CTR Manipulation: What is CTR Manipulation and Tools for CTR Manipulation?

CTR Manipulation

CTR Manipulation: What is CTR Manipulation and Tools for CTR Manipulation?

Heard of the term “CTR Manipulation” but not sure what does CTR manipulation mean and how it works? SEO can be toil and this makes some fakesters make use of black-hat SEO strategies like CTR manipulation. Unaware of this SEO terminology? We’ll make you cognizant of this illegitimate SEO strategy to boost organic rankings by manipulating Click through Rates.

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Clicks, leads, sales and eventually revenue, SEO is a one-shot strategy of boosting all these factors at once. But are there only genuine SEO ways for boosting them? The answer is NO! Since the battle for increasing organic search rankings has become fierce and competitive; marketers are not hesitating to fiddle with the Click-through Rates, and here’s where CTR Manipulation steps in!
While link building, on-page SEO, technical SEO, content marketing are honest methods of boosting search engine rankings, some marketers are simply not ready to take on all this labor. In spite of these, they make use of highly questionable and controversial SEO strategies like CTR manipulation.

What is CTR Manipulation?

CTR Manipulation
CTR Manipulation is a way by which marketers intend to increase the organic search rankings of a web page by fiddling with the Click-Through Rates. Simply, through bots or by human intervention they open the page multiple times by entering the keyword for which it’s available on the SERPs (while there was nothing required to do so) to showcase that netizens like the web page and is useful.

What Impact Does CTR Puts on Organic Search Rankings?

Free Traffic

Although not a direct ranking factor, the CTR of a particular web page puts a significant impact on its usability and effectiveness.
When enquired from Search Engine Journal, “Should you track your organic CTR and try to improve it?; 

The answer was-Yes – because it is one metric you can use to understand whether your content is successful. It won’t help you rank better on Google. But getting more traffic to your website is always a good thing.”

Also, the stand of MOZ on CTR, is “it’s smart to ensure your pages get as many organic search clicks as possible. It means more people are visiting your site and it sends important signals to Google that your page is relevant and awesome.
Our research also shows that achieving above-expected user engagement metrics results in better organic rankings, which results in even more clicks to your site. Don’t settle for average CTRs. Be a unicorn among a sea of donkeys! Raise your organic CTRs and engagement rates! Get optimizing now”.

How Do Marketers Carry Out CTR Manipulation in SEO?

There are two ways to perform CTR Manipulation. This includes:

Using Bots

Using Bot for CTR manipulation
Bots, which can be purchased from CTR Manipulation tools, perform CTR manipulation by entering a search keyword for which your webpage appears on the search results and thereby clicking on it. Another way of increasing CTR is by programming bots to open up the Google My Business Page to make Google sense of the increasing popularity of the business and the website.

By Human Intervention

CTR manipulation through human intervention is a more successful and full-proof way that’s hard to get in the line of sight of search engines. In this way of manipulating CTR, marketers hire real people in underdeveloped or developed countries that are ready to take up the monotonous work to make a living. As these people have a different IP address, search engines may think it’s a genuine search, but for not much longer.

Sending E-Mails to a Swarm

Email marketing
Some people would argue that there’s nothing illegitimate, but one can’t deny the fact that sharing the link of a web page to thousands of customers at once can help increase the CTR instantly. Although this strategy is different from direct manipulation through search engine results, it can certainly add some diversion in the CTR.

Paid Ads

Sponsored ads

Paid advertisements are a tried and true way for many companies of getting more clicks to their respective pages on the web! It’s not a secret that when you use the ‘Sponsored Posts’ or paid advertisement symbol, this is usually where you’ll earn more visibility for your content or page. However, paid ads are less attractive to readers than organic posts, so you need to make sure your content is packed with juicy information as opposed to being an ad itself.
Other than this, just like any other marketing strategy, it can ultimately take its toll on your wallet that is why if you have a budget and you want steady traffic for your site, then paid advertisements are one of the things you may consider.

What to Know When Implementing CTR Manipulation?

CTR Manipulation has both pros and cons, despite this, effective CTR manipulation happens when you target commercial keywords on authoritative domains or low competition ones. When you’re up against the high competition and other authoritative sites, it can be difficult to rank for competitive keywords by simply boosting your CTR. To really get high rankings for competitive terms, you need to work on your content and create something strategic that is of real value.

What Are the Genuine Ways to Perform CTR Manipulation?

SEO and more specifically CTR Manipulation can be done in two ways; one that is genuine and accepted by all, and second that is illegitimate and may be problematic. Here we have listed a few ways genuine ways of CTR Manipulation that can help you improve your search engine rankings:

Improve Meta Title and Description

Meta title and description is the first thing that is shown on search engines and is the most important thing to be focused on. Meta title and description are two things that tell the search engine about your blog or website. Improving meta titles and descriptions can help you to improve your CTR. To do this, you may add relevant emotional words that can attract readers to click on your search result.

Making Use of Schema Tags

Schema tags are a set of attributes that can be added to your HTML code to make it more user-friendly and attractive, as well as to help search engines better understand your website and its content. Schema tags can also be used to manipulate search engine rankings, but more in terms of content optimization and not so much in terms of direct manipulation.

Increasing Other Engagement Rates

Don’t just focus on CTR, even if your website has a low CTR but a comparatively good bounce rate or time on site, it will indicate to Google that the content on the website is useful and would eventually impact the search engine rankings.

Want to Know More About CTR Manipulation? Get In Touch!

You might non-legitimately manipulate CTR for your website/ webpage by using CT manipulation tools or by using real people. But do you really think, Google’s algorithm will not be able to detect what’s going on? 

Google and other search engine algorithms are way ahead of the algorithms of CTR manipulation tools and may easily detect the loophole. This may let you lose the rankings forever or may even result in the de-indexing of your web page.

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