Ecommerce Automation: How to Use Automation in Ecommerce?

Ecommerce Automation

Ecommerce Automation: How to Use Automation in Ecommerce?

Running an eCommerce business? Then this eCommerce Automation blog is for you. Most people believe that having a successful eCommerce business is like a cakewalk.

Is that true?

Absolutely not! Owning an online store entails heavy obligations. It is not for the faint-hearted for real! Foremost, the cost of building an eCommerce website, battling with the hassles of getting the right products, acquiring customers, building brand trust, getting regular sales, and more is wheels within wheels! 

As per a study by BlueCart, the average eCommerce conversion rate is about 2.5%

But, the good news is: the need for eCommerce has increased, and it is growing quickly. By 2040, the eCommerce sector will account for almost 95% of all purchases. The continual unbroken delivery of services around-the-clock is now necessary due to rising user demand. One of the most significant trends in the industry for online commerce is keeping up with the customers’ expanding needs.

How can you handle everything at once?

Businesses resorted to automation when they discovered it was challenging to meet the expanding client demands and change to fit them.

This post highlights how you can use eCommerce automation in your company, substantially enhance your customer experience with the correct technologies, and manage all of this flawlessly. Read on!

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What is eCommerce Automation?

Utilizing software tools to carry out various operations for you rather than having to perform them yourself is known as eCommerce automation. Intelligent platforms that respond to the activities, suggestions, or feedback of website visitors power workflow automation in eCommerce.

Artificial intelligence (AI), which can mimic human movements and thinking processes to a limited extent but is no longer as constrained as it once was, is at the heart of these abilities. 78% of businesses have already used AI in their retail spaces,

Fully automated eCommerce businesses may lift a large amount of stress off your shoulders. In eCommerce, you can automate time-consuming or tedious parts of your company that would otherwise start to consume too much of your time.

While some company processes will still require human input, a sizable portion of eCommerce jobs can be successfully automated. Small, routine operations that are always carried out, in the same way, benefit the most from automation.

Why choose eCommerce Automation for your business

eCommerce automation essentially enhances customer experiences (via categorization and targeted items) while also allowing organizations to prioritize and chisel out time for other essential tasks that demand strategic thought and people skills.

The advantages of eCommerce automation go beyond time and money savings because it can be used in practically every area of a business, from internal operations to marketing and customer care.

 Here are a few ways that eCommerce automation could help your company.

1. It reduces operational costs

The power of technology can be used to reduce operational costs. That doesn’t necessarily entail terminating workers and putting robots in their place. On the other hand, by giving your team members cutting-edge technologies to speed up their job, you can really give them the upper hand.

You may remove human mistakes, and manual labour, shorten completion times and increase productivity and efficiency by automating your company processes.

Automated workflows are a common feature of business automation systems and can be used to automate tasks like adding customer contacts to an email marketing tool, recording sales in accounting software, and responding to events like shopping cart abandonment. 

This strategy helps you free up time on your calendar so you can concentrate on more important business tasks and strategies, like onboarding new clients. 43% of companies claim that implementing automation lowered their operational costs by 12 percent.

2. Improves collaboration

Do you have a Monday morning project that completely saps your strength? It’s disappeared. Yes, the best automation technologies may relieve your team of this labour and free them up to focus on more effective marketing techniques.

For a business to be successfully run, strong team collaboration is crucial, especially when handling challenging projects. due to the same. In order to ensure the open flow of information, it is crucial to keep track of what each team member is doing. 

Automation encourages these kinds of partnerships because it makes it simple to keep track of team members, and different project responsibilities, and to keep everyone informed so that work can be finished within a predetermined timetable.

Your entire team can gain from e-commerce automation in precisely that way.

3. Provides new revenue streams for eCommerce

All areas of a business, from marketing and sales to fulfillment and customer service, can benefit from automation. It can assist you in properly managing all these functions by rearranging duties, optimizing procedures, and classifying store data.

In fact, according to Statista, eCommerce automation technologies allowed retailers to save up to 30% on resources both financial and human while maintaining business growth goals (i.e. revenue, profit, customer acquisition, retention, etc.)

Additionally, spending less time on routine, daily duties frees up time for crucial activities including invention, judgment, and strategy, which are essential for expanding your company.

4. Increase accountability

Thanks to eCommerce automation, businesses can now immediately connect with clients, provide assistance, and go above and beyond to satisfy their needs.

Customers frequently feel duped and question the company’s accountability in the eCommerce sector when they don’t receive responses to their requests or services, although this could be because of teamwork.

Everything is simply managed and customer satisfaction is attained with eCommerce automation.

5. Better workforce allocation

As a result of having access to enough information about their jobs, objectives, and future work plans, your team members are now more invested in the operation.

