Landing Page Development Tips: How To Create Landing Page for PPC?

Does your landing page successfully convert your visitors into buyers, subscribers or leads?

If your landing page converts genuinely well, implementing a couple of tips can enable you to gain many more advantages from them. But if they don’t do a great job in lead or sale generation, it’s time for doing some serious Conversion Rate Optimization.

Realizing how to make a decent landing page has a great impact on your pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns. At the point when you design a landing page that offers a superior client experience, you’ll see many improvements in key measurements, including your Ad Rank (Quality Score and CPC), bounce rate, and conversion rate.

Before diving into the tips for creating an effective landing page, let’s discuss what is a landing page. If you already know about the landing page, Great!!! We don’t want you to get bored. You can skip this paragraph & directly go to How To Create A Good Landing Page That Converts?     

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is a standalone web page that is created specifically for an advertising campaign. It is the page where a visitor arrives on your website after they click on a link in an E-mail or ads from Google, Bing or similar places on the web.

Landing pages are designed with a single focus or goal, known as Call-To-Action (CTA).

Inexperienced digital marketers mostly direct all of their PPC traffic to their homepage, but this can be a terrible mistake.

How To Create A Good Landing Page That Converts?

Here are 14 tips you should know for creating a great landing page that can convert your visitors into leads or buyers.

Table Of Contents

1. Relevancy Of The Landing Page

  1. Share user-friendly content: The Content of your landing page should be to the point, offering all the relevant information, but not so much to overwhelm the visitor. The content you offer must be about the type of product or service you are into. Always remember that you only have 8 seconds to convince the visitor that your offer is worth pursuing. Try to use a simple language that would be easily understandable by the visitor.
  1. Eye-catching headline: Headings are the eye-catching thing on the entire landing page. They should be very attractive because it has the greatest opportunity to attract and indulge users, resulting in a high conversion rate. Your heading should convey the information about your product and service, giving an idea to the visitor about what information he will get.
  1. Subheading: Subheading is another important element for creating an effective landing page. Subheadings divide the page into subsections. Headings and subheadings both make the landing page very attractive for the user making more chances of clicking on a call-to-action button.
  1. Lead Generation Form: Lead generation form helps in providing important information about users. So when you design a landing page make it short and simple, covering only the needful information. I Can understand as an advertiser you want to collect more and more information like the user’s name, email address, phone number, d.o.b, but users usually don’t prefer to provide their phone numbers. This will restrict visiting users from form filling. So if you ask for basic information like name and email address which they won’t mind filling it.
  1. Build engagement: Building engagement includes all the factors like creating alluring images and videos, pop up discount button, flawless page design, good content, Chabot features, eye-catching headlines that will keep the visitor engaged in your website.

2. Make Landing Page Mobile-Friendly

In the present time, half of the web activities are found coming from mobile phones than desktop/computer. Keep your website mobile-friendly and responsive to get quick responses and a high conversion rate. An effective landing page will be the one that loads quickly and looks good on mobile.

3. Thank You Page For Follow-Up:

The thank-you page is the perfect way to link visitors to your company other related blogs or give information about related products/services which visitors might be interested in. A thank-you page is a great medium that helps advertisers to take visitors to their other products/service pages once they have been through the current landing page.

4. Keep Minimum Loading Time In Mind

The loading time of your page should be less than 4 seconds else it can lead to a high bounce rate. No matter how good your design, headings, or action button is if your speed is not good it will be a failure because no visitor wants to wait!! So try to minimize your loading time. For this, you have to check the current loading time and then optimize your page accordingly.

5. Use Informative Pictures And Videos

Pictures and videos are the useful visual information that advertisers want to convey to their visitors, so they should be the eye-catching one. The visitors are more attracted to visual prompts so try to make high-quality images and videos that will keep visitors engaged and will increase the chances of good conversion rate.

6. Include Clickable Share Buttons

Many users are sometimes extremely happy that they want to share about their recent purchase or your great offers with others. Adding clickable share buttons will help in getting your content shared across various platforms such as social media.

