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How to Advertise On Facebook: Facebook Ads Guide for Beginners in 2020

How to advertise on Facebook

How to Advertise On Facebook: Facebook Ads Guide for Beginners in 2020

This Facebook ads guide will help you to run ads on Facebook in an effective way. As we know, Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and Facebook Advertising is an important way to be in touch with your audience/customers on the world’s largest social network. Facebook is now home to more than 2 million. 

What is Facebook Advertisement?

To connect in an organic fashion with the potential customer base, Facebook offers amazing marketing and advertising platform to the business owners. 

An audience that is most likely to respond to your products and services can be reached quite smoothly with the micro-targeting features which Facebook advertising comes equipped with. Today we are going to learn how to advertise on Facebook in 2020 for better Facebook Advertising Experience.

As wise businessmen or women, you cannot ignore factors like budget, conversion rates, and ROI-return on investment. Facebook ads campaign facilitates you to only pay to reach valuable clients through Facebook Advertising. If you are looking for excellent results, you have to begin with the basics of the advertisement world of Facebook.

This Facebook Ads Guide will Help you Run Facebook Ads Easily in 2020:

The New Year Facebook Ads Guide Includes:

Types of Facebook Ads?

Before starting this Facebook ads guide, Lets understand the types of Facebook ads. Lets start with:

Facebook Image Ads Specs

These are the simplest types of Facebook Ads that you can begin with. But by simple I don’t mean that they have to be boring. You can be as creative as much you want, after all an image worth thousands words.You can give the right boost to your current post by few clicks through adding an interesting image from your Facebook page or computer systems. For example, a plain mobile back cover pic might not be that appealing to teenagers as a back cover with some superhero images printed on it.

Photo ads
Facebook Video Ads Specs
The unique feature of mobile only facebook ad format is it has an interesting video poll element. The purpose of this paid advertising is to create more awareness among viewers. And it is successful and effective in delivering end result as well.
Video ads
Facebook Video Poll Ads Specs
The unique feature of mobile only facebook ad format is it has an interesting video poll element. The purpose of this paid advertising is to create more awareness among viewers. And it is successful and effective in delivering end result as well.
Facebook Carousel Ads Specs

in Facebook Carousel Ads, You can make use of 10 photos or videos to either demonstrate different product types or various uses of a single product. A large panorama image can also be generated via a Facebook Carousel Ads. Compare to the past Facebook ads campaigns, business can experience a 51% lower cost per lead.

Carousel ads
Slideshow Facebook Ads Specs
Business owners can create simple and short video ads by making use of either still photographs or little video clips. These types of advertisements use less bandwidth and offer appealing eye-catching motion.Smartphone users with low Internet connection can also view these slideshow Facebook ads without any hassle. Text, stock pictures from Facebook’s collection and music can further enhance these ads.
facebook ads
Facebook Collection Ads Specs

This category of Facebook ads allows you to promote one or more products that your Smartphone’s customers are more likely to buy. Such advertisements when pair with the Instant Experiences ads category, let the consumers make the purchase without leaving Facebook.The target audience which is on- the- go and experiences slow Internet connection. Is likely to be benefited more by the collection ads.

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collection ads
Instant Experience ads or earlier Canvas ads

It’s a full-screen ad format with 15 times better loading speed as compared to a mobile website outside of Facebook. In case, where e-commerce business owners are making use of Facebook Pixels features for their website, the Facebook pixels get automatically added to your Instant Experience ads to let business operators do full-tracking.


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canvas ads
Facebook Lead Ads Specs
These ads are designed to collect information like newsletter subscriptions, allowing customers to ask queries from you,and signing up new customers for product trials. Only available for Smartphone users to enable your target audience provide contact info without doing a lot of typing work.
lead ads
Facebook Dynamic Ads Specs
Customers usually notice these dynamic ads in their Facebook feed. This happens when customers visit the product page or add the product in the cart but do not make a purchase. Such ads remind customers to complete their purchase.
dynamic ads
Facebook Messenger Ads Specs
You can place photos, videos, dynamic, carousel advertisements in a Facebook Messenger since it is part of more than 1.5 million Facebook user’s lives. You can also run click-to-Messenger or call-to-action button in the target audience Facebook feeds so that customers can have a one-to-one conversation with the sales rep of your firm.
massenger ads

Facebook Stories Ads Specs

Stories ads are a full-screen vertical video format Facebook ads that enable you to maximise screen land while not expecting viewers to show the screen.

