SEO Keywords: How to Do Keyword Research For Website in 2020

In today’s post, we will learn how to find the perfect SEO keywords for your website’ SEO campaign in 2020. Let’s dive in.

How to Find Right SEO Keywords for Your Website?

What Are SEO Keywords?

SEO keywords are the focus words to find your services in search engines. SEO keywords can be found during keyword research in SEO and can be picked according to the buyer’s intent and search volume. Finding the right keywords to target in your SEO campaign is the most important thing and it can waste your money and time if you select the wrong keywords.

Why SEO Keywords Are Important?

SEO keywords play an important role in any SEO campaign. Keywords determine the competition, goal, and industry you are going to target and your project growth depends on the selection of the right keywords during SEO keyword research.

For example: If you are a local lawyer in New Delhi then you need to do keyword research for local SEO, And you would like to be on top of the search engine results when people search for keywords like Lawyers in New Delhi, Best Lawyers in New Delhi, so these are the perfect keywords for your SEO campaign.

How Do Right keywords help you in Search Engine Optimization of Websites?

1: Website Structure/Architecture: You can plan your website structure better when you have your targeted SEO keywords. If you are a local business owner then you can decide where to show them on a single page or dedicated pages. Also, in eCommerce websites, you can plan the categories and product and services pages and their structure when you have the SEO keywords in your campaign.

2: Design of Landing Pages: You can create better landing pages when you have a list of the right SEO keywords handy.


When you have the keywords, then you will be able to write the perfect content for your landing pages. Besides this, you would have a great know-how of where to use your SEO keywords according to SEO guidelines that can help them rank better on search engines result pages.

3: Campaign Targeting: Targeting is the most important factor you should be aware of in any SEO campaign. If you fail to decide the targeting of your website then you may not get the desired results. But, a list of well-researched SEO keywords can help you to decide where you are going to be in search engines.

For Example: If you are a local business owner then you should focus more on local keywords. Like: Lawyers in New Delhi, and if you are a national business where you can serve your clients remotely then you don’t need to limit your targeting to any geo-specific area.

Type of Keywords:

There are two types of keywords:

1: Long Tail Keywords: Long-tail keywords are slightly longer and constitute a collection of 3 to 4 words that your users type to find your products and services. Such keywords can be easy to rank depending on the competition. Example: SEO company in India, Lawyers in New Delhi.

2: Short Tail Keywords: Short Tail keywords are short words or 1-word keywords. Such keywords have higher competition and are tough to rank. Like: Car, SEO, Lawyer

How to Find The Right Keywords?

Finding the right keywords is the most important partof any SEO campaign. If you are newto keyword research then you may be not aware of the keyword research tools from which you can take help to find the right keywords for your campaign.

Today, I will help you to explore some of the most important keyword research tools that you can use to do keyword research for your website’s SEO.

Here are the names of few best keyword research tools And Resources:

So, now that you know the name of keyword research tools, I’ll tell you about how they work actually, so let’s dive right into it.

Google Ads Keyword Planner:

Google Ads keyword planner is a tool provided by Google and it’s a very helpful tool to do keyword research for your SEO campaigns.

Check This Video on Google Ads Keyword Planner.

To Use Google Ads Keyword Planner, You have to sign in first and then go to tabs

Tools>Keyword Planner
SEO keywords

Find keyword planner and Then click on it. Now you will see the screen to type your keywords.

keyword research

You can also paste the website’sURL atthe start with a website area to find the keywords which the website is using.

Now click on GET RESULTS and you will see the keywords and its close variations with the search volume and some other ads planner fields like Bid range etc.

keyword research

Now you can copy the keywords you want to target for your SEO campaign. Or download the list in bulk.

Now, you can do keyword research with Google ads keyword planner. Let’s explore the next tool that helps you to complete keyword research.


Ahrefs also offers a keyword explorer tool to find keywords for your campaign. To use Ahrefs, you have to purchase its membership.

How to do keywords research with Ahrefs?

Here are the steps you need to follow to find the right keywords in Ahrefs for your website’s SEO campaign.

Ahrefs for keyword research

Click on to sign in if you have an Ahrefs account already otherwise click on start trial. If you have an account then you can directly sign in and click on the keyword explorer Menu.

Keyword explorer in Ahrefs

After clicking on Keyword Explorer you will see the keyword research screen where you can enter your preferred words/keywords you want to target for your SEO campaign:

Keyword research in SEO

Now, type your keywords, and hit the search bar. Now you have your keyword with monthly search volume on it. You can also visit the left dashboard to find some more keywords variations and LSI words.

Keyword research

Hope you are now aware of Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool.

Let’s Explore the Third Keyword research tool:

Google Suggest:

Google Suggest or Google Autocomplete is a helpful way to do keyword research for your SEO campaign and below is the way you can use Google Suggest to find the keywords for your campaign.

To use Google Suggest, you don’t need to go through any signup or sign-in process. Just type and enter the word for which you require variations. It will not show you the volume on it but you can find some close long-tail keywords variations easily.

