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Facebook Marketing FAQs

Facebook Marketing FAQs

Facebook Marketing FAQs

  • Facebook is the most popular advertising platform.
  • It targets the exact audience
  • It is the cheapest form of advertising
  • Facebook is fast and drives immediate results than other platform
  • Facebook ads, help in increasing sales and website traffic
  • It generates leads for the business
  • You can measure the no of clicks, impressions and average CTR

They refer to targeting people who matches similar to your existing customers. In other words, Lookalike audience is a tool that targets those users whose interest and demographics are similar to our existing customers. Thus it helps in getting more conversions and acquiring high quality leads for your business.

Step 1: Go to Facebook Ads Manager

Step 2: Go to Audience

Step 3: Click on Create audience and from there choose Lookalike Audience

Step 4: Choose your Custom Audience

Step 5: Select the country or region you wish to target

Step 6: Choose Audience Size

Step 7: Create Your Ad.

Step 8: To see whether your lookalike audience is ready or not, Go to Adverts ManagerToolsAudience

If it’s ready, then click on Create Advert

It usually takes 90 seconds after approval of the ad copy. After that you start getting results from your Facebook Ad. Know about Facebook Ad Packages in India.

It refers to the customers who are researching or comparing products actively around entire Google network partner sites. It helps in connecting with customers and driving progressive conversions.

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