7. Clear Call-To-Action:

According to Wikipedia:

“A call to action, or CTA, is a banner, button, or some type of graphic or text on a website meant to prompt a user to click it and continue down a conversion funnel. It is an essential part of inbound marketing as well as permission marketing in that it actively strives to convert a user into a lead and later into a customer.”

CTA should be very clear, giving an exact idea to the visitor about what he needs to do in bold letters like ( free download, click to register, submit, etc) that is why it is considered the second-best opportunity after headings to increase your leads and conversion rate.

8. Lead Magnet

lead magnet is a marketing strategy that helps in getting leads by offering incentives and other resources to the potential buyer in exchange for the needful information such as their name, email address or contact number. They are in the form of downloadable things, free PDF, ebooks, templates, etc. For example: If you come to our blog page and pick a blog to read like “SEO Checklist 2019“. For this, you first have to fill the necessary information like your name email address or other contact information and then you will receive a mail, after confirming your subscription you can read the article.

9. Describe A Unique Selling Proposition(USP)

The value proposition refers to promise made by a company to its customers to deliver what is being promised. Your unique value proposition must be very concise, clear and convincing. You can list your USPs in a bullet-point list. You must state your product or service’s strongest benefit first and its weakest benefit last. The bullet-point list shouldn’t be too long: 5 to 7 points will work as you are not supposed to overwhelm your users.

10. Remove Interruptions

There is one thing you should always keep in mind when you want to learn how to create a good landing page i.e. you must focus on a single conversion goal. So, you must get rid of all the interruptions, outbound links, & unnecessary images or information that makes your user go away from your landing page as your main goal is to convert the visitors into buyers instead of losing them.

11. Provide A Transparent Privacy Policy

Before visitors click on the landing page’s call-to-action, they have to trust you. This is the main reason you must include trust-builders or social proofs on your landing page. You can use the following tips to make your visitor trust you:

  • Reviews and Testimonials
  • Include an FAQ page that has answers to common questions people ask related to your product or brand.
  • Include Terms & Condition Page
  • Share your Privacy Policy
  • Include Certifications

12. Showing Your Social Activeness & Social Reviews

One of the important tips is to show your social presence to your visitors. For this, you can include social sharing icons on your landing page to let your customers know about your social activeness. You can also show your social feeds and tweets on your landing page. Make it easy for visitors to tag you on social media platforms to share their experience after making a purchase or do some conversion. This way, it will increase your social presence and credibility on social platforms.

Including positive social reviews will have a great impact on your landing page. If possible include video testimonials as it seems to be more real than the written reviews. This will help you to build more engagement.

13. Matching Keywords From PPC Ad Text

Good landing pages use matching keywords from PPC Ad Text. Make sure that you use similar keywords on your landing page that you have shown your visitors through the PPC ad. Do not send your visitor to somewhere he doesn’t want to go. Optimize your landing page the way that it contains the text that is available in the title & description in the ad. Otherwise, the visitor will feel cheated and might bounce back. This will drastically increase the bounce rate of your landing page.

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14. Perform A/B Testing

A/B Testing is done to check whether your applied tips are working to boost your conversion rate or not. To collect valuable analytics, advertisers perform A/B testing. This gives an idea to the advertiser about visitor interaction and engagement time, or how often visitors clicked a button, watched a video, or fill & send the lead form; helping in an effective landing page. A/B testing can be done on :

  • Images
  • Headings
  • CTAs
  • Share buttons, Location buttons, etc.


PPC Advertising usually requires a great strategy along with patience, more so than a big budget. Learning how to create and optimize your landing pages is very important to maximize your ROI.

A high converting landing page is a place where all the efforts that you have made give you expected results. This is the place where customers click & buy, and you tend to earn revenue.

So, Don’t mess it up!

Try implementing these 14 tips to optimize your landing page and see dramatic improvements.

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