Chatbots Benefits: Top Benefits of Using Chatbots for Your Business in 2021

Online Businesses all over the world are inclining towards chatbots for their business growth. Do you know why? Hit into the blog to know why businesses should use Chatbots in 2021!

The answer to the above question lies in the multitude of benefits of Chatbots offer to businesses. Before we dive straight into the advantages of chatbots have to offer to businesses, we will first talk about what chatbots are!

Chatbots Benefits: Table of Contents

Everything About Chatbots in 2021

Everything About Chatbots in 2021

What is Chatbot Exactly?

A chatbot is an AI-driven software program. The word “Chatbot” is devised from the word “Chatterbox”.

What Do Chatbots Do?

It basically has an infused Question and Answer system that helps in initiating the dialogue with the user in an easy and cost-effective way.

What was the first Chatbot that was ever invented?

Eliza was the first-ever chatbot who came into the digital realm by Joseph Weizenbaum in 1966. Eliza was created in a way that impersonates human conversation.

Are Chatbots still thriving in the digital sphere?

With the strings of innovations and incorporation of Artificial Intelligence, chatbots have arisen as one of the revolutionary and highly cost-effective customer support assets for business owners. As per the survey of Credence Research, the global chatbot market is expected to grow tremendously between 2017-2025.

Benefits of Using Chatbots

Chatbots Help You To Scale-Up Your Business: Let’s See How!

There are multiple benefits of using chatbots for your business in 2021. Let’s dive in to read those advantages of chatbots quickly!

Regardless of whether you’re looking to increase the sales of your e-commerce store, or generate leads, or are trying to gain customer’s attention towards your products or services in a new-fangled way, Chatbots can fill the purpose.

Advantages of Using Chatbots

If you’re looking for a single reason for why to incorporate chatbot on your business website, we’ve plenty of them!

After a sincere contemplation of various surveys and reports, and after giving a thorough study on the various intricacies of chatbots, we’ve come with an overview. Dive in the points below to know about the various benefits of Chatbots for business growth:

High-Open Rates

High-Open Rates

In comparison to other traditional marketing channels, Chatbots makes the mark with the high open and click-through rates. It has about 70-80% open rates and 15-60% Click rates whereas the open rates of E-Mails are less than 25% and the Click Rate of E-Mails barely reaches 4%.

As the open rates of Chatbots are tremendously high, they are ideal for sending relevant business information, notifying customers on the upcoming events, and a lot more! Besides this, the Chatbots are feasible for providing technical support, promoting the brand, and lodging new customers. Bots can be leveraged to increase customer engagement with timely tips and offers.

Propagates One-On-One Interaction In Real-Time

One-On-One Interaction In Real-Time

One of the momentous benefits of Chatbots is that it solves customer queries in real-time. The moment the customer asks the questions, the same moment he/she gets the answer. This eradicates the sweep of competitors and increases customer engagement. Real-time customer communication of chatbots helps the customer to get what he is looking for while evaluating different suggestions.

Saves Cost

Saves Cost

Every business pays out a decent cost on in-house customer service or an external virtual receptionist to handle its customers. However, Chatbots allows them to save expenses spent on the customer handling team. Excluding the implementation costs, the extra costs of chatbots are quite low.

Lets Customers Pass Through The Sales Funnel

Every business wants their customer to end the session with the buying of products or services. The complete process of buying involves various sub-steps that include discovering the brand, finding the right product, settling to buy, and making the payment. Chatbots work to simplify this process for customers by instructing them on different stages of the funnel until they get ready to buy the product/service.

Helps You To Reach New Customers

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messenger platforms for integrating Chatbots. As this platform has immensely vast audience coverage, being consistently live on these popular platforms enables the businesses to get the new customers that otherwise did not want to outreach the company through calls or e-mails.

Helps Deliver 24×7 Customer Services

Helps Deliver 24×7 Customer Services

You can never guess the time when the potential customers visit your business website, hence, it is of utmost importance to be available for your customers whenever they make a mark on your website.  While it can be expensive and also not much feasible to have a dedicated team to solve your customer’s queries any-time, chatbots can work to save the purpose. Chatbots offer 24/7/365 availability no matter whether it is a gazetted holiday, a festival or if your business shutters are up or down, Chatbots will be active always.

Easy Take-Over From Machine To Person

As said above, Chatbots works on the grounds of the Question and Answer system. Depending on the keywords in the question which the customer enters, it fetches the right answer already saved in its database. But, if the question of the customer doesn’t map to any of the existing questions and answers, it straightway transfers the control to the dedicated customer support employee of the team.

Sundry Of Personalization Options

One of the most significant advantages that come up with the utilization of chatbots is that their appearance can be personalized to the appearance of your business website. It lets the business send personalized messages to the customers and inform them about the upcoming blogs or articles. As the customers come from Facebook Messenger, it helps businesses to know about the customer as well.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast Messages

Conventionally e-mails were used to inform users regarding the offers and the updates. However, this strategy barely got any returns to businesses because of the immensely low open rates and click-through rates of e-mails.

But with the advent of Chatbots, this is not the problem anymore. Besides having extremely high open rates Chatbots sends a bulk of messages in just a few minutes. It enables the businesses to broadcast messages to site visitors, customers, subscribers, without missing even one. Another merit of Chatbots is that it may schedule the message to broadcast later on a specific date and time.

Integrate Chatbot To Messenger Platforms For Best Results

Integrate Chatbot To Messenger Platforms For Best Results

With the rise of competition across all the industrial sectors, businesses need a unique-edge to stand apart from the competitors.

And in this need of the hour, why not make Chatbot even powerful by integrating it with messenger platforms?

Yes, you’re getting it right! We’re turning your head towards Messenger Marketing.

Messenger marketing utilizes mobile messaging platforms like Facebook, or WhatsApp to target the right audience and connect with customers.

Facebook Messenger Marketing: Why Is It In Demand?

Chatbots integrated with Facebook Messenger are taking businesses on the storm. It gives business owners a broad set of advantages. It brings a completely new and unconventional way to interact with new and existing customers on the messaging platform which they daily use.  Two of the major advantages of integrating Facebook Messenger with a Chatbot is:

  • Facebook messenger has tremendously high open rates of about 88%
  • Facebook Messenger has 56% CTRs

From the above facts and figure, you can see that integrating your Chatbot with Facebook Messenger can be one of the worthwhile decisions for your business in the longer run.

No matter you’re in the Healthcare industry, law firm, accounting, or run an online teaching center, Chatbots can help grow your leads and give your customers a better user experience.

So, without making any delays, get the best bot for your business and provide all sorts of bot solutions your customers are looking for.

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