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Hospital Marketing Company in India

RankON Technologies is a leading hospital digital marketing company in India. We have successfully helped many hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals in India. Our healthcare marketing experts leave no stone unturned when it comes to marketing of healthcare companies. We use trusted marketing tools to make your hospital marketing campaign successful. Our dedication and skills to increase hospitals reputation makes us a trusted hospital marketing company in India.


It does not matter whether you have a multi-specialty hospital or small clinic promoting it in the right manner could help you in finding your roots. The growing number of hospitals and clinics has created tough competition in the market and this is why hospitals should be investing in digital marketing services for hospitals in India. So if you want to offer your service to the maximum number of people starts investing in hospital marketing services.

How Hospital Marketing Can Help You To Grow?

Follow a well defined hospital marketing strategy and help your hospital or clinic to stand out among the crowd. You can now find professional online healthcare marketing experts who excel in healthcare marketing as well. They will design healthcare marketing strategy that would deliver promising result.

You can book an appointment online; learn about doctor’s availability, timing, and fees before making the appointment.
Many well-designed healthcare websites allow patients to create a personal portal where they can learn about the treatments and medicines.
You don’t have to stand in a queue as Online bill pays to give them a chance to pay bills online
Many portals offer instant Messaging so patients can communicate quickly with the medical management team.
You can find a doctor or specialist as per your need
A healthy supply of videos (see more about that further down)
Virtual discussion with health practitioners

The very first steps that you need to make your hospital industry more viral among local and virtual clients you need a well-designed website. Many website development service providers could help you in having a user-friendly, customized, responsive health industry website for the healthcare industry. Find your website development partner for creating a professional healthcare website.

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Industries like health care are need of the time. The growing cases of chronic diseases and acute disease have been increased tremendously. There was a time when problems like heart trouble, joining problems, blood pressure, and kidney-related issues were experienced by the aged people, but now even people in their 30’s are experiencing such problems. Get a mobile-optimized, responsive website along with the mobile application and stay connected with the maximum number of people. Check what makes a website GOOD.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Hospitals


Local SEO for Healthcare Company

Though, people travel from one place to other to consult a qualified doctor and treatment. Yet, one cannot deny the role of local SEO for the health industry. Once your position is sound in the local area, only those people from different zones will come to the clinic for the consultation. Have you ever noticed how your search for doctor and physician has changed? With search engines like Google, you can easily find a qualified medical professional near you. Suppose someone is suffering from frequent fever and need to consult a physician they can ask Google to suggest qualified physician near them. If you want your name, hospital or clinic to appear in the local search then you have to invest in local SEO. Find a professional local SEO service provider to build more local citations to rank your Google map and website on top of the first page of Google.


Healthcare SEO Company

Establishing a hospital or clinic is demanding. Hospital and clinics with better infrastructure, latest machines and treatment perform better. Since several clinics and hospitals are mushrooming it has become crucial to ensure that your position in the market is sound and secure and for that one must invest in high-quality healthcare SEO service. Find a professional SEO service provider who has the experience of managing SEO for hospitals and wellness centers so that your position would remain secure.

SEO Optimization


Don’t wait to grow, invest money in result-oriented promotion methods like PPC. Make sure you find Best PPC Management Company. There are online marketing experts who can design a PPC plan for your hospital from scratch. Consult them and find out how with right PPC they can grow their market in a quick period.

SEO Optimization

Social Media Marketing for Healthcare

The audience has become smarter and they make a well-informed decision. Provide relevant information about your brand, services and offers to the customers through a social media platform. Hire a professional social media optimization service provider and make the best use of social media form to connect with your current as well as potential clients. This can prove beneficial for your brand image as well.

SMO media Ads

Social Media Ads for Healthcare Business

Want to connect with the local market speedily? Social media ads can help you in finding local leads in a short period. With social media ads, you can connect with the targeted audience. Find a social media marketing expert who can execute social media marketing campaigns for your hospital or clinic and find your potential market.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management for Hospitals in India

The reputation of a doctor and clinics are sophisticated and few bad reviews or negative comments can spoil the clinic’s reputation. Hire a professional ORM (Online Reputation Management) team to take care of your online reputation and keep negative reviews and comments at bay so that your image remains clean and blot free on the internet. Most of the new users now rely on reviews and ratings offered by the previous patients, don’t underestimate the damage that a negative review can do for your healthcare business and pay close attention to your online reputation. Learn What is ORM.


Email Marketing for Healthcare Companies

explore the potential of email marketing with an effective email marketing campaign. With proper and targeted email marketing the hospital industry can mark their presence in the market in a more effective way. Since emailers are crisp and informative, they create a positive impact.

content marketing

Healthcare Content Marketing

When it comes to planning your digital marketing campaign successfully focuses on a well-designed, well-framed content marketing plan. Make your online marketing more user-oriented with quality content. Hire professional digital marketing service providers and experience how with right content strategy one can create awareness and connect with the potential and current market in an effective way.

video marketing

Healthcare Video Marketing On Youtube

video messages, creates more influence on the audience. And when the industry is as complex as health care, then sharing more comprehensive content. Make your online marketing plan more effective with informative and short videos. Find a digital marketing partner who has the experience of video marketing. They could help you in creating and promoting quality and informative videos that would ultimately improve your brand image and online presence.


How Rankon Technologies Can Help?

Establishing a hospital is not easy. A good hospital equipped with advanced machines and offering the latest treatment demands lots of time, money and effort. Make sure your attempt of offering high-quality healthcare service to a wider number of people is supported by a well-designed and well-executed online marketing campaign. Rankon Technologies, the leading IT service providers could help you in your online journey from designing a website to promoting it for the local and global market all aspects of online journey is managed by the team of qualified and seasoned IT professionals. We could support your hospital with the latest healthcare marketing trends.

You don’t have to worry about the website or its promotion as we have a team of web developers and digital marketing experts who have successfully managed the online journey of healthcare service providers. It does not matter how small or big the budget is our well-defined strategy would help you in connecting with the potential market.

Now patients also prefer clinics and hospitals that are online active as it makes it easier for them to find a doctor and book appointments and learn about the latest treatments. Connect with our healthcare marketing experts in India and find out with our well-defined and analytical approach one can benefit their healthcare industry. Contact RankOn Technologies Now!

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