Google Ads Rolls Out a New Combined Audience Targeting for Search Campaigns

As you know, Google Ads is focusing a lot on audience targeting for their profitable search campaigns. For this purpose, Google Ads rolls out a new combined audience targeting for search campaigns.Google Ads motive to introduce a combined targeting audience is to make Google Ads more profitable.

Although there is no official announcement made by Google till now, it is advertisers who are noticing the changes in their Google Ads Account.
Digital marketing consultant Steven Johns first noticed the targeting method in his Google Ads Account and tweeted the same on his Twitter-

In this blog, I will be covering:

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What Is Combined Audience Targeting?

Combined audience is the most effective targeting option that will help advertisers to combine various audience attributes. By combining all attributes will help to create ‘personas’ that will represent the segment of your target audience. It will also help you to target the right customers at the right time.

How Does The Combined Audience Targeting Work?

The combined audience uses these three directives

“AND”, “OR” and “NOT”. Earlier advertisers were able to use the “OR” directive to target multiple audiences for a campaign. Similarly, they were able to use the “NOT” directive to exclude the audience for a campaign. But after the new targeting option advertisers will be able to use the “AND” directive that will be a beneficial and most effective tool for promoting the ad campaign. Through this tool, the advertisers will easily specify if users can see an advertisement in two or more specific audiences.

How To Use Combined Audience?

To create a Combine audience:

  1. Click on the new audience from the Audiences page in the Google Ads user interface.

Under Browse, you will see the option for “Combined audiences”. Once you have selected “Combined audiences” you can create audience combinations right from the campaign.

You can create multiple personas to represent different types of users based on their demographics, background, needs, goals, life events, etc.

  • You can also fulfill the targeting with campaign keywords. With this, the ads will only appear to the audience who met the combined audience criteria and searched for those specific campaign keywords.

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