Suppose you have an online fashion store and you want to do keyword research for that and you type Kurtis in the search box.

Now you see some autocomplete suggestions from Google that can be helpful for you to choose keywords from.

Google suggest

Now the next place where you can find some keywords for your SEO campaign is “People Also Ask for Section on Google”

People Also Search:

People also search for is a SERP feature provided by Google where it shows some relevant questions to help visitors to find more information from relevant web pages on Google.

How Do People Also Search Results Look Like?

Keyword research

How These Are Helpful in Your Keyword Research?

Actually, people also ask helps you to find some questionable keywords you can insert in your page or blog post. It can help your blog post or page to be more optimized for people also search section on Google.

Searches Related To Section in Google:

The Next resource that is going to help you to find keywords is also from Google another SERP feature which is Called “Searches Related To ”

Search related to in Google

This tool is also not going to show the search volume but it can provide you some suggestions that you can include in your keyword list and then find searches on it. If you are not sure about the terms then you can just type your service or product or focus keyword and enter, then you will be able to find some other variations from Google.

You have to scroll down to the page to see the search related to the “Keyword” section.

Google Search Console for Keyword Research:

The next tool that is going to help you to find some relevant keywords to consider in your SEO campaign is “Google Search Console”.

What is Google search console: Google search console is a tool provided by Google to monitor the health and statistics related to your website like, performance, website issues, and other errors and data related to your website.

How Does Google Search Console Help in Keyword Research?

Google search console helps you to show the keywords for which your website is getting impressions and clicks.

You can find the dashboard after logging in to your Google search console account. You need to select the right property/website to find the data in the Google search console.

You will see the dashboard given below in the image

Google search console for keyword research

Now, you need to click on search results and scroll a little and you will see the queries tab where you can see the keywords your website is getting impressions and clicks for.

You can insert these keywords into your SEO campaign keywords list.

Keywords in Google search console

Amazon for Keyword Research

Amazon is also a great place where you can find keywords for your SEO campaign. As we all know that Amazon is becoming bigger and bigger nowadays. And, if you are a seller then you can get more business by listing your store on Amazon but today, I am going to tell you how can you use Amazon for keyword research purposes.

So, to find keywords on amazon, you need to open to type your keyword in its search bar. Let’s say, you want to do keyword research for a night suit product then here is what I see when I type in Night and now amazon started to show the relevant keywords to include in your keyword list.

Amazon keyword research

Question and Answer Keywords Research:

Got some questions and answer related keywords to include in your list? Here are the resources that you can take help from to find the question and answer related keywords for your blog post and articles.

Quora:Quora is a question-and-answer platform where you can ask questions you have and experts in the relevant fields will answer that to help you.

It will not show you the search volume either but you can find some questions to insert in your blog or article.

Check the below-given snapshot to know how does QUORA helps you to do questionable keywords research.

Quora for questionable keywords

Answer The Public:

Answer the public is a search listening tool and it can help you to provide some questionable keywords on the internet.

Answer to public keywords

How does Answer The Public work?


Go to type in your keyword in the search bar and hit enter.

Questionable Keyword research

Bonus Tip: You can also use Ahrefs to find some question and answer related keywords. Check the below-given snapshot of Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool.

Questionable keywords in Ahrefs

How to Write SEO Keywords Optimized Content for Your Website?

Writing SEO keyword optimized web content is the key to SEO success. If you have a list of your preferred SEO keywords and want to know how to write SEO friendly web content then read the below-given content writing process now.

Choose A Focus Keyword For The Page

Every webpage should have the main keyword. If you are not sure about the Main keyword then here is how you can choose.

focus keyword in Yoast

Example: If you want to write on How to do SEO for Ecommerce Website? Then your focus keywords can be, SEO for Ecommerce Website.

You can use Yoast if you are using WordPress for your website.

Focus Keyword Use in Web Content:

When you have decided the focus keyword for that page or post, then you need to write content and insert your focus keyword by using that in headings, paragraphs, alt text on images, etc. to make the content more relevant for that preferred keyword.

SEO keywords writing

Note: You can maintain a keyword density of 2% to 3% in your content so it’s well optimized for that focus keyword. Avoid keyword stuffing and don’t optimize for a collection of synonyms as it should be more focused on the main keyword.

Meta Tags for Focus Keyword: Writing meta tags for pages is not very technical. You need to keep the title character limit of 55 to 65 and meta description limit of 155 to 165 characters long. You can use the main keyword in the title and description to make it relevant. Try to use some CTA words to increase CTR.

URL Structure: When you post the page or blog, try to make the URL short and use the main keyword in the URL to make it easy to remember and keyword optimized.

Title Bar

Hope you liked this post on how to do SEO keyword research for your website in 2020. If you have any suggestions that I missed then email me so I can consider that adding to this resource to make this post even better for people who are looking for keyword research help.

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