They are aware of what they have control over and what has to be addressed for greater performance.

With eCommerce automation, you can already save a significant amount of time and money. Employees may now reach out to clients and provide better service or negotiate better prices with suppliers instead of spending time on mundane chores like data entry.

 At the end of the day, those are the duties that will eventually increase a company’s profit.

11 Ways to automate your eCommerce business for better growth

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, providing it an advantage over traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. Customers now want deliveries to be made more quickly and conveniently. Business owners need to discover methods to react quickly and remain nimble in order to be competitive.

Automated eCommerce is not a novel concept anymore. It involves automating manual procedures and aids businesses in modernizing their operational procedures. eCommerce automation can also be used by online firms to boost productivity and boost sales.

1. Collecting site visitors' information

Information about website visitors is a crucial resource for the functioning of eCommerce. Thanks to efficient database administration provided by eCommerce automation, the shopping experience can be enhanced and store sales can increase.

This is a tricky topic when it comes to customer trust and security. However, efficient data collection and management might aid in the growth of the shop. This data aids in the analysis of the dependencies and purchasing patterns that internet shoppers disclose.

Up to 84% of consumers who shop at online retailers cited customer service as one of the major determinants of their decisions.

2. Reward your most loyal customers

Any brand must focus on retaining customers through loyalty programs. According to a loyalty data study, 90% of individuals are more inclined to choose to make a purchase from a company where they have a loyalty membership over one that offers a lower price.

Tracking each customer’s journey and milestones and automating incentives based on this information will help you optimize your loyalty program. If you have a sluggish season, loyalty marketing is a simple approach to reward your customers and encourage them to make purchases. 

You might notify customers of an increase in reward points for purchase or on particular products during a slow period.

3. Gather feedback after the purchase

You may get a sense of how your online customers feel about your company and your products by reading customer reviews.

You can find out what customers truly think about your company and products by tracking customer satisfaction levels throughout the whole customer journey, from the first time they visit your website to the moment they make an order and receive their order.

You can examine this data over time to discover what motivates people to share their enthusiasm for your brand on Social media. With the help of this knowledge, you can raise the overall quality of your customer service and win over more devoted clients.

4. New product rollouts

You must approach product replenishment and product additions as fresh product launches each time. You must consider a variety of factors, such as which platforms to use, who to notify when, and who within your target audience.

A lot of planning must go into something as straightforward as a product rollout. The biggest issue an internet company could face is a lack of preparation.

On your website, the campaign gets started. Additionally, inform your customers about new products, Next, you may utilize a heatmap tool to get a sense of where to place advertisements on your website. You can get fresh ideas from it and learn what works and what doesn’t.

5. Sales scheduling

Customers love to grab early bird discounts and offers!!

Every few months was the norm in the past when it came to sales. Weekend sales are now almost monthly in most internet retailers. It makes sense that more than 60% of salespeople believe that selling is significantly more difficult today than it was only a few years ago.

As a result of increased competition from other retailers, you are now compelled to have frequent sales. To the untrained eye, making a sale could appear to be an easy task, but you must dig deeper.

6. Lower cart abandonment rates

Every eCommerce company struggles with cart abandonment, but don’t let it derail your marketing plans.

According to a Forrester survey, 70% of online shoppers abandon their carts. eCommerce companies lose a stunning $18 billion in sales each year as a result of abandoned carts.

But what if you could change the situation and transform your abandoned carts into opportunities?

Well, just because someone left something in their shopping cart doesn’t mean they don’t want to purchase it later. With the aid of automation, you turn every single one of them into a customer. 

To encourage the customer to complete the process, try automating some steps at this level. Make sure they understand the value they are receiving for their money. One such method is to alter pricing at the place of purchase and include a justification, such as buying X quantities, buying a combo, or simply mentioning the discount used.

7. Send abandonment cart email

Will a consumer come back to finish their purchase after leaving their items in the shopping cart?

You can convert those id window shoppers into loyal consumers, yes. By repeatedly reminding them that they have abandoned their shopping cart and that there is still work to be done.

Sending a series of abandoned cart emails that provide customers the option of picking up their order from where they left it and other payment choices to speed up the process is one marketing tactic you can use to enhance your order rate.

An abandoned cart email enables businesses to increase purchases from website visitors who may have left for reasons like insufficient finances, a poor internet connection, and other similar ones.

8. Answering FAQs

Customers usually have questions while shopping, and if those questions are not answered promptly, you risk losing a devoted customer.

Therefore attempt to include commonly asked questions with your product and the best-automated tools. 

AI chatbots used in eCommerce can remember customers’ previous interactions and utilize them to further tailor future chats. 

Additionally, when directing consumers through the sales process and making product recommendations, bots can keep the focus on the customer.

