Increase Conversion Rate By Lead Form Extension in Google Ads

Before starting with anything else, look down the stats below:-

Desktop Conversion Rates – Approx. 3.82%

Whereas, Mobile Conversion Rates – Approx. 1.32%The stats clearly illustrate that even though mobile users are greater in number than desktop users, but conversion rates are still lower.The dominant reason behind this large conversion gap is the difference in the screen size of Desktop and Mobile. Another reason for this is, some of the e-commerce websites aren’t optimized for mobile devices.Due to these reasons, business owners manage to attain just- a- few customers and lesser sales of products.Google took this loss of business owners into concern and announced a launch of New Ad Extension.The new extension is typically known as Google Lead Form Extension. It is purposely made to get the contact information of users directly from the SERP. It is present just beneath the search ad on mobile and tablet devices.Thanks, Google For This Extension!!!

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Lead form extensions help the business owners know about the people interested in taking their services or products in an easier way. The working of this extension makes the dealings convenient for mobile users.

  1. Its targeting and bidding are determined by the campaign it is attached to.
  2. Whenever a lead form is opened, it is counted as a click.
  3. The information entered by a user in a lead form is counted as a conversion.
  4. Click and conversion stats can be gathered by segmenting performance report by Click –And Conversion Type.

What are the Advantages of Google Lead Form Extension?

Undoubtedly, it is tough to advertise on mobile devices and upsurge the rate of conversions.

But this innovation of Google would surely get things relatively better than before.

Below given are the benefits of using Google Lead Form Extension:-

  1. It makes the Google-Ad larger and helps user convert faster and easier.
  2. Mobile-optimized experience makes form submission easy.
  3. No extra charge required.
  4. Pay only for the number of times the user clicks on lead form extension.


Till now, we’ve got a clear theoretical idea of Lead Form Extension in our minds. What Now? Well….!!! The thing which is still left to be acknowledged is ….“THE IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS”How To Create Lead Form Extensions?

Before the procedure, a few things are important to be learned. These things are:-


These are the phrases that are used to drive an action from the user for the lead form extension:-

There are basically 8 types of Call-To –Action. These are:-

  1. Get quote
  2. Apply now
  3. Sign up
  4. Contact us
  5. Subscribe
  6. Download
  7. Book now
  8. Get offer


This is a supporting text for a Call-To-Action and is basically of 30 characters.

Create The Lead Form

Making a Lead Form Extesion and introducing in the Google Ads isn’t rocket science. It could be added to a new Search Campaign in a few simple steps:-

  1. Sign In to Google Ads account.

Click on Camapaigns, on the left-side of the page.

Select New campaign, By Clicking the plus button

Select Leads In the goals section.

Under “Campaign type,” select Search.

Click  on Continue.

Enter The Campaign Settings.

Select the Lead Form Extension, in the “Ad extensions” list,

Review and accept the terms of service for this extension.

  1. Create the extension, by selecting the extension call-to-action and entering your extension text.

Note:- The call-to-action will be automatically translated to the language of the user’s device but the extension text will remain as-it-is.

Generate the lead form:

  1. Fill in the headline, business name and description.
  2. Choose the information you wish to ask You’ll need to select at least one option to continue.
  3. Enter the URL of the privacy policy page.
  1.  Create the message for form submission.
    1. Enter the headline and description text.
    2. Select an available call-to-action for the users on the submission page.

Once completed, click Save.

Thus, in this way Lead Form Extension can be added to the new Search Ad Campaign.

Create a lead form extension to an existing Search ad.

One shouldn’t worry about fewer leads by running a Google Ad without a Lead Form Extension.  Google facilitates its users to create lead form extension in an Existing Search Ad.

This can be done by following the steps given below:-

  1. Sign In To Google Ads account.

Click Ads & extensions in the page menu, and then click Extensions at the top of the page.

Select New campaign, By Clicking the plus button

Review and accept the terms of service for this extension.

Select the campaign/ campaigns want to attach the new lead form extension to.

  1. Click Save.

Create the lead form extension as per the procedure given above.

Who all are eligible for Lead Form Extension?

Google only permits those business owners who are only involved in non-sensitive vertical or sub-vertical businesses.Google strictly prohibits business owners that are related to the domains below:-

  • Gambling Related Content.
  • Poilitical Content.
  • Healthcare and Medicines.
  • Alcohol-Related Content.
  • Adult-Oriented Content.

Thus, it’s a great step by Google to increase the conversion rate on mobile devices. It will surely help business owners to get increased profits from their businesses.

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