offer Great Discounts

You don’t like “Discounts”? But I do!
If you are a local business owner then you should have some great offers for your buyers to attract them to shop from your local business/store. If you think you will not have that profit margin then try to increase your base price and then offer a discount. You can create coupons and discount codes that attract local buyers to shop from you.

Setup a Customer Referral Program

A customer referral program works best when you don’t want to invest more in acquiring more new clients. This marketing strategy should be included in your local marketing campaign for sure.

How does the Customer Referral Program Works? In this program, you should motivate your existing clients to bring in new customers by recommending your services to their contacts. In return, you can offer them a good discount to continue using your services. It’s the strategy that focuses on both customer retention and new customer acquisition as well.

Mobile App for Local Business Promotion

Everyone is using mobile/smartphones these days so having a mobile app for business will make your local business marketing strategy better. You can create a mobile app for your local business and run paid mobile app marketing campaigns to target your existing users and ask them to install your mobile app. If they download your app then you can easily show your promotions and get quick attention from your users. It will also help your users to buy easily and regularly. Know how much  mobile app marketing cost.

Want more Local Business marketing Tips?

Whether you’re a brick or mortar business or an owner of Unisex Salon you’ll inevitably need a local business marketing strategy to help your business thrive. So, get started today to boost your local business presence and visibility and see the number of customers and ROI growing. RankON Technologies provides top-notch digital marketing services to local business owners that help them to keep pace with their competitors.

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