Furthermore, by offering relevant products, you increase client engagement and save them time by personalizing the services.

9. Send reminders to reorder consumables

When customers run out of stock of the consumables you are offering in your online business, you must remind them to make a purchase. this will serve as a reminder and help them come to trust the services you offer.

Utilize automated workflows to remind clients to take action after a chosen time frame.

Setting up targeted promotions for your clients through in-app or push alerts, automated emails, or other methods is made simpler by the advanced analytics provided by a fully automated eCommerce business.

This may be based on the particular interests, purchasing patterns, bookmarked items, etc. of each customer.

10. Reach out to negative reviews

Numerous reviews are preferred by customers. A single review with a few encouraging comments constitutes an opinion, but a few dozen reviews that all concur constitute a consensus.

Reviews can be just as influential whether they are good or negative. According to a survey by power reviews, 82% of internet review readers look expressly for negative reviews.

This statistic simply serves to highlight how noticeable negative reviews are, however, there are some advantages: According to research, visitors interact with unfavorable reviews five times longer on websites, increasing conversion rates by 85%.

In order to make it simpler to contact someone immediately and make amends or at the very least, listen and understand what happened you may set up an automated to issue a support ticket in your helpdesk software.

11. Automate inventory management for low-stock items.

Customers find it frustrating when they locate a product they want and are ready to buy, but it ends up being out of stock. Automate your inventory management so that you can see exactly how many of a given product you have on hand. 

If you want to take it a step further, you can automate inventory replenishment when this occurs. Additionally, your system can display the precise number of stocks in the product description. If an item is out of stock, it can be automatically hidden from the catalog.

With automation tools, you can establish thresholds for low stock and out-of-stock messages to be sent out. In this method, you can quickly determine when a product in your inventory needs to be reordered.

Platforms that help in automating your eCommerce business

You should be aware of your company’s automation needs prior to making an investment in eCommerce marketing automation software. Would you like to monitor visitors? 

Send out immediate sales alerts? Market improvements to prior buyers? gathering email addresses? or organizing, categorizing, and choosing data to determine which customers need what messaging?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not all automation is beneficial automation. A platform might not be effective enough if it merely transfers some duties from humans to machines. On the other hand, if a software company claims that it can automate anything, that should raise red flags.

Prior to investing in a platform or eCommerce marketing automation software, being aware of what is required will help you save money, reduce frustration, and increase the marketing benefits. 

We’ve researched the market and put together a shortlist of some of the eCommerce marketing automation tools we think you should check out to make things a little easier.

 Hunter is perfect for businesses that want to validate the email addresses that were used and do cold outreach by sending highly tailored cold emails automatically to fill their pipeline. 

For instance, you could employ an email discovery tool to support your email outreach efforts when you started to scale your outbound sales.

The Domain Search feature aids in locating the appropriate contact for any commercial domain. The contacts can then be uploaded into your CRM or exported as a spreadsheet.

It can help you keep track of people you need to contact and improve your outreach initiatives by allowing you to save possible contacts for your organization.








Novocall is an all-encompassing call management tool that assists users in generating both inbound and outbound leads. Users can establish auto-triggers to launch a pop-up and capture inbound site visits using the company’s click-to-call inbound widget, which is installed onto a website.  To swiftly get in touch with each lead on their contact list, sales agents can construct automated outbound calling campaigns using the outbound call dialer. The top sales and marketing software should be coupled with the greatest lead creation tools. As a result, business activities can run smoothly. Take Novocall, for instance. Through its inbound widget, this call automation software assists organizations in obtaining leads. Hubspot and Salesforce, two well-known CRM programs, are integrated into the software. Plans:








Because the campaign is completely disconnected from its internal systems, it is difficult for the team to assess campaign effectiveness and determine ROI. 

You can improve overall performance and gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns with the help of Leadsquared.

 It will be easier to monitor how well the different channels are performing and to fully automate and combine the lead generation and nurturing procedures. More importantly, you may generate a lot of leads, which would bring the cost per lead down. 

The insights are what make LeadSquared’s reporting tools successful, as well as its comprehensive targeting and segmentation options. Both the response and sales income will rise.








Automate to Upgrade!

These are just a few methods for automating your online store. Your teams can concentrate on other crucial business operations and thereby speed up the growth of your organization by automating the aforementioned business activities.

You can save a tonne of time and money by automating some processes. Your business’s operations become much quicker and more effective as a result. It improves the efficiency of marketing and sales efforts. Most significantly, automation gives you the freedom to concentrate on the issues that are most important to your company.

Make sure you choose the ideal automation solution for your company from among the numerous available options on the market. This is the one that will not only meet your urgent, short-term, and long-term business needs, but it will also help you stay on track with the promotion and sales of your eCommerce goods.

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