How do i change my facebook page name

How To Change Facebook Page Name in 2020?

Earlier it was not possible to change the Facebook page name, not at all. Now, it is quite easy. But, Facebook will have to approve it first!
Here are a few topics I’ll be covering in this blog-

How do I change my Page Name on facebook in 2020?

To change page name, you must be the admin of that page.; then you can request to change your page name.

It’s a very simple process and involves the following steps:

  1.  1). Go to Facebook and login as an admin of the Facebook page you wish to change
Change facebook page name

2) Click on About on the left side of the page

3) Click on Page info

4) Click on Name Edit

steps to change facebook page name

5) Enter a new name pagecontinue

How do i change my facebook page name
6) Review your request → Request change

 Be sure and accurate for the name you changed because this cannot be undone.

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Why can't I change my page name on Facebook?

Here are the reasons:

1) Your page has too many likes; more than 200 likes.

2) You or another admin changed the page name less than seven days ago.

3) You must have break Facebook rules or use wrong tactics to get likes.

4) You can not change the name of a regional page if it falls into a global page.

5) There may be limits to your page like

  • Your page has misleading content
  • Your page has a misleading name
  • The admin of your page has not followed facebook policies

If none of these reasons seem to fit your situation, you can go to Facebook reports and submit an appeal to change your page name by filling out the form to appeal.

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How long do you have to wait to change your Facebook page name?

If you want to change your page name, then you have to wait for seven days because page name changes are permitted once in seven days.
The new page name may take approx 3-4 days for reviews, so start as early as possible to make sure that your new name launched is aligned.


Once it is approved, you cannot change the name again for another seven days and till then Facebook will let your page fans know that you have updated your Facebook page name.

If you still face any issue regarding Facebook page, you may contact us by commenting below or emailing us. We are ready to serve you always!

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