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Linkedin Invite: How To Invite Connections to Like Linkedin Company Page

LinkedIn is re-launching a feature to Invite Linkedin Connections for all business pages, accessed through your admin pages. With the help of this feature, you can send invites to your targeted audience to like your LinkedIn Company Page (something similar to asking friends to join groups on Facebook). Today, we will learn how can you invite your Linkedin connections to like your Linkedin company page.

LinkedIn has removed this feature due to spamming and complaints of the people who didn’t like to get flooded with unnecessary invites from page admins. It has been re-introduced in May this year, but then it was removed again. Now, according to reports by digital consultant Matt Navarra and social media trainer Jonathan Pollinger , LinkedIn has brought the feature back once again. A screenshot can be found in Matt Navarra’s tweet that shows “Invite Connections” as one of the “Extend Your Reach” Options.Linkedin Invitation

Linkedin Invitation Limit

However, it seems like LinkedIn has made few changes in the feature before re-introducing it. Navarra mentioned in his tweet that users will be allowed to send invites to a maximum of 50 people per session.  This will make the admins to properly plan the list of recipients rather than flooding the users with the page invites, whether it is of their use or not.



The major restriction of this feature is that only the page admins will have the access to send the invitations to their connections to follow a Company Page.


There were few qualifiers added by LinkedIn when it was rolled out back in May :

  • Only page admins with less than 500-page connections are able to invite all their connections by clicking on the “Select All” option. Admins with more than 500-page connections have to select each recipient to who they want to invite.
  • Only pages with fewer than 100,000 followers can invite members to follow with the help of this option.
  • If an admin has less than 3 followers, then this option is not available for them.
  • Admins can send only one invite per member.


A new qualifier has been added in this feature:

Page admins can only send invites to a maximum of 50 new people per session.

So you will not be able to flood or re-flood your connections with the company page follow invitation requests. LinkedIn members can also choose the option of not receiving company page invitations through their Network Settings.


How to Invite Your Linkedin Connections to Like Your Linkedin Company Page:

How to Send a Linkedin Invite? Here are the steps to send invite to your Linkedin connections to like your company page:

  1. Sign In  to your Company Page Admin Centre.Invite connections on Linkedin
  2. Click Admin Tools and select Invite Connections from the “Extend Your Reach” list in the right-hand columnInvite Connections on LinkedIn
  3. Select members you want to invite to follow your Company Page or search for them in the bar at the top of the webpage.Select Connections on LinkedIn
  4. Click Invite Connections. The blue button in the bottom right will get activated once you select the people who you want to invite.Invite Connections on LinkedIn

Once your invitation has been received, it will appear in the recipients’ invitations just like personal connection requests.

Your received connection request will look like this in your connection box: LinkedIn Connection Request



There is no doubt that the comeback of this feature will be better than what it was previously. Also, it will prevent people from receiving unnecessary invites to follow Company pages to some extent. LinkedIn has assured its users that it will be taking action on their feedback.

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