Facebook Stories Augmented Reality Ads Specs

Augmented reality ads use options like filters and animation to permit folks to act along with your complete.

Facebook Playable Ads Specs

This is an another new Facebook ad format that comes with interactivity. You create a game expertise that encourages individuals to act together with your inventive content.


Hope you guys are liking this guide on “How to Advertise on Facebook”. Continue Reading to Know How to Create Your First Facebook Ad.

Facebook Ad Specs

You need to understand which types of Facebook ads will work for the different Campaign objectives. You are required to keep in mind, lots of details while working with images and videos for Facebook ads. Keep in mind allowed character counts while working with text and objective specs.

Facebook Ad

Expert Facebook Advertising Strategy to Run Facebook Ads Like A Pro

Experiment with audience targeting

Start with narrow audience then broaden your target audience by keep adding interesting categories at a time. For example, you can start your Facebook Ad campaign with audience who is interested in Euro Trips and later on you can expand your audience base by adding the food and entertainment venues.

Use the Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a small coding piece, on your web portal to track conversions, for creating a lookalike audience, for re-marketing, etc…You must install the Facebook Pixel, even if you do not wish to opt for advanced strategies.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Use Best Photos and Videos for Better Engagement

Make use of high-quality images and videos for your ads. Avoid pixelated photos and jumpy videos.

Test Everything To Understand What Works Best

You can create different ads for groups with respect to different business objectives.
You can also target your local audience via postal or zip code. When working with targeting options, exercise your discretion. Do not pay for the ads which your target consumers do not understand.

Monitor The Performance of Your Facebook Ads and Optimize Accordingly

Always compare your newly created ad against your previous advertisement to make room for metrics improvements. You can read articles on how to use social media for A/B testing.Monitor your campaign closely in the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. In the beginning, you can run different ads with small budgets and audiences and later on pick the campaign which works top-notch for you as your main campaign.

You can take the help of tools to automate the ads tracking and optimizing process or Ad agencies for creating, managing, and optimizing the performance of your Facebook ads. There are Ads platform which let you create and test number of Facebook ads and monitor all of your social channels from the same dashboard. It becomes easy to spot your best working ad and reallocate money from leat performing campaigns to the best one.


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Facebook advertising Tips to help You To Create and Run Facebook Ads More Effectively

Facebook advertising strategy 1: Write a Killer Piece of content and turn into a short video

Repackaging or converting the killer content pieces of your brand into a short video. Make use of images and short texts, use tools to create powerful video or create a slideshow ad in Facebook Ads Manager.Convert a top-notch blog content into a social video.

Facebook advertising strategy 2: Run Sale and Offer Low Price

A popular and well-established brand offering products at a low cost.In such scenarios,Facebook Ads generate direct sales.You simply need to target your known audience or potential customers who are planning to buy but had not yet placed an order.When you optimize your Facebook ads, you can include product reminders or recommendations to encourage customers to complete the purchase.

Facebook advertising strategy 3: Think beyond the Internet and go try offline too

By concentrating on objectives like store visits, engagement etc..you can promote offline purchases or make people attend offline events.You can track your offline conversions and even build relationship with custom audiences who buy products in physical stores rather than online through such a Facebook ads campaign.

Now this Facebook ads guide ends and i hope you now better understand how Facebook Advertising works and how to advertise on Facebook in 2020.

Now you are ready to run ads on Facebook. You can save up to 80% on your Facebook advertising budget when you plan and create Facebook ads strategically. You are not required to spill blood, sweat, and tears for mastering Facebook advertisement platform. But needs to follow the path of patience, creativity, passion for experiments, and obviously a Facebook Ads guide to begin your journey with.You have to learn about your customers and their interests by creating high-quality Facebook Ads.

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Facebook Advertising Tutorial: How to Advertise on Facebook in 2020
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