How To See Who Is Following My Facebook Page

How To See Who Is Following My Facebook Page

How To See Who Is Following My Facebook Page

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Facebook Pages have emerged as the most preferred way to promote your business on a global scale. The creation of a Facebook Page is easy and simple; moreover, it lets more than 2 billion people discover your business. Keep reading to know how to see who is following your Facebook Page.

With the help of a Facebook Business Page, you can broadcast any update related to your business and can stay informed and answer to customers immediately. Another advantage of having a Facebook Page is that you need not have to rely on others to control your page, and you can easily manage it with your handset.

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Having a huge following on your Facebook page is really good as there’s always a huge chance for the conversion of these followers into potential customers. But many of you do not pay much attention to your Facebook Page; most probably the reason is you don’t know how to see the followers of a Facebook Page.

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Now if you have a Facebook Page, then you must surely be pondering about; how to see who is following my Facebook Page?

Check Your Facebook Followers in Easy Steps-


Given below is the step-by-step solution that will help you to answer your question, how to see your Facebook page followers.

Facebook Page

Click on the Settings Option

Settings Option

On the Left Side, Click on People and Other Pages.

People and Other Pages

Choose the filter option “People Who Follow This Page”.

Facebook Page Followers

This would show the list of people following you on the page. This is the simplest solution to the question “how to see followers on the Facebook page”.

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